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A/N: FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDN'T GET THE MESSAGE LAST CHAPTER, LISTEN UP! I have slightly rewritten all previous chapters so the story fits Lily and James's seventh year, which used to be the fifth. THE STORY IS STILL THE SAME just a few words have been channged for most chapters. You could reread the story if you are not sure how this works out, or just chapters 5, 6, 11, and 20 as they have changed the most. I repeat, THE STORY IS STILL THE SAME! I am sorry if this makes anyone angry, but I had to do it in order for the ending to work out. Also, all chapters from now on will take place in the 7th year, so keep that in mind. If you are rereading one of the previous chapters and you find a mistake (like Flitwick addressing the 5th years, who should be seventh years) please tell me and I will correct it! Now, all that aside, enjoy the chapter!
“You look really nice Lily.” Freddie complimented her while they waited for their coffee in Madame Puddifoot’s. “What? Oh, why thank you, Freddie. You look really great, too!” Lily replied, snapping out of her reverie. She had been remembering the last time she had been in here, the time with James. She smiled as she remembered how close they had been sitting, how awkward it had felt. Well, actually, she was about the same distance away from Freddie, but it wasn’t as weird as it could be. “How’d you do on that Herbology assignment we got back?” Freddie asked politely, smiling at her. “I did okay, I got an E because one of the buds on my Flowering Ear plant wasn’t fully developed yet. How about you?” Lily responded, hoping to keep the topic of the conversation away from herself for awhile. “I managed an O somehow. But I know what you mean about the buds, one of mine just bloomed the last day.” Ernie conversed jovially. “Wish I could say I was getting O’s in Potions. Now there’s a class I’m miserable at.” “Aren’t we all?” Lily agreed, and the both laughed. “I think it’s just Mudbloods and dull Huffing-Pufflings that are abysmal at Potions.” Came an oily voice from behind their booth. Lily and Freddie whipped around. It was Snape. Oh Goody, thought Lily. “I believe this is a personal conversation, Snape, and I don’t recall inviting you into it.” Lily sniffed, turning back to her coffee. “You better watch your back, Mudblood. Pretty hair and green eyes don’t change the fact that you’re nothing but dirt inside!” Snape sang in a light voice, and several of the Slytherins in the café sniggered. “Whatever, Snape. You might want to watch your own back as well, unless you’d like some more ooze coming out of those ears…” Lily retorted in an even, almost polite tone. Snape narrowed his eyes. “Potter’s not going to be around forever, standing up for you and defending your Mudblood honor. Oh, wait! I almost forgot… you’re dating a Hufflepuff now, ooh, I’m so scared!” Snape leered at her and Freddie, sneering sinisterly. Lily bristled, she would not let him insult James or Freddie! Or herself, for that matter… “Is that a threat, Snape?” Lily smiled sweetly, now rising to her feet. The majority of Madame Puddifoot’s customers were watching with interest, surprisingly finding the situation unfolding before them more entertaining that remaining lip locked with their dates. James and Emma entered the café, James looking quite furious from the chat he had had with Dumbledore, Emma looking a little sulky they had been delayed by James’ temper standing up for Lily. They walked into quite an unusual scene for the usual atmosphere on Valentine’s Day at Madame Puddifoot’s, with Lily and Snape standing in the middle. “I believe it is a threat, Evans.” Snape replied, returning the cheerful tone. “But look! Potter’s just in time to save the day! Here he comes again to Lily’s rescue!” Snape said with delight as he spotted James and Emma on their way in. “Slimulus!” For the second time in one day, Snape was oozing slime from his ears. He looked aghast at James, whom he could have sworn hadn’t even touched his wand. James looked quite surprised as well. “What were you saying, Snape? Something about me needing Potter to come to my rescue?” Lily said harshly to him, and both James and Snape stared at her in amazement, Snape still oozing. “I’m not a damsel in distress, I can take care of myself, thank-you-very-much!” The café continued to gape at her. Lily held her head high and turned to Freddie. “Freddie, we’re leaving now. Let’s go to Honeydukes.” Lily commanded him, and Freddie nodded meekly, a little frightened of this powerful Lily. And with that, Lily and Freddie made their exit. “Nice ears, Snivellus.” James hissed at Snape as he and Emma passed him on the way to their table. Snape, realizing that his ears were oozing still, shot one last menacing look at James before hurrying out of the café, peals of laughter following him. “Lily sure knows how to make a scene.” Emma stated as she put her napkin in her lap. “She‘s sure got a temper, too!” “She most certainly does…” James replied in a dazed sort of way. “You know what I like about you, Lily?” Freddie asked her as they headed for Honeydukes. “Mmm?” Lily replied, only half listening, still seething at Snape. “That you stand up for yourself and those you care for.” Freddie told her, and Lily slowed her quick stride down. “Thanks, Freddie! That was really nice, that’s what I like about you…” Lily smiled at him, and he took her hand. They continued to stroll down the wide avenue of Hogsmeade. “And that you’re funny, and charming, and just yourself around me. You just act like, normal, not like you feel you have to impress me by doing crazy stuff…” Lily trailed off. “Like James?” Freddie questioned, not intending to accuse her. Lily whacked herself on the forehead. “Oh, no, that’s not what I was going on about. I’m sorry Freddie, I ask you on a date and then I start blabbering about Potter after making a spectacle in Madame Puddifoot’. From now on, we won’t talk about Potter or Snape! Just you, and me!” Lily stated finally, smiling at Freddie again. They kept walking at a more leisurely pace for a few moments, enjoying one another’s company and silence. “But yea, he really does show off and try to impress everyone, even though he could just-” Lily began out of the blue. Freddie laughed. “What?” “You’re talking about James again!” He replied, amused, not angry that she had started to talk about her ex-boyfriend yet again. “Oh my gosh! You’re right! Sorry! No more! I swear!” Lily cried in exasperation as they entered Honeydukes. “Don’t worry about it. Besides, I’ve got something for you.” Freddie said in a mysterious voice. He fumbled in his robes for a moment before bringing out a small box. “Go ahead, open it!” Lily held the box, wondering what could possibly be in it. She opened it, and saw that a heart-shaped emerald ring was in it. “Freddie, what is this?” She breathed, admiring the clarity of the stone. “It’s a thought ring, whenever I think of you, the stone glows. I got you the emerald because of your eyes.” He smiled as he slipped it on her index finger, where it fit perfectly. Sure enough, the stone glowed, causing it to shine more than before. “Do you like it?” “It’s wonderful! Thank you!” Lily beamed, admiring it. She took her gaze away from it, and found herself eye to eye with Freddie, who had not been admiring the ring, but had been admiring her. Lily leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips before pulling away. Perhaps she shouldn’t have kissed him! She thought to herself, as Freddie looked quite stunned. Freddie recovered remarkably well, and leaned forward to return the favor. *** The tale of Lily’s encounter with Snape spread like wildfire throughout the school. James was a little disappointed that she did not have to speak with Dumbledore for performing the exact same spell on Snape he had, but he let it go. Lily’s new fame lasted for quite some time, through the remainder of February and March. Some speculated whether Lily or James should be feared more when provoked. It was difficult to say, as both were even for magical ability, tied for top of the class. “I am fed up with Quidditch!” declared Crystal one Saturday in March, after a particularly long and rainy practice. Spring showers were in abundance, to no one’s delight, making any outdoor class a rather unenjoyable event. Lily and Tracy looked up from their History of Magic notes. “Why’s that?” Erica asked from the floor, sorting her Potions notes. The N.E.W.T.s were still a couple months away, but already studying was becoming common. Crystal sank dramatically into one of the armchairs, causing Lily to scowl as some mud from her robes dripped onto her notes. “Potter’s trying to drown us, with practices in rain like that! And Black won’t pass to me, and of course everyone sides with the Marauders because I’m the only girl!” Crystal complained. The Marauders, especially Sirius and James, had been extremely harsh to Lily’s friends, and Crystal was often singled out during practice. “Well, if we lose the Quidditch cup because Black didn’t pass to you, it’ll be their fault, and everyone will blame them.” Tracy stated finally. It was remarkable how they had transgressed from first names to last names only with the Marauders in such a short amount of time. “Lily, if it comes down to the showdown, you better clobber Potter for me, k?” Crystal smiled, but Lily frowned. “Showdown?” she asked, looking up from the ring that she had been smiling at, which was glowing at the moment. “All the third years are talking about how you and Potter are going to kill one another off sooner or later, they’re even placing bets. Ever since you hexed Snape-” Crystal told her, and Tracy and Erica laughed. “They’re placing BETS? I don’t know how this whole thing started, Potter and I simply have different points of view. We are not going to finish each other off!” Lily replied in a stern but amused way. Third years are so excitable… As if to confirm Crystal’s testimony, just then a third year approached them, followed by another. “Um, Sorry to interrupt, but we were just wondering whether you could perform a Synchrolosis Charm?” The first one timidly asked, and Lily had to use a lot of self control to prevent herself from laughing. “Never tried to.” She replied honestly. “We better put our money on James, then.” The second one muttered decisively to the first, who nodded before they both scampered off. “Unbelievable!” Lily remarked, shaking her head. Her friends nodded in agreement. Just then, James entered the common room, looking as muddy and drenched as Crystal had. Immediately he was hailed by the very same third years. “We were just wondering if you could perform a Synchrolosis Charm?” the question was presented to him. James studied them for a second, and glanced over at Lily and her friends, who were watching him as well. “’Course I can!” James told them in an offhand sort of way. “Really? Wow! We’re betting on you, for sure!” they told him excitedly. James flashed them a grin and ruffled his hair. “Yea, right. I don’t think he’s even heard of that charm!” Lily said casually to Tracy, not really bothering to keep her voice down. “What did you say, Evans?” James asked, coming up to the table. Lily shrugged. “Oh, nothing really. I just didn’t think you’d even heard of it, that’s all.” James raised his eyebrows at her. “Maybe not, but I could probably still do it.” “Oh really? I’d like to see you try, Potter.” Lily replied with a slight laugh. “I bet you would,” James smiled, taking out his wand. “But I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun! Why don’t we have a go, see who can do it.” Lily stood up, not sure he had heard him correctly. The common room watched with rapture. “Do you think that’s a smart thing to do, Potter?” Lily asked, a tad annoyed and yet intrigued at whether he was serious or not. “What, are you scared, Evans?” James shot back, setting his jaw firmly, and the common roomed made noises of approval and surprise. Lily took out her wand. “Not of you, Potter. Perhaps we should give these third years reason to bet?” Lily replied, and even James looked a bit taken aback by this, but he recovered quickly. “Fine by me, Evans. Let’s duel.” Lily nodded and gave him a challenging smile in agreement. Tables and chairs were pushed out of the way, clearing a nice large area perfect for dueling. Lily and James stood poised opposite each other, wands at the ready. They bowed, and counted to three together. “Rictusempra!” Cried Lily, shooting a beam of red at James. “Mimble-Wimble!” Cried James, shooting a beam of blue at Lily. They shot spells at one another for several minutes, each dodging with agility and attacking with speed. “Synchrolosis!” Cried Lily at the same time James did. Both shot out a beam of gold, and both were hit squarely in the chest. To the onlookers, it appeared that nothing had happened at first, but to Lily and James something unusual was happening. In Lily’s mind, images were flying up: James riding on a broomstick holding onto his father, standing in the shrieking shack watching a young Remus transform, Sirius climbing through the window looking very beat up…. In James’ mind, images were also coming up: Lily baking a cake with her mother and sister, opening a Hogwarts letter for the first time, her sister yelling at her and calling her names…. James transforming into the stag for the first time… Lily being sorted… James sitting in the common room after she had rejected him, holding a lily… Lily walking in on Emma and James… James kissing Emma… Lily kissing Freddie… All of their thoughts were floating around, both Lily’s memories and James’s memories, flashing before the other, out of control. James promising to her that she wouldn’t fall… Lily hugging him tightly at the Yule ball… Leaning forward for the first kiss… And suddenly, as they shared the last thought at the same time, the bond was broken. Everyone in the common room watched Lily and James with interest, looking as if they had just come out of a trance. To Lily and James it felt like coming out of a trance, both feeling a little dazed. Lily looked up, and her eyes met with James. What had just happened? James was wondering the same thing. The portrait hole opened and Sirius came in, oblivious to the unusual events going on. “Prongs, Peter found out which bathroom was the closest to the Slytherin common room! When those commodes explode, those Slythering will find a bit of water…” Sirius approached him in good spirits, stepping into the cleared area where James and Lily stood. Both Lily and Jams were panting as though they had just come up for air, and Sirius looked at James closer. “James, are you sick?” “Okay! Duel’s over, thanks for watching, now go away! Shoo! Nothing more to see here!” Tracy waved her arms at the crowd of onlookers, many of who groaned and sighed in protest to the event being cut short. “You heard me, all over! Go to dinner!” The common room slowly emptied out, leaving James, Sirius, Tracy, Lily, Erica, and Crystal. “What’s going on in here?” Sirius asked, bewildered. No response from James or Lily, who were still breathing hard and staring at one another. Tracy began uncertainly. “Well, they both performed a Synchrolosis Charm at the same time, and then they sort of went into a trance, and then they snapped out of it, and they’ve been like this ever since.” Tracy explained. They continued to stare at Lily and James. “You kissed Emma?” Lily finally got out. “You kissed Freddie?” James asked in response. “Did you see my thoughts and memories, too?” Lily asked, aghast at what else James had seen. “And you saw mine?” James shook his head in shock. Tracy and Sirius exchanged confused looks. “I didn’t know the charm did that!” Lily whispered, still fearful at what else James could have seen. “Like I did? I’d never done that charm before!” James replied. “What else did you see?” He demanded suddenly, feeling as though his memories had been violated. “Oh, loads of stuff, you on a broom, you as a stag, you kissing me-” Lily began to list, but James interrupted. “Wait! You saw me kissing you, too?” James asked, finding it odd that the same memory had come about from both of them. “You did too?” Lily implored, feeling the coincidence was odd. “D’you mind filling the rest of us in on WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” Sirius asked, he hated being left in the dark. Lily and James stared at each other for a moment more. “I think I’ll go to bed now.” Lily said to no one in particular, feeling very odd at the events that had just happened. “Lily, it’s only 7:00! You can’t go to bed now!” Tracy exclaimed, but Lily was already heading up to the dormitory. “I think I’ll turn in, too.” James mentioned as he headed for his own dormitory. Tracy, Sirius, Crystal, and Erica continued to stand in the common room, dumbstruck. “Whatever is going on with them, it’s getting too weird.” Sirius declared, and for the first time in a long time, Tracy agreed. Too weird.
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