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Chapter for Nire, who left me a HUGE review a few chapters
back that was SO long it physically wouldn't let me respond. Sorry!

The next hour of the party was a good time, leaning on Nia and watching her shiver every time I kissed her cheek or ear. I kept sliding halfway onto the floor before she helped me back to my seat and I thought Wes ended up somewhere else—probably to try and talk to my sister while I couldn’t see straight, cheeky little sod.

I was on my sixth or eighth or twenty-ninth firewhiskey and I still screwed up my face every time I took a drink. “Did you know I’m the Quidditch Captain?” I said loudly.

Nia nodded heavily. “I did know that, congratulations, James.”

“Yeah, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a role model for the younger generations,” I continued, biting my lips because I couldn’t feel it. I tasted blood and wondered briefly what it would be like to be a vampire. The blood tasted gross so I canceled my mental trip to vampire-land. “I get the good grades, I have the talent, I get the girls, you know that?”

“Do you get the girls, James?” Nia giggled again. I wondered if my voice would get that high and I doubted it. I thought about trying it.

“They love me, the girls do,” I said. “I’ve got the freckles—it’s my secret weapon, Nia, don’t tell Fred or Bink. Where the fuck is Bink anyway? No, but it’s my secret weapon. That, and this delicious frock of hair I have on my head. Oh, and look at this stomach!” I pulled the robes aside and grabbed my undershirt. “Look at those muscles—go on, touch them then.”

Nia did so and I felt her hand creeping lower on my torso.

“Whoa, there, woman, whoa there!” I said cheerfully and boxed her in on the chair with my arms. I kissed her hard on the neck I figured and then looked around. I couldn’t tell who the dancers were anymore, just figures rushing around on the straw-y floor moving to the beat of whatever played.

Someone I did see, however, was Avery a few tables away talking to Emerson sodding Edwards (he sort of looked like a big wart on that chair). They were still talking. I couldn’t believe it. I saw her cast a glance at me every so often and frown—probably at the fact that my get together was going much better than hers. Well, of course it was! Fuck, I could be snogging the squid and I would be better off than her. I kissed Nia again just for good measure.

“I’m going to rush off to the loo, okay, love?” I said, draining the rest of my firewhiskey and stumbling toward the restrooms. I glanced about and finally saw a sign across the barn and made my way toward it. Strangely, tables and people and limbs kept getting in my way.

The room was very strangely decorated with old tractors and hardware and light bulbs, but it didn’t bother me. I liked places decorated in a weird manner—gave more life to the place, you know? It was like a theme. Now I was thinking to myself, what a funny man I was. Me and my lovely black hair and smart brown eyes I got from Mum. They were lovely, my eyes, but everyone fancied Al’s. What a pot of rubbish, mine were darker and deeper and more mysterious.

Women needed a little mystery and I could give it to them and seriously where the fuck was Bink Legace?

“James, why are you peeing in the storage room?”

I wheeled around and shrieked, falling onto a tractor and almost slicing my hand open. I quickly tucked my junk away because a female was talking to me and squinted at the intruder. “What are you doing talking to me while I pee? I could have lost control and shot it everywhere, I’ll have you know.”

Avery rolled her eyes. “I saw you stumble in here and I figured you might mar yourself if I didn’t save you.”

The room came into focus and I realized she might just be right. There were several tractors and no urinals or toilets, so perhaps it was a storage room and not a uniquely decorated lavatory. I liked the latter option better, though, especially considering it smelled fresh and the sharp objects around my package gave the room a sense of danger.

“I’m all right,” I muttered, zipping up my trousers and turning to face her. “Just admiring the general splendor of the situation.” Splendor sounded like a sugar. Or a vendor of spl, whatever that might be. “These tractors are rather large, aren’t they? Might crush me or something. I figured I’d pee on them just to tick ‘em off a bit, lousy bastards.”

“I’m sure you did a good job,” Avery replied, laughing a bit. “Are you okay to walk back out there?”

“Course I am!” I cried, throwing my hands into the air and stretching my arms out. It hurt a bit. Owza. “You’re getting’ a bit close to Edwards again, eh?”

“He’s a nice bloke, James.”

“Right. I’ve gotta—I hate that guy, do you know that?” I leaned on her and our faces were close for a moment before I caught my balance. “Do you know how much I hate that prat?”

“I’m not exactly fond of Nia and you’re practically screwing her at your table.” She raised a brow expectantly.

“I bloody well am not!” I yelled. Then I snickered. “Okay, I might have been a little bit. It’s not my fault she wore that dress—bleeding boobs falling all over the place. It’s not my fault I’m a bloke! Tell her to tuck them away.”

“Emerson doesn’t do that. He’s rather chivalrous.”

“That’s because he wouldn’t know a breast from a fucking toad! Not one having sex, I just mean a singular toad with emphasis.” I pulled open the door and music found its way into my ears. “Oh bugger off then and go snog Edwards.” I stumbled out onto the floor, thought about hexing Emerson, and then I realized I couldn’t find my wand so I thought better of it. Avery rejoined him and I wanted to turn the table over in frustration. Why was she such a tart for him? No, she wasn’t a tart. She was respectable and wonderful and beautiful and he deserved none one it.

I rubbed my eyes and found my way onto Nia’s lap as she giggled. “We shouldn’t practically screw at the party,” I said wearily.

“And why on earth not?”

I shrugged. “No, that’s bollocks,” I said, kissing her hard. “Nia, I’m chivalrous, am I not?”

“Sure you are.”

“Like really chivalrous? People think of me as chivalrous?”

“I don’t know, James,” she replied. “I think so.”

“Go on a date with me next Hogsmeade weekend then.”

“A date?” She raised a brow and sipped at her drink. “All right, we could do that.”

“Good. We’ll do that then.” I took another swig and toppled onto the floor.

I spotted the blond doctor another hour or three later dancing away on the floor by himself. He looked pretty piss drunk and I chuckled as he attempted to make his way to the bar. “Oy, Legace!” I cried, waving my arms.

He spun around and knocked a drink out of Rosey’s hand. She swore and batted him on the head with her empty class. “Bleeding men,” she shouted and rushed back to the bar.

“Sorry, Rose—I’d apologize again but your cousin would hex me for talking to you.” Bink chuckled at his wit and continued until he flopped into a seat across from me. “Heya, mate! Are you having fun? I just saw Nia talking to Elizabeth and Meta by the door. I thought the pair of you would be doing the dirty behind the barn by now.”

“We’re going on a date next Hogsmeade weekend.”

“James Potter dates? I’m shocked.” Bink grinned. “Good for you, though, mate. Take things slow. Might as well, right?”

“Bink, where were you?” I asked, feeling a little sick so I shoved the drink away. My stomach felt odd between my ribs and it burned a bit.

“Oh, sorry about ditching out. I started to feel sick so I headed back to the dorm for a while and had a little lie down. I was a little sick, but I’m back now.”

“How did you get so drunk if you just got back?”

“Well, I’ve been back for a little while now, only over by the door. Didn’t see you over here.” He smiled again.

I nodded. “I’m glad you’re better anyway. With Fred gone I was afraid I was alone forever. Forever and ever and ever and you know the drill.”

“I know it well,” Bink replied, glancing around. “Mind if I go find myself a drink? If my buzz goes I’m sure I’ll start seeing average-looking women. All except Avery, but Edwards seems to have her occupied, doesn’t he?”

“Shut your bloody whore mouth.”

Bink smirked and rushed off to the bar before he got a stun spell to the head.

Instead, I turned and shot one straight at Emerson out of frustration. He toppled out of his seat again and was unconscious on the floor. I grinned stupidly.

“James!” cried Avery.

“Wasn’t me. I saw Bink do it.”

“You’re a right pain, you know that?”

“Apparently everyone thinks so.” I took another swig and checked my watch. Perhaps a few more dances and I was done for the evening. Nia grabbed my hand and pulled me out to the dance floor. Wes and Lily were nearby and I couldn’t quite reach my wand. Fucking good for nothing wand. COME! Wand, come. Aw, fuck nuggets.

I found out quickly that it wasn’t easy being drunk and walking up stairs. They shouldn’t have put so many in Hogwarts. I’d put in a petition tomorrow. Well, I’d make someone else do it. I doubted I would be able to write for several weeks since my fingers felt numb. So did my hands. That was awkward, and yet I still didn’t reach the top of the stairs.


My head flew around and that was when I fell flat on my arse. The stairs did not feel as comfortable as they might have looked and I knew right then that there would be a shiny bruise on my rear the next morning. Good thing I didn’t hit the next level with Nia yet because that wouldn’t have been attractive at all.

“What’re you doing down here this late?” Avery folded her arms and raised a brow at me. Or four brows. Maybe five if I was seeing it correctly.

“I’m—what’re you doin’ down here? Sneakin’?” I snickered and pressed my hands against the marble trying to get up.


“Bleeding—what?!” I cried, cutting off whatever she was about to say. “I’m only on the marble staircase?”

“Yeah. James, you’re in the Entrance Hall.” There was the eyebrow raise again. At least sixteen brows. “Do you need some help? Have you stayed at the party this long?”

“Of course not!” I cried, turning over on my hands and knees and trying to climb up the stairs. Marble was painful on one’s knees as I found out. “Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Owwww.” I made a face and then plopped down on the stairs, my face pressed against the cold stone.

“James, have you been drinking?” she asked sarcastically. “Didn’t I tell you to stop before I left? It’s nearly six in the morning.”

I groaned. “I don’t drink.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Okay, sometimes.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t been sick. You’ve had far too much.”

The truth was, I had been sick nine different gross times on the way back to the castle. I groaned again, wanting nothing more than a breath mint and a cozy blanket. “Be gone, woman. This doesn’t deal with the team. They’re probably—well, my Chasers are probably still getting back. We raced. I know Fred’ll lose since he’s in a dress. Dresses don’t win races unless you’re trying to get into it and then it’s easier.”

“You’d know so much about that,” she said with a chuckle. “You’re right, this isn’t a team matter.” I felt her grab my arms. “This is a best friend matter. C’mere, y’git.” She forced me around and I met her eyes. They were bright and green and stupid Albus got the pretty eyes in my family. I’d have to yell at Mum for having brown eyes. I bet Avery didn’t think my eyes were pretty and green.

Since they were brown.

And not green.

“Are you going to try and help?” she asked, forcing me to my feet.

I wobbled. This was not going to end well.

“Aw, what the fuck is so loud?” I mumbled, pushing the pillow further over my ears.

“That, Potter, is the dull hum of your pygmy puff.”

“Shut up, Victoria. And fuck you, Edwards.”

“That detention is still on, by the way.” I could almost hear the smile in his horrendously loud pompous voice.

“I said fuck you.”

“I was telling Avery you should stop drinking, but you obviously listen to no authority at all.”

“Story of my life,” I mumbled. Victoria just wouldn’t fucking shut up. No, it wasn’t her fault. Blimey, not blaming her was hurting my head.

“Will you just shut up?” Bink ruffled his blankets. “My head hurts and your Head Boy-ness is making it hurt even more.”

“I’m so glad,” Emerson said.

I opened my eyes and immediately regretted it considering some sort of needle was probably stabbing at my brain and my stomach felt as if something was going to make an appearance very soon. “Can anyone even remember half of last night? I remember hexing Edwards. That was basically the highlight of my night.”

“I saw that actually.” Fred yawned loudly. “Everyone was talking about how you could see Edwards’ knickers and they looked a bit like panties. I even heard a few Slytherins talking about it. You were quite the piece of gossip last night, Head Boy.”

Even though I wasn’t looking, Emerson’s scowl was nearly audible.

“Wonderful,” he muttered.

“I think I remember tractors of some sort and—bloody fuck!” I cried, leaping up in bed and my eyes stung. “Avery wore a Bo Peep costume, didn’t she?”

“Yep,” said Bink, pulling more blankets over his face.

“And Paloma was in a school girl outfit and Nia was a French maid and what was Meta?”

“A bitch?” asked Fred.

“I think she was a German Beer Garden girl,” Bink said. “I saw her talking to Elizabeth.”

I made a face. “Bitch it is!” I said. “How did I let this get so out of control? One of the rules of the Code is to represent the house of Gryffindor. How do those leggy costumes make us look?”

“Lighten up, mate,” Fred said, leaning back. “I showed more leg than most people there.”

“Yeah,” said Bink. “It just makes us look like the best house because we have the sexiest women, that’s all. It’s not much of a Code break unless someone does something horrible.”

“Like take a piss in the storage room,” said Emerson.

I jumped. I forgot the sod was there.

“What Code is this anyway?” he asked.

“The Code of how to off Emerson Edwards,” I muttered. “Nose out, No-Head Boy.” I leaned over the bed and threw up into my garbage can. Oh, disgusting. Was that corn?

“I’ll put in a good word for you, Potter. Maybe you could clean bedpans for your detention.”

I resisted the urge to throw Victoria’s cage at him. Fighting the sunlight and noise, I wiped my mouth and hoisted myself out of bed to change quickly. “I need some food. I think I’ll be sick again if I don’t have any. That, and there’s nothing left to throw up.” I was shivery so I popped a mint and glanced back at the boys.

“I’ll be down in a bit,” Bink said and Fred nodded. “Say hello to Bo Peep for us!”

I threw socks at them and left.

“James!” Avery hugged me tight. “Thank Merlin you’re all right.”

“All right? Why would I not be?”

“You passed out halfway up the stairs last night,” she said, laughing. “I had to drag you back here and up to your bed since I forgot my wand in my bag. I’m glad you woke up. I was worried you died or something.”

“I’m quite all right. Don’t feel very good and don’t remember much from last night, but I’m all right.” I tried to smile but the light coming in from the window blistered my head. I also felt the need to blow chunks all over Avery’s pink shirt. “Do you—do you remember anything horrible I did last night?” I whispered this last part, raising a curious brow.

“You were piss drunk and falling all over,” she said with a laugh. “At one point you got on top of a table and started chanting about Quidditch and tried to fly and then started bleeding, but other than that you were pretty tame. You can still aim when you’re drunk, which I’ll give you major props for.”

“Did I hex someone other than Wes and Edwards?”

“You hexed Wes four more times, though he kept going back so he deserved it. You got Albus and said it was because he was a git, Emerson another time, Fred so his skirt flew up on the dance floor, Paloma so her skirt flew up—Nia wasn’t too happy about that one. Neither was I, mind you.”

I grinned. “Sounds like a successful night. I’m off to breakfast, want to come?”

“Sure.” She linked arms with me and we made our way to the portrait hole. “Hi, Harvey,” she managed, glancing over at the cow-chewing boy with his gum and cow-chewing ways. It sounded so much louder.

“Hi, Avery.” He looked at her with admiring eyes. “Oh, James! Mr. Potter, sir, I wanted to tell you.” He jumped up and I stopped. “I heard your pygmy puff last night while I was walking past your door. She was making a weird noise and I have one too so I knew she was hungry and I gave her some food. I hope you don’t mind—I didn’t mean to intrude but I couldn’t find anyone else and your dorm was empty for so long.”

I shrugged. “No problem co—Harvey. Thanks, mate.” I smiled warmly and kept walking, only to stop before the portrait hole and swing around. “What time would you say you fed Victoria?”

“I don’t know, around ten and then I checked back at ten-thirty and eleven to see if you were there. I fed her around midnight and then checked back at one and two just to see if you were back, but you weren’t.” He frowned.

“Thank you, Harvey. Means a lot to me. Victoria is very dear.” I smiled. “Hope to see you at the Ravenclaw match coming up.”

“Wouldn’t miss it!” he cried.

I turned and frowned, leaving out into the corridor. I was silent until Avery gave me a quizzical look.

“What was that about? Did that mean something?” she whispered.

“It means Bink lied about where he was last night.”

I felt horrible. My stomach was sick for a few days and by then I realized I nearly broke the Code by drinking too much at a party. It wasn’t too much, was it? What was too much? I realized then I didn’t know the limitations of this Code. Stupid Dara Wood never really explained it. And when I got onto the team Maxwell didn’t do rubbish either—not that I asked since I was twelve and thirteen and drinking too much and making an idiot out of myself was pretty much out of the question.

I decided to ignore it for the present and put in my own stipulations. I was disappointed in myself, but kept going with rigorous practice nonetheless. Paloma and Wesley were getting better and better each practice and I was even hit by a Bludger once. Of course, I tossed Meta to the showers early since I caught her bitching at Avery for a certain save. I reminded her she wasn’t the captain. She told me to stick my head somewhere unpleasant and I sent her off the pitch.

Things looked good for my team—only a little while left until the game and I’d have them properly ready. I just had to make sure Kay’s sexual advances weren’t getting her near my secrets. I held another meeting Monday evening to talk about the Code and Meta fell asleep so I poked her with a fork.

I stayed after for a bit, sighing several times and wondering if I was even a good captain.

“I’ve decided to go tomorrow.” Avery didn’t meet my eye as she helped House Elves scrape plates into the garbage.


“Tomorrow. To see my dad.” She bit her lip.

“Aves, are you sure?” I said quietly. I checked my watch. It was quite late already. “Is this what you want to do?”

“I thought about it for a while. I’m pretty sure this is what I want to do.” She paused and finally looked up. “I just don’t want to look back and regret it.”

I walked over and squeezed her hand. “All right. If that’s what you want. Do you want me to tag along?”

“And have you hex him halfway through the conversation? No. No, I think I want to do this alone.” Avery let a smile entwine her lips. “Yeah, I want to do this completely alone. Thank you, though.”

I squeezed again. Her hand was cold. “No problem. I’ll give you your space then.” I turned as the portrait hole opened, expecting to see Paloma or a stray elf, but instead I saw my brother staring back at me with a dead expression on his face.

“I’m glad to see you recovered from your hangover,” he said bitterly. “I do hope Paloma was a good dancer. She looked it.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I said cautiously. “And thanks, I’m glad I recovered too. Puking is not my favorite part of the experience.”

He held his ground. “Don’t play stupid, James. I saw the two of you dancing for three sodding songs.”

“We what?” I turned to Avery. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I figured since neither of you remembered it wasn’t important.” Avery made a face. “Sorry, love, thought it better not to.”

I sighed, turning back to Al. “Sorry, man, I was shit out of it on Halloween. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He narrowed his eyes.

“What do you want me to do? Set you up on a date? Kick her off the team—well, I can’t do that, she put Fred in the hospital she’s a great Beater.”

Albus took a deep breath. “I’m getting really sick of your shit, James. You’re a shit brother, you know that? An absolute shit brother. And you know what else?” He checked his watch and I could see his lip trembling a bit. “You’ve got a detention. I’m giving you one. I’m not going to let you run the school like you want to. There have to be boundaries.”

“You’re giving me a—what? Are you kidding me?” I gaped at him. “Edwards just bleeding gave me one for hexing him. Come on, Al.” I paused. “What about Avery?”

“Who? I don’t see anyone.” Albus shrugged and shut the door.

I swore loudly. “What do I have to do!?” I cried. “And he doesn’t see anyone—you’d better find me some éclairs before I go after him and tackle the little glasses git.”

Avery put a hand on my arm. “He’ll come around, love. C’mere, let’s stock you up before your detentions.”

“You know this is the second time you’ve dressed like a girl in a week,” I whispered. “Something about that doesn’t sit right with me.”

Fred beamed at his disguise. “I’d like to think it’s because I’m talented.” He smoothed out the wrinkles in his lifeless gray dress that fell to the floor and poked the pointed flats out of the bottom. “I still don’t see the point in pointed toes.” There was a pause. “Did you see what I did there? Point in pointed toes.” Fred chuckled at himself and moved the wig again to hide a few stray locks of dark hair. I couldn’t believe he had two uses for a blond wig in a matter of days. Hogwarts was in strange times.

“Are you ready then?” I pressed, checking my watch. We were in the dormitory without the grace of Bink and Emerson and I keep peeking out the window. “She’s probably there by now. I bet we’ve missed the whole thing.”

“Wouldn’t you have seen her walking down to Hogsmeade?” Fred gave me a face. “I’m almost ready—just let me adjust this necklace.”

I stared at myself in the mirror. I had an unequally good disguise, as a red-haired man with a mustache in a horrible blue suit with a green tie—something I wouldn’t be caught in regularly and something I stole from Emerson’s trunk.

“Ready!” Fred held open the door.

“Dad’s bleeding cloak would come in handy right about now,” I muttered. “Why couldn’t I get that? Stupid map’s practically worthless.” I hadn’t used it for a few weeks since I didn’t much care where anyone was anymore. “I suppose I could check where Avery is—oh, who cares? Let’s just go.”

We made our way out of the castle to quizzical looks and more than one giggle on our way to Hogsmeade. We barely talked since my mind was on Avery and her dad and whether he would be a jerk or a nice bloke or try and come back into her life.

She was such a strong woman, blast that Avery, always giving people a chance. She had to be strong to let Emerson anywhere near her really.

We spotted her not too far ahead of us in some sort of dress with a cloak wrapped tightly around her. It was chilly and I pulled my own cloak tighter to the suit. I smelled like Head Boy and it was disgusting. Perhaps I should feed it to Victoria.

“Why did I agree to do this with you?” Fred mumbled.

“Because I couldn’t go stalking around by myself and three people would be too obvious.” I jumped to the side quickly to avoid a pile of dung left by something apparently large. “You notice Bink being sketchy lately?”

Fred shrugged. “Not really. He’s been busy. I know he’s been working on Remedial Transfiguration stuff.”

“What? Are you kidding?” I nearly stopped in shock.

“Nah, I found his papers the other day. Probably too embarrassed to admit it.” Fred frowned and we ducked behind a tree just as Avery glanced back.

“That makes a lot of sense.” I felt a little shitty, not being a good enough friend for Bink to admit his Remedial Transfig to. What sort of friend was I? We were best mates. He was probably reviewing his homework on Halloween before he came out—blimey. Poor blond Binkie.

We picked a table by the window in the large Italian restaurant Avery met her dad in. It was just behind her table and we could hear their conversation with a little help from Uncle George’s Extendable Ears. He gave me an entire box for my seventeenth birthday in May and since then they were a big hit in eavesdropping.

Fred ordered a girl drink and I ordered a brandy (which tasted disgusting) as we perused the menu for dinner choices. I didn’t even like Italian food.

“Avery.” Her dad was a tall man with stubble on his face and Avery’s pretty green eyes. He stood until she sat and I noticed his fancy tailored suit that far outstripped Emerson’s hideous one and shiny brown shoes. I was still wearing sneakers. “I’m glad you decided to come.”

“I’m still not sure why I did.” Her voice was cold and I noticed she wore a white dress with black detailing.

“I knew you’d be trusting. You always were as a little girl.”

“You wouldn’t know much about that.”

“Oh, come now, Aves, don’t be like that. It isn’t fair.”

Avery took a deep breath. Patience was her strongest asset and I held my breath for a moment. “Please don’t call me Aves. I only let—well, just please don’t.”

I knew she wanted to unleash years of frustration on him for being the girl sitting alone in the common room on Father’s Day not talking about the card they made for their fathers the night before in a hurry with a silver crayon because it was the only one they could find. She couldn’t go to the Father/Daughter gatherings she told me about in her home town and she couldn’t buy the shirt in Hogsmeade that read “Daddy’s Girl”. I couldn’t either, mind, but I didn’t complain.

“I’m sorry. Look, I’ve had a long time to think about this.”

“Thirteen years,” Avery muttered. “I’ve done a lot in thirteen years, you know.”

“I know. Blimey, I know. I’ve talked to Headmistress Sinatra all about you and she could barely stop—your grades and your Quidditch and your talent. Avery, that’s amazing. I’m so proud.”

“I’m glad. Of course, you probably shouldn’t be because the reason I am the way I am is because of Mum and because of the way she raised me. You know she had to get a second job—in the night. So she came home, slept for two hours, and then had to get up so I could go to primary school. Then she slept a little longer and went to another job. Constant work, you know that?”

There was silence. “I—no, I didn’t know that. I’m sorry, love. There’s not much else I can say. I want to start over. We can still have a relationship.”

“I came to meet you because you want to see me play.” Avery’s voice was still dark and cold.

“Oh! Yes, you’re right. I was a Beater in my years at Hogwarts. We won the Cup then, Gryffindor and Slytherin were always winning up until then but finally the Claws got the chance a few years later. What a year! I thought I’d come back and see if you got your Quidditch talent from me.”

“I didn’t it. My best mate taught me to play and I practiced my arse off because I was so bad.”

She was lying, of course, but I still liked the credit. Avery was better than me when we got here and I remembered hexing her off her broom once so she’d just fucking fall.

“Oh. Well, I’m sure you’re still decent since you made the team.”

“I’m one of the best Keeper’s Gryffindor has ever seen,” she said loudly. “You can go to the game, I’m sure you will regardless, but I don’t think I want to see you again after that.”

“Come on, Avery, I’m a changed person! I only left because I wasn’t being treated right and I needed to scrape in some more income so I moved to Spain to get a better job.”

“That’s so rich of you to say,” Avery spat. I could see the color rise in her cheeks. “If you just moved to Spain to get a better job you would have come back. You would have sent money so I wouldn’t’ve had second-hand robes and you would have written. I was young, but I could read. And don’t give me that bollocks about being treated unfair—I found the letter. I found the letter from that bitch Caroline and I swear I want to meet her and tell her just how wonderful her life should have been living with a man who abandoned his child—his four year old daughter.” She paused for a breath and the conclusion to the most unforgiving speech I ever heard come out of Avery Flynn. “You’re disgusting to me. Do you know how much trust I lost? I barely trust anyone. I trust my teammates and I trust my mother and that is it. You taught me not to trust people, even though I’d like to see the good in them. You did that to me. Be proud indeed. Be proud I saw your example and decided I wanted to be nothing like you.”

He looked simply thunderstruck as Avery went under the table to fetch the napkin that fell while she was delivering a monologue. She paused and then sat up straight. “I said you could go to the game. Who am I to deny you guilt?” Avery stood. “Say hello to Caroline for me.”

“We broke up—shortly after the move to Spain.”

She smirked. “Well then I hope it was worth it.” With that she turned and marched past our table toward the door. I thought she was a bit further away, but then I heard an irritated voice in my ear. “At least change your shoes next time, James.”


I paid the bill and Fred and I hurried out to catch her.

A/N: A lot of stuff happened in that chapter, huh? halloween, Emerson being a jerkbutt, Bink, Albus, Avery + Daddy. What a crazy chap. I was actually laughing while editing this so I hope at least a few of you found it as funny as I did. James is such a crazy boy!

Thanks to everyone who favorited this story! I can't believe I have over 200 favorites on it! WOW! It's stuff like that that inspires me to write so much. So thank you all for not only that but for the wonderful amazingness that are your reviews yay!

So what do you think about James asking Nia to a date? And let's face it...Emerson's kind of cute.

ps. Have any questions about this chap or anything else? I have a MTA page if you need to know anything or just vent at home much Nia or Meta or Albus pisses you off! haha. 

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