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Sirius had always liked a certain type of woman…

He liked women who looked like women, not stick insects or feminine boys, he wanted a woman, not a prepubescent girl.

He liked women with red hair, orangey, blood red, greying, it didn’t matter, he liked redheads, any shade went.

Finally, he liked a woman that could cook, someone who could snap up a proper meal, something hearty and filling, not a lettuce leaf and a slice of bread.

He was in a very dark place then when the Weasley’s moved into Grimmauld p-lace with him, against his better instincts he could not help but notice as one very fine specimen of woman walked past, carrying a large pot of delicious smelling stew. He was in heaven, and she was married, Sirius was many things, but he was not a home wrecker.

With the knowledge she was married had first hit home he was slightly pained, because she was a treat, a fine and … Oh she was a treat. But Arthur Weasley was a very good man, undeniably brilliant, and their family was very much a family, like the Potters had been, and it was such a brilliant feeling when they included him, how could Sirius possibly have done anything that would ruin that?

However with time his crush on the matron of the Weasley clan seemed to only increase into a mass of lust towards her, and it was beginning to overpower his more rational thoughts.

But for the most part he managed to contain himself, leaving his lust to flow only in the silent hours of the night…

He was restless, the house was deadly silent, everyone tucked away in their beds, resting before the dawn of a new day, and sometimes he found himself wishing there would be no new day, it was getting to the point of insanity around this house and in his mind.

With a silent curse he threw himself out of his bed and stormed out of his room and down into the dark abyss that homed the kitchen, he had expected himself to be alone as he descended the stairs, but a faint orange glow let him know that would not be the case, he wondered idly if it would be Harry, he had not been sleeping well recently, but as he opened the door and was met by a delicious scent that had his mouth watering he found himself wondering if he was in a nightmare or a dream.

“Sirius, what are you doing up o late?” her mothering tone was not lost on him, as she looked at him with concern.

“Can’t sleep, what about you Molly?” Sirius asked her, taking a seat across form her at the table, where she sat sipping on a streaming drink, hot chocolate but the smell of it.

“Same,” Molly answered, taking another sip of her hot chocolate, before placing it down on the table between them. “I know.”

Sirius looked at her with a curious glance, but as he met her blue eyes, he couldn’t help but know what she was referring to, and it was frightening, but she had six sons, he was stupid to assume he could get anything past her.

“I apologise Molly, I’m meant to be an adult, and yet I still act like an adolescent boy at times. It is quite embarrassing,” Sirius admitted, looking down form the evr knowing eyes of Molly Weasley.

He knew that he could not leave things in this state, an embarrassment hanging around them form here to eternity, he knew he was not thinking clearly as he desire started to build up for this woman once again, and as he got to his feet and stepped around so he was behind her, he found that it was difficult to care…

She had not moved as he neared her, and remained almost annoyingly calm, he placed both his hands on her shoulder before placing the gentlest kiss on the back of her neck, exposed as her hair was pulled into a loose bun, this very act stopped Molly’s breathing, so taken by this sensual act she was not surprised that her heart was facing.

“You are both the bait and the trap Molly, and I mean that in the most glorious of ways…” his voice was rugged with something she couldn’t quite place mixed heavily with lust, and it sent shivers down her spine. “A dog catcher.”

“You Sirius Black, have the most amazing talent for making a woman feel like the most desirable person in the world,” Molly whispered, her heart fluttering with each word, each sensation shooting through her body as Sirius slowly backed away form her.

“To me Molly, you are,” Sirius whispered into the woman sitting there at the table, who had not yet looked at him, he had accepted their fate, he knew too well this was not a love story. It was something much more, and yet, nothing at all. “Goodnight, dog catcher.”

In response to Sectumsempress101 challenge 'Unusual/Unfamiliar/Hated Ships'

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