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A/N: Wow… it has been awhile since I update this. A year and a half… geeze! Sorry! Won’t happen again, I promise!


Chapter Two: I guess some things do change



The girl in front of me had, like everything else, changed. She was very slender, which I did remember, but had curves that I didn’t. Her hair was no longer frizzy, but soft curls that cascaded over her small shoulders. That was just at first glance, though.


As I began to really look at this Hermione Granger I noticed a few other things. Like her eyes were dark, but that could be because she had bags underneath her eyes. Her lips were pale and she looked tired and worn out. For a second I let myself wonder what had happened to her to make the perky know-it-all from Hogwarts look so beat down.


“Yes…” Hermione trailed off as she actually began to look at me. Her eyes widened and hand flew over her mouth. “My heavens…” she muttered. “Draco Malfoy? You are my student?”


“I…I guess…” I stuttered, scratching the back of my neck. The room, which had seemed pretty spacious when I first arrived, began to feel extremely small. As if the world itself just shrunk.


“Umm…” Hermione bit her pale lip as she looked down at the clipboard she was holding. “All right. Shall we begin?” She questioned and I know I must have looked confused. I quickly shook it off, though. If she was willing to be professional about this, then I should be too. I just had a really bad feeling about this.


“Sure.” I nodded, shoving my hands into my pockets and rocked back on my hills.


“Please come to me,” Hermione instructed me, putting the clipboard down. I waited a moment, but eventually did as I was told. “Put your left hand on my waist.”


“Bit forward, aren’t you, Granger.” I laughed, doing as I was told. She didn’t laugh, though. Something that also apparently didn’t change; her since of humor. “Lighten up.”


“Excuse me, but I am almost certain that I am in charge here,” she replied, grabbing my other hand and moving closer to me.


The minute she did so a new melody of scents went shooting up my nose. This time, instead of the dead flows and old socks that this place reeked of, it smelled more like a spring day near a river. I could actually almost hear the birds chirping and hear the water running. I stepped back, feeling a bit light headed. Had that marvelous scent come from her?




What in the hell is Draco Malfoy doing back here? I thought he fled to America. Did he have a hidden agenda for being here? Was he going to try to bring me more pain than I was already dealing with?


I shook my head, finding that absurd. He had acted just as surprised as I did to see me and we weren’t in school anymore. There was no reason to act like children, right?


As I stepped in closer to him I realized that he must really not know how to dance. He was about four inches taller than me, which really made this harder.


He stepped away from me, which made me sigh in aggravation. He was going to be one of those students. The type that had a problem with every little thing I did and had to stop to point it out. I hated when people thought they could tell me how to do my job when they didn’t know a thing about it.


“Malfoy, listen,” I started, folding my arms. “We haven’t even started dancing yet. There is no way you could have found something wrong, already.”


“What?” He asked, looking down at me like he hadn’t even heard a word I just said. This was ridiclious. How could I have thought for a minute that I could teach Draco Malfoy?


“Maybe we should find you a different teacher.” I told him as I went back to pick up my clipboard.


“No…” He finally spoke. “I don’t need another teacher. I am sorry, I just zoned out.”


Did he just apologize to me? Draco Malfoy? Hm… I guess somethings do change.


Without another word I walked back over to him, feeling my dress hit my legs a little bit. I really hoped I didn’t seem to rushed. I got back into position and this time he did, too, without any question. I smiled inwardly, kind of smirking at the fact that I had gotten a bit mean and he had stopped me from leaving. I am not sure why this thought made me smile, but it did. It was just a good feeling.




Dance lessons are not as bad as I thought they would be. Despite the fact that they are with Granger.


“So… are you marrying Weasley?” I asked her as we finished up and she was marking how horrid I was on her clipboard. I noticed the engagement ring on her finger as we were dancing and thought that was the only reasonable conclusion. The two of them were always destined to be. Everyone knew it.


I saw the pen stop, but Granger did not look up from the sheet of paper. Should I take that as a no? I really wanted to know what happened, now, but knew better than to pry. If there is one thing my drunken mother taught me, it was to let things die.


“Ron… um… he died during the war.” She finally replied, sounding as if she had to force the words to come out of her mouth. My eyes dropped to the floor. I felt really stupid for asking, now. I had no idea. The war was a mystery to me.


“Oh… I am sorry.” I apologized and noticed her eyes got wider, but again she didn’t look up. “I just saw the ring and assumed. So, who is the guy? Potter?”


“That is none of your business.” Granger snapped harshly at me as she looked up. She gave me one firm look in the eyes and then marched right past me. “I will see you tomorrow at the same time. I would advise you to practice. Especially if you want to have this down in a week. You are terrible.” Without another word, or even giving me time to reply, she opened the door and practically ran out.


I sighed as I stood there. Had I hit a nerve? Had Potter died, too? I guess it doesn’t really matter to me either way. Wasn’t like we were friends…


I walked out of the dance studio, not giving the rude girl a second look, and out into the streets. I really didn’t want to go home to Mother. That would be a mistake. Where could I go then?


It didn’t take me two seconds to realize that I should probably go back and see how Hogwarts was doing. Knowing better than to apparate to school grounds, I did so to Hogsmade.


The little village that had been my escape from Hogwarts had not changed a bit(like everything else). Everything seemed to be where I left it. Of course there were new shops, but nothing really drastic. I shook my head, knowing that this wasn’t the reason I came. I couldn’t spend my time here… it was time to go back.


I caught a ride in a carriage to Howarts. It was so weird how every little thing reminded me of when I was back in school.



“You would think they would put air freshener in here or something!” I snarled as I climbed into the carriage. In all honesty it didn’t smell at all, I just needed something to complain about.


“I don’t think it is the carriage, Draco. Crabbe isn’t wearing any deodorant.” Pansy said, crinkling her nose, as she took her place beside me.


“Well then he doesn’t need to ride with us now does he?” My cruel eyes fixed on Crabbe now. He looked horrified, knowing that I was serious. “Get out.”


“But…” He tired, but I held up my hand.


“Out.” I demanded again and this time, without a word, Crabbe left. The rest of the Slytherins rolled with laughter, but I had to force a chuckle. I knew very well nobody else would want him in their carriage and he would end up staying at Hogwarts.



Crabbe had stayed at Hogwarts that trip. If I remember correctly he never went on another Hogsmade trip with us again. He had said it was because of detention, but I found it strange the way he would purposely get caught doing something in front of a Professor.


I wonder how he is doing? Probably in Azkaban. I don’t see how Blaise Zabini stayed out.


“Sir… your stop.” The driver poked his head in to tell me. I climbed out and paid him and asked if he would wait. He nodded and I began my journey up to the gates of Hogwarts.


It was weird stepping through them. Again, nothing seemed to change. There were students lounged everywhere outside on the cool spring day. I remembered the feeling of classes being out. One of the best feelings in the world, if you asked me. Nobody seemed to notice me, though. I don’t see why that felt weird. It wasn’t like they knew who I was.


I ventured my way through the large oak doors that once I called my prison. Which, in reality, was my safe haven. Hogwarts had been my home in so many ways. It was my hero from my abusive father and my drunken mother. Nothing could touch me here.


I went straight to the dungeons. I am not sure why I was drawn to the potions room, but I was. I was surprised to see someone still in there.


“Go away!” A familiar, but older, voice hollered. This time, though, I placed it on the dot.


“Snape.” I said, surprised he was still here. I walked a bit toward him, trying to make out the figure. I nearly laughed at what I saw.


Snape’s once greasy black hair was now thin and snow white; combed over the bald spot on his head. He was hunched over, looks like he has back problems. He also walked with a cane as he turned toward me, his face more wrinkled than my mothers. He had gotten old fast.


“Draco Malfoy.” Snape replied and I smiled. He would be happy to see his favorite student, right? All of a sudden I was knocked off my feet and sent flying into the door by some sort of spell.


“What the hell?” I hollered, not getting up right away.


“You little chicken! How dare you run from the war! Do you have any idea what you have done!” Snape yelled at me. I just sat there, staring at the man I had once knew as a friend. He had been my protector from the dark lord. He was the reason I had switched sides right before I decided to flea.


“What I have done?” I asked, confused. I hadn’t done anything. Hell, I hadn’t even been back for a full twenty four hours.


“Yes, boy!” Snape hissed, stumbling closer to me. “You ran from the war! Many innocent lives were lost, because of this!”


“How is that my fault?” I inquired, rising to my feet.


“Because you weren’t there!” Snape waved his cane. Had he gone senile in his old age? I got up and ran out the door. I had heard just about enough.


Wondering the old school corridors, a bit shaken up, I noticed that a lot had changed. New professors, new classrooms, new windows, hell even new carpet. Life had gone on just fine without me. I knew it would, I think…


“Draco Malfoy.” I heard a voice say from behind me as I stood on the third floor looking out the window. Why did everyone say my name like that? I turned around to see who was addressing me.


Behind me stood a petite woman with stringy black hair. Her green eyes shone brightly through the bangs that covered her face and she wore a huge smile. It didn’t take me long to place her.


“Pansy!” I smiled at my old school flame. “You are a Professor here?”


“Not really… um… Headmistress.” She corrected me and I was shocked. “Didn’t think I would ever see your cowardly ass again.”


Cowardly? Is that what everyone here thought of me? I shook my head, not knowing what to say. I decided it was best not to say anything. I nodded toward her and took  my leave. To my surprise she didn’t come chasing after me like she always had.


I guess some things do chance.

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