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    Disclaimer: All the characters in this story, with the exception of Cissa Malfoy (daughter), belong to J.K Rowling. I am making no profit.

    Author Notes: This story is for Reetinkerbell, for who is the reason this story exists :) She was also the beta so thanks dear! The prompt given was: Draco/Hermione and it must include a tree.

    The Oak Tree

    “What’s that?”

    Cissa Malfoy looked up from her drawing at her younger brother. At the age of three, Scorpius looked like a replica of their father. His platinum hair was slightly ruffled by the autumn wind and his bright grey eyes looked inquisitive as he inspected the engraving in the tree. Though still rather small for his age, he could just see the bottom of the DM.

    “Cissa, it has daddy’s inentials on it,” he said. Scorpius recognised the letters from his days sitting on his father’s lap whilst he signed off his post.

    “Initials, Scorpius,” Cissa corrected as she got up to see what her brother had found. Peering up at the tree, she could just make out what it said thanks to the soft sunlight shining through the green leaves of the oak tree. “HG+DM” was carved there, just underneath the lowest branch. Cissa smiled slightly and called her brother towards her.

    “Look here Scorpius, what’s this letter here?” she asked, pointing to the H.

    Scorpius narrowed his eyes in thought before he looked at his sister for help.

    “It’s an H and a G,” she sounded out for him. She squinted slightly to look at the carving closer. “It says HG+DM,” she continued.

    “Cissa, who is HG?” Scorpius asked, confused. His mother’s name was Astoria Malfoy. That wasn’t ‘HG’, was it?

    “I’m not very sure Scorpius,” she replied. She could hear their father yelling her name out in the distance.

    “Cissa, Scorpius!” The voice was getting closer and closer until Draco appeared in front of them, in his morning robe. At seeing his children together near his favourite tree on the Manor’s ground, he walked slowly up to them. He scooped Scorpius up into his arms and the boy laughed happily.

    “What are you both doing out here so early in the morning?” Draco directed the question towards his eldest.

    “Me and Cissa found this endrawing in the oak tree!” Scorpius proudly told his father.

    “Cissa and I, Scorpius and it’s an en-gra-ving,” Cissa corrected her younger brother

    Scorpius looked forlornly at his father and pouted slightly. Draco chuckled at the expression on his son’s face as he looked towards the carving in the tree. He held his breath for a moment. Could it be? No, thought Draco as he turned to the curious stares of his children. He set Scorpius down as he cleared his throat.

    “Father, who is HG?” Cissa asked. She could see he had become nervous.

    Draco swallowed thickly. “Cissa, do you remember the story I used to tell you? About the boy, the girl and the tree?”

    “About the insufferable know-it-all and the blond prince?” she asked.

    Draco smiled faintly, remembering how he used to feel about the girl. “Yes, sort of,” he said scratching the back of his head.

    “What pwince?” Scorpius asked.

    “Do you think we should tell him?” Draco winked at Cissa.

    “Well…” She looked down into the grey puppy eyes of her brother. She turned to her father. “Father, do you think I could tell the story?” she asked.

    Draco sighed heavily as he sat down and pulled Scorpius into his lap. “I guess I could live with that,” he answered.

    Cissa flipped her dark blonde hair behind her back and pulled her skirts around her as she sat down in front of them.

    “Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. Though they weren’t the best of friends at first, after the Great War they became really good friends. And eventually they fell in love…”

    Draco listened to his daughter and silently reminisced of the time when he fell in love with a bushy-haired insufferable know-it-all.

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