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Chapter Two- I Miss You


Ginny’s POV


                Ginny woke up on the couch in the living room. She could already smell breakfast being cooked.

It had been 4 months since the day Harry Apparated her to that cliff by the ocean. It had been 4 months since the trio had left. It had been 3 months since Harry had last talked to her.


“Hey Gin!” Harry said to Ginny in her mind.


“Hey, Harry! How are you guys getting along?”  she asked.


“Fine, but Voldemort has proven almost impossible to locate. If it wasn’t for my connection with him in my sleep, then we wouldn’t even know where to go,” he said anxiously.


“You’ll find him and finish him. I know you will, I have faith in you,”  she said, smiling.


Harry smiled too. “Thank you. I lo…”


She felt fear strike her, almost so suddenly that she almost collapsed.


“Gin, go! And don’t try to talk to me until I talk to you!”  Harry said frantically.


“Harry, wait! What’s going on?”


“He’s here! NOW GO!!”  he yelled so loud her ear drums almost burst.


“I LOVE YOU, HARRY!!” she yelled back into his head.

---------------------------------------------------------End Flashback---------------------------------------------------------------


Ginny has been so scared for so long after that day. She constantly held on the sphere, to make sure it was still warm. As long as it was warm, she knew Harry was still alive. She had wanted to go after him so many times, but someone was always there to stop her. She had tried to sneak out at night but her mom now had an alarm on the house that woke up everyone and anyone in the house when a door was opened after the alarm had been set. She had tried sneaking out her window but those were now locked with so many charms that she had no way of undoing them. Mrs. Weasley had given her all the chores inside to Ginny and done the outside ones herself or made someone else do them to prevent Ginny from getting away.


Ginny was trapped, stuck, and worried.


She went up to her room and saw the morning sun creeping across her floor. She went over and turned on the Muggle stereo Harry had given her for her 17th birthday, almost a year ago, and turned it to the only song that made any sense to her.

I miss you

I miss your smile

And I still shed a tear every once in a while

Even though it’s different now

Ginny waved her wand and silenced the stereo. She couldn’t stand to hear anymore, seeing as tears were already falling down her face. Sometimes she swore that song was written for her.


She thought of going downstairs and getting some food, but realized she was no longer hungry. She thought of going flying but knew her mother wouldn’t let her go outside. The one thing she desperately wanted to do would be the last thing anyone would let her do; she wanted to go after the man she loved: Harry Potter.


Later that evening, around midnight, Ginny climbed out of bed, slipped on jeans and a t-shirt and a jumper. She crept downstairs and slid on her shoes. She clicked open the door, and to her surprise, no alarm sounded, but instead she heard…


“Ginny, do you honestly think you can sneak out successfully?”




“We knew you’d need some help.”




“We.” Fred and George stepped out from the dark shadow that was the living room.


“But how did you…” Ginny asked as she pointed to the door.


“Easy. Mum put us in charge of setting the alarm tonight since we were still outside when she went to bed.  We simply didn’t turn it on,” they said triumphantly.


“We just hoped you would try to sneak out tonight…” Fred said.


“…and take advantage of our generosity,” George finished.


“Now go, before Mum wakes up and kills us for letting you go,” Fred said.

“How can I…” Ginny began.


“Go!” they said in a hushed, but forceful whisper.


“I love you guys!” she said smiling, as she walked out the door and out towards the shed.


Back in the house, Fred and George headed back to their old room after setting the alarm and putting a Muggle hologram of Ginny in her room and locking her door.


Fred leaned up against the door as he closed it behind himself as George tapped the wall next to it and a door appeared. He unlocked the door and a man walked out.


“Thank you, you can’t understand how much I need her help.” Then he disappeared.


Fred and George smiled and started working on some of their new pranks.


Back outside, as Ginny rounded behind the shed, she couldn’t help but to admit the fact that she didn’t know where she was going. All she knew was she’d see Harry, and that alone was enough reason for her.


Harry’s POV

“Thank you, you can’t understand how much I need her help.” And with that he turned and Apparated. He reappeared beside Ron and Hermione and immediately regretted it.


Ron was atop Hermione, their lips and bodies were so close together that he doubted they could get any closer without removal of clothes and Harry didn’t want to be around when that happened.


He cleared his throat loudly.


Ron and Hermione suddenly froze and Ron’s head slowly turned to the side until his eyes fell on Harry.


Harry turned around smiling, “Looks like you two were busy enjoying yourselves.”


Ron and Hermione blushed deeply, until Hermione spoke up.


“How do you know she’ll find us?”


“She’ll know, I’ll make sure of it,” he said as a grin played across his lips.


“Hogwarts…”  Harry thought deeply.


Ginny jumped. “Harry?!”


“Hogwarts…”  she heard again.


“Ok,” Ginny said out loud. “Hopefully this isn’t a trap.”


“It’s not a trap, just come to the Quidditch Pitch at Hogwarts, in the center of the field.”


“Tell me something only Harry James Potter would know.”


“Uhhh… I snuck into your room the morning I left and only a few seconds later I told you I love you. A few hours later you found the necklace which is the communication source we are using right now, and your eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”


“Ok, you’re Harry. But how do you know that I got out of the house?”  she asked.


“Let’s just say, I helped, and that is all I will tell you until I see you so when I tell you I can see the expression on your face,”   Harry said and Ginny could feel him smiling.


“Oh, I’m gonna kill you Harry James Potter. First you give me this necklace and talk to me so much, then you don’t talk to me for 3 months. Then you help me get out of the house so I can come after you after you told me I couldn’t come with you! I love you!”  Ginny squealed.


Harry’s mind froze until he heard…


“Don’t move!  I’ll be right there!” Before he could respond, he felt her pull from his mind and seconds later a weight fell on him causing him to fall to the ground.


He landed on his back, causing him to wince as he realized the weight was still on his torso.


“What the…” But before he could finish talking he was kissed forcefully.


He tensed in shock, but slowly relaxed as he returned the kiss.


Ginny pulled back laughing after receiving the reaction she had given him those long months ago.


As Harry looked at her, she could see the desire and love flood the gorgeous green emerald eyes of his.


She fell back onto his chest and listened to his accelerating heartbeat, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.


“God, I’ve missed you,” she said.


“I’ve missed you too,” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her close to him.


Ron cleared his throat, grinning. Hermione was standing next to him, beaming.


“Oh, uhhh hi,” Ginny said as she stood up and helped Harry up.


“Hi? That’s all we get? I’m your brother and all I get is ‘hi’, and he gets knocked over and snogged to death?!” Ron complained.


“Exactly, you’re my brother, I’m not going to snog you to death.” Hermione opened her mouth as to speak but was cut off by Ginny. “Yes, I know that’s your job, and I’m not going to snog you either.”Hermione laughed at that.


“How did you know about us?” Ron asked, quite shocked.


“Are you kidding?” Ginny said prominently. “I’m surprised the whole world doesn’t know, considering the way you two clung to each other when you got home.”


Ron and Hermione expressions changed in a blink of an eye from the careworn worry to complete shock.


“I’m just joking, no one at home knows,” Ginny said, laughing.


Their expressions lightened again.


“God Ginny, don’t scare us like that,” Hermione said, letting out a long sigh.


“Alright, but I think Harry has some explaining to do.” Ron said crossing his arms.


Harry looked confused.


Ron nodded towards Ginny.


“Oh, her,” Harry said, starting to blush.


Just then, a loud crack cut through the air at the sound of thunder. As the four teenagers looked up, lightning flashed across the sky, and a rain drop fell on Hermione’s nose.


“Hmm, rain,” Hermione said in a dreamy voice that sounded like Luna Lovegood.


Ron looked at her, slightly confused.


As the light rain turned into a downpour, Ginny looked up at Harry. A smile came across her lips and a sparkle flashed in her eye. A grin came on Harry’s face as a song Ginny had once sung to him came back to his mind.


Her eyes, that’s where hope lies

That’s where blue skies meet the sunrise

Her eyes, that’s where I go

When I go home…


His grin widened as he pulled her closer and leaned in a bit and kissed her gently, yet passionately.


Ginny’s POV

His grin widened as he pulled her closer and leaned in. He kissed her gently but passionately at the same time and she just melted into his embrace as his arm slipped around her waist and the other went into her hair. She slid her arms around his neck, messing with the scruff of hair on his neck. This felt so right.


He ran his tongue along Ginny’s bottom lip, asking entrance which she granted immediately. He moaned as their tongues slid past each other.


Ginny’s hands fell down to his shoulders, grabbing him as if she would fall if she let go.


He tightened his grasp on her, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other just above the small of her back, pinning her body against his own. Her body was pinned so closely against his that she could feel his chest rising, gasping for air.



She slowed down and pulled away, both panting. She smiled at him as she relaxed her grip on his shoulders, rain still pouring down their faces and both were soaked to the bone. Harry back up a bit and pecked her lips, his smile widening.


“Oi! You gonna stop snogging my sister and get out of the rain?” Ron yelled from the shelter of the Forbidden Forest.


Harry winked at her and grabbed her hand as they headed towards the Forest.


As they crossed the tree line, Hermione stepped forward and, using a nonverbal spell, dried them off with a blast of heat from her wand. Their faces were flushed as Ron stared the two down before speaking.


“Just because I approve of you two Gin, doesn’t mean you can go around snogging him.”


Her face turned red with anger. “Who says you have any say in whom I date or snog?”


Ron went silent, not wanting to be on the other side of her temper.


She smiled in triumph as she saw Ron back away, then round on Harry.


“Even if I can’t control what my sister does, I can control who does what to her,” Ron said snarling.


Harry’s eyes grew large.


She stood in front of Harry. “You’re not going to be picking on or bullying my boyfriend either. Just because he’s your best mate doesn’t mean you have authority over him when it comes to me. As a matter of fact, you don’t have authority over him at all.”


“Yeah, but I can tell him to watch it.” Ron said, still glaring.


“Mate, I’m not going to do anything to hurt Ginny…”


“…and if he did, I’d kill him before you even knew what was going on,” she said, finishing Harry’s sentence.


Harry looked at her in shock.


She grinned.


“Ok, you three done now?” Hermione said, stepping up and slipping her hand into Ron’s, causing his face to go red.


Harry then did the same to Ginny and nodded at Hermione, who smiled.


“Ok then, is it alright if we continue?” she asked.


The other three nodded.


“Finally!” she sighed.


As the four teenagers walked up to the castle looming over them, not knowing what was behind the familiar large oak doors, and little did they know that someone was watching their every move…

A/N: Song is I Miss You by Hannah Montana


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