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Author Note: Nearly forgot to put this! Thank you to everyone who has so far read the first chapter, first and foremost. I should be posting pretty regularly with any luck as I have chapters one to five written and six to ten planned. This is my first fanfic and the culmination of a ton of ideas I've had recently. Thank you for reading! Enjoy! 

2- Realisation:

“We are not put on this earth to see through one another,

but to see one another through.”



Rose Weasley piled her plate with breakfast from the numerous dishes surrounding her whilst talking to Eve and Dawn. She turned towards the doors of the Great Hall just as Scorpius walked through, brushing his fingers through his already messy hair and joining his group of friends at the Slytherin house table. She could hardly believe she’d just had a conversation with him which didn’t end in a fight.

“What do you reckon, Rose?” Eve asked, interrupting her thoughts. “Erm..what?” Rose said dazedly having not paid attention to the conversation, her thoughts dawdling elsewhere. Eve sighed and laughed.

“In your own world today aren’t you? What do you reckon to me and Scorpius? I mean what with you spending a lot of time with him because of the Tournament... You could put in a good word for me couldn’t you?”

 Eve grinned at her and Rose sighed having known that Eve’s legendary crush on Scorpius would come up at some point. It was common information amongst the school’s many students but despite her advances, Scorpius had always rejected her. She was beautiful, in a regal – almost unbreakable – way, as well as being from a strong Pureblood family.

She knew this wouldn’t matter to Scorpius, but Eve assumed it would, what with his own family apparently being so focussed on blood status. Nonetheless Rose thought Eve’s looks alone would have tempted Scorpius, but he’d never once returned her affections. Rose just shrugged at Eve. “I’m not playing matchmaker,” she said plainly. Eve might be her friend but Rose, dare she say it, needed Scorpius for the tournament and she couldn’t imagine him getting intimate with her friend would help matters.

“Why not?” Eve returned, seeming to be genuinely confused. “You know me and Scorpius would be great together. Unless....well...surely you don’t like him!” Rose bristled, half at the accusation she liked him and half at Eve’s tone which implied she would never have a chance with him.

Dawn quickly stepped in obviously noticing the impending argument and steered the conversation onto lighter territory, asking the girls about what they thought the First Task would be.

Rose smiled discreetly at Dawn to thank her for diverting the conversation and turned her mind to what Dawn had just said. She hadn’t for a minute even spared a thought for the First Task, having been whisked into the whirlwind that was the Tournament as a whole.

“It’s just the First Task is usually quite early on isn’t it?” Dawn enquired, but before Rose had time to reply she heard somebody clear their throat loudly behind her.

 She turned and saw Scorpius standing there uncomfortably, Eve was grinning at him but he seemingly only had eyes for Rose.

“Sorry to interrupt but Professor Quila wants to talk to us after breakfast, I assume about the First task. She didn’t really say,” he said quickly.

Rose thanked him and he went back to the Slytherin table. Eve was still staring towards Scorpius in a way that Rose could only assume she thought was seductive. It looked pained more than anything. Luckily before any further Scorpius related conversation was instigated, the bell for first class went and Rose was able to leave Eve and Dawn to meet Professor Quila at the front of the hall.

When she and Scorpius had both arrived they were led into a small room leading off the Great hall and once they were ushered into seats the Hogwarts Headmistress began.

“Sorry to take time from your free lesson but this information needed to be given to you fairly urgently.” Scorpius and Rose both nodded at her in acceptance of her apology, willing her to go on.

“Well my reason for calling you both is there has been a change of location for the Triwizard Tournament. As you are aware it was meant to be Hogwarts however certain people in the Ministry...” at this point she frowned and shook her head slightly, “...believe Hogwarts doesn’t quite meet Ministry regulations.

“Obviously since the war a massive restoration process has been taking place, but some damage done by dark magic can’t be fixed without great time and energy given to it. To keep the school open and keep students taught the teachers haven’t been able to give that time to repairs. So although I was originally told Hogwarts would be more than suitable. Apparently now it is not.”

The Professor looked thoroughly angry about having to give this information. “So I’m afraid all students who want to watch or are participating in this Tournament will be travelling to Durmstrang Institute to which we have been relocated.

“Also, because of the lateness with which I was given this news, we will be moving next month, on the first of December and I can’t apologise enough. But I assure you, you will both still have the space and materials you need to study and practice for the upcoming Tasks.

“We will be travelling on a ship provided by Durmstrang and living and eating on there during this school year as the Institute is unable to accommodate the sheer volume of visiting students... unlike Hogwarts,” she added in an undertone.

She sighed deeply before continuing. “Each student will have their own cabin and a shared bathroom with the exception of you two. Because of the demands of the Tournament it was decided your rooms would be on a private corridor together and you would obviously have separate bathrooms.

“Additionally you will have a shared room fully equipped with materials for theory work, adequate space for practical work, a well stocked potions supply and your own private library. I will ask that, in particular, other people don’t use your shared room as it is a privilege which is purely for use in the Tournament.

“Our accommodation will also house classrooms in which lessons will be held, so you will not miss out on your education.” At this point she paused, relaxing into her seat somewhat. Rose had never seen her usually invincible Headmistress ever look so worn out before and guessed she must have had quite a fight to try and keep Hogwarts as the hosting school.

Eventually Professor Quila continued. “The First Task will be taking place on the twentieth of December however on the second of December the two of you will receive a clue. I can’t give you any more information at the present time but it will hopefully help you prepare for the First Task.

“On top of this, although obviously Scorpius can’t participate in the First Task he will be giving you, Rose, a significant amount of help during it, however once again I can give you no further information at the present time. I’m sorry you will have so short a time to prepare for the First Task, but apparently organisation is not our Ministry’s strong point.

“The traditional Yule Ball will however be taking place on the twenty-fifth of December, Christmas day. More information about this will be given nearer the time and once again I must apologise for the lateness and disorganisation of this. I know that was a lot of information to take on all at once. The rest of the school will be informed of these developments through notices in common rooms; I just thought you two needed to know first. Is there anything else you want to know?”

Rose and Scorpius sat silently as the Professor waited for any questions but neither of them could think of anything else they hadn’t been told. “In that case,” she resumed, “I will have to take my leave, as I have Common Room notices to supervise and travel to organise!” On that note she nodded to the two students and swept out of the room.

“Wow,” said Rose, breaking the silence. “Talk about information overload.” She rubbed her temples and took a deep breath. “I know exactly what you mean,” Scorpius agreed. They sat in silence for a few minutes further as they both internally processed the information they’d been given. “I know we haven’t exactly got on amazingly in the past,” Scorpius began slowly, “but what with us living in such close quarters for the rest of the this year, I hope we can get on... call a truce maybe.”

Rose nodded. “No problem.” She said agreeably, “as long as I don’t have to listen to you with your numerous women whilst we’re next door at Durmstrang, I’ll be happy.”

Scorpius had a flicker of disappointment in his eyes as he said, “Is that all you think I’m interested in?” Rose let out a small laugh. “Well that’s all you are interested in. You’re telling me all those rumours I’ve heard are wrong?”

“Believe what you want.” Scorpius said suddenly, rising from his seat. “I just hoped you would have the brains to see past petty gossip. Obviously I don’t know you at all, and it seems you don’t know me either.” He stalked out of the room before Rose had time to think.

The rest of Rose’s day passed fairly quickly. She only encountered Scorpius once, when they had a Potions lesson together and although he ignored her she could see from his eyes that he was angry.

She began to feel annoyed at herself for openly judging Scorpius on what she had heard from gossip as it was always something she hated in others. She sat throughout the potions lesson, the last lesson of the day, going over how to apologise. Rose wasn’t a person renowned for her apologies, more for her fiery temper, but nonetheless she knew in this case it was needed.

As the bell went signalling the lesson’s end the room sprang into a flurry of activity as everyone packed away their books and Rose quickly threw her things together looking over her shoulder at Scorpius. She could see he was eager to leave the classroom so she moved towards him quickly, catching his eye as she went. He walked quickly to the classroom door and just as he crossed the threshold Rose caught hold of his sleeve, successfully getting his attention.

“Can I speak to you a minute?” Rose asked quietly, she didn’t want to leave the situation like this. She saw Scorpius give a deep sigh as he led her to a more secluded corridor, obviously feeling this was a waste of his time.

“I’m sorry,” she said as soon as they were alone. “I didn’t realise what I said would upset you, I really didn’t. I hate it when people judge me on what they’ve heard about me and I shouldn’t have done it to you.”

She’d been staring at her feet and only now did she raise her head. “It’s ok,” said Scorpius. “I overreacted really. I just hate what people say about me, I’ve never treated a girl badly, ever.” Rose nodded, “I know,” she said gently.

They stood silently for a few moments, just looking at each other before Scorpius laughed suddenly. “Can you believe this?” he said, “Me upset and you apologising, who would have thought it?” Rose smiled back at him. “Things are changing. I think we’re changing,” she told him. “I think maybe we can do better than a truce.” She held out a hand. “Friends?”

She could hardly believe she was doing it, but then she had started to see more to Scorpius than what she’d heard about him. She knew something must have made Albus like him and she was beginning to see what that was. Scorpius extended a hand and shook hers warmly. “Friends,” he replied.  

The two of them walked back towards their Common Rooms, eventually having to part. Rose felt happy with the way things had gone, but almost shocked at herself. She felt the presence of the Tournament itself was changing her, making her far more co-operative than she usually was. At any rate she was sure it wasn’t a bad change.

When she got to the Common Room she immediately saw her friends in their usual place and hastened over to join them. She’d only had the chance to see them at lunch that day and quickly reiterate what she had been told by Professor Quila before their time was up and they had to split up for different lessons. Albus was the only person she’d had her two lessons that day, Potions and Herbology, with.

As she sat down on the soft fabric of an armchair Albus immediately spoke to her. “So what did you and Scorpius have to speak about then? I saw you two disappear off at the end of Potions.” In the corner of her eye Rose say Eve’s head whip round at this revelation.

“We just had some things to sort out,” Rose replied mysteriously, knowing it would aggravate Eve no end. “Well I hope it put him in a better mood at any rate. He was in such a stress all through Potions, something about someone judging him wrongly. He seemed disappointed more than angry.”

 Albus looked at her questioningly. Rose shrugged, “I’ve no idea who that was,” she replied but she could feel her cheeks blushing and Albus’ inquisitive eyes on her. However, he was her cousin and understood when she didn’t want to talk about something so he left the conversation there, much to Rose’s gratitude.

Rose found the month which followed to be both fraught and relaxed. Luckily all Tournament related processes and events had been postponed until the move to Durmstrang, so in that sense, she was left to her own devices.

On the other hand the impending move at short notice resulted in an over-stressed Rose constantly worrying over what she would and wouldn’t need, both for her studies and the Tournament. The day before they were due to leave for Durmstrang Rose found herself sitting on a full to bursting black suitcase, its patched and worn sides obviously splitting under the pressure of the items it contained. Rose knew when she had been defeated.

She shifted off the ancient case and started taking out less important items to make more space, only to be interrupted by Dawn entering the dormitory. “What are you doing?” she asked inquisitively. “I thought you had finally decided to take those books?” she continued, pointing at the pile of books Rose had thrown onto her duvet covered bed. Rose nodded her head at the still over filled case which lay on the red carpeted floor. Dawn sighed.

“Sometimes I wonder if you’re actually a witch at all!” She turned to her bag and pulled out her wand, whipping it quickly through the air she pointed it at the bulging case and said “Amplifico!” The suitcase closed suddenly, snapping quickly shut, much to Rose’s amazement.

She hastily opened it, seeing that miraculously despite the case and her belongings being the same size as they were originally, she now had plenty more space to pack. “It keeps the exterior small but makes the interior big.” Dawn announced proudly from behind her.

“What on earth would I do without you?” asked Rose, laughing and hugging her friend.  

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