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The italics stand for Kathleen’s thoughts. I realized there were so many of them in this chapter; it’s difficult to tell the difference between what she is thinking directly from her head, and what she is narrating. If that makes any sense. Well hopefully it will as you read.

Hogwarts is boring. It a big castle filled with nothingness. There’s nothing left to talk about with people and who wants to do the homework assigned by the professors. That would actually mean that students are spending their time out of school wisely. Only people like Lily would do silly things like that as I was witnessing at this very moment.

I didn’t want to be like Lily though and be bored while being productive. As many places as there are to go in the castle, there’s just—to reiterate my previous thoughts—nothing to do. There’s the library for those who read; I don’t read, often. There’s the quidditch pitch for those who fly on their pretty little brooms; I fly too much thanks to James. There’s the great hall for those who…well, really that’s just sort of a do homework place if there’s no food on the tables. That’s lame. There’s the kitchen for those who eat; I already ate. There’s the courtyard for those who want to hang out with friends; that would be great if I hadn’t just come from there. There are many oddly placed broom closets for those who want to do naughty things and get caught; I don’t have anybody to do naughty things with, well I do, but…never mind. There’s Hagrid’s Cabin for the few that are chummy with dear old Hagrid; I am not one of them. There’s Hogsmeade for those who have money; I’m saving all I have for Christmas shopping. There’s the Hospital Wing for those who get hurt; I’m not hurt, yet. There’s the second floor ladies’ bathroom for those who can stand moaning myrtle; I can’t stand her. There’s the trophy room for those who actually care to look at trophies; I looked at them in first year, no big deal. There’s the room of requirement for those who are bored.

I am bored.

“Hey Lily, I’ll be back later alright?” I said after thirty minutes of pure silence with absolutely no interruptions. She mumbled something that I didn’t catch as I walked away from the table and out the common room entrance hole. I have to wonder why the entrance hole is only an entrance. It should be an entrit, an entrance-exit. That would make so much more sense because students enter and exit the hole. I mean, I guess the entrance hole also has the name portrait hole which sort of has a neutral feel to it. I don’t know, seems a bit odd to me.

I’d ask mum and dad about it in a letter later, but they wouldn’t respond. They’re dead. They would’ve known the answer too, I bet. Goodness I miss them. I thought I was over their death until I returned to school. I’ve cried about it every night since my return, it’s sucked. Everyone wants to comfort poor little old me whenever I begin crying no matter where my location or who I’m with. They’d say, ”Aw Kathleen, it’s okay. Just let it out. We’re here for you.” It usually only made things worse because then I’d begin crying harder because of the all the attention I didn’t want but couldn’t just shove away. I hated feeling weak and I’d been feeling that a lot this week.

I looked up at people walking down the hall and smile at them as they passed by me. Their reactions were all different depending on how friendly they were with me. Some of them just stared back at me questioningly; others would smile at me and wave or simply smile. Some would come and give me a hug and ask how I was doing. I’d always respond with “better.” None of them really knew me, they didn’t see me at all after I found out about my parents and there were only a couple of people that had seen me through the whole process. Sirius and James.

They were like brothers to one another, just born from different mothers. James was like a brother to me as well. If I was ever getting sick of people comforting me over the week, I would simply go up to the boy’s dormitory and sit on his bed. He’d join me only moments later and engulf me in the most comforting hug ever. Well not ever, I’d received better from one other person, but he doesn’t matter. He was just Sirius. Some people are more talented at giving hugs than other people…and kisses…and—oh no! I shouldn’t go there. Way too far. Okay, back to James.

Yeah, he’s great. I remember when I was younger, before Hogwarts, mum and dad would send me over to Aunt Mattie. James would be there and we’d play various little games. It was great fun and I always won. Well, he always let me win. He never told me that, but when I got older, I realized. If we were playing on-land quidditch, he’d make silly little mistakes that you could only make on purpose. At first, I just thought he was stupid, now I know he just a good cousin.

I remember when I came to his house after first year and Sirius was there. That’s when I thought he was an evil, evil boy who wanted nothing but to make my life miserable. I had to deal with him for an entire week. It was terrible. That continued happening until after I turned seventeen.

Sirius and I have always had our issues. I remember in third year, he hung me upside down when I was wearing my uniform skirt and allowed everyone to see my knickers. He did that for a total of ten minutes and I can swear that about twenty guys stopped in front of me to just stare. It was so awkward and humiliating. Most of the guys who saw me that day have graduated, but a couple who haven’t, not including Sirius, have never looked at me the same way. There was also the time in fifth year when he cursed my blouse to be see through to everyone except me. So I walked around the entire day wondering what was wrong with everyone and why they were staring at me. My friends tried many times to tell me to put on a jacket after trying to tell me that everyone could see through my shirt, but I didn’t believe them. Every time I looked down, it seemed fine. Good thing I didn’t have any classes that day, or else the professors would have had a fit. When I did find out, Sirius certainly suffered for what he had done.

Oh look, I’m in front of the room of requirement. When did that happen?
I frowned as I wondered what I was going to require my room to be. I could think of nothing I specifically wanted to do. I was bored and nothing the room of requirement could offer me would satisfy my thirst to quench said boredom.

I mean, I guess I could try and get one of those muggle televisions in there, but it wouldn’t work due to Hogwart’s making all electrical stuff not work. Not that I knew how to work a television anyway. All I knew was that Lily had this really thick contraption called a “TV” that had moving pictures. Well, we don’t need a big box to show moving pictures. We just need paper. So take that muggle world!

Televisions were one thing; I wonder if there could possibly anything else I wanted. Well—no! Not going there! I guess there’s nothing else, so I just walked all the way down here just to have a brain fart. Great. What do I do now? I could turn around and walk back to the common room to do homework, I could go to the courtyard, the great hall, etc.
Or I could go wonder the castle and explore.

Okay. I’ll do just that. Curiosity, here I come and you will be quenched. What? That didn’t even make sense.

I began walking past the room of requirement, continuing further down the hall away from my common room. These halls were oddly quiet, but refreshing. Half of the paintings I had never seen before. I’d often go, “Hello,” to them and they’d respond using whatever props they were painted with. I found a set of stairs I could travel up; they were quite friendly looking, much like all the other staircases in this building. I climbed up the stairs nearly to the top, when I nearly had a heart attack.

No, seriously. The stairs began moving. It was like a volcano erupting in the stairs, except not. When I finally felt safe enough to move because the stairs had stopped migrating, I decided going back down would be my safest bet. So I did, but yet again was I deceived. For the stairs began moving again. The corridor I was once walking on was moving to the east of me right before my very eyes. I’m certain some paintings were looking at me with great interest because of my dilemma.

All I have to say now is thank you boredom for increasing my weirdness, my boredom, and my damned curiosity. I am now a true Gryffindor. I turned myself around and climbed up the stairs. After all, destiny seemed to be telling me to go this way, so I did. I noticed at the top of the stairs, there was nowhere to go but through a single door. Being the idiot that I am, I went through. Only to be greeted by…well to put it simply…the creepiest room ever.

I looked around at my surroundings. I saw columns, everywhere. They were each lined up beside each other exactly two meters apart. As far as I could tell, this room filled with columns held absolutely no purpose what’s so ever. So I began walking forward. Oh my gosh, is that a cobweb? There better be no giant spiders in here that will come and eat me in the webs of nasty-ness. I will have yet another heart attack if they do, I swear. I can sue them for that too. I bet that would only make them angrier though, that wouldn’t be good.

Oh, look! It’s a door; I wonder what magical mysteries I’ll run into beyond that. It’s so random too. I mean honestly, who would put a door at the end of a room full of columns and cobwebs. That’s pretty strange. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be talking, I’m strange. I’m the one having very detailed conversations in my head. Can you blame though? I’m super bored. Bored enough to go waltzing right through a door that could lead me to my doom.

I turned the handle to said door and walked through. What I found was completely bizarre. It was a super long corridor that looked exactly like every other corridor in this school. You just can’t escape them! I walked down this corridor now, there were paintings looking at me oddly, probably wondering how in the world I’d managed to land myself here. I mean, this seemed like a completely desolate place. When I did reach the end, there wasn’t anything but two separate doors leading two completely different directions.

East or West. East would make more sense because I was originally traveling east right? What if that isn’t east though, what if it’s north or north east or south east or south. I can’t tell. I know it’s not west. Or is it. That means west must be east. So I’ll go west, or east. My brain was completely wacky, so to put it simply I went through the left door. The door had a mind of its own though and as soon as I opened it, it swooped me right inside and closed itself.

Well, this is different, I can’t see a thing. Let me just, ah, here’s my wand, “Lumos,” I said, lighting up what I now saw was a broom closet. “Okay,” I mumbled and looked around. I tried letting myself out but it was locked. Just my luck. I pointed my wand at the door and said, “Alahomora.” The lock did nothing and knob wouldn’t budge. I was stuck in a broom closet in the middle of nowhere.

“Help!” I yelled, hoping that someone was as bored as me and being just as stupid. I was beginning to get claustrophobic, “Help! Anyone?!” There was no response. I was going to die. Who was going to walk down a strange corridor like me. No one. So I was going to die in a broom closet and no one would ever know because they wouldn’t know where to find me.

At least I’ll be with mom and dad. Oh I know they’ll be happy about that. Or will they? They might actually be super mad at me because I died and didn’t accomplish anything in life. That’s a strong possibility. I don’t really feel like being lectured. Especially after such a painful death because it will be slow. I wonder if there’s any food in here I can eat. If there is, it’s probably moldy and gross. I guess dying without food poisoning would be better than dying with it.

What if no one found out how I died, or where. Oh my gosh, I wonder how many people if anyone would mourn for me? Lily would surely shed a few tears, so would Katy and Patrice. Surely James and Remus will miss me too. Sirius, well, maybe he’ll just be happy the mood swinging bitch will be gone from his life forever. Yeah, he’ll be happy. I confused the heck out of that boy. I wonder who else will miss me, the slut bunnies won’t. I like that name better than the Blonde Bimbos. It just sounds so much more fun and exciting.

The slut bunnies’.

It just has a ring to. All the words sort of just work together. Well, I won’t miss them either. They can go rot if they want. I don’t care. Katherine might miss me though. I mean, who she going to go tell when she needs the birth control spell put on her. Probably not me, but still, I would like to think I’d be the first. I’m her big sister from another mister. She better want to tell me before everyone. Oh and my ex boyfriend, Reggie. Wow, he would miss me a lot. In fact, he may just go and commit suicide. He’s been really trying to get back on my good side this week too. Coming to me and giving me hugs whenever possible. It’s so freaking annoying. You’d think I was a fricking twig the way he talked to me and anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a twig. I am a branch. Merlin!

Who cares about Reggie though. That poor boy just needs to move on to a new girl. I mean, I guess it’s great that he’s still so into me after seven-ish months of not being together but golly, he needs to just move on. I’ve moved on to someone else.


I mean, wow…ranting should be stopped early on before it gets this far, even if it is only in my head. I guess I have moved on. I mean, I broke up with Reggie a while ago, I easily got over that, but I mean, I’ve moved on to another person. I don’t think I’ve ever admitted this to anyone, not even myself. I guess I’ve got to face it at some point though. I mean, I am about to die. Alright, go ahead, say it out loud Kathleen. We need to face this.
“I like Sirius Black.” Okay, wow. That’s nice to get off my chest. I like Sirius Black. I know what did it too. Merlin, if it weren’t for him and that kiss before potions I’d probably not be into him at all. He’s a great kisser though. It should be illegal to be that good of a kisser. He should be put in Azkaban for it. He was so sexy right then too. It was a major turn on. Then he started being all sweet after that. I mean, less of turn on but still really sweet.

I don’t think he likes me though, I think he’s just having fun with me. Messing with my mind. Getting me all excited over nothing. Merlin, I hate that guy.

I was beginning to get drowsy. My mind seemed to shut down after admitting to myself my new found crush. I allowed my eyes to close hoping that death may find me soon. Before I knew it, I was asleep. Very much out of it.

There was a creak outside the door, the sound of footsteps entering my mind. I slowly began opening my eyes and looked down at the light coming through the crack of the door from the corridor. I saw the shadow of feet outside the broom closet and became over come with happiness as I realized I might actually be saved. I immediately stood up, ready to smother my savior with one big bear hug. I wasn’t going to die.

Strangely no words came to mouth, telling whoever was out there that someone very much alive was stuck in a broom closet. I could feel my back aching from the position I’d been sleeping in, but I ignored it. I watched the door knob twist and I grabbed my wand and stuffed it in my pocket, readying myself to pounce.

The door cracked open and pushed myself forward through the door and jumped on the person. He was a male, I just hoped he wasn’t a professor. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” I yelled happily as I was quite literally hanging off this guy. My legs were wrapped around their torso and my head was over their shoulder as I gave them a very good hug. I dropped myself to the ground and hadn’t stopped hugging him, but instead sniffed in. My eyes immediately opened, I recognized the scent very well. How did he of all people know I was there. Was he psychic? Did he just have a Kathleen radar? I think he might’ve.

“Pinch me,” I whispered into his ear.

“What?” he was confused, it was very evident in his voice.

“Just do it,” and he did, and it hurt. I was not dead. I pulled away and stared at Sirius’ grey eyes with a very serious expression, “Thank you.” With that, I pulled him into a kiss, which was unresponsive for a full five seconds. The longest five seconds of my life. Just as I was about to pull away, he grabbed my face and pulled me back to his mouth. His soft, soft mouth. Oh how I loved it so, I could just do this for ages just because of his softness. I was melting quite literally while we were kissI could feel my feet becoming liquid as I stood there.

I pulled away and looked at him “If you tell anyone about this, I will personally chop off your testicles and feed them to the giant squid.”

His eyes widened for a split second but then got a very familiar glint in his eyes, “As long as you don’t tell anyone about this,” he pushed me into the wall and placed his lips on my roughly. His tongue brushed against my bottom lip and I giggled. I hate to say it, but I giggled. I could feel his smile against my lips as his tongue began playing tonsil hockey. He pulls away for a split second and teases me with a few pecks on the lips before continuing our mouth war.

Eventually, I pushed him away, much to his disappointment. This was simply not going to work. “I can’t do this.”

I watched his mouth drop at my words, “What? You started this whole thing.”

“I was vulnerable. You seem to catch me at those times quite often now. I thought I was going to die in the broom closet!” I said.

He rolled his eyes at me, “Get real, you knew that someone would find you eventually. Don’t lie.”

“No I didn’t. I was lost Sirius! I thought no one would be able to find the way to me because I was in a very odd location that I’m sure close to no one in Hogwarts travels. I mean, you saw what it looked like when you came through here. It’s really odd and just flat out random. I’m surprised you even came to look for me here.”

“I felt I had to find you,” he explained simply and shortly.

I stared at him confused, “Why?”

He looked exasperated, “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed?” I shook my head at him and he groaned, “You have been on my mind for a very long time now Kathleen. When Lily didn’t know where you were in the common room, I panicked. I had to find you.”

“Yeah, but why?”

“Did you not just hear me? You have been on my mind for a very long time. Kathleen—“

“Oh Merlin.”

“I want to be with you,” he said trying to grab my hands, but I pushed him away.

“No you don’t. You just want to get in my points you horny boy,” I told him.

“No I don’t! I’ve never felt this way about any girl. I truly and honestly want to be with you.”

“No you don’t. You truly and honestly can’t handle an actual relationship because as soon as you get what you want from me, you’ll just go off and cheat with me or break up with me like you do with every other girl you date.”

“That’s just it, I date. I don’t do anything bad if I commit to someone.”


“Kathleen, come on. Haven’t you learned anything in the last month. You like me!” he told me.

“Yeah? So what if I do? Sirius, you’re not the kind of guy I want to date.”

“You do like me though?” I looked away from him. He stepped forward, “So why not try me out? I can promise I won’t be bad.”

“Sirius, you have to realize, you have one of the worst reps when it comes to girls in this school. Why would I give you a chance?”

“You like me.”

“That’s not good enough.”

“Isn’t it?”


“What about the years of sexual tensions we’ve had, that isn’t enough proof to tell you we should try it out?”

“Years? More like year. And no, it’s not enough proof. Sexual tension means nothing as far as boyfriend, girlfriend stuff go Sirius.”

“Well can’t we go on a couple dates? Go to Hogsmeade?”

“Why are you being so forward about this?”

“I’m tired of being quiet. It gets quite frustrating not being able to act on my impulses around you.”

I smiled, “That’s too bad.”

“Not even dating is an option?”

“Nope, it’s not.”

“Friends with benefits?”

I paused and looked at him. He was leaning over me now, for we had yet to move from the wall he had pushed me up against. He grey eyes were looking into my hazel ones with intrigue, “We have to keep a secret.”

“I guess that’s fine.”

“No one is to know, we are only to interact like that in very private locations. Otherwise, we are just friends.”

“I still don’t see why—“

“Nope, don’t ruin it for yourself.”


We began walking back, the silence engulfing us until I finally broke it by asked, “How did you find me?”

“Marauder’s secret,” he stated simply.

“Isn’t it always,” I laughed. He nodded.

The rest of the walk to the entrance hole was silent, me trapped with my own demented thoughts about the sudden change in relationship between Sirius and I. I guess there was no denying that something had changed between us in the last year, but I could certainly prevent any severe changes.

I told the fat lady in pink the password and she opened to the door readily. I wasn’t expecting the next of events of the grabbing of the butt from Sirius to me. It cause me to scream in quite a high pitch while jumping forward and thrusting my pelvis forward with my hands grabbing my butt cheeks awkwardly. I saw that all of my friends were staring at me in question and worry and amusement as Sirius walked right past me. “Found her.”

A/N: Hello all! This is the fastest update that I’ve had in a while. I’m sure there are lots of grammatical errors that I could do without in this chapter.

This is I guess what you would call a step forward for Kathleen and Sirius. They have finally determined that just friends isn’t quite enough and surprisingly the one with commitment problems isn’t the one having trouble committing. Strange aye? Anyways, I’m in North Carolina right now visiting some family. I’m about to head up to New York City tomorrow and it’s exciting to say the last. Actually I’m heading up today because it’s 12:12 am right now. Anywho:Guess what! I wrote this in the space of five hours. Go me!

Were there a lot of grammatical errors? I didn’t really edit. I just used spell check.
What did you think of Kathleen’s boredom thoughts? A bit much?
How about the progression between Kathleen and Sirius? Was it what you wanted?
Critiques and/or compliments on writing?

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