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Chapter 9: Surprise, surprise


            When the train screeched to a grinding stop, there was a rush to get out. Compartment doors slammed shut and trunks were yanked off the racks. Jessilyn hugged her friends good-bye and promised to Owl them.

“Bye Lils. Owl me if Petunia’s bothering you,” Jessilyn said.

“I will.” Lily smiled at her friend and went her separate way. Jessilyn scanned the crowd for her mum.

“Jessilyn, over here!” James shouted. Quickly, Jessilyn weaved her way over to James, hauling her trunk.

“Hi, Mrs. Potter.” Jessilyn smiled at the kind, elderly, woman next to James.


“Jessilyn, it’s nice to see you,” Mrs. Potter said kindly. A slender woman emerged next to her and held her arms out expectantly.


“Mum!” Jessilyn hugged her tightly.


“Hello, dear, your father’s still at the Ministry. You’ll be staying at the Potters’ tonight.  We have some business in Paris,” Mrs. Kale informed her.


“Sure.” Jessilyn nodded.


“Yes, let’s hurry, dinner’s waiting,” Mrs. Potter said.


            The four of them Apparated with a Pop! to a beautiful mansion.


“Race you upstairs!” James called as the house elf helped herself to the trunks.

“You know you never win.” Jessilyn laughed as they dashed upstairs. Jessilyn was about two feet ahead of James.

“You’re cheating!” James protested as Jessilyn opened a bedroom door. He grabbed her around the waist to hold her back.

“No! I beat you!” Jessilyn shrieked with laughter and tried to kick free. Finally he let go, but not before he was in front of her.

“I still beat you.” Jessilyn shrugged and giggled as James opened his mouth to protest. They both glanced around the familiar room.

“Home away from home!” Jessilyn exclaimed and plopped onto the bed. Her room was a rich purple and decorated unlike a guest room. It looked exactly like her bedroom at home. Moving pictures of her friends hung on one wall and Quidditch posters hung on another.  

“ Lily coming?” James asked casually.

“You called her Lily,” Jessilyn smirked.

“So?” James asked, not meeting her accusing eyes.

“You never call her Lily. You call her Evans,” Jessilyn pointed out.

“I forget sometimes,” James mumbled lamely. Jessilyn laughed.

“You should call her Lily. She’d like that,” she said thoughtfully.

“Is she coming?” James asked impatiently.

“I’ll Owl her,” Jessilyn reassured him.

“Sirius is coming for the ball on New Year’s Eve,” James told her.

“Great. What about Remus?” she asked.

“I’m not sure when he’ll be ready. Full moon, remember?” James explained grimly. “He’ll be okay without us,” he said quickly when he saw Jessilyn’s anxious face.

“Helena’s on vacation but she’ll be here for the New Year’s ball too. Do you think--” Jessilyn was cut off by a pop! Jessilyn and James exchanged glances and hurried towards the noise.

















James and Jessilyn arrived downstairs just in time to see Mrs. Potter rush over to the sound.

“You must be Mrs. Potter! I’m so sorry to drop in unexpectedly,” said the one and only Cara Smith.

“Oh! Sirius! We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow,” Mrs. Potter exclaimed but smiled at seeing her second son. Sirius was grim-looking, but his face immediately split into a glowing smile. Everyone noticed how shaken he looked but no one said anything.

“I’m sorry I should have told father...” Sirius started looking very uncomfortable.

“It’s nothing, Sirius! You’re always welcome here,” Mrs. Potter said warmly.

“I hope you don’t mind...uh...Cara Apparated with me...” Sirius said sheepishly nodding at Cara.

“Oh! Would you like to stay? The more the merrier!” Mrs. Potter asked kindly.

“Sure! Thanks so much, Mrs. Potter. I just want to be here for Sirius,” Cara gushed.

“Alright then, James, Jessilyn, show Cara to the guest room.” Mrs. Potter said, clapping her hands.

“But that’s Lily’s room,” James interjected.

“Then one of you will have to share,” Mrs. Potter pointed out.

“I’ll share with Sirius,” Cara said shamelessly. Mrs. Potter’s mouth opened in surprise and Sirius blinked.

“Well...I--” Mrs. Potter stammered.

“Great! Thanks again, Mrs. Potter,” Cara said sweetly and sauntered off with Sirius.



            The next day James was in very high spirits as that was the day Lily said she was visiting.

“Where is she?” James groaned.

“It’s only nine. She’s supposed to arrive at ten,” Jessilyn pointed out.

“It’s nine forty one!” James retorted.

“Whatever you say, Prongs,” Jessilyn muttered. The clock read 9:14 A.M.

“Where is Padfoot at my time of need?” James demanded, ignoring Jessilyn.

“He’s probably off snogging that...that...”Jessilyn struggled.

“Ogre?” James offered.

“Yes,” Jessilyn said, satisfied.

“Well, go get him,” James ordered.

“Whatever you say, your majesty,” Jessilyn said mockingly. She grudgingly got up and started up the stairs, away from the fireplace where James was waiting. She reached Sirius’s room and cautiously opened the door. No one. Sighing, she assumed they were out in the garden, enjoying a romantic stroll or something. She retreated back to her room, not wanting to listen to James complaining again. Jessilyn plopped down on her bed and gazed at the framed hand-drawn picture on her nightstand. Sirius had given it to her on that one day five years ago…

            Eleven year old Jessilyn was walking down an abandoned corridor in the dungeons with a newspaper in her hands. On the cover was, “Bertha Jonkin’s”.

“What rubbish,” she was muttering. Just then a shadow fell over her and she glanced up. Cara Smith, as a twelve year old, stood expectantly over her.

“Jessilyn, hi,” Cara said sweetly.

“Hi, Cara, I don‘t really have time to talk,” Jessilyn said smiling weakly.

“Why not? Are you off to snog my boyfriend?” Cara snarled, losing her sweet tone.

“Cara, you know Bertha, she’s like that,” Jessilyn said exasperatedly.


 “I don’t have a reason not to believe her,” Cara snapped and Jessilyn sighed.

“I promise you, there is nothing going on,” Jessilyn insisted.

“Then why is he always talking about you? And why are you always together?” Cara demanded.

“Because we’re friends,” Jessilyn insisted.

“Sure, “just friends”. But here’s a little something to make sure you stay away,” Cara spat. With a jerk of her wand a deep gash sliced through Jessilyn’s cheek. Jessilyn winced and touched her cheek.

“Sirius is my friend and a little cut’s not going to change that,” Jessilyn said coolly.

“I guess I’ll just have to do more than a little cut,” Cara sneered.

“Try that,” Jessilyn said sarcastically. Cara didn’t catch the sarcasm. Luckily Jessilyn was prepared and she blocked the hex. The next one was stronger and Jessilyn was lifted off the ground by her ankle. Then she fell…and everything went black.



When she woke up she was in the hospital wing with James and Lily at her side, bickering of course.


“Do you think she’s going to wake anytime soon?” James whispered

“Shut up, Potter. If you keep talking she will,” Lily snapped.


“I’m not the one who got her a singing card,” James retorted.


“It’s better than yours. Honestly, who gives someone a Quidditch card with Bludgers knocking people in the head?”

Jessilyn opened her eyes and sat up. She winced at the sudden sharp pain in the back of her head.

“You’re awake! Remus was so worried he almost wet his pants. Madam Pomfry sent him out,” James explained. Peter nodded next to him.

“Are you ok?” Lily asked, concerned.

“I bet it was Snape,” James growled.


“It was Cara Smith,” Jessilyn said quietly and closed her eyes. She lay down and wondered why Sirius wasn’t there.


Jessilyn sat out by the lake at Hogwarts.  Her long chestnut colored hair hung down, partly hiding her face.


“Hey, are you ok?” Sirius asked carefully, sitting down next to her.


“Yeah, I’m fine,” she replied.

“Jessilyn... I didn‘t know. You should have told me.” Sirius furrowed his eyebrows in concern.

“I know.” Jessilyn sighed.


“I wouldn’t ever go out with someone that would hurt you,” Sirius said gently.

“Really?” Jessilyn asked, gazing at him in wonder.

“Really, I promise,” Sirius said solemnly. “Here, I made this for you.” He handed her a drawing of Jessilyn and him riding flying motorcycles together with “best friends” scrawled at the top. It was sloppy and as good as an eleven year old’s drawing could be, but it was special.

*End of Flashback



            Jessilyn sighed and then glanced at the clock. It was nine twenty. Suddenly, an owl swooped in and dropped a note on her. She read it and then frowned. Petunia was speaking to her again and Lily didn’t want to leave just yet. The bed springs creaked as she bounced off and fled down the stairs to tell James.


“Lily’s not coming yet.”


“What? Why?”


“She wants to spend some time with her sister.”


“I thought she hated her sister.”


Jessilyn shrugged, not feeling like explaining to James. She retreated back to her room again. When she flung open her door, she saw Cara basically eating Sirius’s face on her bed. In her room.


“Blood hell, Sirius!” she shrieked. “So much for your promise.” Jessilyn slammed the door and charmed it with the strongest door locking charm she knew.




Sirius blinked in surprise.


“What a drama queen.” Cara rolled her eyes.


Sirius gave a frustrated sigh and backed away from Cara. He bumped into the nightstand and the framed drawing wobbled and fell on the floor facedown. Sirius absentmindedly picked it up and froze when he turned it over. He thought she had tossed it or maybe placed it in some trunk somewhere and forgotten about it. Instead, she had framed it and kept it with her all this time…


“Sirius?” Cara said, snapping him out of his thoughts. She was giving him that seductive pout again. Sirius groaned inwardly. Cara stepped closer to him and yanked the drawing out his hands. Sirius opened his mouth to protest but her mouth was already pressed on his.


Jessilyn’s words rang in his head like an echo. So much for your promise!


Gently, he pushed her away and cringed when he saw the hurt in her eyes.


“Sorry,” he muttered.


“It’s okay.” Cara bit her lip. “Look, I’m sorry Jessilyn and I aren’t getting along and the duel…I was just defending myself. I’ll settle things with her, okay? Turn a new leaf, like I said I would.”


“Thanks, Cara.” Sirius felt relieved.


“Now, if I could only figure out how to get this door unlocked…”


Sirius chuckled and pulled out his wand. “We’d better start trying or else we’ll be here all day.”


“I’m fine with that.” Cara fluttered her lashes and pulled her wand out too.





Dear Readers,

There you go! A pretty fast update if you ask me. Does anyone else feel as if Cara has quite the double sided personality? Hmm…give me your opinions! Should Cara stay of should she go? Read&Review! Reminder: Visit my webpage, find the link on my authors page.



Hogwarts Cupid <3 <---

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