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Author's Note: 14 chapters, wow! Sorry about the long wait, please forgive me. This chapter is somewhat happier than the rest, because Albus and Katherine a back together! Yay them! Anyway, school started back yesterday, so I won't have time for constant writing.And if anyone's interested, I reached my goal of more than 2000 words on the last chapter. Yay. Anyway, Mark's 13th... big day.


'James, get up.'

'James, get up.'

'James, get up.'

'James, get up.'

'James, take cover.'

'What d'ya mean take cover?' Asked a half-asleep James, who was still lying in bed at 12 o clock on Saturday.


'That's what I mean.' Nick said.

'Mark, he covered me in water! He covered me in water!' A very wet James ran into the bathroom, to find Mark staring at his reflection in the mirror.

'What are you- woa.' Mark turned around to face James, shaking his head as he did so.

'It's my 13th.' Mark said, almost as though he was asking if James knew what the connection was.

The other boys came running to the door to see what the commotion was about.

'What's going on?' asked Brad.

'It's Mark's 13th.' James said.

'Woa, that's scary.'

'Oh my god.'

'Flipping heck.' The 4 boys were just staring at Mark as though he were a specimen in a science class.

'Would you please stop staring?' Mark asked.

'Why didn't you mention that this was going to happen to you over night?' James asked.

'Well... I don't know.' Mark said lamely.

'Well then, excuse us for staring.' They all agreed to Fred's statment.

'I look like a freak.' Mark said, as if to say it in his defence.

'No you don't.' Mark raised his eyebrows. 'Okay, you do, but not in a bad way.' James insisted,

'Now, come on, we're going to breakfast.' James started to leave.

'I'm not coming down like this!'

'Well, unless you want to live like your sister and live up here for the next century, then you do that. We're going to breakfast.' James happened to be alot more persuasive than Albus so, Mark came.

'Besides, it's lunchtime now anyway.'

"Well, excuse me, if you lot spend your years yapping away."

"Actually, it was past lunchtime when you got up."


Katherine sat down at the Slytherin table. By now everyone was still staring, but alot less shocked. She sat next to Albus, who seemed lost in thought staring up at his dad.

'Have you spoken to him yet?' Katherine asked him smiling sweetly.

'What?' Albus sat through a mouthful of carrot.

'Your dad, have you spoken to him yet?' Katherine asked him again.

'Well... no.' Albus decided on being honest.

'Oh.' Katherine nodded.

Just then, James, Mark, Fred, Brad and Nick walked into the hall.

Every head in the hall turned to stare at Mark.

'Everyone's staring at me aren't they?' Mark whispered to James.

'Yes.' James said.

They sat down, whilst everyone continued to stare.

'Oh flips!' Katherine whispered.

'What?' Asked Albus.

'I forgot Mark's 13th! I can't have forgotten his 13th!' Katherine stood up.

'Sit down!' Albus pulled her down.

'I have to go and apologise!' Katherine was almost hysterical.

'Don't. That would just let him know you forgot. Just buy a present, and give it to him later. Simple.' Katherine smiled at his reasoning.

'That's a good idea. Why is that seventh year staring at James like he just killed her dad?' Katherine said, noticing Nikishia staring at the back of James's Black-haired head.

'I don't know.' Albus shrugged like it was nothing, but he was worried. James seemed to have a death threat upon him from this girl. She seemed very, very, dangerous.

'I think I regonise her.' Katherine said.




'You're getting death stares from Nikishia.''


'Just thought you might want to know.'



'You're attracting attention from everyone in the hall.'


'Just thought you might want to know.'



'You're not getting stared at by anyone.'

They all burst out laughing, but tried to hide it, seeing as everyone was still staring at them. Or rather, everyone was staring at Mark.

'Do we not have anything better to talk about?' Whispered Nick.

'No.' James whispered back. Then they all cracked up again.

After they had eaten, they got up and left the hall, determindly not looking at anyone in the hall.

'Well, I learned something today.' Nick said.

'What's that?'

'It's very hard to have a conversation while everyone stares.'

'Get used to it.' James said.

'Please don't.' Mark flopped onto his bed.

'Oh for the love of god, you don't honestly think we'd abandon you because you're a veela?' James sounded incredulous.

'Yes.' Mark seemed to think it would have been obvious.

'Well, we wouldn't!' James seemed to find THIS obvious.

'You wouldn't?' Mark asked quietly.

'How many times, no! Why would we?' James shook his head, as though it was only just sinking in that his best friend actually though that low of himself.

Just then, an owl swooped through the window.

'Oh god, it's from my parents.' Mark groaned.

'Why is that a bad thing?' Brad asked raising his eyebrows.

'My parents are complete and utter phsyco's like I said before.' Mark said.

'Oh, yeah. They can't be that bad.' Brad said.

'Really? Read this.' Mark passed him the letter.

Brad scanned it then passed it back to Mark.

'God, she's freaky.' Brad had wide eyes.

'Let me see that!' The letter got passed around the entire group, until it was passed back to mark.

'Can I read my own letter now.'

'If you insist.'


'Albus?' Harry walked up to his son, the two were completely alone.

'Yes?' Albus responded weakly. He had known that this would have to happen eventually, he just put it off again and again.

'Come with me.' Harry turned towards his office.

Once they were at his office, Harry sat down, and indicated to Albus to do so to.

'How come you didn't tell us?' Harry asked.

'Tell you what?' Albus said, knowing excatly what his dad meant, but hoping some bell might ring while his father answered.

'You know what.' Harry gestured to the Slytherin badge on his chest.

'Well...' Albus trailed off and stared at his shoes.

'Albus, you know we'd love you, no matter what house you're in. I thought you knew that.' Harry looked intensly at his son.

'I do know that, it's just... I wanted you to be proud of me. I'm not James. I'm not in Gryffindor. I'm not the house team. I don't even play quidditch. James is perfect, I'm not.' Albus said.

'Your brother isn't perfect. And besides, no-one is. I'm not either.' Harry said.

'But, in what way aren't you perfect? And James?' Albus asked.

'James has-"

A bell rang. Albus had no idea where or what it was for but he jumped and left saying he had to go.

'It's Saturday.' Harry looked confused.

'Good bye!' Albus turned and left.

As soon as he was gone, Albus hit his forehead. That was the most awkward conversation of my life. He thought. And that includes the time when Aunt Hermione caught me and Rose summgling the chocolate biscuits upstairs. Although, he could have mentioned Katherine. That would have doubled the tension.
Albus wandered down a corridor, looking for Katherine. He found her trying to study in the library.

'Hey,' Albus sat down next to her.

'Hi. Do you ever say anything besides from hey?' Katherine said.

'No. Never.' Albus said.

'So what are you doing?' Katherine asked Albus.

'I just spoke to my dad.'

'What did he say?'

'Oh, that he... look it really doesn't matter, could move on?'


'Mark, you're really pale.' Nick commented.

'I know.' Mark said.

'Apparently..." Brad flicked through a book. "It says here: Veelas are either really really pale or really really tanned. They originally come form france, they are all capricorn, they aren't all blonde, there was a vee-"

"Shut up." Mark closed the book.

"Hey! I was reading that!" Brad complained. "You may not think it's interesting, but I do!"

"All it's going to tell you is that my great grandmother was a brunnette, my mother used to be dark-haired, but she's now blonde. I think it might tell you that my grandmother had really nice caramel skin, my great great great grandmother had glow in the dark skin." Mark took a breath and went to start again.

"Don't say anymore!" James jumped in. "You come from quite a background don't you?"

"Yeah I guess. Except for my great great grandmother. She didn't do anything."

"Mark!" James yelled at his friend indicating that they didn't care about his ancesters.

"What?!" Mark said in the exact same tone.

"No-one cares!"

"Neither do I really, mum told me to tell you."

"When was the last time you did what your mum told you to do?"

"Last christmas."


"See what?"

"See my point."

"What point?"

"Guys!" Nick jumped up and yelled. "No-one cares about Mark's ancesters, no-one cares about James's point."

"Yeah, you two are barely even saying different things, I don't think." Fred put in.

"Yeah, please shut up, both of you." Nick, Brad and Fred all lined up sitting on one bed, and made puppy dog eyes at them.

Mark laughed.

"You lot are idiots." James shook his head in despair, then they headed of to lessons.

"You're one to talk."

"Oh really?"

James gave Fred a shove, and then they entered history of magic.


They ate the feast at dinner time.

"Im starving." Albus shoveled everything in reach into his mouth.

"Could you please close your mouth whilst eating."


The owls swooped into the hall, everyone had noticed that the owls hadn't come at breakfast.

Katherine caught a letter and started to open it.

Just then, Katherine ran upt to her dormitory, leaving the letter behind her, Albus was in no doubt that she was in tears.

Albus picked up the letter. He knew he shouldn't read other people's mail, but he needed to know what was making Katherine so upset.

Dear Katherine.

I am a ministry official, Rita Skeeter. Since being fired from the daily prophet, I got a job sending mail. I think it's called a cretury, or a secrut or a secretary, or something to that effect.

I am writing to you to tell you your father died last night. Shortly after that, your mother ran away from the house, no-one realy knows where she is now. Since there is no other means of supporting you family, you will have to get a job. The ministry has found one, not a long distance from Hogwarts. You must be a servant girl. A family called the Fourugys own a chateau in London. They are not magic, so to speak, you may not use magic whilst under their roof.

They are only accepting girls abouve 11 so it has to be you

Best of luck, Rita Skeeter.

Albus stared at the letter. Katherine's dad had died? How? The letter didn't say. More than that, she had to get a job. Albus knew the the fourugy's. Well, he knew the grandparents of the adults. And they were not nice people. Not in the least. Albus couldn't believe that something like this could really happen. This happened in movies, this didn't happen in real life. This was like one of those muggle movies, all of them had Cinderella in the title. He and James had watched one at Aunt Hermione's A cinderella story. It was about a girl, who grew up with her father. She loved him very much, but then he got married. When then her fathers died, she had to be a servant for the woman.

Katherine was like Samantha. Albus didn't really have a role in it, seeing as he and Katherine had met.

But how could Rita Skeeter be so dismissive? She's just told Katherine one: her dad's dead, two: she has to get a job. He couldn't believe how cold hearted she really was.

Albus could never see her again. Tomorrow, they would leave for half term and she would be gone. He had no choice. He couldn't change it. Neither could she. It was the fate of her life.

Author's Note: So what did you think, I have to know. Sorry for any mistakes, it's 6:30. Thank you for the review everyone, and please review again. If you didn't like it please tell me. I'm sorry Katherine had such a turn in her life. They are leaving for the half term in the next chapter (do they even do half terms at Hogwarts?) and Katherine is leaving forever. And since you all made my day last time, I'll give you a snippet of the next chapter:
"Katherine wait!" Albus ran down the hall panting. They were on the train, almost ready to get off.

"What am I waiting for, I have to leave?"

Albus hugged her and kissed her, one last time.

"Can I ever seen you again?" He asked as they broke apart.

"You can't." Katherine said, and then ran off the train and into a silver limo with a lot of rich people in it. She watched the Hogwarts express leave, for the last time.

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