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Draco was running at full speed, he looked back to see his father hot on his heels with Voldemort next to him laughing hysterically. Draco turned a corner and tripped over his own feet and face planted the ground. He looked up at his father and the Dark Lord with blood gushing out of areas on his face.


 ‘Pitiful.’ Lucius spat at Draco’s scared and mangled form. ‘You are no son of mine.’


‘Father, please… I’m your flesh and blood.’ Draco choked back tears of pain and fear.


‘Poor little Draco. So weak, so useless it is your time to die now, and in whose hand you may ask? Well, it only seems fair that the person, who brought you into this world, takes you out.’ Lord Voldemort’s shrill voice boomed through Draco’s mind like an atomic bomb.


Draco woke up screaming. ‘Draco! You alright mate? You were screaming in your sleep.’ Draco’s best mate Blaise Zabini had his hands on Draco’s shaking shoulders.


‘Yeah, fine… bad dream is all.’ Draco whispered more to himself than anyone. ‘Just a dream I’m still alive.’ He said under his breath. He was finally away from his home and on the Hogwarts Express, heading back to the school he loved deep inside. He stared blankly out the window for the rest of the trip, making sure he didn’t fall back asleep.


When the train stopped, he was one of the last students off, and ended up sharing a carriage with a very strange third year girl. ‘You have beautiful eyes. I wish my parents had beautiful eyes, and then I would have inherited them.’ The brunette girl said to Draco when they were almost half way to the Castle.


‘Um… Thank you?’ Draco replied making sure he didn’t make eye contact with her for the rest of the ride. “I bet she is a mudblood, she looks like a mudblood” Draco thought to himself.


‘How many people in the world have beautiful eyes? I bet it’s over half the population.’ She said to herself. ‘What year are you in?’ She then turned to Draco and asked.


‘5th year’ Draco replied impatiently. The last thing he wanted at the moment was to be stuck with a weird girl talking about eyes.


When the carriage pulled up to the Castle Draco didn’t hesitate, he jumped out of the carriage grabbed his trunk and sped off towards the castle. He was almost at the doors when he heard the girl call out ‘Bye boy with pretty eyes!’ He pretended he didn’t hear her and kept moving at a fast pace.


‘Hey there you are mate!’ Blaise called over a whole heap of second years to Draco. ‘Not you, tiny!’ he said to a second year that turned around and looked at him.


The scared second year ran off and disappeared into the crowd. Blaise was a very intimidating person.


Draco turned and waited for Blaise to shove his way through the students, he was a lot taller than most kids his age so he wasn’t hard to spot through the mass of children trying to squeeze into the Great Hall.


‘Yeah, I took my time getting off the train, hoping I wouldn’t get caught up in the crowds. Obviously my plan failed.’ Draco laughed. Blaise and Draco shoved and pushed their way to the Great Hall without difficulty, most students moved out of their way before either of the intimidating boys had a chance to push them over.


Blaise let out a laugh. ‘I love being tall for my age.’


Draco nodded in agreement and said ‘I love being in Slytherin, that alone scares most of them.’ They found a seat at the Slytherin table and started to chat about their holidays… Well, Blaise told Draco about his holidays, Draco didn’t speak much of the horrors that went down at the Malfoy Manner in the summer holidays.


The Great Hall fell quiet when Professor McGonagall barged through the oversized oak doors with a whole heap of scared and nervous first years. Draco tripped a young black haired boy with glasses as he walked past. The first year got up and ran to a friend he obviously made on the Hogwarts Express.


‘He reminded me of Potter.’ Draco whispered to Blaise. They laughed and joked until Professor McGonagall started reading out names. After Jackson Xafama was sorted into Ravenclaw and seated the elderly Head Master, Dumbledore stood to make his welcome back speech. Draco hoped it wouldn’t go for too long, he was starving.


‘Students, Welcome back to another wonderful year at Hogwarts! First years, I would like to tell you, and other students, remind you, that the Forbidden Forest, is well… forbidden. Our caretaker Mr. Filch would also like me to remind you all, that magic in the hallways is not allowed, anyone who is found doing magic in the halls will serve detention. Now, I mustn’t keep you all from dinner. Enjoy!’ With that he sat back down as the food piled onto the tables.


Draco wasted no time in filling his plate with pies and sausage rolls and filling his goblet with pumpkin juice. After all the students had full bellies and were ready for bed Professor Dumbledore stood to make another speech. ‘Why does he intend on making a speech at the beginning and ending of dinner?’ Draco whined.


‘I hope everyone enjoyed that spectacular feast. Welcome once again. I hope you all have a wonderful year. Now that everyone is full and sleepy, you can now go to bed and snuggle with your favourite teddy, I know I will!’ Dumbledore laughed to himself and walked out the back door of the Great Hall.


Draco and Blaise headed down into the dungeons to their dorms. Once inside the common room it was full of excited new first year Slytherins. Draco had an idea and shoved Blaise lightly in the side and nodded his head towards the first years. Blaise nodded in response and they made their way over to the fireplace in the middle of the far wall.


‘Attention first year students!’ Draco called out; almost at once the first years all turned their heads around to look at the two tall boys standing.


‘Listen up! My name is Draco Malfoy, and this is Blaise Zabini, we are pretty much the rulers of all Slytherin people. Fellow Slytherins, I would like you all to know, that I might rule Slytherin, and the people in this house, but do NOT under any circumstances, make contact with me or Blaise at anytime, and you must refer to us as our last names, only FRIENDS call each other by first names, and we certainly are not friends.’ Draco and Blaise then went to walk off but then Draco turned around to say something more.


Most of the first years seemed petrified to even look at him and then when he spoke again they all looked as if they would get detention if they don’t. ‘Oh and also, do not go into the dungeon study under the common room, that’s where we keep the dead bodies.’ Draco then turned and left laughing to himself.


‘That was a great speech mate, especially the part about the dead bodies.’ Blaise roared with laughter.


‘That’s one way to keep the first years out of our study for about a year.’ Draco laughed.


After a few hours of swapping stories about the summer holidays and conjuring hot chocolates and marshmallows the two boys started to feel sleepy and decided to hit the hay.


Draco woke early that morning, and decided to have a shower first. The boys in Slytherin still went by the rule ‘First in, First served.’ This was much more chaotic than the girls scheduled times. Draco was happy he was the first into the bathroom so he quickly locked the door before one of his friends decided to come in and take over the shower.


Draco undress and hopped under the hot steaming water, he loved the way it would make snakes of water twirling and rushing down his chest and his body. The hot water seemed to undo any cramps or knots that had appeared in the night and took away the stress. He was washing his perfect blond hair when he heard a knock on the door.


‘Come on Draco! Hurry up!’ Blaise called from the other side of the door.


‘You can come in; if you want to be shamed cause my wand is bigger!’ Draco laughed.


‘You wish! You haven’t seen big until you’ve seen mine mate!’ Blaise laughed loudly enough to wake up the whole Slytherin house.


Draco then hurried out of the shower, got dressed and stuck his wand in his pants to make ‘it’ look abnormally huge. ‘See, mine’s bigger.’ Draco laughed when he saw Blaise had done the same thing. Draco gave Blaise a high-five and descended to the common room.


Draco sat in front of the fireplace as his hair dried slowly; he combed it so it was scruffy and messed up. He checked his reflection in the mirror on top of the fireplace. “Looking pretty good.” He thought as he checked his face for any impurities. Obviously there were none, Draco had always had perfect skin. As his hair dried fully, he used a spell to make it stay in the scruffy look.


As the fire blazed Draco stared into it and was lost in his thoughts. He was brought back to the common room when a tiny first year girl stood in front of the fire. ‘Hey!’ Draco shouted at the young blonde girl. ‘Yes?’ The girl said as she looked like she was about to wet herself. ‘What’s the time twerp?’ Draco demanded. The girl looked around trying to find a clock as quick as she could then she realized she was wearing a watch. ‘Um… it’s almost 7…’ she said and then ran off up to the girls dorm.


“Hmmm… I better head to breakfast.” Draco thought to himself. He stood up from the cozy lounge and headed out to the great hall for breakfast. Draco was having a good morning so far, joking around with Blaise in the mornings was always a good start to Draco's days. He was coming up the stairs and turned into the Great Hall when an all too familiar voice was heard.


‘Honestly Ronald, do you not know anything?’ Hermione Granger… Hermione Granger… The mud-blood of all mud-blood’s known to man. She was the Queen mud-blood. Also she was an insufferable know-it-all.


‘Unlike you Granger, not everyone knows everything, like yourself.’ Draco sneered.


‘I wasn’t asking for your input on the situation at matter, Malfoy.’ She retorted.


“For the sake of Merlin! Hermione Granger is and always has been THE most annoying, irritating, rude, nosy being on this planet!” Draco thought. ‘Honestly, I don’t care if you were asking for my input or not, you got it anyway.’ Draco smiled sarcastically then marched off to the Slytherin table.


Draco sat down and started eating his breakfast, he didn’t exactly HATE Granger, Weasley and Potter. He just didn’t like the way they treated him in first year, so he holds a grudge against them. They hate him on the other hand. For no apparent reason, probably because he is a wealthy, handsome, popular, pure-blood… if not that he definitely couldn’t think of any other reason.


‘Draco! My beautiful Draco; how I missed you so!’ Pansy Parkinson appeared out of thin air… She did that often; it made Draco feel like he was being watched 24/7.


‘Taking up poetry Pansy?’ Draco teased. He absolutely hates Pansy; she was the most annoying person on the planet… Of course after Granger, or maybe a little before her seeing as he could stand Granger’s voice.


‘Dearest Draco, no. I missed you so much, do I get a “welcome back, I missed you too, I can’t stand being away from you like that” kiss?’ She puckered her lips.


Draco almost regurgitated his half eaten breakfast. ‘Hell no’ He accidentally blurted out. Pansy looked at him as if he had been brain washed. Her face turned from shock to anger to sadness.


‘Oh… well why not?’ She said looking glum and holding back her tears. She looked like one of those dogs with the squished faces… except those dogs are pretty cute… Pansy searched his face for any sign of him joking. She didn’t find one.


‘Because Pansy, I’ve told you a thousand times… I'm never, ever, ever going to like you in that way, you just don’t see it.’ Draco then continued eating his breakfast.


His first class was Defense against the Dark Arts, with Gryffindor… Great! Draco hated having periods with Gryffindor, it meant he had to endure the “Golden Trio” why they were called golden, was beyond him.


‘Draco!’ Draco spun around and saw Blaise playing air guitar to no music. ‘Thank you, thank you Yes! You can have my autograph!’ Blaise then conjured a piece of paper with his ‘autograph’ on it.


‘You are so stupid sometimes. You can’t even play guitar… can you?’ Draco was shocked that he didn’t know if his best friend played an instrument.


‘Pfft no I wish. I want to learn how to play electric though… acoustic is for soft songs and girls.’ Blaise laughed. Draco looked confused, he wouldn’t know the difference if it slapped him in the face. His father would never let him own a muggle contraption.


‘Well, I wish I was allowed to own one.’ Draco said more to himself. ‘I would love to make music of my own.’ Draco then sat in thought, and pictured himself making sweet music and singing it to the girl of his dreams… then he stopped and thought about the girl of his dreams… he didn’t have one. If he did, she would have to be beautiful, smart, funny… kind, loving, caring, interesting… his list could go on for decades.


This got Draco thinking… he didn't know who he liked? It sure as Merlin’s hairy big toe wasn’t a Hogwarts student. If it was she would have to be Slytherin… on his fathers account, not his own… and there wasn’t much choice there.


He waltzed into the Dungeons for his DA class. Blaise could alter Draco’s moods so easily, and Blaise had no clue. Which on Draco’s behalf was good. They sat together at the back of the class as usual. Their teacher barged in the door like a rhinoceros on a mission. Now that Draco thought about it, he did look a little like a rhino. He did have a massive nose and tiny eyes… and he definitely had the figure of one too.


Class went by as usual, the teacher would ask a question and the mud-bloods hand would fly in the air before he had even finished the sentence. She was so annoying, stupid know-it-all Granger.


‘Mr. Malfoy! Would you like to share that day dream of yours with the class?’ The teacher snapped.


‘No sir.’ Draco said looking down as the class giggled at him.


‘Well, if you would be kind enough to join the discussion, that would be very helpful. What Mr. Malfoy is the missing ingredient to the Polyjuice Potion?’ The teacher pointed a fat stubby finger at the board and Draco quickly read through it… He should know this! Draco didn’t answer and looked around the room to see almost everyone staring at him besides the Golden Trio, Hermione’s hand was in the air AGAIN and she was almost jumping out of her seat.


‘Yes Miss. Granger?’ The fat lump said to Granger.


‘Lacewing Flies!’ She almost screamed it she was so eager to get the answer out.


‘Show off.’ Draco mumbled. ’10 points to Gryffindor!’ He said proudly. Of course the new DA teacher favored Gryffindor… Almost every teacher did, besides Snape of course. How many books has Granger read in her life? I bet if we locked her in the library for a month she would have read all the books by the time we opened it again… that’s if she hadn’t starved to death by then.


Draco daydreamed for the rest of the lesson, thinking about what a guitar would be like to play… He would definitely play acoustic; he wasn’t into the heavy metal and rock scene like Blaise. He was more into nice sweet soft music… Although he would never admit that to anyone, they would think he is a girl… or worse, a Gryffindor.


After DA finished, Draco hurried out of the room before the rhino called him back. He then had Care Of Magical Creatures… Even better than first period! Not. He had to endure Gryffindors, A.K.A the golden trio, and the insufferable oaf Hagrid. He walked as slow as possible to the grounds trying to take up most of the lesson, but he got there 5 minutes late.


‘Thanks for joinin’ us Malfoy.’ Hagrid said crossly. ‘A’right we can now get on with the lesson, firstly, put these on everyone!’ He said as he handed out leather gloves to everyone in the class. ‘Now get into pairs of two, but because of Professor Dumbledore’s new house unity project, the partner has to be from the other house!’ He yelled aloud and everyone in the class groaned at this information.


‘I know, I know, you all hate each other!’ He said rolling his eyes. No one moved, they didn’t know how to match up with the other house; Draco sat there refusing to do anything. ‘Well if you all aint gonna move and make pairs, ill give yer all a number and you find the other person with the same number.’ He then went around and numbered each Gryffindor up to the number 30, then started again with Slytherin. ‘Now find your pair!’ He shouted impatiently. As the ‘Obedient’ ones the Gryffindors went around asking the Slytherin their numbers.


Draco was dreading which Gryffindor had the number 12. He knew with his luck it would probably be Neville or some one stupid.


‘Whose number 12?’ Draco heard someone shout in the crowd.


‘Over here.’ Draco said unwillingly. He then saw a bushy haired Gryffindor walking towards him. NO! Anyone but her! He screamed mentally.


‘Whose number 12?’ She said as she moved closer. Draco knew that she recognized his voice, so he reluctantly told her it was he. After he had a groaning fit and Hermione stood there sulking Hagrid had told everyone to gather around him with their partner.


‘Today we are going to start raising our very own Eagle-Eyed Slug.’ Almost instantly everyone was yelling in protest.


There is no way Draco Malfoy would ever touch a disgusting, slimy slug. That was slave work. No way was he going to get his hands all covered in muck from touching an overgrown slug.


‘QUIET!’ Hagrid yelled and everyone silenced. ‘Look, this isn’t my idea, alright? It’s part of the curriculum so stop moping around!’ Hagrid looked angry… Hardly anyone had ever seen him angry…


Ten minutes later, Draco and Hermione were huddled over a tank with their slug in it, it was massive, not your everyday slug, it was the size of a small cat… and it was only a week old. Draco had had enough of this already, so he decided to start insulting Hermione for entertainment.


‘Granger, you never told me your sister was a slug. Is that a defect from inbreeding?’ Draco sneered. Hermione looked up, her hands all covered in slug juices.


‘Wow Malfoy, did you come up with that insult all by yourself?’ Hermione retorted.


‘Actually yes, I thought you might have liked a compliment once in a while.’ Draco then continued cleaning the overgrown mutated slug.

‘You’re a ferret, you know that?’ Hermione huffed and then also continued cleaning the muck off the gross creature. They stopped arguing for a while, and then the slug made a squishing sound and spurted green slime all over the glass cage it was contained in. Hermione jumped back in disgust while Draco almost squealed like a girl and jumped a meter in the air.


‘You made it do that mud-blood!’ Draco screamed.


‘I did not! It’s probably its saliva! You can’t force an Eagle-Eyed Slug to produce saliva you idiot!’ Hermione objected.


‘Whatever! You tried to make it go on me! You filthy mud-blood!’ Draco then stood over her, trying to intimidate her. It didn’t work, because a second later she had stuck her hands in the green slimy slug saliva and rubbed her hands all over Draco’s face.


‘You disgusting, filthy scummy- Oh my god!!!’ Draco started to scream… not in anger… in pain… The saliva was burning him.


‘Get it off me! Get it off! Granger, what have you done? I’m dying! Help!’ Draco started to cry. No one had ever seen Draco Malfoy cry. ‘Hagrid? What’s happening to him?’ Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs and she stood there too petrified to move.


‘Oh no! I forgot to tell you all that the saliva is excretes is highly dangerous!’ Hagrid ran over to Draco and used a spell that cleaned every inch of the slime off. Draco then stopped screaming and crying and looked up. Everyone gasped at the sight.


‘What?’ he asked nervously. No one said anything… Draco was scared… What happened to his face that no one would tell him?


‘Malfoy… Let’s go up to Madam Pomfrey.’ Hermione said taking Draco by the robe and dragging him away. Draco was looking at his feet, making sure no one could see his face, if it looked as bad as he thought it did, he was going to murder Granger.


‘I’m so, so sorry Malfoy, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t know that it was dangerous… if I did I wouldn’t of done it.’ Hermione was pleading forgiveness… but Draco was not going to give it to her that easily, sure if it had his robes maybe… but not his face… anything but his face. How didn’t she know? She knows everything else… She knows EVERYTHING.


‘Granger, you know everything about everything, how did you not know it was going to burn my face off? For the sake of Merlin!’ Draco said still looking at his feet, he wasn’t game enough to look up and face the people.


‘Because I didn’t think that this was part of the curriculum, if I had known, I would of researched it. Okay, we’re here, you can look up now.’ Hermione said pushing the hospital wing door open and yelling ‘Madam Pomfrey, quickly!’


A moment later Madam Pomfrey came scurrying out of her office and stopped mid step when she saw Draco’s face.


‘Oh my dear boy! What happened? Quickly, over here!’ She practically pushed him to the closest bed. ‘What happened? I need to know exactly so I can do the right spell to fix it.’ She said sitting down on the bed next to him.


‘Granger, go get me a mirror while I tell her what happened.’ Hermione pointed to Madam Pomfrey’s office she nodded so Hermione went in and started searching for a mirror.


‘Well, we were in care of magical creatures and Hermione and I were teamed up… odd I know.’ He said at her confused look. ‘Anyway, we were doing something with the Eagle-Eyed Slugs… Cleaning them… and Hermione and I were mucking around and I was laughing so much I fell into the glass container and my face got covered in the saliva.’ Draco hurried, so Granger wouldn’t hear him lying for her.


‘Oh dear… Well, I’ll just be moment there is a potion that can fix that in a jiffy.’ Madam Pomfrey rushed off to her office as Hermione came out and handed Draco the mirror.


‘Alright… One, two… THREE!’ Draco pulled the mirror up to his face, took one glance and was out cold.


A/N: Hey guys, well? What did you think of my first chapter, R&R guys! I really appreciate it! I know the chapter was massively long, but chapter one and two were too short by themselves so i joined them together. (:

Thanks to my readers!

Love Nicki.

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