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“We are so naughty!” Ginny giggled in a manic whisper, putting her hands over her mouth in a very child like way.

         “Shhh!” Harry whispered back, putting his finger over his mouth, “You’ll get us caught!”

         They were embarking on their mission to go for a nighttime swim, in order to get their revenge for being lumbered with all five children earlier. It was payback time: Potter Style. They’d get those Weasleys… Yes they would, oh yes they would.

         The early evening found Ginny and Harry climbing out their bedroom window, in order to sneak out the house. It was quite unnecessary. A simple Muffliato charm would’ve worked quite well on the living room door, which was were Ron and Hermione were now located, allowing Harry and Ginny to use the perfectly fine front door, but there was just something about climbing out of windows that was so much more… thrilling. Also, there were five children wondering around the house, five chances to get caught… and they were all so unpredictable. One could decide to go to the toilet, but then… but then change their mind, and come back the opposite direction and – and it didn’t bear thinking about.

         Harry was climbing out first, hoping that if and when he reached the bottom, it would then be possible for Ginny to leap into his arms and then they would run away to the beach and bathe in the ceasing light of the day and will away blissful hours of frolicky fun in the beautifully small waves…

         He was on the windowsill, sitting down on it, with his legs dangling out the window, trying to grab onto some nearby ivy in the hope that it would support his weight during the treacherous descent. Magic would’ve aided him here, maybe a precautionary cushioning charm here and there, but common sense had deserted both of them. That was what exciting endeavours did to people unfortunately.

         “Be careful Harry!” Ginny whispered, as Harry gritted his teeth and swung off the windowsill to hang off the ivy growing up the wall next to it. When he realised all was safe, he relaxed, and gave a small sigh of relief.

         However, despite many films and novels depicted their characters escaping out of bedroom windows via the ivy, ivy is not a particularly strong plant, and its hold on walls is not as strong as many of these films and novels make it out to be. Misleading, you could call it. Older, more resilient ivy could hold more of a chance, but this ivy was young and green, and Harry’s weight on it caused it to peel right off the wall, taking him with it.

         “Ouch!” he said, as he landed on the flat of his back in the garden.

         “Are you all right!” Ginny asked in an anguished whisper, “Wait there! I’ll come down – ”

         “No! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Harry winced, “Just – just hang off the windowsill by your fingers, the drop isn’t that far!”

         Ginny contemplated the distance for a moment… it seemed fairly high up. But maybe once she hung from the window ledge, her height would be taken away from that high distance… making it a shorter way to the ground. She was fairly tall after all… and since when had she been known to back down from a challenging task?

         “Ok, Ok I’ll give it a go.”

         She swung out the window, her yellow summer skirt swishing out behind her, as she managed to agilely let herself down off her window ledge, but gripping onto it firmly all the while. It gave Harry a rather good view up her skirt, but he wasn’t interested in that, he was concerned she’d meet the same fate that he did: he still hadn’t brought it upon himself to get up… he swore something had clicked in his back that wasn’t meant to click…

         “Harry! What do I do?” Ginny asked, in a slightly scared whisper, still hanging out the window.

         “Don’t worry! The gap isn’t that far, just let go,” Harry said, in what he thought was a reassuring voice.

         “Can you catch me?” she asked beseechingly, craning her head around to ask him.

         “Erm – sure,” Harry grimaced as he got up, very cautiously, but nothing seemed to hurt. Actually, he felt perfectly fine!

         “Are you underneath me?” Ginny asked him, fearfully.

         “Yes!” Harry said, holding his arms out, “I’ve got you!”

         “Are you ready?”




         “OK… I’m letting go!”

         “Wait –  ! ”

         But it was too late. Harry had just had an itch on his nose, that he had just scratched, meaning his hands hand not been extended to catch Ginny from her fall. She had fallen through the air and landed right on top of Harry’s head. Luckily, he’d managed to catch her before she’d hit the ground, but she’d still hurt herself from the landing on Harry’s head. Harry also felt a bit dishevelled. His glasses were completely bent out of shape, and the glass in one of the lenses had smashed.

         “Reparo,” he muttered, before placing them back on.

         “YOU DIDN’T CATCH ME! YOU SAID YOU WOULD!” Ginny yelled at him, having patted her hair back into place and twisting her skirt round so it faced the right way again.

         “I did! And be quiet… otherwise all of this would’ve been unnecessary!”

         “You didn’t!” Ginny hissed now, quietly, “I asked you to hold out your arms and you didn’t!”

         “I told you to wait! I had an itchy nose…”

         Ginny glared at him, and then immediately softened.

         “Well, neither of us are dead, so I guess it’s mission success…”

         “Not yet, we haven’t gotten away yet.”

         “Let’s run then!”

         “Let’s run.”

         And so Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and they sprinted out the garden and onto the path, zooming around the edge of the cliff shaking with sudden suppressed mirth and adrenaline. They only slowed down when they were hidden behind some shrubs, and had reached the rickety staircase that led to the beach.

         They made their way down it, the light fading fast in the orange gloom that had appeared as the sun made it’s final appearance of the day, it’s massive orange face peering out over the horizon, rendering the sea black with streaks of its own light painted into it.

         Their feet found the soft sand and Ginny started jumping up and down, holding onto Harry’s hands.

         “We did it! We got away!” She sang, and then tore off towards the sea, leaving deep-toed footprints in her wake. She got so far, before tripping over; it is never wise to run in flip-flops.

         Harry ran after her, as she picked herself up out the sand, spitting some of it out, rubbing some out her eyes.

         “Wow,” Harry said, crouching down next to her, “Only time I’ve seen you run that fast was that night after our wedding… and that was along a beach too.”

         “Yeah, they bring it out in me. Also the prospect of the spending the night with you aided the fast running as well…”

         Harry gave her a shove, but as she was already lying flat on the ground, she didn’t fall over.

         “You’re rude…”

         “You dropped me! You owe me one, Harry.”

         “I always seem to owe you one,” Harry complained, sitting down next to her, “But I don’t mind. I like owing you things.”

         Ginny turned over so that she was on her back facing him, sitting next to her. Her hair was now full of sand, and she looked up at Harry contentedly.

         “You don’t really owe me anything,” she said softly, putting her hands behind her head, “You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted…”

         Harry didn’t really know what to say… “You’re welcome” seemed a little strange, so he just looked down at her, and smiled vacantly as he regarded her pretty face with an innate happiness. Lines were starting to appear around her eyes and corners of her mouth, but that was all. Her brown eyes, freckles and nose and mouth and hair and neck and face shape were all the same. She’d never really change in his eyes. She’d always been the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

         Suddenly she sat up, and she kissed him, a quick peck on the lips, but something had shifted in her gaze. Harry pulled her closer to him and kissed her back, cradled her mouth in his own, savouring every second, holding her back and stroking the soft skin around her neck and face, filling his fingers with rich strands of her hair.

         The sun went in, casting everything into indigo, and it was impossible to see anything more than ten metres around them… so Harry and Ginny took their advantage.



“Where are they?” grumbled Ron, “This is getting back at us for earlier… I know it is!”

         “Conniving…” Hermione sought for a strong enough word to convey Harry and Ginny’s crimes, “… TOERAGS!”

         “Disloyal… DOXY DROPPINGS!”

         “Terrible… TWOSOME!”

         And so it went on, until eventually Lily came in to ask what the fuss was about.

         “Your parents have vanished Lily,” Hermione said, breathing like an angry bear, “Gone.”

         “What… forever?” Lily said, flabbergasted, “But – but they will come back! They will… they wouldn’t leave us!”

         “Well they have…” Hermione said furiously, “And now we have to put you all to bed by ourselves, and we won’t win… they could’ve told us they were leaving!”

         Lily was petrified; Hermione hadn’t really been thinking about the damage she had done by what she’d said.

         Lily scuttled off to relay to her brothers the news she had heard. She found them all in the bedroom, playing exploding snap.

         “James! Albus!” she said, holding out her arms, “I have terrible news!”

         “What is it Lily?” Albus asked, concerned by the tears appearing in Lily’s eyes.

         “Mum and Dad have – have – THEY’VE GONE ALBUS THEY’VE GONE!”

         She dissolved into sobs, and flung herself into her brothers arms, scattering the cards everywhere. James patted her on the back, Albus patted her on the head, both completely unaware of what to do; Lily didn’t usually ever cry… this must be serious.

         Suddenly, a card exploded. It’s sound brought Lily to her senses, and she hiccoughed herself back to her usual bossy self again.

         “Right,” she started, wiping her eyes, “We must go and find them.”

         Albus and James were agog.

         “But it’s nighttime!” Albus said, “Too dark, we’d never find them!”

         “There might be… Lethifolds…” James said to Albus in a whisper, “Ready to creep into your room and…”


         Albus had stuck his fingers in his ears and was screwing his eyes shut and started to walk around in circles, repeating his “LALALALALALA” mantra.

         “James,” Lily said, “You’ll come with me won’t you?”

         “Sure I will,” James knew Harry and Ginny couldn’t really have left, but he liked an adventure, and he didn’t want his little sister setting off on her own, “Coming Al?”

         “Both of you are going?” He said, “Well of course I’ll come! I want to find Mum and Dad! Shall we bring Hugo and Rosie?”

         “No,” James said seriously, “This only concerns us three… Right we need a plan…”

         “Too late for plans!” Lily said, throwing her arms in the air dramatically, “Too late!”

         “Me and Al will search the beach, Lily, you’ll search the bushes in the cliff top bit, don’t stray too far away from the house.”

         “No! I’m not being by myself. I want to be with you!”

         “Ok,” James consented, knowing that she shouldn’t be on her own, “Off we go then!”

         And so they left, taking a much more sensible route than their parents: the front door. They knew Ron, Hermione, Hugo and Rose were in the living room, undoubtedly muttering about Ginny and Harry… so the three Potters took their advantage.

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