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Ravenclaw’s long, black hair cascaded down her shoulders, contrasting with her white nightgown. Godric watched her gravely, his chin resting on his hand and his white doublet unbuttoned, from where he was seated near the fire. 

‘He barely speaks to me, Rowena,’ he confided. She turned and looked at him. His eyebrows were furrowed in worry. She knelt before him and held his hand between hers. His sad eyes never left hers.

‘We have known Salazar for years, Godric. You must have faith that our friendship will overcome all obstacles,’ she assured him. ‘Whatever our disagreements may be, we all love each other dearly.’

‘I am ruining this friendship. By bringing Micaela to this school, I have ruined everything.’ He sunk to his knees so he was looking Rowena straight in the eyes.

‘You have not ruined Micaela’s life. You have drastically improved it,’ Rowena argued. Godric groaned and buried his head in Ravenclaw’s neck. ‘You knew this wouldn’t be easy, Godric. Now you must ride it out. You must not give up hope. You must not give up trust. Do not lose that which makes you a true Gryffindor.’

Micaela watched him across the Great Hall in defiant silence. Carina and Bianca exchanged a worried glance while Tucker stared at her avidly. Micaela twisted the silver ring around her finger a couple of times and sighed. He was gone.

Micaela turned back to her friends and noticed their concerned expressions. Micaela rolled her eyes. When she had turned around, they had all suddenly pretended to be doing something else. It was a very feeble attempt at covering up their worry. ‘I’m fine, you guys. You can stop looking at me like that.’

‘Like what?’ Bianca said innocently. She looked up from where she was ‘reading the newspaper’ and gave Micaela a sweet smile. Tucker and Carina laughed and Micaela reluctantly joined in. 

‘Seriously, though. I’m fine,’ Micaela promised them. She had been trying to assure herself this all holidays and so far, denial was working. Zach hadn’t spoken to her since the day they had knocked out the Head Boy last year. He didn’t say goodbye on the last day of school or write her at all that summer. Now, he had gone most of Micaela’s second year without saying a word to her. Deep inside, buried under her resentment, Micaela wondered what on earth could have made him hate her- for she was sure this was why he was ignoring her- but that was very, very deep inside. 

‘Ok,’ Bianca shrugged and looked back down at the newspaper. Her face dropped and she immediately put the paper away.

‘What is it?’ Micaela asked curiously. She dropped her piece of toast and held out her hand for the newspaper. Bianca shook her head and hid it behind her back.


‘Don’t be stupid.’ Micaela wrapped her arms around her friend and snatched the article out of her hand. The title of the front page read:

Tension Between the Founders Reigns Again

Micaela laughed and put the newspaper down. ‘I bet it does. You should have seen how angry Godric was with Slytherin last year. I’m surprised he survived the encounter and Gryffindor didn’t run him through with his sword.’ (a/n: That’s for your review Edward Ollivander!)

‘You’re taking this well,’ Tucker noted.

‘Yes, well, I have decided not to worry any longer. If someone has a problem with me they can say it to my face,’ Micaela told him calmly.

‘That way you can curse them when they’re done,’ Tucker laughed.

‘Yes, that is the main appeal of the idea,’ Micaela agreed. She snuck a glance at the Slytherin table when her friends continued with an earlier conversation. How she would die to curse Zach!


‘And that is why even the best of wizards must never turn their backs on a pixie!’ Godric exclaimed as he furiously tried to unclasp the pixie from where the little devil was pulling his chestnut locks out of his head. The class burst into deafening laughter. Bianca had tears pouring out of her eyes and Carina was trying desperately to bat the creature out of the Professor’s hair with her text book. ‘Ouch! Hit the pixie not me, Miss Fretter!’ At last the pixie was stunned and Godric stood panting in front of the class, leaning on the desk for support. ‘Class is most definitely dismissed.’

‘Well that was quite a display,’ laughed Bianca with a faraway look in her eye. ‘I wish I could see that all again. Gryffindor’s face was classic.’

‘Bet he’s glad Ravenclaw wasn’t there to see that,’ Micaela said wiggling her eyebrows. 

‘Do you think I’ll get detention?’ Carina said quietly. Instead of getting the support she was looking for, Bianca and Micaela just burst into fresh laughter and put their arms around the small girl.

‘Probably,’ Bianca teased squeezing her shoulders.

‘Not such an amazing wizard after all, is he?’ Briggs was lounging against the head of the stairs with the rest of the Slytherins who had attended the class. Micaela’s smile disappeared straight away and she glared at the revolting boy in disgust.

‘There’s more to being an amazing wizard than doing everything right. Showing weaknesses and knowing you have them are a good start. I doubt Slytherin has either of those attributes,’ Micaela snapped back. She noticed Zach standing in silence behind Briggs. It made her even angrier.

‘You’re a filthy mudblood. Don’t speak to me of weaknesses,’ Briggs replied.

‘Is that the only thing you have to say in response? Wow, I thought Slytherins were noted for their intelligence. I guess that’s just a stereotype, isn’t it?’ Bee mocked, placing her hand over her heart in surprise.

‘Having your friends fight your battles for you. How truly Gryffindor is that?’ he sneered back. Micaela and Carina grabbed Bianca before she could attack Briggs and dragged her towards the Common Room. 

‘I could kill him,’ Bianca muttered between her clenched teeth. 

‘Same,’ Micaela said, but she didn’t mean Briggs.

‘Tucker?’ she said kindly.  He looked up and met her eyes solemnly. ‘Eat.’

He nodded, took a small bite, swallowed hard and put his spoon down in defeat. He groaned and buried his face in his hands, running his fingers through his untidy hair.

‘Wow, you look awful,’ Bianca noted cheerfully as she took a seat next to him. She thumped his back supportively and began digging in to a fresh piece of toast. Micaela glared at her friend. ‘What?’

‘Nothing.’ Micaela turned back to Tucker. ‘Tucker, don’t worry. You’ll do great. You’re the youngest on the team. Do you know how much I would have died to make the Gryffindor team this year?’

‘What if I muck it up miserably,’ he whined. Micaela grabbed his face so he could only look at her. He blushed. 

‘You won’t,’ she said sternly. 

The stands were packed with students as they waited for the game to start anxiously. Micaela was waving a Gryffindor flag and Carina had bewitched a small carving of a lion she had made to make deafening and threatening roars. Bianca just used her usual capable vocal chords to scream as loudly as she could. 

The Gryffindor team zoomed onto the field amid much cheering. Most of the other Houses were cheering for Gryffindor, too. Slytherin had won the Quidditch Cup five years in a row and everyone was ready for a new victory.

The game was faster than any Micaela had ever seen. Tucker played excellently, scoring three goals in all. She could barely keep track of him as he whizzed in and out of formation with the other two Chasers. Timothy, the new Head Boy, was the Keeper and he barely let a Quaffle in. There was one person, however, that Micaela couldn’t take her eyes off of. 

‘Zach’s playing smartly,’ Carina noted. She pointed to where the Slytherin Seeker was tailing the Gryffindor one. Micaela turned around and gave Carina a disapproving look. ‘Oh, right. We hate him.’

‘Plus, Carina, he’s on the Slytherin team,’ Bianca pointed out. ‘Look! I think he’s seen something!’

Both the seekers were going into a head-first dive. Micaela began jumping up and down shouting at the top of her lungs. The other Gryffindors were all on their feet as well. 

‘The Gryffindor seeker is ahead…no wait….now the Slytherin Seeker is….no…I take it back…the Gryffindor…no…anyway, it’s neck and neck as the two Seekers race for the spotted Snitch,’ Nicolas Purnell, the Gryffindor announcer, screamed into the amplifier. ‘Now Gryffindor has a clear lead- ‘

WHAM! A bludger hit by one of the Slytherin beaters went rocketing straight into the Gryffindor seeker’s shoulder. He flew off his broom and hurtled to the ground. Micaela screamed and put her hands over her mouth in horror. 

‘Someone help him!’

She watched in amazement as Zach took one last look at the snitch and hurtled after the falling Gryffindor Seeker. He caught him just before he hit the ground. Professor Mink, who was refereeing the match, blew her whistle for a time-out as the stands went deadly quiet. Everyone watched as the Seeker was carried off the field towards the hospital wing. 

‘We’ll have to forfeit the match!’ Bianca screamed in anger. ‘We don’t have any other seekers!’

‘Wow,’ Carina whispered. She was watching the chaos taking place on the field with avid attention. ‘They didn’t even win properly. They won on forfeit. If I was a Slytherin I wouldn’t be too happy with Zach right now.’

Bianca nudged her and Carina slapped her hand over her mouth in horror. Micaela ignored them and watched Professor Mink call the match. The Slytherin supporter’s cheers were deafening but their team didn’t seem triumphant. Carina was right, they all looked furious at Zach. Micaela glanced at the teachers’ stand. Salazar was on his feet, barely clapping with a murderous look on his face. Micaela narrowed her eyes.

‘I think it was quite noble for Zach to have done that. I didn’t think he possessed that quality anymore,’ Micaela said in sarcasm.

Micaela, Carina and Bianca hurried to the change rooms to comfort Tucker. He looked as though someone had slapped him across the face. He was still in shock at the outcome of the match.

‘We were so close,’ he said in stunned reverie. Bianca patted him on the back and Carina gave him a pitying look. Micaela excused herself and stepped outside. She couldn’t believe Zach had done that. Where had the heartless Zach gone? The one who stood by and watched his revolting friends curse and bully others?

‘What you did out there,’ Micaela gestured at the field. ‘That was really something.’

‘Whatever,’ he mumbled. ‘My team doesn’t think so.’                  

‘Who cares what your team thinks?’ Micaela asked.

‘I do!’ Zach was on his feet now. He looked more angry than Micaela had ever seen him look before. ‘Because they are my house and my friends. Just go away, Caela! Can’t you tell you’re not wanted?’

‘Excuse me?’ Micaela choked. ‘I came up here to be supportive and you treat me like this? What did I ever do to you, Zach?’

‘You just don’t get it do you?’ Zach looked at her helplessly. Then his face hardened and he said, ‘I don’t want you around.’

‘Fine!’ Micaeala screamed. Tears of fury seeped out of her eyes and dripped off the end of her nose. She didn’t bother wiping them away. ‘I won’t bother in the future. I guess I was really wrong about you, Zachary! You’re just like your Uncle. You deserve to be in Slytherin.’ . 

His face was red with anger. ‘Maybe I am!’ he yelled at her retreating back.  ‘At least I’m not a filthy mudblood.’

Zach watched her freeze. Then she slowly turned around. Her face was calmer than he would have thought. It didn’t look angry anymore, just sad. She walked up to him slowly, holding his gaze the whole way, never changing her expression. She took his hand gently and held it so his palm was up. Then she put the silver ring he had given her in his hand.

‘I’ve lost my trust,’ she whispered. Then she turned and walked away. Zach stared down at the ring in horror. Amori Crede.  He thought of his Uncle and his anger blossomed once again. He closed his fist around the ring and chucked it. He heard it clatter as it landed in an unknown part of the stands. He didn’t care. He never wanted to see her or the ring again.

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