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Non-Masculine Matters-Sirius Black

“Back already?” Remus asked me as I opened the door.

I threw a chocolate frog at him, “Yeah, short line.”

He raised an eyebrow, “You realize you were at the food cart for over a half an hour, right?”

“Oh, Moony, you have so much to learn,” I smirked and sat next to James. He pulled out his wand and flicked it, mumbling something.

“Why’d you do that, Prongs?”

“Because, I wanted to talk about the DD,” James sighed. “Honestly, Padfoot.”

 “Thanks, Mr. Potter,” I said when he opened the door for me. I pulled my trunk inside the Potter home.

“Want to play Quidditch?” James asked me when I got in. Remus sighed.


“How about you three sit down,” Mr. Potter suggested.

James shrugged, “Alright, I guess we have all break to fly.”

I followed Mr. Potter into another room and I sat on a couch. “Ah.”

“Now boys, to relax is not the only reason I asked you in here,” Mr. Potter started. “I received a letter the other day—“

“From the DD?”

“It’s not polite to interrupt, James,”Mr. Potter said, “But yes, it was from the DD.”

I sat up straighter.

“They invited me to join them for the Winter Tournaments,” He continued, “They also invited you three to come along.”

“I’d love to,” I said without hesitation. Remus nodded with me.

“The only problem is that I have an assignment I need to do, so I won’t be able to join you,” Mr. Potter looked between the three of us. “So you will need to go alone .Of course, I will tell you all you need to know, and I will be held responsible if you accidently reveal your identities.”

“So this will be just like the, err, ‘Summer Games’?” James asked his father.

“Not exactly, these will be held over five days, quick tournaments each day, the competitors trying their hardest to stay in the games. And another difference is the groups competing will need to sign up, and then compete.”

“Fascinating,” Remus mumbled.

“And then the first day we saw Evans,” I threw back my head in laughter. “Oh, Prongs, you got—“

I was silenced with a look from Remus. “Sirius—“

“Sorry,” I said to James. “And what about the DD? Sure the tournaments were interesting, though I wish we could’ve stayed somewhere other than the Leaky Cauldron.”

“No, we are going to figure out the mystery to which is the Phantom Phoenixes,” James said.

The girl knocked out one of the Acromantulas. She glanced around and looked for her final teammate. Settling on a patch of trees, she ran toward the small, hidden pond. The other girl was dueling the last Acromantula. She disarmed him and he put his hands behind his back. I got a clear view of him picking up a large rock.

‘No! Look out!’ I wanted to yell, though I knew the girl could not hear me. I closed my eyes as I heard the sound of impact. The stone hit its target. I heard a scream and opened my eyes to see the other girl stun the Acromantula and run to her friend. Oh no.

The Medi-wizards came into the arena. Some sprinted to the girl and pulled her onto a stretcher. The other girl was crying, and soon passed out when she saw the blood of her friend.

“Merlin,” James breathed from my side. In the ‘Werewolf Box’, the three of us were pushed up against the glass. Watching, waiting, and wondering about the life of the Phantom Phoenixes.

“I hope she’s alright,” I mumbled.

“We know she’s fine, remember, the girl told us. That kind of thing happens all the time,” Remus frowned. “Apparently they’re all used to it.”

“She didn’t look ‘used to it’ when she was bawling her eyes out,” James said.

We walked with the crowd, leaving the Dueler Dungeon. As we walked past the booths, Remus walked away from us.

“We’re you going?” I whispered, though he could not hear me.

James and I saw him walk up to a masked girl, no one else seemed to notice her, but she was the one from the Phantom Phoenixes.

I heard Remus say, “I’m sorry about you’re teammate.”

The girl snorted, “You act like she’s dead or dying.”

I saw Remus grin. So the girl did have some life in her.

“Are you allowed to be out here?” He asked her.

“Nope,” She smiled sadly, “But my friend asked for some Bertie Bott’s beans. I had to get her some.”

“She actually likes those?”

“Yeah, even the weird flavored ones. She’s told me her favorite is Cut Grass,” The girl pulled a face.

“I don’t believe I have ever heard of a person who likes those things,” Remus said.

“Well,” the girl grinned, “I’d better get them to her, the medi-wizards left and she’s not supposed to be talking yet.”

“You’d better hurry then.”

“Yeah, well, bye,” she gave a little wave and walked off.

“We’re here,” Remus stood up when the Hogwart’s Express stopped.

I sighed, back to school already.


After being back at Hogwarts for around a week, James had asked Lily out around fifteen times and been rejected by her around twenty times. When will he give up?

So I was walking along the Halls of Hogwarts, headed to the Potions classroom when I saw Channing and Burby up ahead of me. I walked faster and caught up to them.

“Hello ladies,” I drawled.

Burby stiffened and parts of her hair turned a dark red, “Black.”

The other girl just nodded and it seemed as if she was eating a particularly hot pepper. Who knew a face could get that red. Good Godric, that’s even worse than Lily’s when she’s yelling at James.

“On your way to Potions, I presume?” I asked politely.

“Actually yes,” Burby glared at me, “Surprising, I mean, that we’re in the same class.”

I narrowed my eyes and the other girl tried to subtly jab Burby with her elbow.

“Well, I’d better be off,” Burby started to walk faster, “See you at Potions, Tilly.”


“Yes?” she asked. I raised an eyebrow.


“Um,” She got even more flustered. “You just said my name?”

“Oh,” I nodded. Must’ve said that aloud. “So, you’re friends with Burby?”

“Yes,” The look on her face turned confused. “Why?”

“How can you stand her? I mean, honestly, she’s so…so…annoying!”

Channing snorted, “Eh, once you get to know her, she’s not so bad.”

“Yeah right, she probably hexed you to say that,” I mumbled.

“Hey!” Channing stopped and grabbed my arm. “Don’t talk about her like that!”

“Oh come on, name some good things about her,” I scoffed.

“She’s smart, a great friend, nice, and helpful!” The girl looked like she would slap me.

Well, Sirius, you did just directly insult her friend.

I snorted.

“Not to mention, she’d do anything for her friends!” The girl screamed.

“Whoa, now calm down, I was just saying—“

Her eyes seemed to seethe with anger. “Now I can see why she thinks you’re an egotistical, conceited, dim-witted, vulgar, revolting, obnoxious, GIT!”

And with those adjectives, she stormed off.

“That was…new,” I commented and continued my walk to the Potions room.

I pushed open the door to find that Slughorn had not come in yet. I found my seat and leaned back. Burby was already sitting next to Remus, talking about some potion. The streaks in her hair suddenly turned a light orange as she laughed.  Does she really think I’m an ‘egotistical, conceited, dim-witted, vulgar, revolting, obnoxious, git?’

I sighed as Julianne Greengrass entered the room with her Slytherin posse. She smirked at me and walked over.

“Hello blood-traitor,” She grinned.

“Death Eater,” I nodded in her direction and Slughorn waltzed in. She scowled and pulled out her potion’s book.

“Today you are going to finish up your potions and hand them in. I have provided vials for grading; I expect one from each of you by the end of the class period. Good luck,” Slughorn said to the class.

I stood up and got a vial. Greengrass was reading through the book when I got back.

“The final step is to stir the potion three and a half times in the clock-wise direction,” She told me. “You do that.”

“Why don’t you?”

“Because I told you to,” She smirked. “Now, go ahead. Get stirring.”

I ripped the stick out of her hands and started the stirring.




“And a half,” I said aloud. “Simple.”

I put some into a vial and took it up to Slughorn. He pointed in the direction of a holder and I set my vial in a hole. Remus and Burby’s was already in there.

I walked back to the desk and sat down.

“Why did you disgrace your family’s name?”

“Excuse me?” I turned to Greengrass, “Those people are not my family.”

“Oh yes, I forgot you were disowned,” she cackled. “At least you’re in a good place.”

I took a deep breath, “And what would you know of what’s good for me?”

“Not only good for you, but good for any pureblood male out there would like to be,” She smiled sickly. “A place in the Dark Lord’s ranks.”

“I am a Gryffindor, and would never join that filthy scum you call master,” I spat. “How dare you suggest such a thing?!”

“I realize you are a Gryffindor, which is why I am saying this. I believe you should think about…joining both sides.”

“A spy?!”

“Pretty much, yes.”

I swear the potion flew up and drenched her on its own accord. I don’t even remember pulling out my wand and muttering the incantation. But, next thing I knew, she was standing there, shrieking, covered in a purple gunk, sprouting thorns all over her person.

“Mate, that was great,” James said to me as we walked out of the classroom. “I swear it looked like she would burst.”

“Yeah, it was,” I smiled and pulled my bag up farther on my shoulder. “But hey, I had to do it.”

“What did she say to you?” Remus asked me.

Oh, just spoke on how I should betray all of you and join Voldemort.

“Oh, nothing, just something about Gryffindor,” I said smoothly.

“Ah,” James nodded in understanding. Remus looked skeptical.

“Well, we’d better get to Transfiguration,” I said and before Remus could say anything, I was off to the other side of the castle. They caught up with me quickly and walked on wither side of me all the way to McGonagall’s classroom.

We walked into the room and toward our usual seats in the back of the room. McGonagall glanced up in surprise, as we were the first there. Yeah, I’m slightly surprised too.

When the rest of the class entered, the Hufflepuffs went to the left side and grouped up, while the rest of the sixth year Gryffindors sat together in the middle.

I leaned back and put my feet on the ground as McGonagall started to lecture about human transfiguration. Well, considering all that I’ve done with this topic…

I pulled out my quill and a piece of parchment.  Am I really this bored?

Known Facts About the Grffindor Girls:

Lilian Evans
 -Known as ‘Lily’
 - Prongs has a strange fascination with her
 - Red hair, green eyes

Matilda Channing
 -Known as ‘Tilly’
 -Can have an extremly red face
 -Blonde hair, blue eyes

Grizel Burby
 - Known as ‘Riz’
 - May need anger management
 -Hazel eyes, brown hair that changes color?

Apperently I am.

 I handed the parchment to James. He read it over, sent me a look and scratched out something. He wrote over it and gave it back to me.

-Red hair, emerald eyes

To think he didn’t even care about his ‘strange fascination’.

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