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            I reached the bottom of the stairs just as a big hairy thing that started licking my face bowled me over. “Sirius, get off!” I yelled, laughing and pushing him off me.

            I got up. The hairy thing that attacked me was actually one of my godfathers. He was an animagus. He could transform from a person to a dog and back again. He transformed back into himself and said, “I read your letter and you sounded so sad not to see us so we had to get a time all three of us could come. Lupin is at school getting ready but you’ll see him everyday, so he didn’t have to come.”

            I gave them all huge hugs, Sirius the biggest of all. “It’s always nice to see you guys. I really did miss you. The last time we saw each other was… was it Christmas?”

            “I think so! So if we didn’t come now, we wouldn’t have seen you for an entire year!” James said giving me another hug.

            “I can’t believe you all are actually here! And you brought Hedwig!” I ran and got her off Peter’s shoulder.

            “She doesn’t like Sirius much,” Peter said with a chuckle.

            “I don’t blame her. Who would like him?” I joked. That earned me a headlock from Sirius that I had to fight out of, laughing the entire time.

            “So where’s that sister of yours?” James asked as Molly ambled down the stairs.

            Even though it was twelve o’clock, she was still in her pyjamas. They were purple footy Pyjamas with green polka dots.

            “Hey, nice Pyjamas, They match mine,” Sirius exclaimed.

            “I know,” answered Molly, giving them all hugs. “I gave them to you! Don’t you remember the card?”

            “Oh, I remember the card, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. I was in the basement and it still woke up my mom.” Sirius reminisced, wile we all laughed.

            “So what have you been up to lately? Hopefully not up to trouble now,” I questioned Sirius seriously, just as they always ask us.

            He chuckled and shook his head. “No, Dumbledore has been keeping a very close eye on me!” he said, winking. “He’s also keeping everyone around busy including me. It was hard enough for me to sneak out to come here to see my favourite goddaughters.

            “That’s why he gave me another job,” he added gravely, looking at my mother. “I was sent to tell you that they’ve been spotted. We did not know weather our owls were safe, so Dumbledore sent me…. Well. Actually …I somewhat … uh … I kind of bagged him.”

            “Kind of?” James asked, elbowing him in the ribs. “You basically got down on your hands and knees. He still didn’t want you to come but you said we’d all go and that Emily really wanted to see us.”

            “That last part is true. Sirius cannot lie to Dumbledore. I’ve seen him try!” I said with a smile on my face. “I don’t care what it took you to get here, I’m just glad you’re here!” I added as an after thought.

            “Who have been spotted?” my sister asked James, looking up from her hug she was still giving.

            “No one that concerns you, so why don’t you go pack, school's in three days!” James answered.

            “You know I’m already finished, you just want to get rid of me.” Molly said, crossing her arms and stamping her feet in a way that said ‘I’m not going any where’.

            “Does it concern me?” I asked, leaning on the living room doorframe. “I know you like to talk about that sort of thing behind my back, but it concerns me, and I’m old enough to understand. Do you not think I need to know what or who is out there looking for ME? I know more than you think. You are not as good at hiding what you are talking about as you think you are. I’ll find out whether you tell me or not… even if I have to go out there and find out for myself.” My last comment was cruel; I knew it was before I said it, but if that is what it was going to take to get them to talk to me, I would say that I would risk my life to know.

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