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Sorry this has taken so long to update! It's unfortunately my OWL year and the exams have finally come around! Just one left to go and then I can start producing some better chapters again. Enjoy! :-D

Convinced as Ginny and Harry were of their complete solitude they continued to take their advantage on the pitch-black beach, unaware that all three of their offspring were rummaging around the hedgerows and greenery looking for them a mere half mile aware. It was only a matter of time before the children would descend onto the beach and come across their parents, but Harry and Ginny remained happily oblivious to this, thinking that Ron and Hermione would still be struggling to get all five kids to bed. How wrong were they…  


         “Albus! James!” came Lily’s triumphant voice, “I have found a clue…”

         “What is it?” they both said, as they walked over to the patch of hedge where their sister was squatting next too.

         They crouched next to her, their eyes searching the undergrowth for specimens that could dictate where their parents had vanished.

         Lily stood up slowly, holding something between pinched fingers, and then moved it slowly, impressively, into the moonlight so everyone could see white light bounce off a single red hair. They all gasped, before James realised something.

         “Pfft,” he said, “Mum’s hair is longer than that. That hair, is blatantly yours.”

         Lily looked scandalized.

         “No! It’s not mine! I found it here! And Mum’s hair has layers, so this could be one of the shorter layers!”

         “Mum doesn’t have layers…” James said scathingly, crossing his arms.

         “She does!” Lily said, furiously, drawing herself up to her full – but very small – height, “She has more layers than a Gurdyroot!”

         Whilst this bickering continued, Albus continued to scour the undergrowth for proper clues, because in all honesty, he knew that hair was Lily’s – her hair fell out everywhere, it was quite worrying actually, but he concluded that she had quite enough of it to keep her going for at least another seventy years.

         He poked around with a longish stick, shifting foliage delicately, so as not to destroy evidence. If only he could use magic, it would make their job so much easier. But he had another two years until that time came, so he had to make do with what he had: uncontrolled bursts of magic, which poor Hugo experienced in that event in the pool. That water had gone all over the sides! Looking back it had been quite funny…

         Standing up to chuckle, Albus turned to face the sea, and realised that the beach would surely be a prime location to run away to – a lone and beautiful place, with many rock fissures and indeed the sea to hide oneself in. It was the perfect crime.

         But was it? It seemed so simple… too simple… but it would be foolish not to check. He walked back to his bickering siblings, determined to make his views heard.

         Albus had quite a quiet voice in relation to his brother and sister’s, so he had to yell a bit, but still he was not heard. They were now arguing about whether Harry’s hair had layers, because it was so messy they were convinced he used Dr. Scruncheasy’s Messed-Up Gellage Potion. The general consensus was that he didn’t, but yet they still needed to argue about it. Albus thought this was ridiculous, so he strode off into the night by himself, ignoring continued shouts of “You just wish that you had red hair!” “I do not you stupid PIECE OF TOILET PAPER!!”.



“Harry!” giggled Ginny, as Harry continued to work his magic over her as they lay on the beach (admittedly, not right in the middle anymore; they had moved to a more secluded alcove, scooped out of a cliff), unaware of how close their children were, “This is so naughty what we’re doing! In public!”

         “Yes,” said Harry, feeling very rebellious, “But we’ve done worse – do you remember?”

         Ginny sighed in reminiscence, smiling widely, and stretching her arms above her head.

         “I do remember,” she said, laughing at the memories only she and Harry could see, “So terrible we were!”

         Such events had become scarce since children came onto the scene, so reliving such antics now was a grand way of bringing back more pleasant aspects of their past. Indeed, so much that they forgot that children were still on the scene, and were very naïve to believe that the children of Harry and Ginny Potter were likely to remain in the house, like good little mites. To be honest, the concept was just plain silly.



Albus continued his search, carefully moving back tree braches and hedges in order to stumble across more clues, but so far, nada. The night was incredibly dark, and no wind rustled the cliff top hedgerow upon which Albus walked. This, along with his infallible sense of direction, aided him to decipher whether it was purely a night breeze shifting the leaves, or something more sinister like… like Lethifolds. Albus gave an involuntary shiver, as he imagined the dark, sheet of their form slithering over undergrowth…

         He froze in his path, suddenly feeling the night close in on him. Panic rose in his chest and his heart leapt up into his throat. He felt numb, unable to move, or even to whimper. He was unable to tell whether it was just his over-active imagination inspiring all this fear, after his foolish thoughts of Lethifolds, or whether there was actually one in his presence. He couldn’t tell – why couldn’t he tell? This was ridiculous… but one thing he did know was that his father wasn’t here… there was not Patronus to protect him… how could he fight off a Lethifold, he was just a little boy without a wand! Spiders he could handle, but this…

         “James?” he managed to scrape a whisper from the back of his throat, “Lily?

         No answer came… they were far behind him; he couldn’t even hear their bickers anymore. Something was telling him that they were safe, but he couldn’t be sure. What if the Lethifold had got them? He was suddenly torn between an urge to run and find his siblings and save them, or just stay still in the hope that everything was OK. His head was telling him it was all OK, his frantically thudding heart was telling him to “Run! Damnit Albus RUN!”

         But no child of Harry Potter would ever be accused of showing cowardice, so Albus heaved a deep steadying breath, and tore off in the opposite direction, desperately shouting for his siblings.


         He ran full pelt, not looking at all where he was going, until an obstacle stopped him in his path, knocking the wind straight out of him.


         “What the Hell are you doing out here?” came a voice, a wonderful voice, that carried a wand to protect him.

         “Uncle Ron!”

         Albus looked up from the ground, and could see some starlight reflecting off some red hair, but that was all. However, he knew it was Uncle Ron, no other relative would ever say the word “Hell” in the presence of a child so young. They were naïve, those relatives… thought Albus suddenly, I even know the F-word!

         Ron helped Albus up, and explained that his other two siblings had been rounded up, tethered, and held hostage in separate rooms, due to the issue that they had been trying to kill each other by trying to push the other off the cliff. Hermione had thought it best to separate them, before unexpected injury occurred, and she and Ron were banned from ever looking after Harry and Ginny’s children again.

         “Why did you wander off from them?” Ron demanded of him, “If you ever feel the urge to go wandering off at night I’d seriously recommend doing it with someone else.”

         “But they were being useless!” Albus implored, “We were looking for Mum and Dad because Aunty Hermione said they were missing and James and Lily were meant to help but they’re crap at solving clues – ”

         Ron held up his hands, trying to stem the flow of Albus’s rant.

         “Wo wo wo!” he said, that stupid phrase that people say when they can’t keep up with someone is telling them, “Hermione told you they were missing? And did you just say crap?”

         “I do know some swear words! I’m not as innocent as people think,” Albus said grumpily, scuffing the dirt in the path with his trainer, “And yes, she did.”

         “And you were looking for them?”


         “Ahhh,” said Ron, understanding at last, “I don’t think it’s a good idea that that search continues. Let’s go back home, see if your brother and sister are still alive…”

         They walked in companionable silence, until the house was in view, and Albus suddenly asked a question that should’ve been asked straight away!

         “You didn’t see any Lethifolds on the way did you?”

         Ron looked behind him, and then all around.

         “Please be to Merlin, I hope not.”

         Albus breathed a sigh of relief. Not only had Ron cleared the fear that there was a Lethifold around, but he also had just shown Albus that he wasn’t the only one who was scared of them.

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