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My Heart Belonged to You Chapter 5 *Dimness ^Lily's POV^ I stormed out of the kitchen, accidentally forgetting to thank Dot. How was it that everything bad happened to me? That was exactly not what I needed on my first day at work. All these years, I’d dreamed of James coming into Three Broomsticks and then saying he’d made the world’s biggest mistake. Then I’d hug him and everything would be fine. When I finally do run into him, all I can think of is what he did to me. He took my heart and shattered it in a million pieces. I’d wasted the past 3 years feeling sorry for myself. I should have just gotten over it. Ugh… now instead of feeling pain and ache at the thought of him, I felt hate and anger. I walked down the hall cursing every kiss, every hug and everything he ever said to me. I pushed back the maroon tapestry in the east tower and went down the hallway. There were several doors, but Aaron had instructed me to go to the one with the silver knob. I stuck the tip of my wand into the keyhole and the door opened. A long table with at least 2 dozen witches and wizards was in front of me, and at the head of it sat Professor Dumbledore. “Attention all, may I introduce our newest member of our committee of experimental charms (a/n-thanks M.O.J.!), Lily Evans.” He said as he stood up. “Lily please take the seat next to Professor Flitwick.” I nodded and sat down next to the tiny professor. Aaron was sitting on the other side of the table and he winked at me. I smiled, at least someone in this world cared about me. “Lily how lovely to see you again” squeaked the professor “How have you been?” “I’m fine professor…” I lied “…How about yourself?” “Marvelous my dear, simply marvelous.” Dumbledore went on “It seems as if most of our organization is here, with the exception of two…” I saw an empty chair next to Remus Lupin, and another next to Professor Delanora (the potions master). “…I trust that we’ve made progress in our committees?” Professor Flitwick stood up “Professor, the Experimental Charms committee has been working on our project for quite sometime, our knowledge has progressed, but our efforts have been fruitless.” Remus stood up “Our department has had a few technical difficulties concerning getting to where we need to be, when we need to be there…” “…but we’re working on that.” James Potter stood in the door way. I should have known. I really should have. I don’t exactly know why it did cross my mind before. James was a member of the Order, he’d be there that day in Three Broomsticks, and he showed up in a crowd of teachers and other aurors. Why hadn’t I put 2 and 2 together? Was I really that dim? He walked from the doorway and around the table. Then he sat next to Remus. He looked over at me and tried to catch my eye but I refused it. “Hello Mr. Potter.” Said the professor as if he was greeting an old friend “Hello Professor, sorry I’m late. I ran into a problem.” “Nothing to serious I hope?” he asked “Nothing that can’t be fixed.” When James said this he looked back over at me and winked. I felt my face turn red with anger; he seemed just as arrogant as he was when he was 15. “Good. Mr.Gablin, how is your training and recruiting organization coming?” “Quite well for the most part. We’re having difficulty with our trust issues though. Training is easy. Recruiting is where the problems are progressing.” “Easily understood…” Dumbledore began. He talked for awhile about the committees and what their main projects were and how they were coming. There were five, the Committee of experimental charms, the committee of training and recruiting, the organization of protection and retaliation, the committee for the recruiting and welfare of magical creatures and the committee of unspeakable sources. Professor Flitwick explained to me that our main job was to find old curses and useful curses and to look for a source of protection against the unforgivable ones. The committee of training and recruiting was to find trustworthy and skillful wizards and witches willing to help. The committee for the recruiting and welfare of magical creatures was headed by Hagrid. They were attempting to keep the giants, dementors etc. from siding with Voldemort. The committee of protection and retaliation was headed by none other than James Potter. They were basically aurors who worked on the side for Dumbledore as well as for the ministry, and finally the committee of unspeakable sources was Dumbledore’s inside information. They were so secret that nobody knew who they were, even other members of that committee didn’t know. After the meeting was over Dumbledore dismissed us and I walked over to Aaron. He smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. “Hello Darling.” He greeted me “Well what do ya think?” “It’s a lot to absorb, what was all that training for? If I’m not going to be fighting…” “In emergency’s we’re all called in… Potter can’t handle them all by himself.” “Oh.” I groaned “You wanna go to Hogsmeade for lunch?” “Why not?” I took his hand and as we were leaving I glanced over at James. I saw his jaw drop. For a little more effect, I turned my head back to Aaron and kissed him. *~* We ate lunch at Magsayla’s Pixiedust a restaurant on the edge of Hogsmeade past the Hogs Head. It was a quiet little outdoor restaurant with umbrellas and fufu drinks. I had some sort of a bright pink cocktail, with a little toy crystal ball floating in it. After we ate Aaron left me at Madame Salieron’s market, I needed to get some herbs for potion I was planning on making a within a few days. Just as I was checking out someone tapped me on the shoulder. Behind me stood James Potter and he wasn’t smiling. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” He said, still not smiling. “I am perfectly capable of making a froth potion… there’s no reason why I shouldn’t.” “That’s not what I talking about. I thought you had more sense in this area. You need to stay away from Aaron.” He said as his face became still and serious. “Potter…” “Lils since when are we on a last name basis?” “Don’t call me Lils! AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD AND SHOULDN’T DO!!!” “Aaron’s no good. He trains girls, dates em and dumps em.” “Aaron care about me, unlike some people! Listen James, you erased yourself from my life for 3 years! Why can’t u just disappear again, because I personally want nothing to do with you.” “I know what I’m talking about. You know from experience that I’m usually right about these things. Plus you trust me, or you used to.” I glared at him “Do what you want.” He told me “If you want your heart shattered be my guest…” “Potter you already did that for me!!!!” He look stunned. I shoved the groceries in his hands and said “You take care of this… I don’t think I can stand to be by you much longer.” With that I apperated out of the store… and left him standing awestruck. *~end of chapter 5~* DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW!!! KEEP ME HAPPY! NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE UP NEXT WEEKEND! *LJ

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