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Lily was sitting on the train next to James as they were heading to Hogwarts for the school year. She was holding James’s hand as she was looking out the window. Her mind was a thousand miles away. She was thinking about everything that had happened since she woke up in James’s bedroom.

After coming back from the getting all of her stuff from her sister’s home, she had met James’s father, Harold. He was the forty year version of James. They both had untamable dark brown hair. They had the same athletic build. The only differences were James was an inch shorter and Harold didn’t wear glasses.

His father’s reaction had been the opposite of his mother’s. His father had patted him on the back and congratulated his son on getting someone who looked like Lily. He had given Lily a hug and welcomed her into their family.

The first month of marriage had been awkward for both Lily and James. It was not everyday that you ended up married to someone you had just met. It would have been different if they had met once of twice before they got married, but some things could not be changed.

They had many night of getting to know each other, spending hours on end just talking about themselves. They talked about school, about their childhood, the things that they enjoyed the most and hated with a passion.

Lily had a smile that crept onto her lips. She was thinking about the night that she realized she was in love with her husband. He had planned a late night date for the two of them. He had gotten a bottle of red wine along with a basket of fresh fruit. They had walked to the edge of the clearing that was by the house where he laid down a blanket. James had taken a seat on the blanket, with his elbow propping him up, Lily had laid her head in his lap.

They had spent the whole night underneath the stars, he had talked about things that he never told Sirius or Lupin. That was the night that he shared his biggest fears in life and in that moment she had fallen in love with husband. It in those moments of telling her his deepest secrets she had seen not only his vulnerability, but also his strength.

“Lily, Earth to Lily.” Sirius said as he was waving his hand in front of her face.

“I am here.” Lily said. “I was just in my own little dream world, you know the one where I don’t have to face a school that isn’t going to dislike me for my name alone.” Lily said with a smile.

“I won’t be that bad, love.” James said with his smile that he reserved only for her. He gave her hand a slight squeeze before kissing it. “Besides you have the three people on your side that the others don’t want to mess with.”

“Wow, you really are cocky aren’t you?” Lily said with a smile.

“It is part of his charm.” Sirius said.

“So basically I am going to have to beat it out of him.” Lily said with a smile.

“Hey now, no talk about abusing the husband I would rather not have my beauty marred.” James said. Lily went to slap him, but he caught her hand and ended up pulling her onto his lap. He captured her lips before she even realized that she was no longer sitting on the cushion but rather on her husband’s lap.

“That is not how I foresaw that playing out.” Lily said.

The door to their compartment opened to reveal two people standing there at the door. One was a woman who had short brown hair that was neatly styled and rested just above her shoulders. She stood five and a half feet tall, which was about half a foot shorter than the man standing slightly behind her. He had sandy blonde hair that he kept short and neatly combed. They were both dressed in their school uniforms.

“Remus, do you know why we aren’t having the prefects meeting?”

“Dumbledore wanted us to enjoy the last day before we start school. He said that we were going to have two professors on board to keep an eye on how things are going.” Remus said.

“James, who is this latest conquest that just happens to be is sitting in your lap?” The woman asked as she looked at Lily, which had Lily acting self-conscious. She looked down at herself to see if anything was wrong.

She was wearing a pair of slightly loose jeans, that was paired with a black tank top. The outfit showed off her toned body. She was pale in coloring due to the fact she was a natural red hair and couldn’t tan at all. She had her thick, shoulder length red hair pulled up into a pony tail to keep it out of her eyes, but she had some hair that didn’t fit into a pony tail, but could easily be put behind her ear.

“Alice, love, I wouldn’t call her that, she threatened the last person who called her that.” Sirius said as he covered himself.

“Yes, Black, and that is a standing order if you decide to use that term for me again.” Lily said with a slightly evil smile, which only made Sirius cringe even more.

“Alice, Frank, this is Lily, she will be starting school at Hogwarts this term. She will be graduating with us in the summer.” James said. “Lily, love, these are two of my good friends Alice and Frank.”

Alice patted Lily’s shoulder, “When he breaks up with we can get together and talk about what is wrong with him. It is a tradition that started back in third year, all of his ex-girlfriends and I rant about what an arse he can be. The last one was in my dorm for over two hours crying and cursing his name. She caught him cheating on her with her best friend.”

“I have to say James, you must have one big reputation. Every one of your friends that I have met seems to think that we won’t last and they all think that it will be because of something that you’ll do.” Lily said as she looked over to her husband. “And I all I can say if he strays the threats that were made to Sirius, will come true for you. You never piss off a red head, we have a fiery temper.”

“I promise to be on my best behavior…when it comes to our relationship.” James said as he placed a lock of hair behind her ear so that he could see her eyes.

“James, don’t make a promise you can’t keep.” Frank warned him.

“There is no doubt about in this relationship, Lily is the one.” James said. “We should all probably change into our uniforms, we should be at Hogwarts soon. Alice, Frank we will see you when we get to school.”

Lily was looking around at the Great Hall as she walked in for supper. This was the first time that James had not been at her side since they walked into Kings Cross. He had to meet quickly with the Headmaster and the prefects. She had told him that she would meet him at the entrance of the Great Hall.

She stopped right at the doors into the hall, she was amazed at the sight. She knew what to expect, she had read Hogwarts: A History, but seeing it in person was so much different.

There were four long tables set up that would hold all the students. The tables were starting fill up, and she could see that they were sitting according to their house. The front of the tables were staying open, James had said that they left space to allow the first years a place to sit together. She looked up to the ceiling saw that it reflected the night sky, including a witch flying in the sky.

She was getting a few strange looks, which she had expected being the new student. They knew she couldn’t be a first year considering her height and the fact that the first years where separated into a different room until the sorting ceremony.

“Well, I can tell that you are in Gryffindor house by your outfit, but I also know all the Gryffindor girls.” A girl said as she walked up to Lily. She had chestnut brown hair, along with dark brown eyes. She was just a hair shorter than Lily herself was. “I am Donna.”

“Lily, I just transferred here from the United States and have come here for my last year of school.” Lily said.

“Well, I hope that you don’t have your eyes set on any of the guys here because all of them are taken already.” Donna said.

“You don’t have to worry about me taking your boyfriend, I already have someone.” Lily said.

“Well you better grab a seat before they are all gone.” Donna said.

“I will I am just waiting for James, Sirius and Remus to get here.” Lily said.

“How do you know them?” She asked.

“I lived with James and Sirius this summer. At my old school I was best friends with MacKenzie Black, Sirius’s cousin.” Lily said.

“Well this will be an interesting year. Just remember to stay away from James, he is going out with Ariel.” Donna said.

The girl walked away.

“Oh, I am so not going to be making friends with the girls around here.” Lily muttered.

Suddenly there were arms that grabbed her from behind and pulled her close. “Don’t get cold feet on me now,” he whispered into her ear.

Lily leaned into the warmth of her husband and rested her head on his shoulder. “What makes you think that I am getting cold feet?” Lily whispered back to him.

“Because I know you, I can feel your hands starting to get clammy and I saw who you were just talking with. You are doing fine, there is nothing to worried about.” James said as he gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

“Easy for you to say, you weren’t the one that just got a warning to stay away from you. Do you have a girlfriend that I don’t know about?” Lily asked.

“No, why?” James asked.

“Donna seems to be in the mind set that you are going out with a girl named Ariel.” Lily said. “So if I am about to be made a fool of I want to know now.”

“Lily, we have been together all summer long and you think that I had time to have another girl in my life?” James asked. “Come on, have more faith to me than that.”

Remus came walking up behind them. He patted James on the back as he walked by. “Come on we should grab a seat. Sirius will be here in a few minutes.” The group took a seat that was three-fourths of the way to the front. They always left the front twenty seats for the first years so they didn’t make the first years find a seat with the rest of the students, it was a polite gesture that they did every year.

After all the first year had been sorted into their house Professor Dumbledore walked to the front of the Great Hall to give the beginning of the year speech.

“I want to welcome all of the first years and returning students to Hogwarts. For the first years I want you know that the Forbidden Forest is off limits to all students.” Dumbledore commented. “Now for the announcement that all have been waiting for this years head students. This years Head Boy and Girl are James Potter and Ariel Messing.” All of Gryffindor was on their feet clapping while the other tables, with the exception of Slytherin where clapping.

Both of the head stood up at the Gryffindor table. Even with James standing up he didn’t let go of Lily’s hand.

“We are also giving a position that has not been filled in years to a student that has come to us from the United States. She is going to be the school tutor, her name is Lily Potter. Lily please stand up.” She stood next to her husband.

Once the shock wore off the school was in an up hoar about a new girl getting the position of tutor when she hadn’t even gone to the school. “QUIET. Lily has a better record that anyone else in this school, when she took her OWLs she received ALL outstanding for every subject, and we are not talking about your standard seven that most students take. She had 10 out of 10 OWLs. In her Transfiguration and Potion OWLs she received the highest honor in acquiring the highest levels in a century. Along with her academic skills she was one of the best Quidditch players in all of America and captain of her team back in the United States. There is no subject in this school that she couldn’t teach, let alone tutor for.”

At all the praise she was receiving from the Headmaster she was blushing. She knew all the information that was being said about her, but it still was a shock that he knew. She was not the kind of person who would brag about her schooling, it just wasn’t in her nature.

“What can she know about what is taught over here.” One of the students shouted out.

“Bellatrix Black, first of all fifty points from Slytherin for that comment and second of all I believe that she could wipe the floor with you.” Professor Dumbledore said. “Tuck in.”

Lily took a seat, but she wasn’t as hungry as she was when she got of the train. She had been so excited about making tutor, but the reaction that she had received took care of that. “Lily it will be okay.”

“No James, I am the most hated person in this room, I can feel it. I don’t do well with people not liking me and I really don’t do well being the center of attention.” Lily said.

“Boy did you marry the wrong guy.” Remus said. “James has always relished in the fact that he is the center of attention.”

“Now you tell me, where were you when we were getting married.” Lily said with a slight smile.

“Asleep in my nice, comfortable bed, which is what you two should have been doing?” Remus said.

“See there is that beautiful smile I have grown to love.” James said in her ear. “Now you really should eat something, you haven’t eaten since noon. After supper we are released for the night, and that means we go to our separate dorms. At least we have our own dorm along with a common room we only share with one other person.”

“So I get to hide from the world at least at night.” Lily said optimist about the prospect of being away from the people who didn’t like her.

“Yeah so eat something, don’t let it show that they are getting to you.” James said. “Show them that they can’t bring you down, you are too good of a person Lily Potter.”

Lily took food off some of the plates that were in front of her. She slowly started to eat as she was talking to the boys. “So Lily you really were captain of your Quidditch team? What position did you play? What was your record? Do you plan of trying out for our team?”

“Yes. Seeker. 10-0. No.” Lily answered all of Sirius’s questions in the order that she had been asked.

“What, with that kind of record why wouldn’t you at least try out for the team?” Remus asked.

“Because I already have students thinking that I get special treatment because of my last name. If I would try out and make the team the students would think I did it because of my name. I have more respect for myself than to let my name go down like that.” Lily said. “I just don’t want any more strain between the rest of the students and myself.”

“It’s alright Lily, if you don’t want to play no ones going to make you, but how about tomorrow the four of us and a few other players go out and had a fun game of Quidditch. The season doesn’t start for a few months anyways, and we usually don’t get homework the first day of classes, unless it is quick assignment.”

“Sure I would like that I haven’t had a chance to play most of the summer.” Lily said.

“Of course that will mean that you two of different teams because Jamesie-Poo here plays seeker also.” Sirius said.

“Jamesie-Poo? Are you kidding me with that nickname?” Lily started laughing.

“It is the nickname Sirius gave me after one of the girls in our first year called me that.” James said. “I don’t much care of it, but it is Sirius, so once he nicknames you, you are stuck with it forever.”

“Okay did I create a love triangle here, with Sirius being your lover or what?” Lily asked.

“I’ve been asking myself the same thing for years.” Remus said with a smile.

As dinner was ending Remus went to show the first years how to get to the dorm and what the password of the month would be. Sirius was walking out with a brunette that was a year younger than they were. James and Lily were getting up to leave when Professor Dumbledore summoned James to the head table.

Lily was waiting at the table for him when a group of five girls came walking up to her. She recognized the girl that had talked to her before coming in supper; she was standing next to a very irate blonde hair girl. She had dark blue eyes and had a deep tan, she was slim and tall, she was about the same height that Lily was.

“What do you think you are doing with James Potter?” The girl asked.

“Excuse me.” Lily said.

“While we have never dated officially, we have had a long history and this year was going to be the year that we hooked up, especially since we are both heads this year. So I wanted to warn you now, stay away from him, he is mine. You have no right to come in here and take away what should rightly belong to me.” The girl said. “Now I would suggest that when he gets over here you break up with him.”

“I think not. You have no power over me, I will do as I please.” Lily was not about to let some dimwit tell here what to do. “I would suggest that you just walk away before you embarrass yourself like this.”

“Why would I embarrass myself?”

“Well I would tell you but what fun would that be for me to watch. I will give you a warning, stay away from me.” Lily said.

“Like you could do anything to me, I have the rest of the girls at this school feeling the same way. James belongs with someone who has spent the last six years getting to know him.” The girl said.

“Well I think that that decision is out of your hands and in the hands of James. It is his life and you have no control over him or what he does with his life.” Lily said. “You treat him as if he is some prize at the end of a race, well let me inform you that he is not a prize to be won. He is a person with feelings and a mind of his own.”

“That is a nice speech in defense of a guy who will be dumping you a few weeks.” The girl said with a smile. “You’re new here so you don’t know that James is not a one girl kind of man. He likes to shop around. His longest relationship was about three weeks.”

“Well let me enlighten you, he has broken that record, considering we got together right after the summer break started.” Lily said. “Get out of my face now before you have to be taken to the hospital wing. Go now.”

“You think you scare me, you are just some tart that he picked up for a fling to make me jealous, well it isn’t going to work.” The girl said.

“Really, because the way that you are acting makes you sound very jealous.”

James came walking up to the group. He took Lily’s hand as he reached her. “So what are you ladies talking about?” In truth he had heard most of it, but he wanted to hear what they were going to say.

“Oh we were introducing ourselves to your latest fling.” The girl who was leading the group said.

“Lily isn’t my latest fling that I am having.” James said, he looked over to Lily who was smiling. “In fact we are not dating.”

“Oh that is good news to hear, we would hate to think that James Potter was no longer available…”

“He is no longer available.” Lily stated.

“He just said that he wasn’t dating a tart like you.” The girl said with venom in her voice.

“I am not dating Lily…I am married to Lily there is a difference.” James said with a smile. “In fact we got married a few days after we were out of school for the summer that is why she transferred to school here at Hogwarts. Now if you will excuse us, it has been a long day and both of us are a little tired.”

“Well Lily, don’t worry I will keep James warm at night for you since we will be sharing a dorm room and a common room…”

“I guess that you told Ms. Messing about the living arrangements for you three.” Professor McGonagall said.

“Actually we were just telling her that there will be three of us in the dorm room.” Lily said sweetly toward the professor.

“What are you talking about Professor McGonagall? The head dorms are only for the Head Boy and Head Girl.” Ariel asked.

“Well Ms. Messing, it was decided that since the Potters are married that it was not right to separate them, so they will be sharing James’s dorm. It worked out since there are not openings in the girls dorm.” Professor McGonagall. “By the way congratulation on the wedding, I think that you will be good for James.”

“Thank you Professor McGonagall, she has already been very good for me.” James said as he pulled Lily closer and she was smiling at the professor. “It has been a long day, so if you don’t mind.”

“Do you know where the head dorms are located?” The professor asked.

“I have known where the dorms are for the last six years.”

“Alright the password for the common room is yellow gumdrops. I will be up later to talk to the Potters about their room.” The professor said. “But for right now, go and get your room set up.”

With that said James led Lily to their dorm room. He moved his arm so that it was wrapped around Lily’s shoulder, while she had her arm around his waist. She was resting her head on his shoulder.

Ariel walking slightly behind the couple as she was staring daggers into Lily’s back.

James led the girls to a set of two statues of gargoyles. He stood to the right side of the two statues and was facing a completely blank wall. “Yellow gumdrops.”

The brinks in the wall, started to move apart to allow passage to the student who were waiting.

When they walked into the common room, they were amazed with what they saw. The room was the same size as the common room in Gryffindor house, and had a similar set up.

The entire room was decorated in dark oak furniture that had navy, plush cushions. On one side of the room there was a fireplace that would heat the whole common room. There was a couch that was facing towards the warmth of the fireplace. There was a coffee table in front of the couch. On each side the table there was overstuffed chairs to allow more seating in the room, it formed a U shape facing the fireplace.

On the other side of the room was a study section that was set up with two desks that had two cushioned chairs with them. There was a bookshelf that had on it books that they would most likely need for their seventh year course work.

There were two doors that were in the back of the room. They both had gold plates on the door to designate whom the rooms belonged to. The door on the left was labeled ‘Ariel Messing’ and the other one was labeled ‘James and Lily Potter’.

Lily walked over to the study area where there was a note on one of the desks. She read out loud:

Dear Ms. Messing, Mr. Potter and Mrs. Potter,
There are a few rules that you three must abide by and as top students we expect to follow these rules. This year is the first time that three people have shared the heads dorm and we expect you three to be adults about the arrangements. While you share a common room, that is the only room that will be shared among you three. Only the name on the room is allowed to enter that room, which is why both Potters are listed on their door.

Headmaster Dumbledore

“Come on Lily why don’t we get you to bed, you look dead on your feet.” James said as he placed his hand on her lower back. “We probably should have planned our return from the states farther away from school so we could get used to the time change.”

Lily rested her head on her husband’s shoulder. “Yeah, but it was worth it see my friends one last time before school started. Thank you so much for taking me.”

“You’re welcome. Good night Ariel, we will see you in the morning.” James said as he led his wife toward their room.

As they walked into their room, they noticed that it was set up the same way that their room was at home, without all the books and the pictures that they have around their bedroom. The only extra piece of furniture was a wardrobe cabinet that was in the corner where their closet was in their room.

Lily walked over to the front of their bed where both of the trunks were located. She opened both of them up to find the one that had their clothes. She started by pulling out their school uniforms were on hangers. She place them inside the wardrobe cabinet making sure that James’s uniforms were separate from hers to ensure that they wouldn’t get them mixed up when it came time for classes.

She then started to put away their street clothes for when they were out of classes, or away from school grounds. She started put them in the chest of drawers. She pulled out a pair of navy boxer and a sky blue camisole for her to sleep in and she pulled out a white t-shirt and a pair of black pajama bottoms for James.

While Lily was working on the clothes James was sorting out their school books and supplies. He was placing the books into the bookshelf. He took their backpacks and placed them next to the door so that they would be there for them when it time for class the next day.

Lily shrunk down their chests and placed them inside the wardrobe cabinet.

She quickly changed out of the uniform that she had put on just for the supper, hung it up in the cabinet. She put on the boxers and the camisole before climbing underneath the covers.

James changed into his pajamas and joined his wife under the covers. He pulled her into his arms and before he could kiss her on the top of the head she was asleep.

There was a soft knock on the door. “Come in.”

In walked the head of Gryffindor house, Professor McGonagall. She took a seat on the edge of the bed.

“Sorry Professor, she had every intention of waiting until after you visited, but this has been a long day. We were in the United States for the last week and we just got back yesterday, but we forgot about the time change.” James said. “So what did you need to talk about Professor?”

“Well James, the headmaster asked me to talk to your about your marriage. We would rather that you don’t advertize your marriage and how it happened.” She said.

“Professor, you know that you are one of my favorite teachers, but I am not hiding my marriage to Lily. We probably are not going to advertize that we got married because we were drunk out of our mind, but we are married.” James said as he looked down at his wife. “Professor, I love her and will do anything to protect her and that means that I am not going to deny that we are married. As it was she had to defend herself to a group of girls tonight because the girls thought that they had a claim on me.

“Professor if we hid our marriage, what does that say to the student body? That we are ashamed by the fact that we got married, that we regret the decision to get married?” James said. “I love the fact that I married her, it hasn’t always been easy even in the short time that we have been married. I regret that we were drunk when we got married, but not the fact that we are married. I am not hiding the fact that I am seventeen and married.”

“Alright, I can understand that and if I was in your situation I would say the same thing. So, can I ask that you not flaunt your marriage? Meaning I don’t want you brag about being married, and don’t think that you get special treatment because of your marriage.”
“Professor, I think that we can do that. However, you have to understand that we are adults in both worlds now and therefore we should be treated that way.” James said.

“That you are James.” The professor said with a smile. “Alright you have a good evening, remember you both will be getting your time tables tomorrow.”

A/N: Sorry it took so long to update, life has been crazy busy.  Plus I thought I had posted this chapter before I put up a one-shot, but I was mistaken.  Tell me what you think.

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