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                       Chapter 24: Victorie Weasley and Other Strange Events

     Before Harry knew it was nearing the end of September. It was hard for him to believe that he was going to be getting married in only two short months. It seemed like the year had flown by. It was a Friday night and he was walking back towards the office with Seamus and Holly. They had gone on assignment to apprehend a wizard in Finchley, who was hexing Muggles with a Jelly legs jinx for fun. It hadn’t been a very hard job and they were all laughing and talking on their way back. Just as they were about to get in the lift to go up to the Auror department Harry heard a voice call his name. He turned and saw Ginny running towards him.

“I thought I was supposed to be meeting you at Gringotts!” said Harry.

“Well I got off work early so I figured I’d come meet you all here, and then we can just take the Floo to Mum and Dad’s” she said as she kissed him.

     They were all going to the Weasley’s house that night to have a birthday celebration for Hermione. Her twentieth birthday had been on Tuesday but they had all been too busy to celebrate.

“Oh you must be Ginny! Harry’s told me so much about you!” said Holly happily.

“Yup that’s me…” said Ginny with a smile, “and you must be the infamous Holly.”

“Infamous eh?” said Holly shooting Harry a look of admiration, “I like the sound of that.”

     They all laughed and Harry thought to himself how much he appreciated that Ginny wasn’t the jealous type. Harry had told her about Holly the day he’d met her, and Ginny was completely unphased. She had no problems with Harry having female friends because she knew he wasn’t going anywhere. They arrived at the Auror offices and made their way back to their desks. Harry was packing up his things for the day when Cho Chang came around the corner and began walking towards them. Harry could see Ginny bristle with aggression as she walked forward and Harry instinctive wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Ginerva Weasley you behave yourself.” He muttered into her hair, and she seemed to calm down slightly.

“Hey Anton, asked me to give you these reports on the case you worked last week.” Said Cho somewhat shyly as she looked at Ginny who looked back at her with a thoroughly unfriendly expression.

“You almost ready to go Harry?” said Ginny, turning her back on Cho.

“I’ve just got to fill out a few things…” he said to her.

“Ok... I’m gonna go visit Ron and Lee then. I’ll meet you in the lobby in a few minutes?” she said.

“I’ll be there.” said Harry with a smile.

     Ginny leaned down to where Harry was now sitting at his desk and gave him a long purposeful kiss.

“I love you Harry.” She said, and then she walked away but not before giving Cho another withering glance.

“Wow….she really hates me doesn’t she…” said Cho in a small voice.

“She’ll get over it.” Said Harry taking the folders from Cho, “she’s just very hot headed, and once you make her mad, it takes her awhile to move past it. She’ll cool down eventually.”

“Ok…” said Cho, and she walked away looking slightly upset.

“So what in the world was that about?” said Holly with a smirk.

     Harry gave her the one minute version of the story which left out everything that wasn’t vitally important, by the end Holly was laughing.

“You know what Harry? I think I really like you’re fiancé… she reminds me of myself.” She said with a grin.

“Yeah you’re both rather fiery personalities… maybe it has to do with your hair.” Said Harry with a wink, he had finished his paper work so he packed up his things and got up from his desk.

“I’ll see you guys on Monday.” Said Harry, “Have fun tonight…” he added with a smirk.

     Earlier that week Holly had finally made the first move and asked Seamus if he wanted to go out with her, and it was the night of their first date.

“Oh don’t worry we will.” said Holly with a grin.

     Harry made his way to the Atrium and found Ron, Hermione, and Ginny waiting for him. Hermione had been in law school at the Ministry for three weeks. She looked very professional in a pair of black robes, with her hair pulled into a bun at the back of her neck.

“So how was everyone’s day?” said Harry.

“Not too bad…” said Ron with a shrug.

“Same here…” said Ginny.

“How about you Hermione?” said Harry, “How’s school?”

“Really challenging but really interesting. We get to start our mock trials next week.” She said happily

“What’s a mock trial?” said Harry.

“They make up cases and give us evidence and witnesses, then they assign one person to the defense and one person to the prosecution. You participate in five trials, and the number of trials you win determines your rank.” She explained.

“You’re rank?” said Ginny.

“Yes… you see on top of your grades, your rank is one of the most important parts of law school. The trials are held at the end of every month, and the points you accumulate from winning them help you move up in ranks. So when you graduate from law school, if you are a rank one lawyer people know you are very good, and you win most of your cases. If you are… say a rank eleven, people know that you aren’t very good at winning your case. It also keeps track of whether you win more as a defense lawyer or a prosecutor, so that you know which career is best for you.” Hermione explained.

“That’s pretty ingenious.” said Harry.

“Yes it’s very exciting… I can’t wait.” said Hermione.

     They all stepped into the fireplace and said the Burrow. They swirled around and landed in the Weasley’s kitchen.

“Hello all!” said Mr. Weasley brightly, “Everyone is in the living room. You all can head in there.”

     They all walked into the living room, which was rather crowded. The eight Weasley’s plus Harry, Hermione, Fleur, and Angelina made twelve people in the room. Harry and Ginny took a spot on the rug by the fire, while Ron and Hermione grabbed a seat on the window sill.

“Mum… you and Dad should think about remodeling the house…” said Ginny, “you don’t need all that space upstairs now.”

“Yes… we’ve been talking about that…” said Mrs. Weasley who was squished on the couch with Bill and Fleur.

     Even with the tight quarters they all had a wonderful evening. Mrs. Weasley made Hermione’s favorite meal, roast beef, and they all ended up having to eating in the living room because the kitchen couldn’t hold them. They sat around most of the evening talking and laughing. Mrs. Weasley brought in Hermione’s birthday cake and they all sang to her. Mrs. Weasley began passing cake around and just as they were about to give Hermione her presents there was a sound of breaking china. They all looked around to see that Fleur had dropped her plate. She was staring at her stomach with wide eyes.

“Oh… I am so sorry about the plate Mother!” she said to Mrs. Weasley.

“That’s fine darling…” said Mrs. Weasley fixing the plate with a wave of her wand, “are you alright?”

“Well… I hate to steal the spot light on your night Hermione…. But I think I just had a contraction.” She said.

     They all sat there dumbfounded for a second and then there was an eruption of noise and movement. Everyone began talking excitedly. Mrs. Weasley told Bill to take Fleur home, and that she would call the midwife. Everyone else sat there talking excitedly until Fleur turned to them.

“Well what are you all sitting around for? I want my family to be there to meet my baby!” she said excitedly.

     They all jumped up and made their way to the kitchen. They went through the fireplace to Bill and Fleur’s cottage in shifts. When they got there, they were even more crowded than they had been at the Weasley’s, but then Bill took Fleur upstairs to their room and a moment later Mrs. Weasley appeared with a plump friendly looking woman that Harry assumed was the mid wife. They hurried upstairs and then everyone else was left to wait.

“You sure you wanna stick around Angelina? I mean it’s not going to make you squeamish is it?” said Hermione looking at her in concern.

“Nah…” said Angelina patting the slight bump that was starting to show on her stomach, “it’s not like I’m gonna have to go watch, and besides I’m pretty much stuck doing it either way now… so I’m ok with it.” She grinned and George laughed.

     The excitement wore off after about two hours, and it turned out to be a rather boring evening. After three hours of sitting around in the living room Ron sighed in frustration.

“How long does it take to have a baby anyway??” he said grumpily.

“It’s her first baby sometimes that can take up to eight or nine hours… sometimes longer.” said Ginny with a laugh.

“Eight to nine hours!! It’s already ten o’clock…” complained Ron.

     By the time it was midnight Ginny was starting to nod off on Harry shoulder and Hermione was already dead asleep with her head in Ron’s lap. He was stroking her hair absentmindedly but he looked like he was seconds from nodding of himself. Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs and chuckled at them.

“It’s going to be a few more hours… why don’t you lot go get some sleep at the house, and I’ll come wake you when the baby is born.” She said kindly.

“Sounds good to me…” said Ron, and he proceeded to shake Hermione awake gently, she sat up sleepily and he explained to her what was going on.

     Harry and Ginny headed through the fireplace with Ron, Hermione, George, Angelina, Charlie, and Percy. They all trumped slowly up the stairs. Harry and Ginny stopped at the first landing along with George and Angelina.

“Night all…” said Charlie, “I’m gonna head up to my room. You know it not very fair that you all get to share rooms with beautiful girls, and I get to share a room with Percy.”

     Percy glared at him.

“Well find yourself a girl then…” said George, “I can think of one who wouldn’t mind.”

“You shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you, you little nosey nelly.” said Charlie.

     They all laughed and bid him goodnight, and then he, Percy, Ron, and Hermione continued up the stairs. Ginny and Harry said goodnight to George and Angelina who were headed to George’s old room just down the hall, and then went into Ginny’s old room. It still in many ways looked like Ginny’s room, but it had been done over slightly. Instead of Ginny’s single bed there was a large double bed that was situated near the window allowing the moonlight to trickle in. Ginny barely had enough energy to change into a pair of pajamas that she kept there before she flopped into bed. Harry smiled and did the same he slipped his arms around Ginny and pulled her close to him. He kissed her cheek and laid his head on the pillow close to hers.

“Goodnight beautiful girl.” He said, and she made a happy “mmmm” sound in response.

     Harry closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. It felt like they had only been asleep for minutes, when he was awoken by the sound of sharp knocking on their door. He sat up and told the person to come in, and then he looked at his watch. It was three thirty in the morning.

“Well come on!” said Mrs. Weasley brightly as she stuck her head in the door, “Come meet your new niece!”

“Oh I’m so excited I was hoping it was a girl!!” said Ginny happily next to him, “let go see her!”

     Harry and Ginny put on their robes over their pajama’s and headed into the hall, where they met Ron coming down the stairs and he looked very amused.

“Where’s Hermione?” said Ginny.

“She’ll be down in a minute.” said Ron smirking, “I found out tonight that I might be a heavier sleeper than Hermione, but you DON’T wake her up when she’s sound asleep. She get’s rather grouchy… to put it mildly.”

     Ron could contain the snigger any longer and Harry and Ginny chuckled along with him. A few moments later Hermione came down the stairs, and she seemed perfectly pleasant, though she wondered what joke she had missed. They took the Floo back to Bill and Fleur’s. When they got there George, Angelina, and Charlie were just coming down the stairs smiling.

“Oh wait until you see her… she’s so gorgeous.” said Angelina with a smile.

“Yeah she definitely takes after her Mum, thank God.” said Charlie with a smirk.

     Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs a moment later and informed the four of them that they could go up. They climbed the stairs and entered Bill and Fleur’s bedroom. Fleur was lying in bed and she looked exhausted. Her hair was damp and slightly stringy with sweat, and she looked slightly pale. Even in her disheveled state she looked radiant. Harry thought that might have something to do with the glowing smile on her face as she looked at the little bundle in her arms. Bill sat on the bed next to her also smiling at the baby. When they walked in both of them looked up and smiled brightly they waved them over to see the new family member.

Victorie Apolline, looked strikingly like her mother, just as Angelina had said. She was the tiniest person Harry had ever seen. Her little fingers were so tiny he was afraid they would break if he touched them. Her eyes were open and they were a clear liquid blue just like Fleurs. She even had wisps of silvery blond hair on the top of her tiny head.

“Oh she’s breathtaking…” said Hermione.

“Yeah she’s really beautiful…” said Ron, he was looking at the baby with the same kind of dreamy expression he used to use around Fleur but this time it was different, more paternal.

“Would you like to hold her Ron?” said Fleur kindly.

      Ron looked at her in slight alarm. Harry had an inkling that Ron was feeling the same way he was, that if he touched the delicate little baby she might break. Apparently Bill also read this in Ron expression because he chuckled and shook his head before addressing Ron.

“You’re not going to break her Ron, she may look small but babies are extremely durable.” He said with another chuckle.

“All right then.” Said Ron, and Fleur gently handed him the baby. Ron took her with a trepidation that made it seem like she was some kind of bomb. Fleur laughed and gently showed him how to lay her in the crook of his arm to support her head. He smiled at the baby, who cooed back at him. Hermione sat next to him and gently caressed the babies head.

“So…. Five years?” said Ron to her with a smile, “Five years is a long time…” he looked back at Victorie.

“It may be negotiable…” said Hermione with a grin.

“Ok stop hogging my niece I want to hold her!” said Ginny to Ron impatiently.

“Hey she’s my niece too you know.” Ron shot back at her.

“Hey! No fighting over my child please….” said Bill with a smirk. 

     Ron carefully handed the baby to Ginny, who took her with ease, knowing exactly how to hold her. Victorie gazed up at her and smiled. She reached out her tiny hand and grabbed a piece of Ginny’s hair.

“Yes, she’s quite fascinated with red hair.” said Fleur, “She kept grabbing your mother’s as well.”

     Harry stood behind Ginny and looked down at the peaceful baby. He smiled as he kissed Ginny on the top of the head. A few minutes later they said their goodbyes and headed back for the Burrow. The sky was turning the shade of dark blue that comes just before sunrise by the time Ginny and Harry got back into bed.

“So Ginny I have a question.” said Harry, as they lay down in their bed.

“Ask away my dear.” she said with a smile.

“How long do you think we should wait before we have a baby?” he said.

“I don’t know…” she said with a pondering look on her face, “I don’t think I want to wait five years… but I do want to wait a little while. A couple years maybe, because I feel like once I get pregnant… that will be the end of my curse breaking, I mean I knew that was inevitable, but you know…”

“Ok… a couple of years is fine…” said Harry kissing her cheek, “I was just wondering.”

“Yeah well saying it is one thing…but we’ll see how long I hold out with all these babies being born around me.” she said with a smirk.

     Harry went into work on Monday morning feeling very light on his feet. Somehow the arrival of Victorie had put everyone in a very jolly mood. They had all woken up on Saturday and given Hermione her birthday presents over breakfast, and then went to visit Bill and Fleur again. They were incandescently happy with their new family member, and the feeling seemed to rub off. Harry was sitting at his desk talking with Seamus and Holly about their weekend when a memo fluttered up to his ear and he grabbed it. Seconds later another one flew up to Holly. The memo read,

   Auror Potter, you are here by asked to attend a meeting on an upcoming mission. You will be given information on the part you will play in this mission at said meeting. Please come to the main conference room in twenty minutes.

-          Auror Harrison.

“What does your’s say?” he asked Holly curiously.

“Got to go to a meeting about some mission in twenty minutes…” she said.

“Me too…” said Harry.

“How come I didn’t get one…” said Seamus with a slight pout.

     They had been going on assignments as a group so much over the past month that they were beginning to think of themselves as a trio, and sometimes forgot that they weren’t an actual, official team.

“I guess you’re just not as special as us.” teased Holly, and she winked at Seamus who smiled back at her begrudgingly.

     A few minutes later Holly and Harry headed for the conference room. They went in and found six other Aurors sitting around the large round table, and Harrison was standing in the front of the room.

“Ah there you are!” he said cheerfully, “please take a seat.”

     Holly and Harry sat down in two of the empty seats and then Harrison began to talk.

“As you all know our Minister has been dedicated ever since he was appointed, to bringing harmony amongst the Wizarding world as much as possible. He has now successfully rounded up all the known Death Eaters, he has made great strides in our relations with Muggles, and now he has a new task that he has asked for our help with. The Minister would like to improve the wizarding communities’ relationship with werewolves. As of right now, werewolves live as outcasts in our society, the Minister would like to change that, he would like to send a group of witches and wizards as ambassadors to the werewolves, to try and convince them that if they choose to, they can come back to our society and they will not be shunned. That’s where you eight come in.” he smiled brightly at them and made a grand sweeping motion with his hands.

     They all looked around at each other, and Holly and Harry met each others eyes for a moment before turning back to Harrison, who was continuing to speak.

“Obviously the Minister is taking every safety precaution.” Said Harrison, “he understands that many werewolves will not take kindly to the proposal, so he wants to make sure the people he sends are prepared to deal with sticky situations. Therefore he’s sending Aurors. Yet he also wants the werewolves to be accepting of those he’s sent. So using his sources within the werewolf community he has picked you eight, as wizards who are seen in a favorable light by werewolves at large. Marcus you are well known for saving that young werewolf who was being mistreated in Surry.” A large blond man to Harrison’s right nodded. “Janelle you gave that werewolf called Emily a place to stay when she was weak from her first transformation.” A thin woman with long dark hair smiled and nodded. “Holly you are obviously accepted because you are half werewolf.” He said looking in Holly’s direction. “Harry you are known throughout the werewolf community for being a great friend to the werewolf, Remus Lupin, and also you are raising his child now that’s he is deceased am I correct?”

“Yes sir, my fiancé and I are.” said Harry.

“Good…very good.” said Harrison. He proceeded to go around the table saying a kind or helpful thing each of the other four people did for werewolves and waiting for them to confirm it. Then he put his hands together in a business type way and walked over to a map on the wall.

“Now obviously we aren’t going to be able to meet with every werewolf individually because they are far too spread out, and many of the smaller groups are constantly on the move. Therefore we will be sending you to the largest known werewolf community in the world, which is in Rome. They are living in the intricate sewer system that was built by the Romans hundreds of years ago. It has been said they have a vast city down there, but few humans have ever seen it. A werewolf by the name of Wren Syler is their appointed leader, he is a king of sorts, and he is the man that you are going to see. The Minister has used his werewolf connections to correspond with Wren, and he is wiling to hear our proposition. The meeting is scheduled for next week on Tuesday. Let me caution you, meeting with Wren will not be the tricky part of this mission. It is the making your way through the werewolf city that will be more perilous. Wren’s guards will meet you at the gates of the city, to take you through, but I urge you to be constantly vigilant while you are there.”

     Harry stifled a smirk, the words constantly vigilant, had reminded him of his old friend Mad Eye Moody. He had been one of the best Aurors there was, he had finally met his end at the hands of a Death Eater in the middle of a fierce battle. Exactly, how he would have wanted to go, thought Harry.

     Harry and Holly made their way back to their desk, but just as they were about to round the corner Seamus came around it.

“There you two are… I was wondering when you’d get back. It’s time for lunch.” He said.

“Really? Wow… that meeting went longer than I thought.” said Harry.

“What was it about?” said Seamus.

“Come on! I’ll tell you all about it over lunch.” Said Holly brightly and she hooked her arm through Semaus’s and began to pull him towards the door.

     Harry laughed and shook his head at the two of them. He ran back to his desk to grab his money, and then he headed for the lifts. He met Ron as usual right outside the cafeteria, and he immediately began to tell him about the meeting he’d just had. Ron was fascinated and the conversation carried them through the line, to their table and at least half way through their meal.

“So do you reckon the werewolves will listen?” said Ron about twenty five minutes later.

“I dunno… I mean I hope they will, some of them are bound to. I mean they should have rights just like anyone else… and if their finally being offered them I’m sure some of them will take them.” Talking about the rights of magical creatures reminded Harry of something.

“hey where’s Hermione?” he asked, “she usually joins us by now.”

“She had to pack a lunch today cuz she didn’t have time to come down, her first mock trial starts at…..” Ron’s voice trailed off and his eyes got big, he said a curse word and then looked up at Harry.

“What time is it?” he said quickly.

“It’s twelve thirty five why?” said Harry. Ron swore again even louder and more forcefully.

“I’m late…” he said quickly, “I took the afternoon off so I could go watch her trials, cuz their open to the public, and she started at twelve thirty.”

      Ron jumped up and took his tray to the garbage can, Harry followed quickly behind him.

“hey you should ask if you can have the afternoon off and come join me…” said Ron, “I know it would mean the world to Hermione.”

“Yeah alright, I think I will…” said Harry, “where are the trials at?”

“Courtroom twelve… I’ll save you a seat.” Said Ron and then he took off running down the hall towards the lifts.

     Harry made his way back up to the Auror offices and then quickly walked to Harrison’s office. He knocked and heard Harrison say to come in.

“Hello Harry what can I do for you?” he said when Harry entered.

“I was wondering if maybe I could have the rest of the afternoon off…” said Harry, “one of my best friends is in her first day of mock trials in the law school, and I wanted to go cheer her on.”

“I don’t see why not Harry… things are rather slow here today I’m happy to say. Just be on call if an emergency comes up.” said Harrison.

“Thanks sir!” said Harry and he quickly walked out the door and back towards the lifts. When he got to the lowest level of the Ministry he made his way towards courtroom twelve. When he got there the trial was already started so he quietly snuck over to where Ron was sitting on the sidelines, with a handful of other people.

“How’s are girl doing?” he whispered.

“She’s bloody brilliant!” said Ron with a smile, “Completely ruthless, but it’s wonderful”

     Harry listened for a few minutes and got the gist of the case. Someone had allegedly performed a Confudus Charm on a Muggle and convinced him that he owed them four hundred pounds. Hermione was playing the part of the prosecutor trying to prove that the wizard was guilty.  At the moment the defense lawyer was questioning a witness.

“and when you saw the defendant walking up the street did he seem upset to you?” the defense lawyer asked.

     Hermione stood up quickly, she looked very striking in navy blue robes with her hair pulled back into a tight sleek bun.

“Objection your Honor.” She said forcefully to the judge, “not only is he leading the witness to the answer, but the witness’s opinion on the client’s demeanor gives no proof of his actions.”

“Sustained Miss Granger.” Said the judge, then he turned to the defense lawyer, “Mr. Blanch you will limit your questions to what the witness saw and heard, his opinions are not relevant.”

“Wow… you weren’t kidding about her.” Said Harry to Ron, “She’s vicious… it’s impressive.”

“It’s damn sexy if you ask me…” said Ron under his breath, and Harry smirked and nudged him in shoulder playfully. Ron smiled but he was too busy admiring his fiancé to look away.

     Harry could see his point. While he personally did not see Hermione in that way, she was definitely in her element here and there was something very attractive about her poised, fierce confidence. Hermione ended up winning every case that day, and by the time it was four o’clock she was positively beaming. As they were collecting their things the guy who had been in the first case against her walked up to her smiling. Harry and Ron could just hear what he was saying from where they were sitting.

“That was brilliant Hermione! I told you that you were going to be perfect…” he said with a smile.

“Thanks Jake,” said Hermione enthusiastically, “I was so nervous, but then it just sort of all fell into place.”

“Why were you nervous? You’re the best person in our grade…” said the guy called Jake, and he helped her put her books into the bag.

     At this point Ron stood up pointedly and walked forward, and Harry was right behind him.

“Of course she’s the best in her grade… she’s the best at everything she does.” said Ron with a smile as he walked up behind Hermione.

     She turned to him excitedly and jumped into his arms. He hugged her so enthusiastically that he picked her up off the ground, and then she put her hand behind his head and pulled him into an enthusiastic kiss.

“You were absolutely wonderful…” Ron said a moment later as he sat her back down on the floor.

“Thank you…” said Hermione still grinning from ear to ear. “Oh by the way this is Jacob Blanch, he’s in my year at law school. Jacob this is my fiancé Ron, and my dear friend Harry.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Hermione talks about you all the time.” Said Jacob, but as he shook Ron’s hand Harry couldn’t help but noticed that he did not looked very pleased at all. He shook Harry’s hand as well and then he turned to pack up his things.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Hermione…” he said.

“Ok... see you Jake…” said Hermione, but she was distracted because at that moment Ron put his arms around her waist and began kissing her ear. She swatted him away but giggled.

“Ready to go?” said Harry rolling his eyes at the two of them.

“Yeah…” said Hermione, and they all turned to head for the door.

     Ron and Hermione were too engrossed in each other at that moment to notice, but Harry happened to look back and catch the look on Jacob Blanch’s face. He was watching Hermione leave with a looking of frustration and disappointment on his face. Harry had a feeling he knew where it was coming from and he made a mental note to talk with Hermione about it at a later time. Preferably when Ron was not around to overreact.

“So where does the most talented lawyer in the whole Ministry of Magic want to go for dinner?” said Ron to Hermione as they walked towards the lifts.

“Oh are we going out?” she said happily.

“I think this day deserves a celebration.” Said Ron as they got in the lift and headed for the Atrium.

“Well…” said Harry as they exited and headed for the fireplace, “I’m going to go home and see my girl now… if you guys are bored later you should come over, we don’t have much to do tonight.”

“Alright… maybe we will.” Said Ron, and then he and Hermione waved goodbye as Harry hopped into a fireplace.

“Werewolves….” said Ginny while later, “honestly I swear they save the most dangerous missions just for you Harry…”

     Harry and Ginny were partaking in what was fast becoming a favorite tradition. At least once or twice a week after dinner they would draw a steaming hot bath and they would soak in it together for at least an hour and just talk about their day. At that particular moment Harry was leaning back against the edge of the tub and Ginny was sitting in front of him and leaning back against his chest. He loved how relaxing the warm water with the combination of Ginny’s presence was after a long stressful day.

“Well this one we kind of brought on ourselves…” he said as he kissed her shoulder. “Apparently the werewolves respect me because of Teddy and Remus.”

“I know…” said Ginny, she brushed her foot along his in the water as she spoke, “truth is I’m probably just jealous that you get to go to Rome and I don’t.”

     She turned her head to look up at him with a mischievous smile. He grinned and kissed her. He brushed her wet hair from her neck and began to kiss her neck slowly and softly.

“I’ll take you to Rome whenever you want you silly goose…” he whispered as he kissed her.

     She reached her arm up and wound her fingers through his hair.

“Well thank goodness for that…” she breathed softly.

    Harry slowly began to let his hands wander as he continued kissing her neck and shoulders. Ginny leaned her head back against his shoulder and closed her eyes. Harry watched her face as her lips parted and she let out a little gasp. Her felt her fingers tighten in his hair. He smiled watched her facial expressions with enjoyment as he continued to move his hands all over her body. Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Hey anybody home?” said Ron.

     Ginny made a noise that was somewhere between a sigh and a growl. She furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance but didn’t open her eyes.

“Do you think if we ignore him he’ll go away.” She grumbled.

     As if to answer her question Ron knocked on the door again more purposefully and once again asked if anyone was in the bathroom.

“Just a minute Ron…” said Harry in amusement.

     Ginny opened her eyes and sat up, she looked thoroughly frustrated.

“Hey where’s Ginny at?” said Ron from the other said of the bathroom door.

 “I’m in here too Ronald…” said Ginny annoyance thick in her voice.

“Oh….” Said Ron, and there was a long awkward pause. “Well I’m just going to go wait downstairs with Hermione then…” he said and they heard him leave.

     Ginny hopped out of the tub and dried off and Harry followed her. They got dressed and Harry headed for the door but Ginny caught his hand and pulled him back. She reached up and pulled his head down so she could give him a long and passionate kiss. He felt the tension building in his body and he pulled her tight against him and kissed her back fiercely. After a moment she pulled away.

“Slow down there tiger…” she said with smirk, “That was just my way of reminding you that after Ron and Hermione go home you better finish what you started.”

“Oh I was planning on it…” said Harry with a grin, and then they both headed down the stairs. 

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