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Disclaimer: Some of the sentences from the Anne/Henry bit is taken from the series 'The Tudors' so even that is not completely mine. Some phrases are copied, some are written by me.

Gorgeous image by MrsLovett @ TDA!


It was the day of the auditions. Never in the History of Hogwarts had so many students turned up for the auditions of a school play. Even though it had clearly said no student below fifth year could apply, this had not stopped first, second, third and fourth years from trying for the auditions too, only to be turned down as soon as their age was revealed. Lily and James were surveying the auditions, asking the questions and just generally being the judges. They had divided the students into character groups so that they knew how many people wanted what part.

The part of Anne had suddenly become very popular when people knew that Sirius applied for the part of Henry as had been the part for Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII first wife. If that wasn’t enough, the part for Henry had become extremely popular between the boys. With Lily as one of the judges it was common knowledge that Alesha stood a bigger chance at the getting the part of Anne than anyone else.

Not that Lily was being biased... not that much anyway.

“I really don’t get it, you know,” Alesha told Katie as she waited in line for her turn. Katie had agreed to accompany Alesha during her audition, just to make sure she wasn’t attacked by one of the crazy fan girls. “They are all here because of him.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “And all of them,” she pointed at the many Henry ‘wannabes’. “They are here for you.”

Alesha raised her eyebrow. “No, they just think you’re auditioning and hoping they get the chance to audition with you Kat. Apparently there might be a kiss in the auditioning scene.”

Katie giggled. “Imagine if you get paired up with Black, oh I will laugh so much.”

“That is not funny,” Alesha replied shuddering. “Don’t even joke about that unless you want me to have a heart attack and die because of you.”

Santa Maria, you will be good at this. You’re such a drama queen,” Katie stated making Alesha stick her tongue out at her. She was about to reply when James cleared his throat, signalling the start of the auditions. Everyone went silent, listening intently.

“Ok, you have all picked a number card from 1 to 10. I need you to gather around the table that has your own number. Those are the people who will be working with you for the audition. For now, I need teams formed by Anne, Henry and two extras.” He stopped looking around to see if anyone had any questions. “Now get into your groups.”

Alesha picked up her number 4 card she had chosen from the big box that said ‘Anne Boleyn’ and made her way along with Katie to the number 4 table where the scripts were lying, ready to be used. They arrived there first and Alesha wasted no time in memorizing her lines.

“I’m lucky,” she informed Katie. “I don’t have difficult lines and there’s only one kiss.”

The Latina gazed over Alesha’s shoulder without even bothering to look down at the script the brunette was holding in her hands. Her face was clearly trying to hold back the laughter. “Oh God Alesha, I think your luck’s run out,” the blonde stated.

Alesha panicked as soon as she saw Katie’s face. It could only mean that the guy playing Henry was, “Black!”

“Yeah that’s my name no need to shout it out loud,” a smirking voice retorted behind her. Alesha’s back stiffened and Katie could have sworn she saw her eyes go red for a split second. “Looks like we’re going to kiss,” Sirius added, reading the script himself. “I told you we should have practiced!”

“I swear Black that if you even try and touch me I will personally shove your wand where the sun don’t shine!” Alesha spat,  turning around and giving him a death stare. The other two boys in the group who were meant to be the extras, shuddered at her stare whilst Sirius only chuckled as he was used to it.

“Feisty Johnson,” he said smirking. “Save the fire for the kiss why don’t you. After all, as this is going to be our first kiss might as well make it good.” He winked at her while she looked at him totally repulsed by his words.

“The only reason I am going to let you near me is because I want to laugh in your face when I show you I am nothing like Anne Boleyn and you are everything like Henry VIII! Right Kat?” The blonde didn’t reply. “Katie?”

Alesha turned around to see Katie eating the face off one of the other boys in their group while the other pretended to be extremely interested in the script whilst it was clear he was just pissed off about the fact that he wasn’t the one Katie had chosen for a random snog.

Alesha rolled her eyes. “You’d think I’d be used to seeing her like that but it just gets more disgusting each time,” she stated.

Sirius snorted behind her. “I don’t blame the boy. Ramirez is a good snog.” Alesha tried not to gag at the memory of her best friend and arch enemy dating back in fifth year.

“Let’s just get this torture over and done with,” Alesha said ignoring Sirius’ comment. “Oi, Kat I need the bloke. Un-stick yourself from his face please.” Katie merely giggled while the boy went bright red in embarrassment.

“Ok so, it’s going to be Black and me at first and then you two come in and I run off.” Alesha said. “The lines are easy; memorize them so we can practice.” Sirius’ face lit up. “No Black, you’re not going to practice kissing me. It’s bad enough I actually have to do so but at least I can make sure I only have to go through that torture once.”

Sirius pretended to look hurt. “Ouch”

One hour later and Alesha was practically tearing her hair out. Working with Sirius was worse than working with a Blast Ended Skrewt. The actual auditions had started and the various groups were performing one by one. James and Lily had put the numbers into a hat and drawn them out randomly as to see who would audition before whom.

Group 5 had just finished when Alesha realised it was their turn next since they were the only group left. So far the groups had been one worse than the other. The students were either very disappointed at who was in their group or too busy laughing at the lines they were supposed to say. James and Lily had had quite enough of the stupidity and were nearly starting to regret this ‘amazing’ idea. The part of Henry and Anne was the most important and they couldn’t afford to give it to anyone but the best. If the actors that played them were bad then it would ruin the whole play. They had to make sure they only got the two best performers with the best chemistry and overall stage presence. The only exception had been group 1 which was currently the favourite to win.

“Thank you group 5,” Lily said with no enthusiasm in her voice as the laughing actors got off the stage. “Now the last one please, group 4!”

The whole of the Great Hall went silent as everyone realised who group 4 was made of. Alesha, Sirius and the two boys made their way to the stage as Katie stood back and tried in every way not to laugh. Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the audition to start.

Lily and James looked at each other, sharing an ‘oh shit’ kind of look. Their best friends who hated each other with a burning passion were in the same group auditioning for the part of two lovers and were about to kiss in front of the whole of the school. They turned to face the stage, hoping to avoid a massacre.

“You can start when you want.”

The group nodded before getting into position. You could almost hear a collective intake of breath as the teenagers started acting.


Anne walked slowly down the corridor of the castle, her mind concentrated on many confusing thoughts for a young girl like her. The pressure her family was putting on her was almost unbearable and she didn’t know how long she could last before she would break. She hadn’t meant to fall in love with the King, it just happened.

She was turning the corner when a rough hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into a pair of strong arms. Anne found herself in the arms of the man she loved, and yet, could never completely have. Did he love her just as much as she loved him or did he see her as just another girl?

“Your majesty I-“

Henry cut of her speech. “Shh” he leaned in to kiss her but Anne turned away. Her father would have cursed her by now. She was meant to seduce the King, to make sure he would favour her family at court just like her father and uncle had planned. Once they had realised that Henry didn’t want her sister Mary anymore, it was time for her to try. She pulled away from the man she loved, breaking her heart along the way too.

“Your majesty should not be here with me,” she told him in a small voice.

“Even though it is everything I ever wanted?” he asked her.

“Even though it is everything you ever wanted.” Anne looked boldly into his eyes. “I cannot do this any longer your majesty,” she told him, knowing exactly what his reaction would be. He was going to beg her to stay.

And he did.

“Anne, if it pleases you I will make you my only mistress. No one else, just you,” he said hoping to convince her.

Anne looked at him hurt, fighting back the tears. Mistress? “What have I done to make you treat me this way?” she asked him.”Your wife I cannot be, both in respect of mine own unworthiness and also because you have a queen already,” she said. “But your mistress I will not be.”

Henry didn’t reply to her so Anne bowed and made to walk away when he stopped her again. “Would it please you if I told you I was ready to marry you?”

Anne looked into his eyes smiling happily. “Yes it would,” her smile faltered. “But, what about Queen Katherine?”

“God has punished me with no male heir because I married my late brother’s wife.” Henry stated. “I will get an annulment. Cardinal Wolsey can arrange it for me I am sure.” Anne beamed at Henry and cupped his face in her small delicate hands before kissing him passionately.


Sirius couldn’t quite believe it. They were kissing and not just any little kiss, it was a full on tongue included snog! He thought that she might have just pecked him on the lips not actually snog him senseless in front of half of the school. The gasps created by the many students in the room were no surprise for him at all. All their mouths were hanging open especially James’ and Lily’s. No one could believe what their eyes were witnessing. Sirius Black and Alesha Johnson were having a full on snog in front of half of the school.

People were going to kick themselves for having missed it.

But what surprised him the most was that she was actually allowing him use his arm to bring her even closer and his lips to crash violently with hers. Yes, he knew she was only doing this because she wanted he part in the play and that there was no actual feeling behind the kiss but when she had told him she could allow him ‘near’ her he didn’t know she actually mean he was allowed to kiss her like he was doing right in that moment.

Alesha on the other hand was about to have a mental breakdown. Want to know the reason behind this mental breakdown? She was actually enjoying the kiss more than she expected herself to. It was Sirius Black, for goodness sake she should be trying not to puke in this moment in time not enjoying the kiss and wishing to kiss him even more than she was now. She couldn’t believe the rush of emotions that were coursing through her veins, the adrenaline, the lust... it was unbelievable to feel so much for someone she hated. She couldn’t understand it. Why was he having this effect on her?

But she wanted the part, she wanted it badly. She was never a really materialistic person but she had never wanted something so much in her life. Having the part in the play just to be able to show Sirius that he was wrong and she was right would bring her satisfaction beyond belief.


Henry and Anne kept kissing passionately until their ears picked up the distant noise of voices coming closer to them in the background. Anne pulled away almost immediately. As much as she loved Henry she wasn’t supposed to be seen with him or people might have confused her with just one of the many mistresses he had. She didn’t want that, she wasn’t going to be his mistress she was going to be so much more. She knew she had the chance at being Queen of England and nothing was going to stop her now.

She wasn’t going to fall like her sister Mary did. She wasn’t going to be known as the other Boleyn prostitute just like her sister. Mary hadn’t played her cards right. She had given the king everything he wanted straight away, she hadn’t played the game right. And now she was known as the prostitute. That’s why she didn’t want to be just Henry’s mistress. She didn’t want her reputation to be ruined. No one would ever call Anne Boleyn a prostitute, never. Anne knew where Mary had gone wrong and she knew exactly what to do to make Henry want her more than anything in his life. She had learnt from her sister’s mistakes and was making sure she would never, ever follow down her path and be named for life.

Anne pulled away from Henry almost immediately before walking away and leaving behind a daydreaming king. Henry was happy, very happy. He was going to have her, he needed to have her. No one would stop him from getting her, he was the King of England and no one would try and defy him. All he needed was a European ally and the Pope would grant his divorce in a matter of minutes.

The two voices grew louder and louder and soon the King was faced with two of his court men who stopped in front of him, slightly shocked at seeing the King in such a random corridor of the castle.

“Your majesty, I hope we weren’t disturbing anything,” one of the men said, the sound of female footsteps echoing in the distance.

Henry shook his head. “Not at all.”


The Great Hall had fallen silent. The four actors gathered in front of the stage waiting for directions by Lily and James. They looked at each other in confusion. Why was no one saying anything to them? Had they been that bad?

James was the first to break the silence. “That… that was…”

“Outstanding!” shouted the booming voice of the Headmaster. He started clapping his hands together at them. “Bravo!”

He walked over to the stunned Lily and James and patted them both on the shoulders. “I think we have found the main characters to our play don’t you think?” The two heads merely nodded. “Mr Black, Miss Johnson that was excellent. I hope you’ll be happy in knowing that I think you are perfect for the part and it’s now just up to these two whether you get it or not.

Lily and James looked at each other. “Yes, they get the part,” Lily stated.

There was a large groan from all the many Henry’s and Anne’s in the hall. The girls even started crying, knowing their only chance with Sirius Black had gone up in smoke and the boys started kicking chairs in frustration of not having been paired with Alesha themselves.

Life was very unfair for certain pupils.

Alesha and Sirius beamed and got off the stage not expecting to be surrounded by groups of admiring students.

“Oh my God you kissed Sirius Black!”

“Mate you just snogged Johnson!”

“What was Black like?”

“You’re the man!”

“They say he’s amazing!”

The two people in question reacted very differently.

Alesha just held her head high and pretended not to see the many third and fourth years crowding around her. She walked gracefully over to Katie, ignoring the questions and wanting nothing more than to forget the kiss. Answering questions was not going to make her forget, she was sure of that. Katie giggled as she walked over to her, knowing better than to ask Alesha anything Sirius-related.

Sirius on the other hand decided it would be fun to answer every question he was asked much to the delight of the many hormonal teenage boys of the school. He boasted about it as much as he could, enjoying the popularity and the attention he was receiving as he made his way towards his friends who couldn’t help but roll their eyes at him. Remus and Peter knew exactly what Sirius was like and it was no surprise to them that he was showing off like that.

“Black tell us at least was she good?” asked a sixth year boy from Ravenclaw.

Sirius grinned. “She was good alright.” He turned around. “JOHNSON!”

“WHAT?” she screamed back irritated by his behaviour.

“Do tell me if you want a little rendezvous like that anytime soon. I’ll be happy to repeat our little performance in a much less public place.” He winked at her as she looked at him completely disgusted.

“Don’t worry Black, I won’t be asking anything like that anytime soon. I have better things to do than to have pointless snogs with someone who isn’t even good,” she told him and he looked at her outraged as people started to snigger at him and the girls looked outraged at her statement. “Once you know how it’s done than maybe I might consider even giving you the time of the day.”

She turned around, expecting to find her best friend laughing but only found a blank wall. She frowned and looked around for her best friend only to find her on the stage herself, as if auditioning for the part.

“Can you please state the part you’re auditioning for?” Lily asked her.

“Princess Margaret, of course,” The Latina replied smirking as the place for Charles Brandon, Princess Margaret’s husband started to fill up.

Katie as Henry’s sister?
I'm SO sorry for the LONG wait. I just couldn't get this chapter finished. I know, 2 months is very long and you have every right to be angry at me and the chapter is short too! I listerally just finished this chapter so I hope you like it.
Just to clear up the bits in italics are the parts of the play and I decided to keep the actual names of the characters so just so you know Alesha will be referred as Anne and Sirius will be referred as Henry in the italics part of the story.
Remember to leave a review... even to tell me how much you hate me. Thanks for reading!

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