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Chapter 26

According To Albus…


“There is only one happiness in life. To love and be loved.”-- George Sand


Not much got past Albus Dumbledore. He knew it was the Marauders were behind the prank that turned the Slytherins into pink kittens. He knew that the surprise the house elves would be serving that night was ten layer chocolate cake. He knew that Minerva owned a frilly, pink bathrobe. He also knew that when Sirius Black and Jessie Spring walked through the doors of the great hall this morning Minerva would be paying him ten gallons. He knew that the two of them had finally (as Horace would say) seen the light and professed their love to one another.

This was also why when two said students did walk through the giant oak doors he sat back and continued eating his eggs, as he silently chuckled at his colleges and students expressions. The first person to react was Minerva, who chocked on her sip of pumpkin juice. Horace was next. He let out a delighted sequel and clapped his hands together in glee. Then Flitwick noticed. His fork hung in midair as he rubbed his eyes and blinked. The students reactions were equally (if not more) entertaining. Jordan Sparks stood up in a huff and ran from the great hall crying. Severus Snape glared murderously at the couple, but then again he did every day. The Gryffindor team’s seeker, two of it’s chasers and keeper all began shoveling coins into one another’s hands. Lily Evans smirked and smacked James Potter’s shoulder when he wolf-whistled at the couple. Quite a few of the Hufflepuff girl’s were bawling into one another’s arms. It was quite a scene, just as Albus Dumbledore had known it would be.

Albus Dumbledore also knew that despite Minerva’s apparent annoyance as she dumped a handful of coins onto the table in front of him, her eyes were twinkling and he swore he saw a smile across her thin lips as she returned to her goblet.

He chuckled to himself as the blushing pair sat down beside their friends and Sirius pulled Jess towards him and kissed her forehead in reassurance; because Albus Dumbledore knew everything and he had always known that this would happen.


“A moment lasts all of a second, but memory lives on forever.” -- Anonymous


Two years prior to this day Sirius and Jessie’s entrance to the great hall had been quite a different scenario.

“You fucking asshole!” Jessie Spring walked through the doors of the great hall, wand raised and eyes full of murder. The room was pretty much empty. There were a few students bumming about and a scattering of teachers at the staff table, including the headmaster (a fact Jess ignored.)

“You insolent, narcissistic, pureblooded git!”

Moments prior Sirius Black had sprinted into the hall and hidden underneath the Gryffindor table and his friends pant legs and feet. Jessie marched up to the three visible Marauders and glared, “Where is he Jimmy-poo?!”

“Jess! What a pleasant surprise!” James grinned at her and held up an apple, “Apple?”

Jessie narrowed her eyes even further, “Toast? Sausage? Banana? Whipped cream?” James asked holding up each item in turn.

“Potter you have five seconds to either tell me where than disgusting dog is or I will tell Lily about the time you got into that makeup kit my Gran bought me and asked your mum…” James slapped his hand over her mouth, his glasses sliding off his nose, “Don’t you dare Jessabelle!” Jess licked his hand and James recoiled and began frantically wiping his hand on the shoulder of Peter‘s robes.

“Five… four… three… two…”

“He’s under the table!” James yelped and slapped his hand over his own mouth. At his words Jessie dove under the table and began crawling after Sirius who was army crawling his way towards the front of the room. Jessie growled, “I’m going to murder you Black!”

Sirius looked over his shoulder, she was gaining on him, “Now Jess… Oi! You did not!” Sirius looked at his rear. A lovely, little donkey tail was sprouting from his ass.

“Look your inner beauty is finally coming out Sirius!” Jessie laughed.

Sirius glared and sent a bolt of red light her way. Jess screeched and clapped her hands over her ears; a pair of floppy puppy ears were attached to her head.

“Bitch ears for the bitch!” Sirius called over his shoulder.

“I’m a bitch? You’re the one who took my broom and covered it in honey and Merlin knows what else!”

Above them their quid ditch captain yelped, “You touched her broom?”

“Yes he did!” Jessie called back up to James.

Jess was gaining on him, apparently she could move faster on all fours than Sirius could dragging half his body. She had finally reached him when they got to the end of the table. She lunged at him as Sirius scrambled out into the open.

“My office. Now.” Minerva McGonagall was not pleased. Sirius and Jess scrambled to their feet and the Professor marched them out the oak doors. Behind them Albus Dumbledore just smiled to himself and sipped his pumpkin juice; how he enjoyed watching true love unfold.


“It’s surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.”-- Barbara Kingsolver


“If Lily finds us she will kill us,” Jessie muttered under her breathe as they slid behind the stone wall stealthily.

“Jess, love, she isn’t going to find out unless you tell her. We’ve been discreet,” Sirius whispered back as he craned his neck around the corner.

“Mark my words, she will. She’s Lillian Evans. And when she does I shall sick her on you. And then I shall run away and leave you to deal with her. She is not a merciful creature. In fact, she‘s quite vicious. Kind of like a pissed off, starving, pregnant dragon. You know James, you of all people should understand why this was a bad idea to piss off Lily; you‘ve experience the consequences far to many times.”

James glared at her, “Jessabelle shut up. You’re killing the stealth of the operation.”

“Oh please Jimmy-poo, stealth is my middle name,” Jessie scoffed.

They inched their way around the corner and into the deserted hall, “Quickly,” Jessie beckoned with her hand. They dashed along the wall and turned another corner. Jess halted and Sirius, James and Remus crashed into her. A ways down the hall was a clearly irate red-headed witch with her back turned to them.

“Lily!” James hissed and they stumbled and shoved their way back around the corner.

“She’s coming this way! I think this is the part where I get to say I told you so,” Jessie glared at the boys. She put her hands on her hips and shook her head, mentally contemplating three bloody, painful murders. They were doomed; Lily was going to find them and Jessie was sure as hell not getting blamed for the little quidditch excursion they had gone on (instead of studying in the library for their NEWTS like they had promised the head girl they would.)

Suddenly, like a light in the dark, James’ eyes lit up, “This way.”

He led them over to a simple, red tapestry and pushed the heavy fabric aside. Jessie hopped in, dragging Sirius behind her. Remus followed James, who waved his wand in a series of complicated ways against the back of the fabric.

“Brilliant job James,” Remus said sarcastically. Not only was it pitch black inside, but there was barely enough room to fit one person; let alone three grown boys, a six foot beater and four brooms.

“If she catches us I will murder each and every one of you slowly. I don’t care that one of you is the only person who rarely mocks me. I don‘t care that one of you is basically my brother. And I certainly don‘t care that I‘m in love with one of you. After she catches us and murders us. I will murder each of you again,” Jessie hissed. Her back was squished into Sirius’ chest and her neck was beginning to ache from holding it to side so Remus didn’t accidentally elbow her in the face, “It will be a slow death and very, very painful. You will cry and beg and plead and I will show no mercy because as we stand here a very angry Lilllian Evans is hunting us down like cows for slaughter.”

“I believe the saying is sheep for slaughter,” Remus corrected her, “James if you could possibly move your broom more to the right…”

“Sorry Moony.”

“Argh! That is not Remus’ broom Potter!” Jess hissed swatting his hand away from her shirt. She jumped and ended up making her head collide with Sirius’ chin.


“Oh shit! Are you alright?”

“Shut up. She could be right outside,” James hissed.

Jessie glared at him, or more correctly, at the spot in the dark where she assumed James’ head might be, “You just made me nearly give my boyfriend a concussion Jimmy.”

“Two weeks ago you would have been congratulating yourself!”

“Two weeks ago I was plotting his murder!”

A series of whispered insults between the two followed, until Sirius interrupted them, “You and I always end up in the weirdest broom closet situations,” Sirius mused wrapping his arms around Jessie’s waist so they weren‘t squished awkwardly in front of his chest. James gagged and Jessie could just picture the look of disgust on his face.

“Oi! Lovebirds! Stop scarring me!” James yelped as Remus’ elbow collided with his cheekbone.

“You can’t even see us you git,” Jessie hissed.

“Still you could save the snogging for a time when we’re not present. I mean, I know you two can’t keep your hands off one another for more than two seconds…”

“We do not! Like you should talk Potter! And we are not snogging!”

“Oh Sirius, I love you so much! I could just eat you up right here, right now,” James squealed in a high pitched voice.

Jessie growled and attempted to launch herself at James, but Sirius refused to let her go. Jess crossed her arms and glared sideways at him.

“Stop glaring Jess, yes I know you’re glaring, you don‘t want your face to stay like that. Besides, there’s not enough room in here for you to murder James and we can sacrifice him to Lily later,” he kissed her cheek, or what he thought was her cheek.

“Sirius you just kissed my elbow,” Remus stated dryly.

“Did you hear something?” Lily’s voice drifted through the fabric and the four froze. They all held their breathe.

“No,” Mary’s voice answered unconvincingly.

“I could of sworn I heard Remus a second ago…”

“Shit!” James hissed.

“Did you hear that?”

“No, I didn’t hear anything Lils... Maybe we should just go check the library again; we probably missed them…”

“No I heard something. It was coming from over there,” They gulped in unison as Lily’s footsteps grew louder. Suddenly the tapestry whipped open and sunlight streamed in.

“Ahhh! The light, it burns!” All four of them tumbled out in a mess of limbs and broom.

“Having a foursome?” Lily commented dryly crossing her arms as they untangled themselves. Jessie rolled her eyes as she offered her hand to Sirius.

“Jealous Evans?” Sirius snickered. Jessie smacked the back of his head and Sirius grinned cheekily at her, “Now Jessie darling, I thought we’d moved past that point in our relationship.”

Jessie raised an eyebrow, “Just because I’ve admitted I love you doesn’t mean I can’t still think you’re a moron and admonish you at the appropriate moments, darling,” she smiled and ruffled his hair.

Sirius looked at her scandalized as he smoothed his hair down. Jess giggled and he attacked her blonde locks, knocking most of it out of it’s ponytail. Jess gasped and--

“Oi! Lovebirds, as nice as it is not having to listen to you two wish death upon one another every five seconds, at least then we could get your attention for two minutes,” James said.

Jessie and Sirius both gave him a look, “I’m just saying that--”

“Where were you!?” Lily accused. The group looked at her. Her face was the same color as her red hair. Her hands were on her hips, and her foot tapping. Her eyebrows were raised and her lips very, very thin.

They gulped in unison. Remus, Jessie and Sirius pushed James forward and dashed down the hallway with their brooms.

James ruffled his hair and looked at Lily sheepishly, “Hi babe…”


“Fun is Good.”-- Dr. Seuss


“Jess,” Sirius whined. He plopped his head down on the dusty textbook in front of him and stuck out his bottom lip. He and Jessie were sitting next to one another at one of the many desks in the overcrowded library. Books of all colors, shapes and sizes were stacked onto the desk in front of them. Jessie set down the thick black book she had been reading and leaned her head against her hand, “Yes dear?”

“I’m bored.”

“And what am I supposed to do about that,” Jess asked raising and eyebrow at the pouting boy.


“No Sirius.”


“No Sirius. We actually need to study. Besides Lily is sitting about five inches from the only exit,” Jessie patted his head and picked up the book again.


“Read Black.”

Sirius sighed and began tapping his fingers against the wood of the desk. Behind her book Jess rolled her eyes. Sirius continued tapping even louder. He looked at his girlfriend. Jessie slowly removed her eyes from the yellowing paper in front of her and looked at him, “Stop.”

“I just want one kiss,” Sirius said giving her puppy dog eyes.

“You are the most immature person I have ever met. And I’ve met myself,” Jess turned back to her book and Sirius slung and arm around her shoulders. He began twirling one of her curls around with his finger.

“Stop touching my hair Sirius,” Jess sighed turning the page.

“I will for a kiss.”

Jess rolled her eyes and set down the text, “Oh fine.”

She leaned over and gave him a light peck on the cheek.

“I thought I told you two to study the books not one another! Merlin knows you do enough of that already…” Lily marched over.

“Your right I know more about Jess than I do potions. If only you were a NEWT subject my love,“ Sirius nodded his head in agreement to Lily’s words and Jess smacked the back of his head. He poked her in the side. Lily cleared her throat and dropped a book onto their table. It was bigger than the three largest textbooks that were piled on the table already,” This is Miranda McGhee’s latest edition on Potion’s theory. I’ve marked the pages with potions that come up on Newts.”

“Thanks Lils,” Jessie gave her a half-hearted smile and Lily walked away. Jess’ head landed with a thud against the book in front of her and a cloud of dust flew into the air. Sirius laughed.


“Some of the greater things in life are unseen; that’s why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream…” -- Anonymous


I’m dating Sirius Black. Do you have any clue how amazing that sounds? Stop laughing, just because I was contemplating his murder three weeks ago… People change their minds alright? Especially when the incentive is kissing Sirius Orion Black.

Oh sweet Merlin, I sound like one of those girls. Ewww. Right now I’d do Danielle Steele proud. Wait that sounds dirty (see what dating the notorious Hogwarts manwhore does to you!) What I mean to say is, I sound like a mushy pile of crap. Like something from those horrible romance novels Mary reads or those disturbing and scaring motion pictures Lily forces me to watch. Disgusting. I repulse myself.

No but in all seriousness, I think we could give Lily and James a run for their money at the moment. We were kind of awkward for the fist few days, apparently it’s weird teaching yourself to kiss goodnight the boy you once loathed instead of knocking him unconscious. But then we just, I don’t know how to explain it. We just fell into place.

As disturbing as it may be, I’d rather kiss him than kill him. And there’s no other place I’d rather be than cuddled up next to him in front of the fire.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t fought since we’ve started going out. Oh no. I wouldn’t speak to him the other day for hours because he woke me up at 10 o’clock on a Saturday using a bucket of water. Who wakes their girlfriend up by dumping water on them? Actually, who wakes anyone up before one on a Saturday? Apparently my darling Snuffles is a freak of nature (not that I didn‘t already know that.) I was quite peeved with him.

James has been quite entreating though. He can’t seem to wrap his head around it. He did actually write to his mum who just metaphorically patted him on the back and told him one day he would understand. James informed her that he still highly doubts this. She also told him that he shouldn’t be shocked that and I quote, “everyone had seen it coming.” How the hell did anyone see this coming? I, for one, didn’t. I mean it’s not like it was glaringly obvious or anything.


“A stupid person should keep silent. But if he knew this he would not be a stupid person.” -- Muslih-Ud-Dinn Saadi


The common room was filled with the quiet buzz of pages turning and pens scratching. The fireplace had a small fire burning, which gave the room just enough heat. Jess and Sirius were cuddled up on the sofa. Jess buried her head in Sirius’ shoulder, “ I never want to read another word Miranda McGhee has written ever again,” she moaned.

Sirius smirked, “But darling we have a third of it to read tomorrow.”

Jess groaned and sat up, “I’m going to be a quidditch player. Why the hell does my grade for potions matter? Last time I checked the coaches care more about how big my biceps are or how much velocity I can get on a bludger, not if I can brew amortia or know how to turn someone into a liger,” she threw her arms up in the air.

Sirius cocked an eyebrow, “You can turn someone into a liger?”

“Yea, wanna see?” Jess asked grinning evilly as she pulled out her wand.

“On second thought, no.”

Jess chuckled and lay her head against his chest.

“So, you’ve decided then…” Sirius trailed off.

“Humm?” Jess looked up at him confused. Sirius brushed her hair out of her eyes, “You’re going to play quidditch then?”

“Yea, I can’t not. I can’t give it up.” Jess mumbled, “ I mean it’s like you said we’re gonna need some form of entertainment soon…” she trailed off into a yawn.

“Good to know you’re listening to me now,” Sirius teased.

“Oh shut up you prat,” Jess yawned again.

“I think it’s time for someone to go to beddy-bye.”

“Sirius do I look like a five year old?” Jess rolled her eyes.

“No, you were much cuter when you were five. And sweeter too, now that I think about it…”

“Prat,” Jess got up off the couch and began making her way to the girl’s staircase.

“Hey! I don’t get a kiss goodnight?” Sirius pouted giving Jess puppy dog eyes.

Jessie sighed and took two steps towards Sirius, then she stopped, “Actually on second thought, I’m far to lazy to walk all the way back over to you. Night!” Jess waved and turned around. She slowly began making her way to the staircase counting under her breathe all the while.

“You’re mean,” Jessie smirked as Sirius wrapped his arms around her waist.

“No, I’m manipulative. It’s much better than just being mean. Although I do prefer being referred to as evil more and--” Sirius cut her off with a kiss.

“You’re insane,” he said as Jessie playfully glared at him. He kissed her forehead.

“Mmmmm,” Jess rolled her eyes, “You’re the one who turned me into a psycho… Well you and James. I was perfectly normal until you two dropped me on my head at that party at the Jensen’s…”

“That was all James!” Sirius threw his hands up in the air.

“No, I distinctly remember you being the one holding the rope…” Jess trailed off as a look of indigence plastered itself on Sirius’ face. He opened his mouth to retort but Jess continued, “So therefore it’s all your fault I’m the resident Hogwarts crazy lady… not that I’m a lady, but you get the point. I would have been perfectly normal if it wasn’t for you,” Jessie shook her head sadly at Sirius who was now pouting. Jessie laughed and ruffled his hair. Sirius blew the dark locks out of his eyes and scowled at his girlfriend, “ I hate you Spring.”

Jessie laughed and kissed him lightly on the lips, “I hate you too Black, I hate you too.”


“’Cause I Don’t know how it gets better than this. You take my hand and drag me headfirst fearless. And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress fearless.” -- Fearless, by Taylor Swift


OKAY!!! First off I want to apologize for taking forever. Apparently finals and moving out of the dorms are like a living hell… so my deepest apologies. Anyways, I don’t care for this chapter and it‘s corny ending, but I figured I’d let you guys be the judges and decided (I’ve made you wait long enough… yes I see those glares…) because I love you all oh-so-much!

Sadly, this is the last chapter chapter of the story, all that is left is the epilogue. BUT WAIT! Before you tar and feather me, there is going to be a sequel, in which I hope to use the skills I honed/paid for in fiction writing class so I can bring you a bigger and better sequel. As you can tell I am very excited for said sequel. I’ll tell you more after the epilogue I have a few kinks to work out. For now I’ll say that it will take place during the second war, and Jess may just be a bit more mature! Good luck to everyone who is still at school!!!

--pensive princess

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