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A/N Hey all, sorry for the long delay. Hope you all enjoy this chapter.


“It’s a trophy I won at ten years old. While living with Jane and Fraser, they thought I would need something to keep my mind off things. Every year since then I have done a lot of car racing; mainly the bangers though”

“wow,” said Jasper jumping up,” she’s a true Cullen” he laughed.


Hermione sat for the next hour telling them about all her medals ad cups that she had back in Scotland. She told them about her team and car.

“My car is the best through, its blood red with two black roses over the Cullen crest. I have always had a part of you on anything that I designed. The name that I was given is dark rose. Beautiful yet dangerous.” Hermione said,

Chapter ten

It had been a few weeks now, since Hermione and Jacob shared their feelings with each other. And as each day passes, they both grow closer together.

It was a warm day in Forks, Jasper, Hermione and Jacob where down at La Push beach (the vamps are aloud their now, well Jake is going out with one lol), hanging with the rest of the pack.

“I am board,” moans Sam, watching his wife, starting a fire with Leah.

“Me too bro, wish the love birds would leave each other alone for a bit” groaned Seth looking over to where a hammock had been set up. Lying in the hammock side by side was Maya and Jacob.

“Tell me about it” replied Jasper, “at least you lot don’t feel everything they do.”

“And thank god for that, but then again we can see and hear it all when Jake is in wolf form” replied Sam

It went quiet, the only sound being of the waves hitting the shore and the crackling of the newly lit bonfire.

“Yes, yes!” came a voice suddenly. Hermione had jumped of the hammock and was jumping about. Jacob stood up, after falling off hammock as it spun when she jumped off.

The pack and Jasper burst out laughing as the lot of them saw Jacob fall.

“Not funny guys” his rustic voice grunted, “and why are you so happy love?”

Asked Jake wrapping his arms around the waist of his girl.

“We may be going away for a while and bumping into three people” she grinned at Jacob wriggling out of his grip and running to her bag.

After pulling her phone out, she dialled a number

“Thank you Uncle C. I love you,” she said before hanging back up.

“What’s going to happen?” asked Jasper

“Not telling,” grinned Maya before dancing off to where Leah and Emily stood.

“She worse than the pixie” stated Seth,

“Tell me about it,” said the others together.

********** Hogwarts

During the last few weeks, the Cullen’s have to know Harry, Ron and the others really well. Rosalie, just like Bella and Alice, had took a great liking to Ginny. The four where often together.

It was a warm day when Alice got her first vision while at the school. She, Bella and Ginny were down at the Black Lake when it occurred.

***** Alice pov

Alice’s vision

“Carlisle are you sure it would be safe for her? Hermione only turned a few weeks ago,” asked Albus

“Yes, my friend. Hermione like Bella is not affected by blood. Just last night she sat with Charlie, Bella’s father and had a long discussion about cars. In addition, we will have the help from Alice, and Jasper to detect anything happening. And the wolfs are with us a lot now too.”

. “Well it’s settled then on the 31st I’ll send the three girls to London. I hope to see you soon.”

* End of vision

I jump up from the ground and start jumping in the air, “Yes, yes.” I shout.

“What did you see Alice?” asked Bella, trying to grab my arm and pull me back down.

“Me, you AND Ginny going to London, to a car race” I say unable to stop jumping, “I cannot wait to see Jazz, I miss him soooooo much”

“But what about the others?” started Ginny

“It’s just us going. We leave tomorrow,” I say cutting off Ginny.

I stand up and pull Ginny onto my back.

“Come on Bella, we have our bags to pack” I run off into the castle. Bella coming up behind us.

***************** Cullen house

Everyone was now sitting in the Cullen house, it had been only a few hours since Maya had her vision, and she had still not told anyone.

As the clock chimed 18.00, Carlisle Cullen walked in the door, after a busy day at the hospital.

Hermione jumped straight up to engulfed her uncle in a hug.

“Thank you so much for letting me does this, I so want to do it. And to see the others” said Hermione quickly realising her uncle, as he chuckled to himself.

“As long as you feed before catching the plane you should be fine. Have you told the others?” asks Carlisle

“Nope, I think I will leave that to you. I have my bags to pack.” with that, Hermione left the room, to go and pack a bag for herself.

********Carlisle’s pov

I shake my head as I watch Maya walk away to her room. She truly has not changed a single bit in the last ten years.

I look over to where my wife and eldest son sat, surrounded by five of the wolfs (Sam, Seth, Jacob, Leah, Embry)

“Carlisle what has made her so hyper? She has been worse than Alice for the last two hours” I hear my wife ask.

“Worse than Alice?” I gasp, no one could be worse than Alice

I hear everyone else groan yes at the same time.

I chuck once more. “Well today while at work I got a call from England, London to be exact. The man that called was Frank Granger, Mayas’ adopted father. He was asking how she was. Of course, I told him how well she is coping with her new diet, and that she has not even flinched around humans. Then Frank told me about Maya’s love for racing. I told him that she had told us a little about it”

I stop talking to look around, everyone sat there so still, so quiet. I decide to continue.

“That’s when he asked me something, ‘Dr Cullen, Hermione has for so many years raced at the World Cup Bangers, where we live. Would she be able to attend this year’s race?’ of course I told Frank the truth”

“What did you say Carlisle?” asked Sam after I paused for a second time

“I told him she can go to it. Maya has a stronger resistant that Bella. That is when I contacted Albus Dumbledore, at Hogwarts. I asked him if Alice, Bella and Ginny could come too and meet us their”

“What about the others?” asked Jasper?

“Well, I don’t want to shock all your siblings and Hermione’s friends at once. Alice already knows so I thought it would be good for her. It would be good for Bella to meet Maya, as they are both close to Edward and when the other three are about you will never see Maya. And Ginny is Maya’s best girl friend, its only right to let them see one another.”

“When do we leave?” asks Jacob. I look over to the clock that sat on top of the television. It says that it was 19.00

“The plane leaves at ten, run home pack bags, Sam we have a ticket for Emily too. Be at the airport for nine. We will meet you there. We will all pack our bags then go hunt.” I reply.


“What do you mean we are leavening to pack our bags?” asks Bella and Ginny at the same time.

“Well, we are leaving tomorrow morning to go to London at 7 in the morning. We are going to see the Stockies World Cup in London, as someone we know is racing in It.” says Alice as she puts clothes into a small travel case.

“So why are you in a rush the now, if we are not going till tomorrow?” asks Ginny

“Ginny, me and Bella will have to go hunting before we leave and you need to eat and sleep” replies Alice.

The three girls continue to pack their bags with two outfits for daytime, an outfit for going clubbing and all the other accessories they would need. Afterwards Ginny had a quick dinner before jumping in to bed (setting her alarm to wake her at five in the morning). As Ginny done all that, Bella and Alice went hunting after packing their bags.

A/N so that’s chapter ten done. Please review and tell me what you think
Lady_Nite x

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