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"Lily wait! Please I've apologized a thousand times I'm sorry!", James yelled as Lily rounded yet another corner of the castle. 

He didn't even know what he was doing when he asked her out, but things had been going great between them ever since they had both been appointed heads. James didn't even know how he got it seeing as he had never been a prefect, but he was happy that he got to be close to lily even if that meant he had to follow the rules once in a while.


When he saw her sitting there this afternoon under the giant oak tree by the lake with the sun glittering in her hair it was like he was hypnotized, and he didn't realize what he was doing until after that fiery redheaded temper became unleashed onto him.

"You pigheaded git what the bloody hell is wrong with you! I thought you had gotten over your little game! I thought we were friends, but all I will ever be to you is just some shiny toy that you could never have! I HATE YOU! I never want to talk to you again!", shouted Lily at James. 

She ran after that because she didn't want James to see the tears that were about to flow from her eyes.


When Lily couldn't see out of her eyes anymore from the tears is when she finally stopped running and fell to the floor sobbing quietly. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there when she heard footsteps heading toward her. When she looked up it was james with the most sincere expression on his face, one she had not though he was capable of.

"Lily", James pleaded,"please don't run from me anymore this isn't a game to me really it isn't. I need you> I need you be..because i love you. There i said it laugh in my face, tell me off, do what ever i am just glad i finally got it off my chest after six years."

"James", said Lily hesitantly,"I'm not going to laugh at you or call you names. Don't you realize why I'm crying? It's because I love you too. Can we please just star over with a new beginnig please can we just forget the past six years please?"

"Ok", James said

Lily smiled

"Hello my name is Lily"

"Hello my name is James"

(skip forward a little while)

Lily and James were in a heavenly bliss even though they were only seventeen they were both happy they had both found their soulmates. They spent every moment possible together, but they still needed to spend sometime with their friends. It wasn't until a few weeks before graduation, and James had gotten Lily alone that he decided to spring something she was not expecting on her.

"Lily", James started off with,"you know i love you right?"

"Of course", said Lily,"just like i love you we will be together forever."

Lily smiled at that last part just like James did. It also gave James the courage to do what he was about to do next. As James got down on  one knee Lily's breath caught in her throat. 

Lily i know we have only been together a few months, but i don't want to live another day without you as my wife will you please do me the honor of being Mrs. James Potter, and make me the happiest man alive. 

Through her tears of joy Lily managed to whisper a soft "yes", and well you know the rest of the story.

A/N sooo what did you think of my first fanfic please comment on it and tell me what you thought of it :)

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