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Sirius’s POV – February 1979 Everything is good, everything is fine. I walked down the street with a slight bounce in my step. I was on my way to collect my new motorbike. Everything is good, everything is fine. I felt like singing, which was weird. I was great, April was great, and we were great. Our relationship had never been better though, it would be nicer if she spent more time at my house. She’s away so often now that I barely see her. It’s the same with Lily and James. James is away a lot that Lily is getting rather bored. Stupid Auror training and their stupid time consuming activities. That’s why I’m a man of leisure! I can do as I please but without April around it’s so boring. Her blonde hair, her figure, her face, her figure. I sighed as I walked to a house on the corner of the street and again I wonder why I am walking here. I could just apparate. I knocked on the door of this slightly run down house with a window that had been boarded up. The door opened and a funny little wizard opened up the door. He smelled strangely of some of the stuff he put in his pipe. Smoking, a disgusting habit. "Hi Dung." I said with a grin. "Where’s my baby?" "In the back. Polished ‘er all up fer yeh" He said moving aside to let me into his house. "Thanks mate." I said putting a hand on his shoulder for thanks. I walked through the house and into the back garden, which seemed to be more of a work yard. In the middle stood my brand new, flying motorbike. I grinned, other then April I’d never seen anything so beautiful. The motorbike was a lovely deep purple colour, the body of it was so shiny, and it was like it was absolutely brand new. The metal of all the engine and exhaust and all those other bits I don’t know the name of were so clean I could see my reflection, and what a good reflection it was too. I swung my leg over it and held onto the handles. Mundungus Fletcher came out of the house holding a pair of keys. "Won’t work unless you have these." He said throwing me the keys. I caught them and put them in the ignition. Now there was one thing I had actually listened to when James had forced me to take Muggle Studies and that was how to drive a motorbike. I turned the keys and the motorbike gave a deep grumbling roar. "Wow." I managed to say. I loved this bike. I could feel the power inside it. "Right now this button here makes it fly and this one will give you about five minutes of invisibility, enough for you to get off the ground. And that one there will let you give the motorbike some sort of illusion so that if any Muggles see you they’ll see a bird or an airblane." "Plane." I corrected him. "Whatever." He said. "So where’s me money?" I threw Mundungus a bag of Galleons and revved the engine. Oh, that was a good sound. I pressed the small button that would make the motorbike fly and then the invisibility cloak. The motorbike rose into the air and I made the thing accelerate. The motorbike shot off into the sky, with me on it, smoothly and quickly. The power behind this thing was amazing. I looked down and saw the land zooming below me like it was almost a blur. "Ok, where am I?" I muttered to myself as I slowed down to try and get my bearings. I looked on the motorbike and saw a small compass stuck in the metal at the handles, that was useful. I saw, what appeared to be a small collection of stones piled on top of each other and with muggles walking around it, but the muggles were tiny little dots. I was in Salisbury, Stone Henge. Ok, that meant I had to go west and slightly north, to get to where I wanted to go. I turned the bike and went in the right direction. I increased the speed and the ground was soon like a blur. I slowed down as I approached the sea and then followed the coastline that seemed to go north. It was amazing up here in the sky! I was so free; it was like being on a broomstick with slightly less control and more power! Yes it was quite cold and my face felt slightly frostbitten but it was worth it! I saw a small village in the distance behind what should be a mound of hills. I turned the bike and flew towards the village. On the outskirts of the village was a fair sized house that looked pretty and looked quite but there was smoke coming out of the chimney. GREAT! I started my descent and tried to increase the sound of the engine that the Motorbike was making. The back door opened and a woman with red hair came out with a coat wrapped around her and a scarf around her neck. "What the hell is that-SIRIUS!" She shouted. The motorbike touched the ground and I looked at the red head that was my best friend’s wife. "Good morning Lily! Do you like my new toy?" I asked her. She came over looking slightly annoyed. "I was studying! This thing can’t be legal can it?" She asked. She didn’t look angry just slightly annoyed. "I don’t think so." I said switching off the engine and getting off the bike. Lily touched it. "Where did you get it?" She asked. I smiled. Lily was so funny sometimes. About ninety percent of the time she was this sensible goody goody girl but the rest of the time she was just like April. I kicked the small stand that kept the motorbike standing and then took Lily’s arm. "Come Lily. Make me some tea" I said happily. Lily smirked and pulled her arm free as we walked into the nice warm house. I closed the door behind me, and sat on a chair that was next to a table covered in books that had lots of strange pictures in it. I read one of the lines. A SNAKE BITE CAN USUALLY BE CURED USING A POTION OR A MUGGLE SUBSTANCE CALLED ANITVENOM. "I’m not your wife Sirius." Lily said as she took her coat off. I picked up the book and flipped through it. It was quite a thick book and had a lot about snake poisons, venoms, animal bites. Everything! "That’s fine." I told Lily as she picked up a few of her books and put them in a pile. "You read all these?" "I have to." She said, "It’s part of my job. Something you should try getting." She said with a smile as she took the book on poisons and bites. I gave her a grin. "Now why would I want a job?" I asked her. "Maybe to pay for things. Your money won’t last forever." Lily told me. Why did she make so much sense? Why did James marry her? Lily made too much sense for anyone. Actually, she made too much sense for me. "So you seen April recently?" I asked her hopefully, leaning on my elbows. Lily rolled her eyes and sighed. "Is that all you came here for?" She asked, going to the fridge. "Yes." I said with a grin. "Well if you want the truth, I haven’t heard from any of my friends recently." Lily said. She returned with two bottles of butterbeer and she handed one to me. She looked a bit upset about not having seen her friends. "Why not?" I asked her with a frown, trying to be sympathetic and failing, I was in too good a mood. "Well April’s busy and she’s got all the order stuff on top of it. Jenny’s just stopped coming to Healer training and she won’t reply to any of my owls. Remus is always doing stuff for the order, even my husband seems to busy to spend any time with me. Sirius, you’re my only friend." Lily said pouting. "Brother-in-law." I corrected. She gave me a funny look. "Ok, I suppose you’re like a brother in law." She said. She took a drink from the Butterbeer. "So that’s all you came for, to see if I knew where April was?" "That and because I like your house. It’s nicer then mine." I said with a grin. I really did like the house; everyone liked it. "Well if you got a job-" I held my hand up to silence Lily. "Let us not speak of Jobs and work," I said with my eyes closed. "I do not wish to work." I heard Lily sigh and I opened my eyes to see Lily looking around the kitchen. "Do you think I should redecorate the kitchen?" She asked me randomly. "Huh?" Ok, that was a big change in conversation. Why would Lily want to change the kitchen? It was nice. It was perfect it was…turning me gay. I hate hanging around with girls! "Um, you should really ask James about that." I told her. "This isn’t my house but I think you should paint the walls…fluorescent orange!" I said holding my hands out. "I can picture it now. You paint the walls and James will go ballistic!" Lily laughed. "I also remember it was Snape’s favourite colour." Lily said with a smirk. I grinned. "No Lily, that was his least favourite colour." I corrected her. Lily looked at me and she hit me lightly before standing up and going to the stove, where I just realised a cauldron was bubbling away. I stood up and had a look in it as Lily went to a cupboard and threw something into the cauldron. "What is that!" I asked, holding my nose. "Wolfbane potion." Lily said, not looking at me. "It’s for Remus, he should be coming by later for it. Nearly finished, just need to let it simmer for a while then let it cool for half an hour." Lily said. I nodded, what did she just say? A load of stuff about potions so nothing important then. Lily had just put the lid on the cauldron when Remus apparated into the house. "Moony!" I said holding my arms out. He looked at me, but he didn’t look very happy. He turned to Lily, who was now washing her hands. "Hi Remus." She said with a smile. She turned and her smile disappeared when she saw Remus’ serious face. "What’s wrong?" She asked. Exactly my thoughts. "I-" He didn’t seem to be able to speak. Lily and I took an arm each and we led him to the living room where he sat on a sofa. "What’s wrong?" I asked him. Remus seemed to be fighting an internal struggle, as he opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. After a few minutes he put his hands in his pocket and pulled out a small folded up note. He opened it up and handed it to Lily. Lily read it and her eyes went wide. "What does it say?" I asked her. This couldn’t be good. "Dear Remus. I love you very much but I’m afraid I just can’t handle this anymore. I’m very sorry but I’m returning to China to live with my parents. Please don’t come after me, it’s hard enough already, just trying to write this letter. I love you so much. Jenny." Lily read out in a hushed voice. She turned to Remus. "When did she-" "I don’t know. Last night sometime I think. I just came back from the Order but she wasn’t at home but I just thought that maybe she’d be at work." "She hasn’t been at work for two months." Lily asked, putting a hand on Remus’ arm. Remus was looking at the floor. Jenny was gone? Why? Was she insane? Her parent’s would blow their top at this; well no they’d probably be really smug. I hadn’t met them but that’s what it sounded like what they’d do. "I went to their Manchester house but she wasn’t there so I’m guessing she really has gone back to China. I should have realised something was wrong. She’s been really weird since she nearly drowned." "That was months ago." Lily said. "In September!" "I know." Remus said, I could barely hear his voice. "Lily, she’s gone, I don’t know what to do." Lily looked at Remus then she looked up at me. "You feel like going to China?" Lily asked me. I looked at her surprised. "Don’t you want to take April?" I asked her. Lily looked at me pleadingly. "There isn’t enough time," Lily said. "Besides, April might get a bit heated." I frowned; I really wasn’t good at this whole sympathetic stuff. I felt really bad for Remus and I hated Jenny for it but Jenny was also my friend but I just didn’t know if I could be any help to Lily. "I really don’t know-" "You don’t have to go." Remus said standing up. "I can’t have anything normal can I? Even my fiancé leaves me because I’m a werewolf! I hate it! Why can’t I be normal!" Remus shouted. I stood up quickly as did Lily. I took Remus by the arms. "You are normal." I told him, "And I’m sure that Jenny didn’t leave you because you’re a werewolf." "The note said she couldn’t handle it anymore. Do you know what it is that she couldn’t handle!" Remus asked me. "She couldn’t handle the rejection from her family. Do you know why her family rejected her? Because I’m a werewolf. Because she dared to try and marry me, a werewolf!" He shouted at me. Remus was actually quite scary. "Remus, I know it seems a bit-" Lily started to say but Remus let out a frustrated shout and kicked the coffee table. Lily started and winced as she watched her friend get annoyed and destroy her furniture. "Remus, listen. Lily and I will go to China and find out for certain why Jenny went back to China." I said sternly (A/N Whoa! Sirius is being serious, for once!). Remus turned to look at me then nodded. "Ok." He said. "And please try not to damage any more furniture." Lily said quietly, "You can use the spare room and Sirius and I will be back probably tomorrow." Lily told Remus. Remus nodded and sat down on the sofa and put his hands in his hands. Lily put a hand on his back and looked at me. "You ready for a long motorbike ride?" Lily asked me. I nodded and left the room. I went to the garden where my motorbike stood gleaming. For some reason it just didn’t look as nice as it had earlier. I sighed and sat on it. I started the engine and revved it up ready to go. Lily came out with her long black coat over her white jumper and jeans. She looked ok today, despite the fact that she was just recovering from the cold that I had accidentally given her. "You might get another cold." I told her. She shook her head "This is more important." She said. She got on the motorbike behind me and held me tightly. You had to admire Lily’s heart. She had been there for James when his parents died, she had helped me out at Christmas when my brother suddenly decided he wanted to drop by (that’s another story), and now she was helping Remus and Jenny. I started the motorbike and we flew into the air and I turned the bike so that we were heading east. "China here we come!" I exclaimed, as we shot into the skies. * * * * * I drove the motorbike on the actual ground as we drove into a small village with small farming houses and a few young children running around. The road we were on ran between some flooded fields with strange plants growing out of them. "Those are Paddy fields, they grow rice in them." Lily told me as I looked curiously. "Jenny’s parents own this village and all this land." I nodded and slowed down as we approached the village. As we drove through the village it was as if we’d just gone back a couple of centuries. I could see no signs of modern day life. "Is this a Wizarding Village?" I asked Lily. "Yeah." She replied. We came to a long wall and then a gate with dragon statues around the gate. "This is it. Stop." Lily said. I came to a stop and she got off. It was quite hot here, very humid. I took this opportunity to take off my jumper, Lily seemed to think the same as she took her coat and jumper off (A/N For Americans, a jumper is a sweater, just in case you didn’t know). She walked silently to the gate, her trainers (in "American", trainers are shoes, not people who train you in a fitness area) not making a sound and opened the gate. "Walk your bike in." She said opening the gate wide enough for me to manoeuvre the bike in through the gate. I stopped inside a small courtyard. It was like a scene from one of those books about that Chinese girl who fought the Huns (A/N If you guys didn’t know, it was called Mulan… Highly recommended!)! I kicked down the stand and got off. A little old lady walked out of the house and grinned when she saw Lily. She said something in rapid Chinese and went to Lily. Lily smiled and gave her a hug. "Hello Lily." The lady said in very slow, very accented English. "Hello." Lily said with a slight bow. "Jenny here?" The old lady frowned and said something in Chinese. When she saw the looks on Lily and my faces, she turned around and shouted at the house. A lady who looked a lot like Jenny and Lee came out of the house. She was very pretty. She replied in Chinese and when she saw Lily and myself standing there she frowned. "What are you doing here Lily?" She asked, coming over. "You shouldn’t be here." "We’ve come to see Jenny." I said. Lily looked at me and gave me a warning look. "Jenny doesn’t want to see anyone." The lady said. She sighed and looked at Lily, "What happened in England? She’s only just stopped crying." "We don’t know." Lily said, "That’s why we’re here. Remus is at home all upset-" "Lemus" The old lady said, unable to pronounce her R. "Jenny Yue-Yin-" She continued in Chinese. Jenny’s mum said something and the old lady went quiet. "Jenny is in the gardens." The younger lady said. "Thank you Mrs. Chang." Lily said with a slight bow. I saw Mrs. Chang look at me. "Sirius Black." I said holding my hand out. Mrs. Chang took it and gave me a sombre smile. "I suggest you leave before my husband gets back." Mrs. Chang said. "Thank you." Lily said. She looked at me and I followed her around some of the buildings and into what seemed to be a small park. There were small streams twisting around the grass, around flower patches and in the distance was a forest of tall thin trees. Lily bent over and picked a small violet flower and looked at me sadly. "I hope Jenny’s ok." Lily said. "Have you been here before?" I asked Lily. I was absolutely breath taken by the beauty of this place. This was Jenny’s home? Why did she ever want to go to England? I would choose this place over England any day. "Yeah, I came here after the OWLs." Lily stopped suddenly and I looked in the direction she was looking in. She was looking at where there was a large weeping willow with a bench hidden behind the branches and leaves. On the bench I could just make out a young woman sitting on it with her head in her arms. Lily looked at me and we walked towards the willow. I pushed aside some of the branches and walked under the canopy with Lily. "Hey." Lily said gently. Jenny looked up and looked slightly surprised. It looked like she’d just spent Merlin knew how long crying. "What are you doing here?" She asked slightly fearfully. "Is Remus here?" "No, just us." I told her. Lily went to sit next to Lily and put an arm around Jenny. "He showed us the note." Lily said, I sat on the bench on the other side of Jenny. Jenny looked at the ground. "Why did you leave?" "Because-" Jenny said. It seemed like she was keeping some secret or was trying not to tell us anything. "Jenny?" I prodded gently. "I just had to." Jenny said getting up and walking through the branches of the willow tree. Lily got up quickly and I followed the girls. Jenny was walking towards the forest. "Jenny, that’s not a good enough reason!" Lily said, "Remus is at my house heartbroken. You at least owe him an explanation." Lily said, catching up with her. Jenny pushed past Lily and continued. I ran after them and caught Jenny’s arm. I really wasn’t good at this kind of thing but I was going to try. "What is it that you can’t handle?" I asked her. "I thought you and Remus were getting along so well and you were going to get married weren’t you?" I asked her. Jenny looked at me in the eyes. I started slightly, her eyes were quite scary and I swear they flashed red. "Get out of my way Sirius." She said. "Jenny, tell us why did you leave England?" Lily asked. Jenny closed her eyes and breathed heavily like she was trying to hold back her tears. "I can’t tell you." Jenny said trying to get past me. I held her and stopped her "Jenny, I’m your best friend, what can’t you tell me?" Lily asked. She looked like she was getting very distressed by this. "I just can’t tell you ok?" Jenny said turning to Lily, "If people find out they’ll call me a freak and slut or whatever they want to call me. I’m not going to be able to be accepted by anyone. I’m already an outcast here simply because I’m friends with you guys. Marrying a werewolf is one thing giving birth to one is another" she said, her voice getting quieter and quieter. Did I just hear right? "Giving birth?" I asked her confused. "I’m pregnant OK!" She shouted turning to me. Lily gasped and I took a step back in shock. "That’s why I left! England is so prejudice and so crowded. I came to live here because there’s space and less people will be hurt. I’m less likely to be hurt here." Jenny said falling to the floor crying. Lily looked at me confused and then sat down. "But what about Remus, don’t you think he should know?" Lily asked gently pulling Jenny into a sisterly hug. Jenny cried into her shirt and held Lily. "I can’t let him know." Jenny said, "He’ll do something stupid and-" She stopped. "He won’t do anything stupid." I said sitting on the floor with the girls. Jenny was pregnant? That was great but also not great at the same time. I didn’t understand why Jenny was so upset about it. She loved Remus didn’t she? She was going to get married to him. I glanced at Jenny and realised that she didn’t have her engagement ring on. "I can’t face him," She said slowly, shaking her head. "I can’t tell him I’m pregnant." She said quietly. "Why not?" Lily asked, "He won’t do anything. Come home with me and Sirius and stay at my house for a while. What did your dad say about it?" "He told me I couldn’t see any of you again." Jenny said, "That’s why I was surprised to see you. He told me it was all the western culture and he knew he was wrong in sending me to England. I love it there, I really do and I don’t regret ever going. I mean I met you guys but I can’t go back now." Jenny said slowly. "Not after this." She was trying not to look at Lily or me. She got up slowly and put a hand on my shoulder. She started to walk away when she stopped and turned to look at us. "Tell the others I love them and please don’t tell Remus about the baby." Jenny said. "I don’t think I could handle the knowledge of him knowing." Jenny walked off towards the forest and disappeared amongst the trees. I was as speechless as Lily. Did Jenny just leave us all? Did that just happen? The girls were not going to be the girls without her! I turned to look at Lily, who had tears running down her cheeks. Slowly I stood up and offered a hand to help up Lily. She took it and looked at the forest. "I can’t believe she just did that." Lily said. "She’s not coming back." "Come on. We better get going," I said slowly. I was trying to keep away the emotions. I would not show any emotion but happiness in front of Lily. Lily nodded and we headed back to the buildings where my Motorbike was. The old lady was looking at us curiously and sympathetically. I guessed she must have realised what had happened, even if we didn’t talk to her. I got onto the motorbike and Lily got on behind me. She pressed her face against my back like she wanted to cry. "Goodbye," the lady said slowly waving. I gave her a slight bow of my head and took off. * * * * * When Lily and I arrived back at Godric’s Hollow we went in through the back door to find James rummaging through the fridge. He looked up when he saw us and gave us a sad smile but his smile disappeared when he saw Lily’s upset look. "Didn’t go well then." He said. Lily went to him and held him tightly. "It’s ok I’m sure." I shook my head. "She refuses to come back." I told him. April came into the kitchen. "You’re back." She said, "Where is Jenny?" She asked eagerly. "She’s not coming back." Lily said. "She doesn’t want to see any of us again." "More like she’s been banned from seeing any of us again." I told them. "What?" April asked. "Why?" "Because her dad doesn’t want her to see us. You know what Mr. Chang is like." Lily said. She wiped her eyes with her palms. I noticed that Lily hadn’t mentioned Jenny’s pregnancy and I guessed she was going to keep her word that meant I had to keep my mouth shut. "I’m going to sleep," Lily said. It was quite dark and Lily and I had been travelling for nearly a week. It took a long time to fly to China and back, it took even longer when you didn’t get any sleep. James nodded, gave her a kiss, and Lily left the room. Giving me a glance on the way out of the kitchen. April turned to me. "What really happened?" April asked, "I know you two are keeping something from us." She looked at me straight in the eyes and I bit my lip slightly. "You’d have to ask Jenny." I said quickly. "I’m going home." I left the kitchen and went into the garden to get my motorbike. "Sirius!" April said slightly annoyed. James followed us out as well. "What happened in China?" James asked. "Well-" I glanced up at James’ bedroom window then looked at them. "Jenny told me and Lily some stuff that she didn’t want us to repeat. She says she loves you guys and she won’t be able to see us again." "Why did she say that?" April asked sternly and dangerously. She crossed her arms and she actually looked quite threatening. I couldn’t hide it from April. "Jenny’s pregnant." I said really quickly. April’s eyes widened and James looked at me slightly shocked. "She what?" Remus muttered as he came out of the back door as well. Uh oh. Lily and Jenny were going to kill me. I hadn’t realised that Remus would still be here. It was freezing and this wasn’t really the best place to say any of it. "Ok, Remus you can’t go to China if I tell you. Jenny doesn’t want to see any of us at all." Remus looked at me angrily and though he was weak because he was approaching the full moon he came up to me and grabbed the front of my shirt. He swung me round and pushed me against the wall of the house. "Tell me what’s wrong with her!" He shouted at me. "Remus." April said slightly alarmed and trying to pull Remus off. Remus got out his wand and pointed it at her. April stopped and watched hesitantly. Remus looked at me again. "What’s wrong with her?" He asked me. I could almost see the werewolf inside Remus. I was actually quite scared of him, for the first time in my life. "She’s pregnant." I said slowly. Remus let go of me and took a step back. "She’s what?" he asked. "Pregnant. She doesn’t want to see anyone and she gave us this really long explanation as to why but basically she’s pregnant and she doesn’t want to see any of us because it’ll hurt her too much and because there’s more space to raise a baby werewolf in China then in England." "Makes sense." April said quietly. "They do have a dragon in their forest." James looked at us bewildered. "Have you all been to China except me?" He asked. "That’s a stupid excuse. Doesn’t she realise that Remus is also a werewolf, he can help." "James, she would have thought all of this through" April said. Remus looked at me like he wanted to hit me. "Please don’t curse the messenger." I begged. Remus put his wand away. "But, Jenny can’t live in China!" James said. "She’s made her choice." Remus snapped at him. "We can’t force her to change her mind. We might as well accept it," he said, before apparating away. I took a deep breath and looked at the others. James walked slowly back into the house and April looked at me. "She really said she didn’t want to see us anymore?" April asked. I nodded slowly and went to her. April wrapped her arms around me and then sighed. I felt as confused as the others did. I think that Lily seemed to be the only one who seemed to vaguely understand. April gave a shudder and I knew she was crying. "Come on, let’s get back inside." I said to April. She nodded and we went into the house. James was sitting on the sofa watching the TV Lily had forced him to buy for her. James liked it more then Lily did. I sat down and let April sit on my lap. She put a head on my shoulder and we sat and watched the TV but none of us were really concentrating on what was on the screen. ~*~*~*~ A/N:-Ok, I don’t usually put things in Brackets in the story but one of my Beta’s suggested it so yeah. She’s doing some translating for me (English to American) Though I reckon I could do that myself if I wanted to but I can’t be arsed. Just so you know. Grandmother Chang is kinda based on the Old Grandmother in Mulan. I’m aware that I’m probably going to get some hate reviews from you guys for this chapter. I got a lot of stick from one of my Betas. Please leave me your thoughts, good bad or in between. ~*~*~*~*~ A/N:-Ok, those brackets are from my Beta, not me. She's just trying to help and in future i'll get rid of them if they annoy you. I just couldn't be bothered today. Please Review my story, tell me what you think

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