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Chapter four: Of vanilla and chocolate.

Intoxicating, yes that was the word, the scent that surrounded him as light began to filter through the delicate skin of his eye lids was intoxicating, something he had smell before but never in this way, it was the sweet scent of vanilla that wrapped around him and warmed him as nothing ever had before. 

He kept his eyes closed but allowed all his other senses to expand and absorb that enthralling fragrance, he felt a warm body next to him, his hands moving over soft cotton fabric and onto velvety skin beneath, perfume a new perfume he’d have to tell 
Pansy to buy the same brand from now on, it was absolutely divine. 

He pulled the warm body closer burring his nose into a mass of long hair where the fragrance was most concentrated, maybe it was a new shampoo. It was definitely a nice change from the nauseating overly floral scents she tended to use. 

He allowed his fingers to wander over the soft skin along her waist, over more fabric on onto long and smooth legs. He caressed the soft skin until he felt her stir, a sleepy hum escaping her throat before she sighed pressing her back against the length of his chest. 

He slowly opened his eyes a large mass of brown curly hair obscuring his vision. So, it wasn’t Pansy he closed his eyes trying to remember who had followed him back to his bedroom the night before. But he didn’t remember even going into his bedroom. 

The girl next to him turned around her small arms wrapping around him her eyes remained closed as he took in her features, her long black lashes caressing the milky skin of her cheeks, unruly hair framing a heart shaped face with full pink lips, the bridge of her small slightly upturned nose littered with freckles, she sighed her warm breath puffing against his lips, he watched as she opened her too large brown eyes, watched as a sleepy smile graced her mouth before confusion clouded her brown eyes as she stared at him. 



Three and… 

“What is your freaking problem?”She shrieked pushing him away as she made to get as far away as possible. 

He simply lay shocked at his own thoughts and watched as she disappeared over the edge of the couch a piercing pain ripped through him and he instinctively moved to the edge of the couch landing on top of her with an ‘oomph’ from the both of them. 

“Ge- get- of-get off.” She gasped he quickly rolled off of her noticing that he had knocked the air from her lungs. 

He lay next to her, trying to control his breathing as the sharp pain dissipated. 

“You seem to be making it a habit to be on top of me.” She snapped once she caught her breath again. 

“I should have guessed you’d be the dominant type, Granger I’ll make sure you’re on top next time.” He answered turning to look at her with a sassy smirk on his lips. 

She rolled her eyes and sat up running slender fingers through the mess of curls that was her hair, “I guess this means the spell hasn’t worn off” 

“Apparently” he chocked for he suddenly noticed that her skirt had ridden up with the fall exposing the long, smooth legs he had been caressing moments before. 

He felt is mouth go dry as he allowed his eyes to wander over her, from the wild mess of curls that fell across her shoulders, to the rumpled blouse that had been untucked from her skirt by a night’s sleep exposing the milky white skin of her waist, back to her legs and he wondered how it was possible for someone to look that good after having spent the night in a couch. 

“What are you starring at, Malfoy?” she snapped noticing how his eyes moved to her legs she stood up pulling her skirt down to cover as much exposed flesh as possible. 

“You are such a creep” 

“You wish, Granger.” He mocked shaking his head slightly to rid it of such ridiculous thoughts; thinking of Granger in such a way was absurd. 

“So apparently where still stuck together, what are we supposed to do know?” she demanded sitting back on the couch her arms crossed at her chest and her cheeks lightly flushed at the attention he had been paying her. 

“How am I supposed to know? You’re supposed to be the genius here.” He muttered as he tried to keep his eyes from wandering to her legs. 

They were both silent as she tried to think of a way to break the effect of the potion and he mentally scowled himself for letting a pair of pretty legs get to him especially when those legs belonged to a certain annoying now-it-all bookworm. 

“Yes, of course, how stupid could I be?” Hermione exclaimed jumping off the couch an enthusiastic gleam in her eyes. 

He jumped in his place on the floor having been startled out of particular daydream where last night’s events ended in a completely different way preferably with those long legs wrapped around him. 

“And you’re asking me?” he muttered once again scolding himself for such thoughts. 

“Oh do shut up and listen” she snapped as she pulled her long curls into a pony tail, “Slughorn said that there were registered cases that have lasted months.” She continued as if that sentence was absolutely self explanatory. 

“Yeah sooo…” he urged having no idea what she was talking about. 

“For Merlin’s sake must I explain everything to you? Registered Malfoy as in it must be written down in some book, if we find it we could make the antidote ourselves.” She was practically jumping with excitement as she explained. “We should head down to the library immediately.” 

“Sounds good but could I clean up first maybe grab some breakfast before you drag me to spend my Sunday locked up in the library with you, or would that be too much to ask.” He inquired with a sarcastic tone. 

“This is for you benefit as well as mine, so I expect you to help me with the research, but yes we should eat something before.” 

After having breakfast in the kitchens and washing up as well as we could without actually undressing in front of one another, (as if I was going to undress with him anywhere near after the way I caught him starring at me in the morning), we made our way to the deserted library to begin with our research. 

Sometime past midday as we sat at one of the far tables of the library surrounded by as many potion books as we could find. I looked up from a particular promising volume only to have my heart jump to my throat as I watched Harry and Ron making their way towards us looking more than slightly distraught. 

“Here you are, where have you been? We’ve been going mad with worry looking for you.” Harry demanded as they neared the table. 

“And what are you doing with him?” Ron interjected once he caught sight of Draco sitting beside me. 

“I’ve been here all morning we’re working on an assignment for professor Slughorn.” From the corner of my eye I caught sight of Malfoy’s raised eyebrow at my quick lie but 
I ignored him, it was not a lie it was a modified truth. 

“On a Sunday?” Harry asked skeptically eyeing Draco. 

“Yeah we thought that we should get a head start, the sooner we finish the less time we have to see each other.” I answered trying to hide the smirk that pulled at the edge of my lips at the truth of my words. 

“Well why don’t you leave it for tomorrow we were gonna go down to Hagrid’s and we wanted you to come.” Ron asked placing a warm hand on my shoulder giving Draco a cold glare who had been listening quietly to the whole conversation pretending to be immersed in his book, Draco only snorted at Ron possessive gesture.
He rolled his eyes at me as I threw him a warning glare before turning back to Ron. 

“I wish I could go but we really have to get this finish I’ll catch up with you both after we’re done ok.” I apologized trying to sound sorrier then I actually felt. 

“Mione come on, you actually prefer to spend the day with this git then go with us?” Ron whined 

“There are lots of things she’d rather do with me than with you Weasley.” Draco snarled and I felt blood rush to my check as I remember the events of the previous night. 

“What is that supposed to mean, Malfoy?” Ron practically barked at him. 

“Whatever you want it to mean Weasley” Draco answered and the idiot had the nerve to wink at me a saucy smile plastered on his face. 

“Keep your unnecessary comments to yourself, Malfoy.” I snapped while placing a restraining hand on Ron’s arm. “And you two go to Hagrid’s will talk about this later.” 

“But-“ Ron tried to protest, but I cut him off. 

“Malfoy is nothing but an immature git, Ronald, now try to act your age for once and go I’ll catch up as soon as I can.” I was really starting to get annoyed with their childish attitudes. 

Grudgingly they obeyed but not before throwing Malfoy dirty looks and an obscene hand gesture courtesy of Ron. 

“What is your freaking problem Malfoy?” I turned to him once I was sure Harry and Ron were well out of ear shot. He only raised one of his perfectly groomed eyebrows giving me an innocently perplexed look. 

“Don’t act stupid with me, why did you say that, I’d rather they don’t find out about this particular situation.” He was silent his eyes running slowly over my face I notice him pause a couple of times at my lips and I felt my cheeks flush once more. 

“They have no possible way of knowing what’s actually going on Granger so just relax and keep searching I want to get this over with as soon as possible.” He responded in a rather rough voice before turning back to his book. 

I blinked at him confused at the fact that he had no sarcastic remark to my heated demands, I too turned back to my books but was unable to concentrate I soon found myself stealing quick glances at him. 

I watched him as he pored over old textbooks, a slight wrinkle of concentration on his forehead partly cover by the pale blond of his hair that fell across his eyes, I once again found myself starring at his soft lips and felt my heart accelerate as I remember our almost kiss of the night before. 

I scolded myself as I gave into the memory of his body covering mine. I shook my head slightly at the thought; stupid that’s what it was, the idea that I would ever want to kiss him was even more preposterous than the idea that he would actually kiss me. 

The rest of the afternoon was spend only with the sound of old pages being turned, finally a sigh and the sound of a wrapper being ripped of a chocolate frog distracted me from the paragraph I had been trying to read for the past five minutes. 

“What are you doing?” I asked turning from the book to see Draco breaking a piece of the chocolate and slipping it into his mouth. 

“What does it look like Granger; I’m eating chocolate, unless you haven’t noticed we’ve been here all day, lunch passed hours ago.” He answered; I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to my book the sweet smell of the chocolate making my stomach grumble softly. 

My eyes wondered over the paragraph trying to take in the words in front of me. 

“I found it, I found the potion!” I exclaimed excitement bursting forth inside of me as I finally processed the words only to find the exact potion we had been searching for. 

His head snapped to look at her only to be thrown off balance by the full-blown smile gracing her lips as she ran her eyes rapidly over the page in front of her, he watched as the smile began to fade as she neared the end of the page before it completely turned into the grimace he was more accustomed to. 

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked as I slammed the book shut and threw it onto the other side of the table. 

“We’ll need at least four months to make the stupid potion that is if we can somehow find all the ingredients and then will have to wait for a full moon to be able to drink it.” I replied wondering why I didn’t feel more disappointed with the information. 

“Well, that was a right waste of a perfectly good Sunday.” He answered sarcastically, leaning back on his chair and resting his hands on the back of his head. 

I turned to him not really aware of what he was doing my mind was trying to think of another way to end the effects of the potion gone wrong. 

I don’t know why I did it, I really hadn’t even been thinking about it, it was more a reflex than anything else, my eyes were on his face but my mind was farther away wondering how much time I would have to spend with him, I didn’t really want to think about it, I had spent less than two days in his presence and the effect he was having on me was something I was not comfortable with. 

Unconsciously my eyes concentrated in his features wondering what it was about him that had me in such a state and I noticed a small smudge of chocolate on the corner of his lip. I did it all the time with Harry and Ron; especially Ron who somehow always ended up with food on his face after every meal. 

I reached over, my fingers under his chin and my thumb running over the corner of his lip taking with it the remains of the chocolate. 

He stiffen under my instinctive gesture his reaction startling me from my reverie, my 
eyes flew to his and embarrassed I immediately made to retrieve my hand, but with those seeker reflexes that where only rivaled by Harry’s he held onto my hand wrapping his long fingers around my wrist. 

My heart beat quicken as his eyes remained locked with mine a tremble ran along my back as I watched transfixed as he parted his lips and gently pulled my finger towards them, I nearly moaned when his moist lips wrapped around my thumb, his warm tongue licking the chocolate off. 

My heart was beating wildly against my throat, I was afraid that if I opened my mouth it would find its way out of my chest. As I watched him straighten each fingers placing a moist kiss on the tips of each one of them; rivulets of heat travel down my overheated body settling deep beneath my navel as his hand traveled along the length of the exposed flesh of my arm, pulling me softly towards him, his eyes locked with mine. 

There hadn’t been much distance between us to begin with now; we both sat on the edge of our seats, knees touching, breaths mingling my hand still wrapped in his warm one. 

I heard voices screaming in my head, something like a warnin, I couldn’t be bother, I felt truly dizzy at his closeness; his smoky grey eyes were running along my features, his sharp breathing puffing against my slightly parted lips. I was frozen in place, his sweet scent making my thoughts hazy and muddled. 

“What are you doing?” the words a mere whisper that slipped between my lips, he was still moving closer, his nose touching the tip of my own a lose strand of his hair brushing against my cheek. 

“I don’t know” he whispered back, with that his lips pressed against my own, I felt the tensed muscles of my body melt, his velvety lips moving against mine leisurely as if tasting, the sweetness of his breath intoxicating me and I felt time stop, my thoughts became superfluous and inconsequential. 

His hand slipped to caress my cheek his touch igniting an innate fire inside of me, I returned his kiss, his hand slipping from my arm to my neck pulling me towards him, I yielded moving my body closer to his, the intensity of our shared desire growing as he continued to pull me towards him until I was practically sitting on his lap. 

His lips ravishing mine, the heat of his mouth making me moan as his tongue stroked the inside of my lower lip, my fingers lost themselves in the silkiness of his hair and I felt his long fingered hand run along my thigh making me tremble at his touch. His lips abandoned my mouth only to move along the line of my jaw finding a sensitive area below my ear that I didn’t know I possessed but that made me arch my back against him pulling lightly on his hair making a low groan escape his throat. 

I was lost beyond myself; I no longer knew who I was, my mind no longer held thoughts and ideas but was a mere receptor for the multitude of sensation running through my body. The heat that ran through me didn’t diminish simply settled and wound down our feverish kisses turning into delicate brushes of skin upon skin. 

The loud echoing bang of the library door slamming shut startled us both; making me practically jump off him, I would have ran from him if it hadn’t been from the pain the action would have caused. 

We both stood, starring at the other as if for the very first time, his eyes were darkened with lust, lips swollen and hair disheveled where my hands had ran through it, I was sure I looked no different.

"It’s getting late we should get going.” He muttered in a voice that held an edge of huskiness that made me want to throw myself at him. 

“I-yeah… yeah we should…go.” I mumbled hurriedly stuffing my books into my bag, before following him out of the library and into the dark hallway, my heart racing and my body aching for his touch. 

A/N: There you have it chapter four Did you like it? was the kiss too soon?  was it too much? please tell me because i'm really freaking out with this chapter. i'm a little blocked for the next chapter and i would totally apreciate any advice.
I've also been thinking about writting a next gen sequel for my one-shot Rain if you haven't read it please do as i would love your advice it's going to be Rose/Scorpius but i really don't know much about nex gen i heard there was a Weasley family tree does anyone know where i can find it or any information that would help i would hate to be vague well more then I already am. Thank you guys so much you are the best because you make soo happy.

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