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Disclaimer: It's all Jo's, wish it was mine, but's obviousily not. 


Beautiful Chapter Image by Camila @ tda.
Charisma Price :)


 Tying my hair at a knot at the back of my neck, I sorted my red, woollen scarf. It was almost cold enough for gloves, but not quite. People spoke animatedly around me, friends seeing each other for the first time in weeks, young children in stiff uniforms climbing on to the Express.  


Grinning, I turned at the recognisable sound of Teddy Lupin’s deep voice. “Your trunk is on the train, love; bloody nightmare to get it on though.”


“Thank you.” I hugged him lightly and he placed his arm around my shoulders.


“Don’t thank me,” he ordered mockingly. “I am simply doing my job; you know, being this handsome, many and strong isn’t just a right; it’s a responsibility.” 


He smiled like a child and put his tongue between his teeth. His hair turned the colour of unwashed pearls as he caught sight of the front of the train. He spoke fondly of his Hogwarts days; yet I was sure it was because they mostly included Victoire. 


Though I’m not sure how he enjoys her female company due to the fact that last week she made him go shopping. They ended up in an argument; Teddy had gotten lost and found himself wandered around in the panty department with his hand in the cup of a bra. She saw it as an insecurity, that he didn’t like her assets and wanted another woman. 


“What are you going to do without me?” I asked in a quiet voice. 


Teddy stepped over an uneven cobble stone and thought for a moment. “Well, be incredibly bored will be one thing, and probably a lot of moping around. I’m very good at that.”


“You could practise making tea,” I suggested. “You’re not very good at that.”


“Bite your tongue,” he said deeply. “I believe it was me who taught you to make tea in the first place, Miss Price.”


I widened my eyes. “I guess it is time for the teacher to become the student.”


“You may look like a rather tall fairy, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting to push you over; behave.”


In a flash, Teddy jumped away from me as if I were on fire. After a moment I realised why; a raven haired boy darted towards me, his musky scent smothering me as he enveloped me in to a hug. 


It was an understatement to say that people were shocked when they realised who James Potter, the son of the saviour of the Wizarding world, had chosen for friends; no one had expected the brooding, boy-genius, Quidditch extraordinaire to befriend the daughter of two History writers with a talent for being a little short sighted. 


James and I skipped the formalities and dove straight in to abbreviated stories of the past week, in which we hadn’t seen the other. He looked to Teddy and they both nodded to the other; no words were spoken, just a single nod. 


“I still don’t understand that,” I admitted. “Just say hello to one another.”


“That’s beside the point,” James replied, sharing a similar expression with his God-brother, one of which, I assume he had been taught. “It’s not about the words spoken; it’s about what’s implied.”


Teddy agreed. “If I nod to James, it’s me saying ‘I am a man, and I am saying hello, and I acknowledge that you, too, are a man, and are greeting me in the same way’.”


“It’s true.”


“The two of you will never make sense to me.” I settled for, turning away from the two boys to wave back to one of my roommates. “Besides, I prefer talking.”


“Circe, we know that.” Teddy said. “It’s always bloody conversation with you.”


I raised a brow. “I’m sorry; I’ll shut up from now on.”


“Please don’t,” James begged dramatically. “I will be left to talk to Freddy all the time; you can’t leave me with him.”


“And speaking of being alone with Freddy,” Teddy said, pointing to James, “Don’t leave Charisma alone with him; I know what he’s like.”


“I’m a big girl now, Daddy;” I interrupted. “I can take care of myself.”


Teddy laughed haughtily. “I seriously doubt that; keep an eye on her James, yeah?”


“Will do,” he agreed. “I will be strict. Wolfy, no fun for you this year!”


Teddy had called me ‘Wolfy’ once as a passing joke, but it stuck. Only those who knew of the incident could call me that, those who knew why. Yet I like my name, Charisma Price, it’s unique, unusual. It seemed that for once, my parents managed to get something right. 


They had dedicated their lives to researching the Goblin Wars and how they affect society, somehow managing to earn a small fortune. However, I was simply their daughter, another mouth to feed. After arriving at Hogwarts I realised that there was more to the relationship of parent and child than I had ever been introduced to. 


I stepped on to the Hogwarts Express as a meek eleven year old, determined to make friends. I tripped on the loose carpet in the train corridor and knocked over the emerald eyed boy who would react by laughing and pulling down his own cousin to join us on the floor. I soon found out that this was simply James Potter; he didn’t shout, never raised his voice in an angry manner and took life in his stride. We were sorted in to the same house, thrown in to the same classes, and fell in to a crowd with the same people; it was inevitable that we would become friends. 


He invited me back for two weeks during the Summer Holidays, after noticing how I spent the others at Hogwarts. After staying for two weeks I began to notice changes in his god-brother Teddy. He became snappier, angrier, and colder than the kind and gentle man I had first met. I hadn’t realised; no one had told me. 


It was my own fault; I should have stayed indoors. Everyone in the wizarding world with any sense knows to stay indoors on the night of a full moon, but me, being the clueless twelve year old didn’t know any better. 


I ran through the woods and sat near the lake that was outback of the Potter’s property. It was a strange thing to do, buy a property with a large forest outback; most people would avoid a property because of it. However James said it was a main selling point. It was the early hours of the morning before I was interrupted. 


Interrupted? When being disturbed in amongst a tight area of the woods, most would expect a horror movie type situation, the mummy, the zombie, the werewolf – and that’s exactly what it was. It was the growls that got me first.  


I was only scratched, James’s dad rescued me. The brave and noble Harry Potter, really was a saviour. In a single sentence; I’m not a werewolf. But like Teddy and his father before him, I like my meat reasonably raw, I have a strange connection to the moon and I am able to heighten my senses around certain periods of the month. I terrify myself. My main fallback; the night of the full moon, that one night a month that I loose all control, the night that I can never remember anything about yet somehow seem to cause so much havoc. 


We realized what was going on after the first moon after the attack, when I woke up to find James pinning me to the floor and his cousin Freddy scrunched up in the corner in shock. 


I don’t want to believe that these nights are true – James always say’s that I’m fine, but I know to believe otherwise. 


Not that I draw attention to them, nor do I notice them, but the three claw lines that were un-healable still remain down my right side, my mid-stomach to my lower thigh; red looking and painful. They will never fade, not like the rest. 


Teddy is forever sorry, but it doesn’t bother me one bit, if anything, I believe it makes me special. Since then he has taken on the roll of my protector, but it’s sweet; if I ignore the constant badgering and boy-yelling that goes on. 


Teddy Lupin has been somewhat of an older brother to me for the past 5 or so years. I tend to stay with him, to sleep in his spare room and to live off of tea and stale biscuits. 


“Mum and Dad want to see you; they don’t think that you’ve been over enough lately.” James said suddenly, his friendly expression could warm even the coldest of people. 


We followed him towards the large crowd of red heads that stood near the front of the train. It wasn’t unusual for bystanders to stop and stare at the bunch, yet it was unusual for any of the Weasley’s to notice. 


Ginny Weasley pulled me in for a welcoming hug. “Charisma, darling; where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.”


From beside me, Teddy looked sheepish; he had spent enough time around the swatting hand of Ginny Weasley to know to keep his mouth shut at this moment. His hair changed its shade to match his Godmothers, while she took hold of either side of my face and gave me a once over. 


“Ginny, love, let her go.” Harry said from beside his wife. He was a kind man, much like James; yet he lacked the mischievous flare that his son so happily paraded. James insisted he inherited that from his Uncle George, Harry insisted that it was from his father, before him. “Did you have a good summer?”


“Yes I did thank you,” I replied. “And yo-“


“Thank bloody Circe, you’re here, Chic.” Lily Potter interrupted, practically pushing her father out of the way and pulling me in to a quick hug. At first, she had trouble saying my name, and so she settled with ‘Chic’, which was what came out instead. “I swear on the name of Merlin that if Albus had spent one more minute telling me about the uses of dragon dung, I would have died of boredom and slight disgust.”


It seemed that Harry and Ginny had moved to speak with Teddy; their conversation seemed serious, once where they all bore solemn expression. James pulled lightly on his little sister’s hair. “Calm down, Lily. And stop acting like you’re eighteen, you’re not.”


The fifteen year old glared daggers at her uncaring older brother before smiling sweetly at me, “I like your skirt by the way; it’s really pretty.” 


My eyes cast down to the old floral print flippy skirt, in to which I had tucked an old dress shirt. “Thank you, Lily.”


When I grew out of my clothes, I tended to offer them to Lily, or her cousin, Rose. While Lily accepted in an instant, Rose always politely refused. I tended to wear things that no one else had; money was the only thing that my parents could give me. Due to the growth spurt I had last year, Lily was in luck. 


The loud whistle blew before I could get in another sentence. James kissed his mother on the cheek, gesturing for Albus to do the same, and hugged his father. He took hold of his sister’s shoulder, ready to guide her through the crowd, only for her to pull away and mutter about not being five years old.


James and I were starting our sixth year, falling excitedly head first in to uncharted territory. Our head of house, Professor Longbottom, was a personal friend of the Potters; they have been close since the Great War. When I spent two weeks with James over the summer, Professor told us in confidence that the fire place in our common room is actually a registered in the Floo network, but they don’t tell the students and parents as they might start using it. We laughed at this; I couldn’t help but wonder what scheme Mr James Potter was coming up with at that moment. 


He had a smirk on his face as he searched the carriages for a free compartment. 


With a defeated sigh I took hold of James’ collar. “I don’t think that there are any free.”


“You know, I didn’t actually realise that Wolfy.” He shot back sarcastically. 


“Look, let’s go sit with the guys.” He said, pointing to a compartment that seemed to contain most of our Quidditch team. 


I had joined the team in third year as a chaser, James was our Captain, and had been for over a year. With the exception of the seeker, Elle Jones, the gentlest girl in the world, I was the only girl on the team. Two two of us band together; being surrounded my rowdy boys tends to take its toll. 


After pushing open the old compartment door, it noticed the lack of space in the carriage. Elle was sat on Kyle’s knee. Kyle Sanford was my fellow chaser, a kind boy who seemed to have the undivided attention of Elle. I knew she liked him. 


James took the remaining seat, leaving me to sit on the floor and lean back in between his legs. I pulled my hair over my shoulder and began to twist the ends, while greeting the others.  


I felt a hand on my knee. I looked upwards to see Andrew Wood, known as Drew to the outside world and to the team members. 


He had placed his hand on my knee, as if absentmindedly. I took no notice; he probably didn’t mean too. Ever since we had met in my first year he had developed an incredibly unserious crush on me, he always made it as obvious as possible. 


He was a loud and large boy, sixth year like James and I and was a beater along with Fred Weasley. If you were able to withstand the cheekiness he displayed, he honestly was a genuinely sweet boy. Unlike his father, his accent was English – his mother, Katie Bell had raised him in Southern England while his father toured with Puddlemere. I know this as he tells me constantly. 


I ignored the questioning look from Elle and shrugged, she smiled an obvious smile, knowingly something that I didn’t. 


We listened to James boss around our team for the next hour as Drew mocked his actions but in a way that James couldn’t see. 


Again, we would all have to attend try outs to make the team, a new year and all, which was something that I would certainly not be looking forward too; they are boring beyond description. Our keeper graduated last year, so there was one opening spot.


After changing in to our uniforms, slacking on the smartness this year, we got off of the train. Elle smirked as she looked at the first years uniforms and then at ours. While I wore thick black tights beneath my skirt, Elle didn’t. Her tanned legs were obvious from her trip to Cuba this summer. While she displayed her assets, I covered mine up in slight fear of judgement that someone would see my scars. 


While Elle fiddled with make-up, meeting up with some of her other girlfriends and attacking me with mascara, the boys pulled their robes over their jeans and were done with it. 


“So, recite your summer.” I said to Elle, while bumping her in the side. 


She frowned. “Boring, I actually obtain less brain functions than before.”


“Is that even possible?”


“Don’t be cheeky Miss. Price.” She teased. “I believe that you, unlike boring old me, didn’t have to stay with your parents, you got to stay with Teddy and his lovelygirlfriend.”




She dodged a muddy puddle and stopped from straying from the large path to the school carriages. “Don’t hold back on me. I need to know all about Mr Lupin.”


“Ellie, love.” I said comfortingly. “As you just said, Teddy is taken. And I’m pretty sure that Victoire could take you down in a heart beat.” 


She blinked. “I hate you sometimes Chic.” Always a pleasure Elle. I thought as I brushed a little mud from my fold-down boots and watched her climb in to the carriage infront of us.  


Laughing, she reached out a hand to pull me in. I was taller than other girls in my year, leaving me able to climb in to the carriages easily, yet my ability to stay stood upright was somewhat lacking. A pair of strong hands reached around my waist and hoisted me up from the floor. 


“You could grow at some point Wolfy.” 


I giggled. “And you Mr. Potter could buy a hair brush – at some point.”


“Point taken Miss. Cheeky.” He teased in his recognizable deep voice. It caused a generally large (mostly) female population of our school to melt and shudder; priding myself as one of the few who seem immune. 


Reaching out, I brushed the lower back of one of the thestrals as they carriages headed towards the school. At the age of seven, I was staying with my Grandparents while my parents were away for a week or so. Granny was at a prime age of seventy six and suffered from heart attacks. My Grandfather had locked himself in the kitchen for days on end after her passing.  


As the carriages pulled to a stop, the boys wasted no time in jumping out of them and heading towards the school; they didn’t slow down in speed as we approached the Great Hall. 


Kyle and James hopped over the table and took their places, helping themselves to tea and hot water, while Ellie sat across from them daintily. I leant on the large, stone door frame, watching as the hall filled up. James twisted the ring on his finger – the one his Grandmother gave him for Christmas five years ago; it never comes off of his fingers. 


Drew ran in shortly with Fred, I watched as they pitifully dodged small children and nearly killed younger ones. But then it came; the resounding smack. 


“Oh shit, don’t cry!”


I did a double take. “Andrew! Language!” 


Pulling the short second year in to a tight hug, I noticed he was red in the face; a Hufflepuff with large teary eyes. I rubbed his back caringly as he cried in to my chest. Quickly the sobs died out and the guilt expression on Drew’s face faded. 


“Alright kid.” He scolded, yanking him from my grip. “You’re obviously enjoying that hug a little too much!” 


I blinked in shock and then realized that the Hufflepuff was giggling naughtily. “I swear those children used to be sweet.”


After taking our places at the tables, Kyle began talking about how we should be proud to be Gryffindor’s and shun any person not placed in our house. The red hand print on his face should last; Elle packs a slap. 


Lily sat down on the other side of me and looked slightly panicked. 


“Is that Zack guy following you around again?” I asked her quietly. 


A dark haired boy boy had noticed Lily during their first year, he was a Hufflepuff and was so sweet, however he didn’t seem to be able to take the word no for an answer, or the words ‘stay away from me or I will be forced to get a magical restraining order.’


“He followed me from the carriages, through the main hall and only began to back off when I sat down here. He’s afraid of Louis and James.” She said indicating to her cousin and brother. 


How anyone could be afraid of sweet innocent little Louis Weasley I will never know. Hugo, Rose and Albus were stifling laughs from across the table; they always seemed to find Lily’s misery a hilarity.  


I took another bite of my chocolate cookie and laughed as the boys devoured them quicker than any normal person should be able to. Hogwarts serves small treats before the first years, to allow them to get themselves together – a new policy brought in by McGonagall when she was placed as Headmistress. 


“Slow down James.” I said quietly. “Breathing helps digestion.” 


He blinked, as if he hadn’t listened in the slightest. “Yeah, thanks for that tip, Wolfy.” 


Ten minutes or so had passed before Professor Longbottom came through the doors followed by the usual gang of obedient first years. As always the first thing that they noticed was the ceiling. 


The sorting hat was looking as shabby as always, placed on to its usual stool that looked like it was going to break under any amount of weight. The cookies disappeared and were replaced by table ornaments. 


“Bloody-“ Fred shouted, throwing his fists on to the table in aggravation, the chocolate smudged around his mouth did no favours in hiding what he was upset about. I smiled and waved the cookie in my hand, gesturing that I still had one. 


Professor Longbottom ignored his language, clearly used to it after five years, and began to quietly talk to the first years. The cookie was ripped from my grasp by none other than James Potter. I kicked him under the table and pouted. He looked genuinely sorry; he never could resist my ‘upset’ face. 


“When I call your name you are to sit on the stool and place the hat on your head.” Professor Longbottom announced to the group of confused looking first years. 


He unrolled the scroll of parchment and read out the first name. 


“Adelaide, Rebecca.” He spoke loudly, so the entire hall could hear. 


Rebecca approached the stool slowly, obviously nervous about being called first. The hat sat still for only a moment before crying. She made her way to the Hufflepuff house as a grateful cheer erupted from the yellow house. 


The rest of the evening went a little similarly; of course Gryffindor was the loudest to shout. They normally were. When Lucy Weasley was sorted in to Gryffindor, Fred actually stood upon the table and did some pathetic attempt at a happy dance, which is hence the reason that Professor Longbottom is now squished in between two of the lads – to make sure another stunt wasn’t pulled during dinner. 


During the name calling, I paid attention with James, listening to him give a running commentary on what was happening, he quietly laughed at the sound of my suppressed giggles. However he stopped at one and listened carefully as she approached the stool, she wasn’t a Weasley or a Potter. I wouldn’t be able to name many of the new first years.  


“Oh looks who’s here.” Kyle muttered from the other side of the table, stabbing his fork repeatedly in to the table. 


“Yay, Queen of Mean.” Elle said in the most sarcastic voice that I have possibly ever heard. 


Evie Lewis was an evil, back stabbing, gossiping girly girl who had the biggest crush on James. Although to my happiness he never once paid attention to her as she was evil to me, every chance that she got she would try to drag me down. Probably because of my closeness with James; he would usually never make any important decisions without consulting me first, it’s quite sweet actually. 


“What Kyle?” I asked quietly. “You just expected her to not return to Hogwarts or something?” 


He resentfully folded his arms and spoke gruffly. “I was kinda hoping.”


“Kyle.” I scolded. “Even though she’s a year below us, she’s still a student!”


Elle shot daggers at Evie. How she ended up in Gryffindor I will never know, the talking hat is going crazy.


“But she is a bit of a skank though isn’t she?” I dropped my fork at the sound of Professor Longbottom. 



James rose from the table when the sorting feast was over; he took my hand and walked with me to the common room. After chatting with the people we hadn’t had the chance to we went to James’ dorm, and simply spoke. Kyle was already asleep, so I sat on the opposite end of James’s bed quietly as he sat up by his pillow and rested his head in to his arms. 


Before a decent conversation began Drew burst in to the room, flinging the door open and waking up a whiney Kyle. He stood there in nothing more than a pair of white boxers, checked with red flicks. 


“Come on, you know you want a piece of me!” He shouted excitedly, gesturing to his stomach to a girl that had followed him upstairs. “Chic, what are you doing here?” He asked laughing, walking up to me he asked, “Do you know what these are called?” He said gesturing to his muscles. I shrugged. “I name each of them.”


James rolled his eyes and looked annoyed. 


“I’m just going to … go.” I said quietly gesturing to the door. “Night lads, and … girl.” 


Kyle’s voice was muffled by his pillow as he murmured, “Don’t let the bed bug’s bite.”


Drew ignored the protests of his roommates as his lips fought against the pretty girls. I closed the door behind me as his hand tangled in her hair. Kyle’s quietened cry could be heard as he swore loudly towards his friend – even at the bottom of the staircase. 


AN: So...what did you think? This is my first fan fiction and it might take a little while to get going, but I'm happy with the final product. It's all pre-written, so once tests are over, updates shouldn't take too long. (I've so jinxed that now :D)
Review if you can :)!

Also, my Original Character, Charisma Price wasn't originally thought up like this when this story was in my head, she changed as I began writing, but now...I love what can you do about it? She flows with the story! Well, Bye...

AN2; As time passed, I began to get more and more reviews about how appauling my spelling and grammer is - which I can easily admit that I agree with, so I will be editing this story over time to correct it all, and also re-writing sections that I'm not entirely happy with. :) After all, I didn't want to leave it when I knew there were points in it where I wasn't please with it. 
I hope that you all enjoy this story, and to all readers - thank you for giving this a chance!

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