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It was shiny.

Shiny. Gold. And absolutely mine.

I was vaguely aware of my surroundings, only paying attention to my immense joy and pride. In my hands was the Quidditch House Cup, and I was being gloriously praised for it.

In other words: Go. Me.

The sounds that dominated the stadium were blending chants of either “DOBBS! DOBBS! DOBBS!” or “RAVENCLAW!!”, all vocalized by the enthusiastic students cheering from the bleachers.

In the words of over-emotional beauty pageant queens all around the world: They loved me. They really, really loved me.

“Good job, Captain!” a voice I recognized as Jeremy’s, who came up from behind and gave me the traditional hair muss. He smiled at me. “Did I tell you how wonderfully, amazing, beautiful, and—”

“Nice try Stretton.” I shoved him off. What a mooch! “No one is getting their mitts on this trophy, but

“But sharing is caring!” Jeremy pouted, blasting his innocent blue eyes at me. Innocent, ha!

“Who said I cared about you?” I smirked at him, who exaggeratedly put both of his hands over his heart and collapsed on the ground.

“Ah, you wound me, Captain.” He groaned jokingly, opening one eye to see if I believed his dramatics. I didn’t.

“Be a man, Jeremy.” Ben followed in, body clad in the Quidditch uniform. Brad trailed behind him as well. “I knew one way or another, Dobbs would get you on your back. You owe me five Galleons, Bradley.”

I laughed, watching my Chasers start disputing about a bet. Jeremy was still lying helplessly on the floor, hoping that someone had the heart to even care about him.

Sadly enough, no one did.

Well, not sadly. It was actually quite hilarious.

“Ems!” I was suddenly bombarded by a hug, and was whipped in the face with a tiny black braid. Jill had attacked me from behind, forcing me to give her an unplanned piggyback ride. “I can’t believe it, we won!!”

“I know!” I still couldn’t grasp the excitement myself. My muscles were still sore from the intense game, but I still had the strength to carry Jill on my back. I didn’t even care if she was hollering like a banshee in my ear. We won!

Wow, I was in a good mood…

“Oi, I’m liking this picture!” Jeremy rejoiced, observing us with the Chasers behind him. “Save a broomstick, ride a Quidditch player!”

Of course everyone laughed, our delightful laughter mixed with the applause from the audience. Our fans. Students everywhere praised Ravenclaw, from their creatively designed banners to their intensely painted blue faces. Blue was everywhere, and that’s the way it should be.

“Here’s your towel, Emma.”

Jill unlatched herself from behind for me to see who had handed me a towel. I smiled humbly at the new towel boy, his eyes wide and eager to please the new and victorious captain.

“Why, thank you Davies.” I received the towel with gracious hands, trying not to laugh at his towel boy get-up.

Roger Davies was wrapped in a towel, with a backpack filled with towels, and with a towel in his head. I swore, someone would mistake him for being the towel fairy.

After giving the towel, Davies rejoiced into the air, “Emma Dobbs accepted my towel! My life is complete!”

He leaped into the air like a little leprechaun, at the same time trying to hold up the towel covering his body. I just laughed it up, like everyone else.

“Come on, Emma! Group photo!” Bradley came over and swung an arm around my shoulders. The whole team was already grouped together, thinking of potential poses for the camera shot.

Everyone was wildly happy. I even shrieked when I saw Jeremy grab Jill from behind and snog her full on mouth.

That Creevey boy snapped a shot of the snog, a picture I would pay good money for to have blackmail against Jill. Had to remind myself to start saving my Galleons.

I was placed in the middle of the group, the trophy dazzling in my hands. As I looked over all my teammates, I couldn’t have been more proud of them. They all looked so joyously triumphant, an image I wished to keep embedded in my head.

I didn’t even bother asking why there was no Keeper. The only ones in the group consisted of Jeremy, Jill, Brad, Ben, and me. The Ravenclaw team.

Wait, but where was—

“HOLD UP!” I shouted as Creevey started his countdown before capturing the picture. I held up my hands like a crazy person. My expression was puzzled, a break from my drunken happiness. “Where’s Samuels?”

“Who?!” Jeremy asked, laughing up a storm. He was so consumed in the jubilation occurring around him that he didn’t even seem sane.

“Samuels!” I repeated, breaking out of the group to stand in front of them. The picture vibe was over. My voice became serious, thrown off. “You know…
Jason Samuels.”

It was the first time I had ever used his first name. The name itself sounded strange on my tongue, like a new flavor of ice cream I just discovered after eating only one for years.

“Who in God’s name is Joseph!??” Ben crowed at the top of his lungs, not even aware of how loud he was being.

“What the—” I couldn’t tell if my players were purposefully being this dumb, or if it just came naturally. “No,

“Jasper?” Brad’s puzzled face mixed with his unrestrained bliss made him look like a confused puppy. I didn’t know whether to go ‘aww’, or slap him.

“Jason!” Merlin, how many times was I was going to have to say his name.

“Ems, are you okay?” Jill asked, her eyebrow rose quizzically at my behavior. “Sorry, but we have not heard of this…who is it—this Justin—”

“It’s JASON!” I screamed, feeling enraged and exasperated. I didn’t even know why I was feeling such a way. They were fortunate enough not to remember him, but now he consumed my every thought. “Jason! Jason! Jason!”

“Come on Dobbs, enough of this talk of Joshua!” Jeremy pulled me by the arm back into the group. I tried to smile with my team, but I found I couldn’t. There was something off, about them and this whole situation.


Then, the camera flashed—

I awoke with a slight gasp. The last thing I saw was a flash of bright light, but now underneath my closed lids, I saw burning orange. Was it the sun?

Carefully, I peeked my eyes open to the brightness which I concluded was the sun. The morning weather was lightly cool against my skin, the air perfectly crisp and comfortable.

It was a beautiful morning. The temperature was perfect, the skies were blue, and the sounds of nature voiced themselves in the air. Everything was serene, peaceful—

Then, I suddenly just remembered that I had spent the night in the Forbidden Forest, hence why I was sleeping in under the shelter of tree. Of course Emma, what did you think? That you magically slept-walk into the forest? Unlikely.

The urge for me to stretch became overwhelming. I needed to loosen my muscles, or at least cast another spell on my leg. The pain was starting to come back like a vengeance.

But I found that I could not move at all, nor did my body want to. I was torn between what I wanted and what my body wanted; I was in dire need to move a bit, but my body was content with its position.

In Samuels’s arms.

Kill me now.

A firm arm was wrapped around my waist, keeping me imprisoned to the front of his body. My head was lying on his other free arm, as though using it as a pillow.

Strangely enough, my arms were positioned in the same wrapping style. I had never been so close and personal with Samuels before, and it was kind of freaking me out.

Well, it actually was quite comfy. He was warm, and held me in a position tha—

NO EMMA! You did not!

“Good morning, sunshine.” A voice of sarcasm sounded from the body next to me. “You finally awake this time?”

I nearly screamed in surprise. I stopped myself, thinking that I didn’t need any more reminders of how weird I was. Well, like that’d do any good.

Although his eyes were closed, I could tell he’d been awake for most of the morning. If he were awake, he could’ve been kind enough to remove himself from me!

Or maybe not. He actually was quite a cozy little—stop it!

His eyes calmly opened, filled with specks of gold so bright they seemed to have been stolen from the sun. He assessed my face gently, his face expressionless.

I probably looked atrocious. Maybe that’s why he was looking so pokerfaced.

“You were dreaming about me, weren’t you?” He remarked as a conversation starter. Not quite what I’d jump into first, but okay. I always love starting off discussions with the assumption that the other was having vivid dreams about me.

Okay, so granted he was right. But he couldn’t know that.

“What makes you so sure, Samuels?” I stubbornly countered back, trying to be pokerfaced as well.

“Well, judging by the multiple times you screamed my name.” The corners of his lips turned up a little. “Then yeah. I’m pretty sure you were having dreams about me.”

I willed my cheeks not to blush, but then again, they weren’t the most obedient parts of my body. The heat that rushed into my face was probably colored my face a proud cherry. Damn.

“Didn’t even know you knew my first name.” He commented quietly. “It was the first time I ever heard you say it.”

“Well, I guess I’m just chock full of surprises.” I looked away, hoping to regroup my thoughts from becoming goo. He didn’t tear his eyes of my face for a second. Even with the slightest glance seemed to prickle my skin with heat.

“Actually, it was more like you shouted it,” he was grinning at this point. I wanted to slap him. “What on earth were you dreaming that could have you screaming my name out loud?”

His tone sounded highly suggestive, and that fueled my anger. “I can assure you Samuels, nothing along those lines.”


Angrily, I tried pulling away from him. He was pissing me off on such a beautiful morning. Typical.

I couldn’t even enjoy nature without being assaulted by his smarminess.

But the more I tried to wriggle away, the more trapped I became. I used my arms to push him away, but he only seemed more content in keeping me there.

On the ground. Next to him.

Oh, God save us all.

“Stop it!” I demanded, hitting his arms. It was no use, they were rock hard. I ended up injuring myself more than he. “Let go of me!”

My knuckles were turning red from the unsuccessful blows. It didn’t help much, but it definitely released some of the pent up anger I had been harboring. I stared up at him to see if any of my violent attempts were working, and was sadly disappointed.

He didn’t even look pained! He looked amused, like he always did! I swear, he came out of the womb with that facial distortion.

“Calm down, love, or you’ll hurt yourself.” He murmured, not even fighting the grin that was taking over his lips. I looked away, from his face and—more importantly—his lips.

“How can I possibly ‘calm down’?” I asked rather angrily, attempting to mimic him and doing a horrid job at it. Suddenly, my eyes narrowed. “And don’t call me that.”

“You didn’t seem to mind it last night.” He smirked, using a free finger to twirl a stray, loose piece of my dark hair. “Go back to sleep. I think I liked you better that way.”

For some reason, I almost stopped breathing. And not in a good way.

“Look, not trying to be a bitch,” I started off rather innocently with, trying to regain my breath. “But will you GET THE HELL OFF ME!?!”

Yes, and this is me not trying to be a bitch.

“Are we even going to talk about it?”

“That you’re keeping me imprisoned here against my will?!” I questioned testily. “Not really!”

“No, Dobbs,” he sighed in exasperation. His arm around my waist tightened, if possible. “About last night.”

Oh, bullocks.

It was the oh so dreaded, oh so clichéd ‘morning after’ chat. This was going to go real splendid, I’m sure. I always was quite the champ in situations such as this.

What was even to be said about it? One minute he’s talking to me, next we find ourselves snogging each other without restraint. The end.

“What about it?” I feigned nonchalance, meeting his eyes in defiance. If he thought he could penetrate me with his eyes, well then I’d do the same. Ha!

His gaze of entrapment glazed over me. “Hmm…well, allow me to refresh your mind raconteur style. We spent nearly the majority of the night snogging like—”

“Before you put some savage animalistic reference to complete that train of thought,” I interrupted crossly. “Let me remind you that you were the one that kissed me first!”

“But you responded!” he argued, biting down on his lip inadvertently, lividly staring at me. “My God, you responded back.”

“Oh, that’s just spectacular.” I commented. “Go and make me seem like the slag.”

“You obviously have no problem branding me as a mouth rapist.” He threw back at me.

You were the one instigated it. I was asleep!” And now I’m sounding really stupid!

He paused, then spoke.

“Well then,” he looked at me, his glare smoldering my very insides. “That must’ve been one hell of a dream.”

By the bitterly conclusive tone of his voice, he clearly got the message that this wasn’t exactly the best time to talk about last night.

God knows why he would want to talk about it though; I thought that males always avoided topics such as this like the pariah.

When he realized that I would not be willing to talk, his grip on me lessened, allowing me to move about slightly. I used this to my advantage, and began to attempt lifting myself up.

“What are you doing?” Samuels asked, observing me. He found it strange that my process of standing up involved nearly ripping away all of the earth around me. I was basically digging up a moat around me.

Hey, I’ve been rendered a gimp. Don’t judge.

“I’m trying to stand up so that we can get out of this bloody forest.” I said back, trying harder to achieve my goal.

It wasn’t working in the least bit, and I could sense from the back of my head that Samuels was pretty damn amused. He was probably just anticipating for the time I come begging to him for aid.

“I do have my broomstick, you know.” He said pointedly. Within a few strides, he grabbed his broom from its location at the tree trunk. His eyebrows arched, his lips formed into a presumptuous smirk.

Those lips that I had—stop it, you cow!

“Well, bloody fantastic for you then.” I remarked with extra hmph. How dare he parade his nancy little broomstick in front of my nose, knowing well that mine was probably wood confetti right now.

The first thing that my hand gripped on the ground was a large, sturdy branch. I positioned it vertically, using all of my strength in my arms and my one good leg to help pull me up to a proper stance.

“Do you need any hel—” he hesitated.

“No! I’m fine!”

I nearly screamed for joy when everything was working, and didn’t even care if I had to lean on the branch like it were stupid scepter/cane. I felt powerful, dominant, complete—

“You know, you look like Gandalf right now.” Samuels snorted, already standing with our little set up cleaned up. The blanket was gone, the blanket that we slept on, the blanket that we snogged on.

God I made it sound like a sacred relic. It was anything but, and seriously needed to be burned.

Swiftly, he gripped his broom, touching off the ground slightly. In a matter of seconds, he sped over to me, circling around my hunched figure on his broom. Like a hungry hawk scrutinizing its prey.

“You really want to know what you look like?” I confrontationally challenged, appalled that he compared me to an old man. Angrily, I hobbled over quickly to try and break out of his little flying circle.

He still managed to keep following me.

“Get on the broom, Dobbs.” He commanded, his voice imperiously deep. Casting a quick glance into his direction, I saw that he was staring at me, as though trying to intimidate me to get on the bloody thing with his mind powers.

“I’m fine!” I yelled a little too excessive. Obviously, I wasn’t fine. And obviously, I did need that broom ride. But I could never give him the satisfaction.

“No, Dobbs,” he halted his broom right in front of me, giving me a brilliant flash of his dark eyes rimmed with gold. “Get. On. The. Broom.”

His commanded sounded threatening, but I didn’t care. I still had to retain my independence and dignity, even if that meant tottering to the sides with a cane-like scepter-tree branch.

Coldly, I swerved around the broom, using my branch as my beacon of strength. I didn’t care if I looked like an old hunchback woman with a cane; I just wanted to get out of the forest as quickly as possible so that I could get away from him.

I suddenly felt a presence beside me, and rolled my eyes.

“Hurry it up, would you?” He called, gliding slowly on his broomstick right next to me. His speed matched mine, which was basically no speed at all. “We’re burning daylight, here.”

“May I remind you that ‘Gandalf’ here has an impaired leg.” I responded back in a dry tone. It wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t exactly be hopping up to his speed.

“Then get on the bloody broom.” Samuels ordered, his voice deep with irritation.

“No!” I fought back. I knew I was acting petty, but I couldn’t help myself.


“No!” I cried. “I am a woman! I’m perfectly capable of returning back to the castle!”

And that had no relevance to the situation whatsoever.

“I’m sure you are,” He added, and then stopped. Strangely, I stopped too. His eyes squared on me, making my pulse beat erratically. “But if you don’t get on this blasted broom right now, I’m just going to have to use force.”

I gripped my branch scepter, widening my eyes with fear. “You wouldn’t.”

Before he could answer, I used all my energy in limping as far away from his as I could. To my dismay, this did not get me very far. Hobbling was never the speediest form of travel.

I just didn’t want him to haul me over his back or whatever sick thing he planned to do. I couldn’t risk skin contact with him again. It was too risky, and would probably (and inevitably) result in us doing something stupid.

For the moment, I was feeling quite victorious.

Then suddenly, I heard laughter.

And it was progressively nearing me.

It was his laughter, and his stupid broom was closing in on me. I didn’t want to—

“Gotcha.” He murmured into my ear, hooking one of his arms around my waist and using the other to support my bottom half. His hands produced the same heat, with almost twice the effect.

“No! Stop! Samuels!” I thrashed about in his arms, but I knew not even I could win this battle. He chuckled at my efforts to thwart his strength, and showed off even more by effortlessly sliding me in place on the broom, with me in front and him and back.

His arms came around me to grip the broom handle in front of me. This action brought as closer, and constricted me to him.

Surely enough, I was not comfortable with Samuels pressed up against me.

“Oh, this is just marvelous.” I spat into the air maliciously.

“It beats limping like a grandma, right?” He asked, and I could sense an amused grin forming from the back of my head. I hated how acute my senses were becoming towards him. I didn’t like the alarm in the back in my brain when I knew he was secretly smiling at me, or whatnot.

“Rather that than this.” I muttered under my breath, satisfied that my ‘Samuels-Radar’ could detect a scowl forming.

After those words, we started ascending in silence. We rose above the bed of tree tops, and were instantly bathed in the morning sunlight. The skies were blue, and completely opposite of the hurricane that was experienced last night.

I’ve never seen the Forbidden Forest from such a view before. To be directly over it made the sinister area actually appear beautiful and mysterious. Sure, the trees were still dark and eerie, but from above I could detect small little brooks and creeks over water circulating throughout the forest.

It brought on a calming effect unlike any other.

“Wow. This is breathtaking.” I breathed, surprised that it was probably the first un-hostile sentence that I had uttered today.

“Yeah. You would never expect such a dark forest to catch the sunlight so magnificently.” He remarked in agreement, surprising me with his answer. It shocked me that we were on the same train of thought, and also that he actually provided an insightful answer.

This boy surprised me in so many ways.

A quiet hush fell over us, giving the wind a chance to whistle around us.

My brown hair swirled around me, and instantly felt embarrassed. I probably should’ve put it up in a ponytail, for it was now whipping Samuels furiously in the face.

“Sorry.” I felt chagrinned as I brought a hand over my hair to part it obediently to one side.

“I don’t mind.” He spoke softly. For once, my ‘Samuels-Radar’ was confused and couldn’t pick up a definite signal. “I enjoy the smell of peaches in the morning.”

I blushed. The shampoo I used was scented the flavor of peaches, and I usually used excessive amounts of it when washing my hair. It was a miracle the scent still held from that vicious rainstorm last night.

That being so, I didn’t know how to answer his last comment. Saying ‘Thank you’ would just sound stupid, so I didn’t. Instead, I asked something that was bugging me ever since last night.

“Samuels,” I asked, my voice a confused murmur. “Why did you save me last night?”

That question sent my ‘Samuels-Radar’ into overdrive. I could detect a look of conflict, of indecision. I really wished that my body wasn’t so aware of his, and could predict what faces he was making. The thought of that alone made me uncomfortable.

“Well…wouldn’t you have done the same for me?” He countered back. I knew he didn’t have a definitive answer, or at least one he didn’t want to share out loud.

“Probably not.”

He laughed at that one, causing the broom to shake. My hands gripped the handle of the broom quickly, inadvertently brushing my fingers against his hand. The nerves in those fingers exploded.

“We should keep going.” I commented passively, remembering the sharp pain erupting from my leg. I just remembered that I was still hurt; I guess the surprise of everything around me numbed the pain to dullness.

Without a word, Samuels smoothly glided the broom in the direction of the castle. The ride was pleasant, especially during such a morning. And it was peaceful too; certainly something I did not expect it to be.

“Why wouldn’t I have saved you, Dobbs?” He blurted out, as though this thought had been conflicting him in the past minutes. “I mean, I’m not as bad as you think.”

“I’m not saying you’re heartless.” I said, surprised at myself for actually uttering those words. “But the fact that you went through all that trouble to help me, even took care of me—”

The choice of words made me blush. Oh, stupid, blunt, Emma.

“—and even stayed by me,” I continued, recovering from the odd misuse of words. “I guess I’m just…surprised. I thought we couldn’t stand each other, and now we’re—”

“No Dobbs,” he cut in, his voice sharp and clear. “As much as you hate to admit it, but at this point, we actually can stand each other. You were just so stuck with the concept of hating me that it came to a point where it made absolutely no sense anymore.”

My lips parted in surprise. How could he know so much about me when we barely knew each other?

“I knew that the storm would be absolute hell to race in.” he began a completely new train of thought. I listened. “When I saw that huge flash of lightening and then heard your scream, I guess I…panicked.”

I was still rendered a speechless idiot.

“I immediately raced down to find you, and then found you on the ground. Which brings us here.” He concluded. Even though it was said so simply, I still couldn't manage to discern the complexity of the situation.

The story floated through my mind as we were nearing ever so closely to the castle. In just a few seconds, we’d be at the entrance. I found myself craving a few extra long minutes on this dysfunctional broom ride. So many questions to be answered.

But that wish was tampered when he finally dipped the broom down, lowering us to the ground level. To my dismay, I saw the one sight that I did not even want to deal with.

The Ravenclaw team. The entire Ravenclaw team waiting at the entrance.

“Oh, great.” I muttered, this first thing I said after the long silence. I was dreading the first thing that would pop out of Jeremy’s satanic mouth.

I was already confused. I didn’t need to be confused and crabby.

We were gliding swiftly, and slowed down until we finally reached the cobblestoned entrance. The Ravenclaw, still a few yards from us, did not move from their spots. Apparently, the image of me on a broom with Samuels shocked them into a petrified state.

“Time to deal with that.” Samuels landed on the ground, solidly standing before me. Without warning, he picked up my body from the broom, and effortlessly carried me bridal style. For once, I didn’t complain.

There was still one question burning in the back of my mind. I realized that this one moment could possibly be the last peaceful time we’re with each other, and used the last seconds to satisfy my curiosity.

“Why did you kiss me?” I whispered, watching the still figures of the Ravenclaws approaching. Jill was among them, and she had her head tilted at the side. If I weren’t so puzzled, I’d actually be laughing.

After that question was asked, he stared at me. I saw the full flash of golden specks within those dark eyes, and my breath hitched. I was beginning to notice the reoccurring pattern of those flashes of gold in those unfathomable eyes.

“Why did you kiss me back?” He answered with a question, leaving me speechless.

Without another word, he carried on, walking toward the group of our team. I didn’t know what I’d tell Jill when the time came, but all I knew was that I had to reevaluate some things about myself.

He couldn’t bring himself to answer why he kissed me. And I couldn’t supply a reason as to why I kissed back.

Why had I kissed him back?

Dear Wonderfully Fantastic Readers,
Sorry for another brutal wait! Finals are coming up, and I’ve just been busy with everything! I’ve been trying my hardest to update my stories before cramming time, so I’m glad I got this one in. I hoped you liked it;) So much Dobbs/Samuels action, and even more complexity added to their already dysfunctional relationship (if you could call it that). So happy with the response I’ve been getting!

Remember, favorite quotes, characters, moments, etc. and review it! Thank you so much! Or just hop on over to my Meet The Author page and we can chat;)

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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