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Chapter 8: Taking a Little Break



            Two pieces of parchment bounced off James’s head. One was a hastily written, crumbled up note and the other one was a charmed paper airplane. James eagerly opened the crumbled one first.




I will NOT go to Hogsmeade with you! I don’t care if I didn’t go to the last one with you even though you won the Quidditch match. I STILL won’t go with you if you win the upcoming Quidditch match. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL, POTTER!

-L. E


James shook his head and wrote a reply.


Hey, Evans, it was just a question.

-“Big Headed Git”


He balled it up and aimed it at Lily, who was pretending to listen to Professor Binns. He watched her slowly smooth it over and read it. She rolled her eyes and pushed the note under her notes.


James smoothed the paper airplane out and read it.



Marauder’s Headquarters tonight. DON’T TELL KIT.



He grinned, eager to plan the next prank.


            “Alright, class dismissed. I’m expecting those essays for next class,” Professor Binns said. Everyone dashed towards the door, eager to get back to their dormitories and relax.


            “Hey, Evans! How about we make a little bet?” he called to the redhead.


            “A bet?” she repeated slowly, turning around.


            “Yeah, if The Marauders win the prank war, you go out with me,” James said.


            “And if The Witches 4 win, you’ll never ask me out again,” Lily challenged.






The two of them shook hands, determined.


            “We better win this, Padfoot,” James muttered when Lily was out of earshot.


            “We will.”






            Two weeks later, on a Monday morning, the entire Great Hall was covered in head to toe in food. A huge food fight had broken out after The Witches 4’s pumpkin juice glasses exploded, soaking them. The Marauders started laughing until their pancakes smashed onto their faces.


            “Stop!” an enraged Professor McGonagall commanded. She waved her wand and all the food froze in place. She pointed at The Witches 4 and The Marauders.  “To my office, now!” Brittney’s eyes widened and she gulped nervously.


            “I cannot believe this! Two prefects! All in my own house, too! You should have your badges taken away. Such behavior!” Professor McGonagall ranted.


Lily felt a great sinking feeling in her stomach.


            “I don’t know what’s gotten into you! I knew you didn’t exactly get along well, but resorting to flinging food at each other like five-year-olds? Mr. Potter and Miss Kale, I ought to remove you from the Quidditch team!”


            “No, Professor—” James tried to protest.


            “Quiet, Mr. Potter! A hundred points from Gryffindor and detention for two months! And it’ll be in pairs! Miss Evans with Mr. Potter, don’t give me that look! Miss Kale with Mr. Black, Miss Sprouse with Mr. Pettigrew and Miss Maple with Mr. Lupin.”


            “Yes, Professor,” they all chorused.


            “Now back to your common rooms!”


They all hurried out, eager to get away.


“I think this is going too far. We should end it,” Lily said.


“Are you surrendering?” James asked, raising his eyebrows.


“No, we’re not. We’re just saying…we should lay off until our detention sentences are over. Then Professor McGonagall will cool off,” Jessilyn explained smoothly.


            “She’s right. It’s not going to do us any good if we get expelled,” Remus agreed.


            “Fine, let’s call it a two month break,” Sirius agreed.


            “Good, I don’t have to watch my back all the time.” Brittney sighed in relief.


            “Then we’ll start again after the winter holidays, right?” Peter asked.




They arrived at the common room and they all parted to get their bags and finish up the week’s assignments.


In a while, the conversation of The Marauders plus Jessilyn turned to their holiday plans.

“Where are you going, Moony?” James asked after getting tired of his Transfiguration essay.

“I might stay at Hogwarts,” Remus said quietly, closing the book he was reading and putting it aside.

“No, you’ll be staying with us,” James corrected. “You know how my mum loves company.”

He can’t because of his furry little problem,” Jessilyn interjected, also tossing aside her essay.

 “Oh,” James said, feeling guilty about his slip.

“But you got a letter from your mum saying she insists having you home for Christmas,” Peter protested.

“I forgot all about that,” Remus admitted.

“Hey, then you’ll be able to visit!” James exclaimed, immediately brightening up.

“What about you, Jessilyn?” Sirius asked.

“I nearly live at James’s house but we have Malfoy’s New Year’s party to attend.” Jessilyn bit her lip and frowned, her mood darkening. Sirius made a face somewhere between a frown and a scowl.

“I’m going to the Potter’s ball,” he declared firmly.

“Dad’s making me go. You have to come with me,” Jessilyn begged.

“My mum will probably make me, too. Maybe we can leave early and go to the Potter’s,” Sirius suggested hopefully.

“You can always sneak out, mate.” James grinned.

“Lily! You’re staying with me for Christmas, right?” Jessilyn called to the other side of the common room.

“I’m not sure. My mum wants me home,” Lily said, biting her lip thoughtfully. Last Christmas, Lily had Owled Jessilyn asking to stay over. She had had enough of Petunia.

“You’ll be coming for some of the time, right?” Jessilyn pressed.

“Of course.” Lily beamed.

“Great!” Jessilyn beamed back. “The favors I do you…” she teased James while he grinned cheekily back.




            December arrived with a shower of snow. The teachers, even Professor McGonagall, reduced the regular amount of homework. There wasn’t a weekend when the students wouldn’t run outside blissfully and wage a snowball fight. It was the peaceful months where no one had to constantly watch their backs. Before long, trunks were packed and owls were stuffed into cages. The Marauders and Jessilyn had snagged a compartment all to themselves. Lily had huffily refused to share a compartment with a “big headed toe-rag” and found another one with the others.

“Bye, Minnie!” Sirius called out the window with a cheeky grin. Professor McGonagall surprisingly smiled...but just a little.

“We all know you love Professor McGonagall.” James rolled his eyes and pulled his best mate out of the window.

“More than you should,” Jessilyn smirked.

“You’re going to make Cara jealous,” Peter joked.

“There she is,” James muttered as Cara Smith entered.

“Hi, Sirius,” Cara said. She flipped her blonde hair and sat down. Cara Smith was a sixth year Ravenclaw and Sirius’s current girlfriend of two weeks. Unfortunately, she and Jessilyn had a bit of…history.

“Hey, Cara,” Sirius said breezily.

“I’m going to go find Lily,” Jessilyn stated and got up.

”Alright, I’ll see you later, Lyn!” Sirius called as she got to the door.

“Bye, Kale.” Cara smirked but Jessilyn didn’t turn back. The compartment door slammed behind her.

“So, what are you doing for Christmas?” Cara asked everybody.

“I’m hanging out at James’s for most of the holiday. Then I might have Christmas dinner with my family,” Sirius replied.

“You guys don’t ever separate,” Cara commented.

“Well, I’m having a lot of people stay over. My mum’s always thrilled when the house is packed.” James explained. “Remus, Peter, Lyn, and Lily Evans are coming over near New Years,”

“Lyn?” Cara asked her face flushing just a bit.

“Jessilyn,” James said.

“Looks like she hasn’t changed at all, still trailing after you guys.” Cara rolled her eyes.

“She’s not trailing after us,” Remus spoke suddenly.

“Yeah, she’s our friend,” James added. Sirius shifted uneasily and was suddenly very engaged with looking at the clouds through the train window. Peter was lucky enough not to have to engage in the conversation as he was asleep, or pretending to be.


            Cara opened her mouth just as the door banged open and Jessilyn strode in, adding to the tension. She was already dressed in Muggle clothing.

“Hey,” Sirius said somewhat uncomfortably.

“We’re almost there,” she told them, shaking Peter awake.

“Oh, right. We should get changing.” Peter yawned and blinked, looking drowsy.

“Yeah, I’ll show you to the door, girls.” James nodded pointedly to the compartment door. Jessilyn and Cara filed out. Cara scowled as soon as the door shut. Before Jessilyn could head off to The Witches 4 compartment, Cara grabbed her arm, jerking her back.

“Listen, Kale, I know you’re staying at James’s house with Sirius. Try not to be the complete slag you are, alright?” Cara said, her voice dripping with honey.

“Why so threatened?” Jessilyn asked innocently.

“Shut up!” Cara dropped her sugary tone.

“Make me.”


The two girls glared fiercely at each other.


“You’d better watch it. Remember what happened the last time?” Cara said.

“Yeah, I do. Sirius ditched you after your little show.” Jessilyn replied.

Both girls whipped out their wands and with a flash of light both, they were thrown backwards. The two compartment doors slid open. Brittney gaped and Sirius eyes widened at the scene. Before anyone could stop her, Cara cried “Confringo!”

“Protego!” Sirius cried quickly, cutting in, and the hex bounced away harmlessly.

“Scourgify!” Cara tried again. Jessilyn’s mouth filled with bubbles.

“Diffindo,” Cara screamed desperately. Jessilyn blocked it with a flick of her wand.

“It’s changed since five years ago. Densaugeo!” she shouted and Cara’s teeth started to grow longer and longer.

“Nice, Jessilyn,” James smirked.

“Thanks,” Jessilyn replied and with one last glare at Cara and a look at Sirius, she stormed away. Lily, Helena, and Brittney rushed after her.


Dear Readers,

Sorry if this chapter seemed a bit too fast. I’m trying to move the story along. My apologies for the long wait. I was working on my website that’s now open. Go to my author's page for the link. It's got a lot of extra information and updates. Check it out. Also check out Hogwart’s Most Wanted Couple’s new banner done by emilyinlove.  Thanks again for reading and remember, review!

Hogwarts Cupid <3 <---


P.S: I’m starting a new story but I’m having trouble with the title…it’s going to be a Victorie/Teddy fanfic. If any of you have any ideas, feel free to share!



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