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Amazing chapter image by delta at TDA!!

Secret No. 25: While babysitting the Scamander twins, when they kept running around the house when they were meant to be in bed an hour ago, I told them that Voldemort really didn’t like little kids that were up past their bedtime and said if they weren’t asleep in five minutes I would send for the spirit of Voldemort. They were asleep in two.

We were late. Of course we were late. And it was extremely embarrassing flooing into the Potter’s perfectly clean living room (courtesy of Ginny) where Luna and her husband were standing a little too close together and also dragging an extremely hungover Amy. Who, by the way, was wearing a rather short dress (with tights for the cold weather) and impossibly high heels. Thank goodness I’d applied the bruise removal paste before we flooed – it would have looked even worse if I didn’t.

“Ew, old people kissing,” Amy sniggers, making Luna and Rolf spring apart and look wide-eyed at us. I wave at them slowly, brushing myself down to remove the soot so I won’t ruin the Potter’s carpet, and step out of the fireplace. Amy follows me lead.

“Oh, it’s you, Rose,” Luna says, smiling brightly, not at all embarrassed at being caught kissing at a family barbeque by a couple of teenage girls. “I thought it was an Umgubular Slashkilter.” And then she begins to giggle. And Rolf joins in with her. Me and Amy look at each other, slightly confused.

“Um... yes, Luna,” I say, adding a fake laugh, trying not to feel embarrassed at the carrot Alice band she’s wearing. “I’m gonna go say hi to everyone.”

And with that I drag Amy from the room, who looks as if she’s about to explode with laughter. “Umbuggyulars Killslash?!” She cackles as we walk through the Potter’s house to the garden. “She’s a loon! Haha, Loony Luna.”

I giggle along with her. “Don’t let my Mum catch you saying that. She nearly tore my hair out when I mentioned it.” 

The garden was one of those things I really didn’t want to see but knew I had to see it some time. It was all lit up, with lamps at the side, and Lorcan and Lysander were chasing some other kids – probably the neighbours – while holding what looked like nothing but was probably some weird animal they made up. The older kids were either bouncing on a trampoline or sitting in a little circle gossiping and most of the adults were standing in their own little groups talking to one another as they sipped their wine/beer/fruit juice. Ginny and Harry were leaning over what’s got to be the World’s Biggest (unlit) Barbeque and sharing confused glances.

The teenagers, on the other hand, were either trying to suck up to the adults, like Molly and Lucy (of course,) or talking in groups amongst each other, clearly pretending that it wasn’t a forced conversation and nobody was extremely uncomfortable. The thing I was the most grateful for was that I wasn’t the only one who had brought a guest. James and Fred had both brought their girlfriends, Hugo brought Ethan, Roxanne had brought her new boyfriend and Albus had, of course, brought Scorpius.

Oh, Albus, I love you sometimes.

I was intercepted as me and Amy made our way over towards the teenage group.  “Rose,” came my Dad’s stern voice as he placed his hand on my arm. “I think you forgot to put on a skirt.”

“Ron, you’re so lame,” Ginny scoffs, coming up behind him. I love Aunt Ginny, I really do. She’s always getting me out of these sticky situations with my Dad and, I like to believe that she does it because she actually likes me (must be my incredibly wit or just my utter charm,) which is more I can say for both my parents. Or it could be because she just likes to argue with Dad. “That’s fashion nowadays.”

“What’s more important; fashion or decency?” Dad demands, turning to Ginny. We both throw him ‘are you kidding me?’ looks and Dad, clearly recognising defeat, drops the question. “Go get changed, Rose.”

“I’m not going to get changed!” I shriek and Amy, giving me an apologetic pat on the back, strolls off to where the majority of the cooler cousins are sitting. “Tell him, Ginny.”

“She’s not getting changed,” Ginny says happily. “She looks gorgeous.”

“Thankyou!” I exclaim, ignoring my sulking father. “Now I’m off to say hi to Lily.”

“And Al?” Ginny frowns, looking rather worried. I look over to where Amy is sitting, once again being the life and soul of the party and then back to Ginny.

“And Al,” I assure her and her frown drops, instead being replaced by a beatific smile.

But, honestly, I had no intention of greeting Al. But seeing Ginny’s hopeful face was a good enough excuse to make one lie. I mean, I’d barely spoken to Al in years and suddenly everybody thinks it’ll be like old times where we were attached by the hip and not like it is now, where we barely speak to eachother and if we do, the words exchanged tend to be hissed insults and petty comments.

I make my way down to the bottom of the garden, near the old wooden fence that divides the Potter’s house from the field, to where Lily Luna is sitting on a bench facing said field with a couple of her friends. “Hey, Lils,” I say to the back of a silky red head, feeling very much older (i.e. more sophisticated) and cool.

She turns, as do her friends, and grins at me, her teeth white and sparkly. “Rosie! How are you? How was your New Year’s Eve? Have you seen Scorpius yet?”

I blink at her. The funny thing was I can only remember the last part in her series of questions. I choose to answer that one. “Uh... yeah, I have. He’s with Al right?”

Lily nods enthusiastically, fanning herself with a gloved hand. “Can you say ‘phwoar?’”

I fiddle with the tassels on my scarf, feeling a little uncomfortable and awkward now. “You like Scorpius?” I ask, trying to pretend that this doesn’t bother me as I pull my head back up, a big smile on my face.

“Ergh, no,” Lily cringes and I sigh in relief, my breath coming out as a big cloud in the cold temperature. Thank bloody Merlin – Lily would be serious competition if she did seeing as she can actually hold a pleasant conversation with him and, even at fourteen, she’s too bloody pretty for her own good. “I’m just saying he’s hot. Don’t you agree?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.” Nice one, Rose. Now she’ll think I’ve never noticed his hotness before when I really, really have.

“Whatever, Rosie,” Lily says, raising an eyebrow. “You spoken to Al yet?”

“Why does everyone keep asking me that?” I mumble, looking over my shoulder to see Al laughing uproariously at something Naomi has said. They look extremely happy and carefree and I feel a little pang in my stomach, which used to only happen when I thought of my blanky that Dad accidently threw away.

I look back to Lily, who’s looking far too innocent for my liking. There’s one thing I’ve learnt in all the years I’ve known and loved Lily and that is she is never innocent. Her parents think she is, though. When she was younger, if Lily played a prank on Albus, they’d be like ‘Oh, look at that; Lily stuck Al’s hands to the tree. Isn’t that the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?’ So, no one could really blame me for narrowing my eyes in suspicion. “No reason,” Lily replies, smiling at me. “Just talk to him.”

The smile doesn’t wipe away my suspicions. “Why? What does he want to say?”

“Talk to him,” Lily insists and she turns towards her two little friends and winks at them. She probably thinks I don’t notice, usually being oblivious to these things and all. As she turns back to face me, I take a step closer to her, my face betraying that I’m horribly curious.

“Lily” I say, in my warning tone. I admit, both Ginny and Lily have got me intrigued. “What does Al want?”

Lily also takes a step closer to me, as if to take my challenge. It just so happens that as well as inheriting Ginny’s red hair and chocolatey eyes, she also got the short gene. I, however, got Dad’s tallness – something I am extremely grateful in these types of situations. I smirk down at Lily and, as she cranes her head to look up at me, I can tell she’s frowning. “Well, let’s just say…” Lily trails off and I poke her to continue. “If you don’t talk to him I’ll tell everyone about your fabulous babysitting skills.”

I take an involuntary step back, my eyes widening in shock. “How did you know about that?”

“When I babysat them they mentioned Voldemort hating kids not in bed,” she says smugly and I can hear her friends sniggering. We both ignore them, though, and Lily gives me a little push back towards the house – where I’m assuming Al still is. “Go.”

So I obey her and go over to him. Normally I would never listen to anything Lily orders me to do (she’s like Hugo on these matters – never take her seriously) but, given the circumstances, I really couldn’t afford to lose my babysitting job. That job is the one thing that gets me into the good books of both my parents and the Scamander’s as well as enabling me to afford that designer dress which I’ll probably only wear once. Lily really is a tricky little cow.

Just as I reach Al, who is sitting comfortably with Scorpius and Naomi at his side, I take a deep breath, trying to think over what I’m going to say. I opt for a slightly mean tone – nothing to make them suspicious. “Al,” I bark, causing for all three heads to look up at me in surprise. I see Amy briefly look over at me from across the garden but her attention soon returns to Louis. “Can I talk to you?”

Al seems to fumble for his words, his mouth opening stupidly a couple of times. “I’d, uh… rather not,” he manages at last, dragging a hand through his messy hair. I purse my lips and look to Scorpius who’s looking quite elated. I catch his eye and he smirks at me. Lily’s totally right – he does look phwoar-worthy with his perfectly scruffy hair and in his button-up grey coat.

“You’re saying no?!” I ask, a little put out, and then at Al’s carefree shrug and Naomi’s awkward, back of the neck rub, I turn on my heel and proceed to storm off. It would’ve been a rather applaud-worthy exit if I had just looked where I was going and had seen the little blonde twit who was walking rather aimlessly towards me. But I had to just crash into the girl, sending us both tumbling to the floor. I sit up sharply and clutch my throbbing head. “Ow! Fuck!”

Somebody’s figure covers me in a dark shadow and I squint up at them, trying to block out the light. I feel my fingers over the lump rapidly forming on my forehead as it pulses. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!”  The blonde girl leans over me, her hand outstretched for me to take. I do so and she quickly pulls me up, not stumbling the slightest under my weight. “I was thinking about something else.”

“That was a little obvious,” I reply, brushing myself off. I try to raise an eyebrow but this makes my head hurt even more. I settle for a look of bemusement.

“Yes, um…” she stammers, seeming a little flustered under my gaze. She wrings her hands together nervously before speaking again. “I was thinking about the, uh, well… the jelly.”

“Jelly?” I repeat, thinking this girl must be kidding but the look of utmost seriousness on her face and the thumb she has pointing to the buffet table where there is, indeed, a plate of jelly convinces me otherwise. “Merlin, how sad are you?”

Blondie looks pretty much horrified by my little statement and, as her mouth forms a perfect little pout, two, blotchy, red marks appear on her cheeks. “W-what?”

 “Rosie,” Al snaps, his voice sounding behind me, and, when I turn, a look of complete pissed off-ness on his face. “Leave her alone. She said sorry. Don’t be such a bitch.”

“Hello! I have a lump on my head!”

She looks from me to Al glowering at each other and takes a couple of steps away from us. “I-I’m going to, um… go.”

“Woop-de-fucking-do,” I snap, glaring at the hastily retreating figure of the girl who caused the lump on my head. Merlin, that, along with the bruise from the slap, and it really looks like I’ve been in the wars. I really have had such a tough weekend. “I need to talk to you, Al.”

That’s the problem with me. Once I get an idea in my head I’ve got to do it. Even if in the first place I didn’t want to. Stupid Lily knowing me too damn well. Her and her stupid plan.

 “Go on, then,” he growls so I pull him over to the edge of the garden, trying to shield us from those nosy buggers I call my family. I give him a tentative smile as he leans on the bordering fence. Al and I really used to be the best of friends – we were attached at the hip – and we did everything together. We learnt to ride our bikes, we wound up James by calling him the most pitiful excuses for insults (i.e. smellybrain) and I was there when Al did his first bit of magic and the day he got sorted into Slytherin. After a while, I found new friends – friends he didn’t agree with; people he came to despise. I can’t help but feel he despises me along with all those people. Al returns my smile with surly frown. “What do you want?”

Let’s break the ice, Rosie. Nothing is going to make him hate you even more. “Well... how was your New Year?” I ask and try my hardest not to wince at what I had just said. After three years I just came up to Al and asked him how his New Years was. Oh, dear.

“It was great, actually,” he says, the frown looking like it’s fixed on his face. He folds his arms over his chest. “How was yours? Being a bitch? Pissing everyone off? Getting slapped? Amy throwing up on your Mum’s shoes?”

A laugh escaped me at the last bit. I honestly couldn’t help it. It was probably the most embarrassing and completely un-funny thing that could have possible happened and, yet, when Al says it out loud it sounds hysterical. Surprise, surprise, Al doesn’t see the funny side. If anything his scowl deepens.

“C’mon, Al,” I giggle and punch him lightly on the arm. “You got to admit that’s pretty funny. Imagine my Mum’s face.”  I continue laughing, trying to ease Al into it, but his mouth doesn’t even twitch. It’s like working with stone. I straighten up, deciding to get straight to the matter at hand. It’s better to get this over and done with as quickly as possible. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

The scowl slips from his face as he stares at me blankly. “What?”

“You know,” I press, nodding happily at his confused face. “Lily said you wanted to talk to me. So did Ginny.”

“I don’t want to talk to you,” Al assures me, throwing a dirty look at someone over my shoulder. My face falls a little and I turn, partly to hide my disappointment but partly to see who Al was glaring at. Lily and Ginny are in a huddle together, looking fairly suspicious and shady. “I really, really don’t.”

“Fine,” I snap and then walk away, leaving Al to glower at my back. I pass Lily on the way who takes in my storming off with a wary expression. I try to move past her but she grabs hold of my arms and just doesn’t let go. She’s pretty strong for such a tiny girl.

“So... how’d it go?” Lily asks, frowning slightly at me.

I try to shake her arm off again – it doesn’t work too well. “Super.”

Her face brightens. “Really?”


Lily sticks her tongue out at me, proving she really is an immature fourteen year old, and I open my mouth to reply but a cry of ‘Roseeeee!’ distracts me. We both turn to see Amy bounding up the garden towards us, giving me a bright smile when she reaches her destination. “Hey, Lily.”

Lily purses her lips, never the one to arse kiss Amy, something that I was a little thankful for. “Hi.”

“I need to talk to Rose,” Amy tells her and looks pretty surprised when Lily doesn’t move. “You know, alone.”

“Let’s go over there,” I interject, dragging Amy away from Lily who looks like she’s about to bitch rant to my friend. I pull her up the small hill in the garden and Amy, in a very un-Amy way, complies happily, seeming to almost skip as we near the house. Most people seem to be outside, conversing with one another around the warmth of the bonfire, but the few who either got cold or bored have retreated inside. I peer into the kitchen and, upon finding it empty of people, I lead Amy into it, stopping over the table to pour myself a glass of juice. I glance up at Amy who is jumping around; looking so happy she could pee. Metaphorically speaking, of course. “Are you okay? You seem kind of... happy.”

She ignores my little jibe. “Oh, Rose, you’ll never guess what!”

“Um... what?” I say, peprplexed.

“No, no, silly,” she tuts, still looking around ecstatically. I feel a little confused – the only time Amy has been this sparkyis when she first discovered Fizzing Whizbees and was quite literally bouncing off the walls. As far as I know, the extent of sugar here is probably the jelly; apparently Lysander gets a ‘little hyper.’ “You have to guess!”

“Oh, right,” I murmur, squinting my eyes in concentration. What could possibly make Amy this happy? “Did you... get a free beauty treatment off one of my family members?”


“Have you found out what hairstyle you’re going to get?”

“Fringe,” she answers promptly. “But that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Oh.” There’s a bit of a pause now as I swirl the orange juice around in the glass and Amy stares dreamily out of the window. I probably should have seen what she was staring at; it might have made this guessing game easier.

“This is fun,” Amy trills and then pulls herself up so she is sitting on the counter, swinging her legs wildly. “Guess again.”

I grind my teeth and dodge out of Amy’s kicking range. “No, Amy, this isn’t fun. I don’t want to bloody guess again.”

“Tetchy, tetchy.”

“Amy,” I growl and she giggles, hopping off the counter and over to me, seeming to float along the Potter’s tiled floor.

“Well, Rose,” she whispers into my ear. “I think I’m in love!”

I couldn’t help it - I drop my glass, sending it shattering onto the floor and Amy leaps away from me in surprise, staring down at the shards of glass. I am very shocked. Amy has got to be one of the biggest commitment-aphobes in the school, infamously known for breaking countless boys’ hearts, and hear she was, at a family event, telling me casually that she is in love. I can’t wrap my head around it – it’s just so bizarre.

“Well, that was clumsy,” Amy sighs, looking less frightened by the broken glass and pool of juice and more annoyed. She carefully steps around it, walking on her tip-toes, till she reaches me.

“Amy,” I hiss, taking a tight hold on her arm. “You’re in love with some- wait,” I pause and finally take in the dopey expression her face has adopted since she came over to Lily and I and also her shockingly bright eyes. “Have you taken a love potion?”

She shoots me a dirty look, snatching her arm away from me. “I haven’t drunken or eaten anything here; it’s all loaded with millions of carbs! Does your family not know the word salad?”

I roll my eyes, thinking I kind of miss this ‘in love’ Amy – she was much nicer. “But... how?! Who?!” I splutter, expecting it to be some hot guy in a new band she briefly glimpsed in a magazine or something like that.

She takes a deep breath. “Louis.”

Louis? As in my cousin Louis? Oh, this is bad. This is worse than bad. This is a catastrophe. If somehow Amy sinks her claws into my dear cousin and they begin to date, I would dread every moment being around them. It would be awkward and disgusting, not to mention the horrifying/mentally scarring pictures that them just sitting together would produce in my brain. In fact, just thinking about them now makes me queasy. Also, when, and I mean when, they break up I can probably never invite Amy to a family gathering again. Which, you know, would totally suck.

Amy continues, nodding happily. “I was just talking to him earlier and it just hit me-”

“It hit you?” I repeat, looking at her dubiously.

“-that he is so amazing, funny, sweet, not to mention abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous.”

I open my mouth, trying to think of anything to say. I glance out of the window, spotting Louis talking to a blonde girl. I assume that’s what Amy was staring at earlier. “But that girl sitting with him...”

“She’s just one of the neighbours,” Amy replies, her eyes glaring at the girl who is obviously trying to flirt with my cousin. This was a common occurrence really. In fact, girls I’d never met before would try and befriend me just so they could get closer to my cousin. “Little slut.”

“But... but...”

Amy turns to me with wide eyes, choosing to ignore my shock. “Could you talk to him for me? Drop in a good word, maybe?”

“Erm, sure!” I reply brightly, already scheming up ways to repel him from Amy. It is a natural fact that I taunt all Louis’s love interests and Amy, no matter how close we are, is no exception. “In fact, I’ll do it right now!”

“You rock!” Amy squeals, throwing her arms around my neck and squeezing me tight. A little twinge of guilt distracts me for a moment but I shake it away and hug Amy back. “You should get a prize for being the bestest friend ever.”

“I should,” I agree and then, with a helpful little push from Amy, I exit the kitchen to stand in the garden, hearing Amy muttering the cleaning spell in my wake. I scan the crowd for Louis as the cold air already nips at me cheeks. He’s nowhere to be seen and I’m hoping he hasn’t snuck off with the ‘neighbour’ as I’ll probably end up stumbling upon them Hugo skips up to me with a huge smirk on his face when it comes apparent that Louis is not where I left him and I’m looking like an idiot trying to find him. “Oi, Hugo, where’s Louis?”

Hugo ignores that, instead choosing to look at me curiously, his wavy auburn hair flying about in the wind. “Did you make that crashing sound?”

“Er... yeah, why?”

“Well, it all went quiet when it happened,” Hugo tells me, “and Ginny said that her glass cabinet might have fallen on someone and we should check if they’re alright. Then Mum said it was ‘probably Rose’ and everybody cheered.”

“Agh! You are such a bitch, you know that?!” I scream and then push him hard so that he lands on the floor with a heavy thump. That, people, is what you get when you cross Rose Weasley – Pusher Extraordinaire. “Now where’s Louis?”

Hugo looks up at me from his position on the ground. “My butt hurts!”

“I don’t care,” I snap, slapping him in the side of the head. The thing is with Hugo is that violence always, and I mean always, works with him. “Where the bloody hell is Louis?”

“He’s in the garage,” he grumbles and, patting him on the head for his ‘trouble,' I make my way over the garage at the front of the house. I pass Amy who’s looking hopefully out of the kitchen window and give her a thumbs up.

The garage, as most garages usually are, was a big stone room filled with boxes of useless junk with three tall figures crowded around something that I couldn’t see. The first, I knew, was Teddy Lupin, and I could tell this because I’m pretty sure I had memorised the back of his head back in third year when I had a hopeless crush on him. I wasn’t the only one, believe me; almost every Weasley girl has had a crush on him – it’s coming of age thing for Weasley’s. He is pretty much gorgeous though and I guess being able to change what he looks like helps. The next person was James, looking particularly interested in what is in front of him, and the last was Louis himself.

“What’s that?” I ask and all three boys jump before turning to me with guilty expressions. My eyes narrow, skimming quickly over to where James is throwing a blanket over the mysterious object. “What is it?”

“Rosie!” Teddy exclaims, flashing me a charming smile, his eyes changing to a deep blue. “How nice to see you!”

I think I just melted.


“Oh, yeah, Ted,” Louis scoffs and rolls his eyes, distracting me from the vision that is Teddy. “Like that’s going to distract her.”

“Well, it would have if you kept quiet!”

I stamp my foot and fold my arms huffily. “What have you got there?!”

There’s a bit of a pause as they all exchange a look until James steps forward and, clearing his throat, he yells, “Crap, Rose! What the hell is that behind you?!”

“James, I’m not four anymore,” I inform him, my eyes fixed on his. Does he really think I’ll still fall for the ‘look behind you!’ trick that always left me on my own while everybody else ran off?

“No, Rose, I’m serious! There’s something flying behind you!”

“James, quit it.”

“Aah! Bullocks! Duck!” He screeches, crouching for effect. I stare at him blankly.

“Oh, Merlin,” Teddy groans and then, raising his wand at me, he casts a spell that immediately drenches me in water. I mean, that was a little uncalled for, wasn’t it? Does it look like I just wake up like this? No, I assure you, it does not.  And does it look like it’s the middle of bloody summer so I’d be able to dry off quickly? No. In fact, it’s the complete opposite – it’s winter!

“Hey!” I scream, wrapping my arms around my dripping wet form, my teeth chattering as I stare at my wet clothes. “Teddy, I’m going to kill you, you little man-bitch!” I snap my head upwards then, only to find an empty garage and fleeing forms of the three boys. It’s stuff like this, that the Teddy Lupin crush tends to fade away. And, to make matter’s worse, Louis is running away from me at a hundred miles an hour and all I know is that I’ve got to get to him before Amy does.

So, naturally, I chase after them, yelling profanities all the way while trying to ignore the elderly ladies scolding me on ‘that’s not a way for a young lady to behave!’ Basically, Granny Granger. Nana Molly on the other hand is heckling after them and wishing me luck.

 “Louuuuuiiiiiis!” I whine to his back after I’ve given up on the running – I’m not exactly the fittest girl there is – and, surprisingly, I see him stop and turn round slowly. I ignore a still sprinting James and Teddy as I bend over, resting my hands on my knees while I try to breathe. “I need… to talk to… you.”

Louis walks a little closer to me, still seeming suspicious. He’s not even the slightest bit tired; a fact I hate him for. “About...?”

I cough several times before straightening up. “About Amy,” I inform him. His eyebrows rise. “She likes you.”

“Amy? Your hot friend?” He looks a little too happy for my liking about this bad, bad news as he pulls out his wand and waves me dry.

“Thankyou,” I say curtly, annoyed that he could possibly think the Amy situation is good, as I glare at him. “Amy fancies you. This is bad.”

“Bad?” Louis looks confused, ruffling his blonde hair with his hand. “Why is it bad?”

“Um...” Damn, I really should have thought about this more. Again, Rosie, think what to say before speaking, not just the strategy. “Amy’s crazy? She has voodoo dolls,” I tell him, emphasizing this almost true fact with my hands. Almost true. I mean, voodoo dolls/Barbie dolls are the same thing really.

He looks perplexed. “Voodoo dolls? Really?”

I nod enthusiastically. Oh, God, I am such a bitch. Not to mention the world’s worst friend. I’m so going to hell.

Louis seems to think about this for a few moments before shrugging his big shoulders. “It’s not like I’ve never had crazy before.”

“Huh?! But... but...”

“I’ll go ask her out now.”

“Wait, what?!” I sputter. “Just like that?!”

“Yeah,” Louis smirks, turning his head to the left. I follow his gaze and find Amy, sitting on a chair backwards, clutching the back and staring at us with wide, hopeful eyes. “Just like that.”

Well, that plan, I think it’s safe to say, totally backfired.

I watch him saunter over to Amy, who has just begun to look ecstatic, and offer him her hand which she takes with a little too much enthusiasm. I gape at them. I mean, I was pretty shocked. I had a right to gape. And I wouldn’t have felt so foolish if somebody hadn’t popped up behind me and telling me I looked stupid. I didn’t even hear him coming.

“Nobody can pull off the ‘goldfish’ look,” Scorpius smirks, coming up behind me, and I shut my mouth with a rather loud clacking sound. I turn around to face him, surprised to find him a little closer than he normally allows. If I stepped out to him, we’d be touching. Now there’s a nice though.“Not even you, Weasley.”

“Not even me?” I repeat, slightly flattered, choosing to take what he said optimistically. He frowns down at me, probably noticing the ‘peeking beneath your lashes’ tip I found in a magazine that is meant to be brilliant for flirting. “Thanks, Malfoy.”

“Believe me, it wasn’t a compliment,” he replies, taking a step away from me.

I try not to let my face fall. “Oh.” So much for optimistic. Screw him.

He pauses, seeming to rethink his words, before saying, “You know, I’m still pissed at you.”

Yep, my face has definitely fallen. “Jeez, what did I do now?”

“Do you not remember New Year’s, Weasley?” Scorpius snaps, glaring darkly down at me. I flinch as he counts off my actions on his fingers, “You said my Mum was a whore, my Dad a Death Eater, insulted Naomi and Selena and just pissed everyone off in general.”

It does sound bad, the way he’s retelling it. I really don’t know what came over me then; I’m not normally this horrible to my old friends. In fact, I just tend to ignore them. I’m assuming it was the little alcohol I had or the popular crowd of people that gave me a strange sense of power that night. I rub the back of my neck, a little ashamed. “Yeah... sorry about that.”

“What’s this?” Scorpius sniggers and I can tell he’s trying his best not to show me he’s surprised. Three years of close friendship let’s me know pretty much all his emotions now. That, and the fact that I’m hopelessly in love with him. “Rose-I’m-so-great-Bitch-Weasley actually apologising?”

I lock my eyes with his gorgeous grey ones, feeling my dull, brown eyes are much more boring in comparison. “Bitch? Me? Never,” I mock-gasp, dropping my mouth open in a slutty smile/shocked expression which all the models tend to opt for.

Scorpius looks back at me, not falling for the pose like most guys do. He plants a cute frown on his face which I’m just dying to smooth out with my fingers. “Get over yourself.”

Oh, no. Too many sexual innuendos at that one. Must resist the temptation.

Screw it.

I grin cheekily up at him, closing the large gap in between us in a couple of steps. I even used my flirty, hip-swinging walk to do that – that must mean something. “Only if you get under me.”

Ah, bullocks.

He doesn’t look too pleased.

“That just slipped out,” I explain, cringing slightly and retracing my steps, thinking I don’t know if there are any more ways I could embarrass myself more.

There’s a pause where I just fidget in embarrassment and Scorpius seems to study me. “You look like shit. Is that the style nowadays?”

I ignore the last part. “Thanks. So do you.” Well, that was a blatant lie.

Scorpius ignores me, too, and moves a little closer to me so he can squint his eyes at my cheek. “You deserved that bruise.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, you deserved that face.”

What? What?!

“Oh, clever one, Weasley,” Scorpius scoffs and my ears redden. Thank Merlin for long hair. “I was going to reply but now I think you won’t understand.”

“Says the person who thought hamsters came from underground.”

“Hey, I was only nine!”

“You were twelve! Don’t you think you should have known about the birds and the bees by then?”

“And don’t you think that sticks been up your arse long enough?”

I glare at him. “You’re such a wanker.”

“You’re such a stuck up cow.”

“At least I’m not the one who can arse kiss my whole family by saying one thing.”

“Weasley, that’s called being charming,” Scorpius informs me. “You should try it sometime.”

“For your information, I am plenty charming,” I say, rather happily for someone in an argument. But, the thing was, I absolutely adore Scorpius’s and I’s shouting wars –the verbal kind that is, not physical, like last night. In my book, it was our ‘bonding time.’ In Scorpius’s it was probably ‘Piss off Rose’ time. “I just use my incredible wit to get O’s in lessons and not to suck up to people I don’t give a shit about.”

“Well, maybe if you actually ‘gave a shit’ about other people, you wouldn’t be the most hated girl in Hogwarts.”

“I am not the most hated girl in Hogwarts!” I shriek, stamping a foot to show how deeply pissed off I was with him.

“Yes, you are.”

“Why?” I whine, putting a hurt expression on my face. “Why isn’t Amy the most hated?”

Scorpius pauses to look over to where Amy is draped on Louis, practically eating his face. “Well, you come a close second.”

“I’ll have you know, Malfoy,” I jab a finger in his chest and he looks down at me. “I am adored by every damn person. Except you and your loser friends.”

“Wow, Weasley, it’s a wonder your brain can function with that huge ego taking up all the room.”

“Did you know that it is unbelievably-”

“-Merlin’s beard,” a voice groans and I turn to see Naomi looking exasperated. Merlin knows where this girl keeps popping up from. She must have some sort of Scorpius radar. How I’d kill to have one of them. “Can you two not be in the same place without tearing each other’s hair out?”

“No,” we bark in unison and Naomi smirks a little. Merlin forbid we actually get on.

“Well, food’s ready,” Naomi says and I pry my eyes off of Scorpius to give her a tight smile. She rolls her eyes at me, taking a grip on Scorpius’s arm. I wink cheekily at him as he leaves and, before completely vanishing from view, he flashes me a rather obscene finger gesture.

How charming.

Secret No. 21: I get extremely travel sick. On any modes of transport and that includes the Hogwart's Express. How, I ask you, am I supposed to survive six hours on a train while I try not to puke and try not to let anybody know I feel ill. Throwing up is not a very popular thing to do.

A/N: Next chapter will probably be on the way to Hogwart's, hence the secret at the end. And, truth be told, I'm actually enjoying writing both Rose and Amy because they're so delightfully bitchy. Haha, I wonder what that says about me.
Thankyou so much to everyone who reviews! xx

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