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“Remus?” I asked, my voice filled with concern.

Wormtail scurried to the knot under the Willow. Only then did I realize something was wrong with Moony’s breathing. He stared at me, his eyes wide.

A howl tore from his soon-to-be snout. This wasn’t right. The moon hadn’t even risen yet.

“Wormtail! Hustle!” I shouted, turning into a large buck.

The Willow froze and I used my antlers to push Moony towards it. He seemed to still have some control over himself because he let me lead him.

Wormtail crawled through the hole, acting as a scout. There’s no telling how much harm Moony could cause if someone just happened to find this entrance and was hiding there when we arrived. Especially on a night like tonight.

We made it. Barely.

As soon as I pushed open the trap door of the Shack and placed my hooves on the wooden floor, Remus finished his painful transformation. Wild with rage, he pushed and knocked me into the wall. I recovered and held him at bay with prongs. 

“Wormtail!” I shouted. “Find Dumbledore and tell him Remus didn’t get his medicine!”

I heard that rat yelp before he ran off. Hopefully he wouldn't take long.  

However, it felt like he was gone for hours. I had to keep circling Moony to keep him from killing me.  

Finally. Dumbledore arrived. And so did a pungent smell.

Odd. I always thought the Headmaster bathed. . .

Weirdly enough Snape was with him. He was following Dumbledore, his shoulders hunched. He had some sort of potion in his hand. That explains the smell...Snape not the potion, of course. That boy has enough grease in his hair to fill up a bathtub.

Professor Dumbledore spread his arms, standing between Remus and my beat up buck body. A bright light seemed to emanate from him and Remus retreated, whimpering.

“Give him the potion, Severus.”

Snape swiftly walked over to the still whimpering Remus and forced the potion down his throat. He quickly retreated. He was always such a ‘fraidy-cat.

Moony’s body trembled and then he slumped forward onto the ground.

“There,” Snape said, “He should sleep for the rest of the night.”

“Okay. Then let’s head back.”

Dumbledore started to leave, pushing Snape into the tunnel ahead of him. He turned around and stared at me pointedly.

I sighed. Of course he would want me to follow.

I left about five minutes later, transformed back and headed to Dumbledore’s office under my cloak.

When I arrived he was already sitting at his desk with Wormtail sitting across from him. I hoped Snape was back under his covers, dreaming nightmares of werewolves.

Immediately, Dumbledore seemed to notice that someone was missing.

“Where is Sirius on this fine night?” he asked me. Fine, as if.

“He got detention with Professor McGonagall!” squeaked Wormtail. He almost sounded proud of himself.

Dumbledore’s brow furrowed. “Professor McGonagall would not have kept him up this late. Did he say he was to meet you with Remus?”

I thought for a second. “We didn’t make any type of plan. I guess I thought he would just want to go to bed.”

Wormtail paled. “He told me he would meet us out there.”

I rounded on, ready to scream his puny face off, but Dumbledore stopped me.

“We had better go and check your Dormitories. You would have seen him if he went downstairs when you were coming up.”

So that’s what we did. We traveled up to the Gryffindor Common Room then proceeded to the Dormitory I share with Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail.

“He’s not here,” I said, my voice full of despair.

“That means he’s with Moony!” 

Stupid Wormtail. Of course that’s what that means. He even looked proud of himself for being able to figure that out. "Thank you, Captain Obvious," I muttered under my breath. Wormtail seemed to hear though and quickly blushed several shades of red.

I turned around and raced through the large school. I took every shortcut, leaving Wormtail and Dumbledore behind.

As soon as my feet touched dirt, they became hooves. The Willow was still frozen from when we left. What had Dumbledore done to it?

I ran through the passageway and pushed open the trap door. Moony was breathing heavily, leaning over something. I rammed into him, and he flew into a wall.

There was a limp dog, bleeding, near where Moony had been. Wasn't Moony supposed to be sleeping? Did Snape give him the wrong potion?

I lifted Padfoot with my antlers and he rolled onto my back. All of a sudden, Dumbledore showed up and he held Moony off while I carried Padfoot to the tunnel.

We slowly made our way to the infirmary. The rest of the night I just stared at my best friend, thinking that I really had let him down this time.

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