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Chapter Two: Going back


As I sat on the train I worried. Maybe I should have told Harry that I was bringing the kids. I should have told him that I have kids. I sigh as I look over at the two sleeping children. They looked like angels. I smiled.


As I got off the train I began to search for Harry. Ariel, my little girl, was in my arms while North walked along side of us, holding my hand. I didn’t see anyone that I knew. He said that someone would be there to pick me up. No one.


“Hey there, Stranger,” A voice said behind me and I turned around. A huge smile crossed my face as I saw my two childhood friends standing in front of me.


“Harry, Ron, I have missed you.” Was all I managed to say. I don’t think they heard me though. They were looking at the kids.


“Brother and sister?” Ron asked and I opened my mouth to tell him the truth, but Ariel beat me to it.


“Mommy, who are these boys?” She asked, her head rested lazily on my shoulder. I sighed.


“These are Mommy’s friends, sweetheart.” I explained to her. “No Ron, they aren’t my brother and sister. They are my children.” Ron looked as if he was going to faint and Harry couldn’t take his eyes off the kids.


“So you left to run off with some guy?” Harry asked, not sounding mad, but confused.


“No, Harry, I didn’t. I was pregnant with the twins when I left. It is why I left.” I tried to explain and Harry let out a deep sigh.


“Are they Draco’s?” Ron asked, coming out of his shock.


“Of course. But don’t tell him. I don’t want to see him while I am here.” I explained and Harry and Ron looked at each other a bit worried. Neither said anything though.


“Mommy,” North tugged at my hand. “I am hungry.”


“Well, Mrs. Weasley is making breakfast back at the burrow.” Harry said, kneeling down to North’s height. “Wanna go?” North just looked up at me and then back at Harry a little scared.


“It is ok, darling. Mommy is going too.”


“There is a rule though,” Harry went on. I never noticed how good he was with kids. “I have to know your name before you can go or you can’t get there.” North is a tad bit shy when it comes to strangers. He looked down at the ground.


“North…” He whispered.


“Whoa! Did you say North?” Harry picked up North and stood up. At first North looked like he was going to cry, but Harry finished. “North is such a strong name. I might have to watch out for you.” North laughed and looked back at me.


“Come on, ‘Mione, let’s go home.” Ron grabbed our luggage and motioned for me to follow.




A lot of shock came upon entering the burrow. I found out that Ginny had died during the war and Mr. Weasley was in St. Mungo’s for the rest of his life. The biggest shock of all came at three thirty, on the dot.


I was sitting in the living room reading while North and Ariel were up in their rooms taking their daily nap. Harry and Ron had gone out to run some errands for Mrs. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley was in the kitchen preparing to make dinner when someone came in through the kitchen door.


“I picked up some eggs and milk on my way home, Mrs. Weasley,” a voice said and I dropped my book. I knew that voice anywhere. Even after three years.


“Thank you, Draco,” Mrs. Weasley practically sung. “There is someone in the living room I think you might want to see.” My eyes shot open. Why did she do that? I stood up and dashed for the stairs, but was too late.


“Hello?” He asked and I turned around. We both stood there, just looking at one another for a moment. He hadn’t changed at all. He still looked the same. Golden hair, crystal eyes, tall and muscular; still looked like a God.


A/N: Sorry for the shortness. Longer chapter next time!

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