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He wanted to drown himself a thousand times in Black Lake when he saw her walk into the Great Hall. In the two weeks she had been gone she changed for the worse. She had lost a lot of weight in that short amount of time, there were bruises all over her and her black eyes were hollowed out. Sirius wanted to go over to her. To demand to know what was going on and force her to let him help her with whatever it was that had caused her to look so defeated but as soon as he stood up Evangeline Phillips wrapped her arms around his neck
. Before he could move her he saw Juliette’s face. Never had he seen someone flash a look of such pain and suffering in such a small amount of time. Guilt spread through him as he realized how it must have looked to her. It then hit him. She didn’t want him. As much as that hurt him and as much as it broke him he had to let her go. Walking away Evangeline followed him and pinned him to the stone wall.



“Eve.” He groaned bitterly.

The brunette gave him a confused look. “What’s wrong Siri?”

He flinched. He loathed that nickname. Juliette never would have called him that. Mentally he berated himself for thinking about her. “Evangeline you are gorgeous but I can’t….”

“What’s going on with you?” Her flawless face was taken aback by his rejection.

“I just can’t alright?”

She scoffed and walked away from him. “Your loss…”

He grimaced as Juliette’s face flashed in his head. “I know…”


Sirius Black woke up with a headache and a hangover to boot. Squinting his eyes in discomfort Sirius glanced around and was thankful to find that for once his bed was empty. His torso shook as he tried to put all his weight on his arms.  For a second he didn’t know what happened. He didn’t know why his breath smelled so strongly of Firewiskey. He didn’t know why he had drunk so much. He didn’t know what happened the day before. Then his eyes caught sight of the bruise over his knuckles and everything came flooding back.



Drumming his fingers on the table in front of him he let out a soft sigh. They all were just sitting there waiting for Dumbledore talking to pass the time. His mind was calm but he kept thinking of her. Was that really her? Or was he wrong? Shaking his head he gave James a half hearted smile and rubbed his eyes. He felt like hell. Whenever he would hear about ghosts from people’s pasts he would laugh and think how lucky he was that none of his relationships were ever serious. Then a couple of minutes or a couple of hours later he would just be sitting there and one memory would come back and haunt him. It made him feel fake and phony. Wanting nothing more than to forget her Sirius opened his mouth and turned to say something to Remus when Dumbledore walked in.



If he thought that hearing her voice and seeing her from behind was bad he had no idea what he was in for. Physically he always had a high thresh-hold for pain but he couldn’t grasp that concept the second he saw her. Time had been good to her. She was perfectly thin and in amazing shape. Her hair was just below her shoulders and had more highlights in it –he knew that the highlights were natural, Juliette Paxton would never chemically alter her hair. Her skin was tanner than the last time he had seen her –which better accented her raised cheek bones and full lips. Taking her appearance fully he caught an interesting looking scar stretching from her thumb to her wrist. She wore some jeans that managed to fit her slender legs and curved bottom perfectly. On top she wore a plain white shirt with the words, ‘Is This Good for the Company,’ on the front with a familiar brown leather biker jacket over it. Since she hadn’t looked at him yet he found a way to disconnect from. He allowed himself to wonder how much she had changed. Then mid way through the speech of Dumbledore’s -that he was not listening to- she shifted her weight and made a tiny squeak with her shoes. No one else noticed. Subtly he glanced under the table and saw she was wearing black converse. He wanted to smile at the fact that at least one thing had remained from the girl he once knew. He probably would have let out a smile and remained detached from the situation if she hadn’t looked right at him.



His heart clenched agonizingly. She starred back fiercely her eyes blazing with an emotion he assumed could only be hatred. They hadn’t spoken since Bellatrix caught them kissing three years ago. Now the tension between them was enough to drive him temporarily insane. The rest of the time she never paid him any attention she went over to talk to Dumbledore a bit. Then she moved to leave but stopped at the doorway and glanced back at him. That sight horrified him. Her warm black eyes were cold and blank as if she had no emotions left. And then she was gone.



It didn’t take a lot of intelligence to figure out what happened next. The minute she was gone he nodded at James and hit the Leaky Cauldron. After about five shots of Firewiskey he got into some stupid fight with a guy over the Cannon’s being the worst team in the league -which they were in his opinon. The guy didn’t fight back at first but after Sirius threw the first punch the other guy had no choice but to fight back. He didn’t even blame the other guy. Rising from his bed he winced and clutched his face.



She was back. He would have to see Juliette Eleanor Paxton almost every day from now on. Closing his eyes he saw her face. He saw her smiling at him. It took him a minute to get a grip. She had come back into his life like a rapid flame; blazing and flooding into his heart. How could he coexist with her? Shaking his head he tried to think about something else but he couldn’t. Why did it have to be her that saved Lily? Of all the Auror’s that could have stumbled ober her in one of their missions why did it have to be the one girl that he actually gave a shit about? Why couldn’t it have been anyone else? He groaned as he heard a loud pounding on his front door.



James stood at the door with a perplexed look. “What the hell happened to you mate?”

Nothing.” Sirius grunted back in a bitter tone before walking over to his couch and sinking down into it.

“You’re a rotten liar Padfoot.”

He sighed exhaustedly, “Don’t worry about it Prongs.”

“Is it about the new girl?” James inquired intuitively. “You looked mad when she walked in.”

Sirius furrowed his eyebrows. “Mad?”

“Yeah. So do you know her?”

Something like that…”

James sat next to him. “Why are you being so cryptic?”

“Prongs back off alright?” He groaned into his hands.

“Okay …weirdo.”

“What are you doing here anyway?”

James shrugged, “You took off so quick last night I didn’t get a chance to talk to you.”

“I needed a drink.”

“Yeah…I can smell that.”


Sirius reached over and hit him in the face with a pillow. He then got up and went to brush his teeth and wash his face.  James watched him the whole time. The thing about being best friends with someone as long as they had is that they knew when there was something wrong even when the other person denied it.



“You know we have a meeting in an hour right?”

Sirius grimaced and spat out a mouthful of toothpaste. “In an hour?”

“Dumbledore called an emergency meeting.”


“Check your mail…It has something to do with Lestrange.”

He did so after he pulled on a shirt and pants. “The ministry has him in custody.”



James flooded his arms over his chest. “Did it say who arrested him?”

His mouth twitched. “Paxton did.”

“See….What the hell was that?” James accused hotly.

“What was what?” Sirius replied avoiding his glance.

“You twitched! You totally and completely twitched!”

“I did not! Quit being ridiculous Prongs.”

“ME? I’M RIDICULOUS?!” James scoffed darkly, “There has been many occasions where that claim has been proven true but right now it applies to you.”

Sirius walked around him and went to grab something to eat.

“See?! Now you won’t even look at me.”

“Just leave it alone…Okay?”

James frowned, “Fine…for now.”

Sirius gave him a strange look. “Why are you glowing?”


“Your cheeks are deep red, your eyes are bright and you have this whole we’re-in-a-serious-conversation-but-I’m-still-happy lightness about you.”

James gave him a double take. “What?”

“What is it? Why are you so happy?”

“Fine.” He sighed, “I wasn’t supposed to tell you but-“


James smirked.

“AHHHHHH!” Sirius ran over and hugged James tightly before picking him up and swinging him around. “YOU’RE GONNA BE A PAPA! YOU’RE GONNA BE A DADDY!....” Sirius put him down on his feet and looked wistfully out into the distance. “Am I too young to be an uncle?”

He laughed heartedly, “I love that you turn this back to yourself.”

“It’s what I do.” Sirius shrugged. “How far along is Lily?”

“Two weeks.”


James raised his hands warningly. “Don’t say anything to her though. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone yet.”

“Mums the word.”

“Well we better get to that meeting…Remember don’t say anything to Lily.”

Sirius nodded and grabbed his jacket. “I won’t Prongs.”


It took them a few minutes before they got to the Order Headquarters. He looked around and saw Lily sitting in between Alice and Dorcas. He glanced away the minute she looked his way though. He would wait for her to break the news to him like he promised. Dumbledore smiled at James and Sirius as they entered and put his arm around Sirius.



“There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Sirius followed Dumbledore to the other side of the table to where Juliette was sitting.



She was talking to Rick about something when Dumbledore tapped her shoulder. Her dark eyes caught Sirius’s as she turned around to face them. He felt his whole body heat up from the passion of her gaze. His heart skipped a beat before accelerating to a faster speed than before. She considered something for a minute before standing up. Dumbledore moved back an inch and put Sirius and Juliette slightly closer together.  



“Juliette this is Sirius Black. Sirius this is Juliette Paxton.”



Sirius controlled his face and forced himself to stick out his hand. It was hard. To think of touching her skin and act like she meant nothing to him but he managed it. That second was the first time he saw her icy exterior break. It was just a flash. If he had looked away he wouldn’t have seen it but luckily he was starring right at her. He saw a split second of what she was going on in her head. The emotions most evident there were her pain and fear. Bravely he took her slender warm little hand in his and shook it. Mid-shake a memory popped up in his mind.

She felt his face concernedly. “You’re freezing.”

“I’m alright.” He shrugged half lying.

“No you’re not!”

Sirius snorted, “How are you going to tell me how I am?”

“Because I know you! Come here.” She took off her gloves and locked his hands with hers. “See? You’re cold.”

“Or,” He smirked arrogantly. “You are just really really hot!”

She gave the throaty laugh that he loved so much. “Oh okay!”

He suddenly glanced down at their hands and genuinely smiled. “Look…They fit.”

“Yeah,” she blushed brightly, “They do.”


When reality came flooding back he saw that he was still holding her hand. James coughed awkwardly and Sirius made himself release her hand and look away.



“Nice to meet you.” He muttered before walking over to sit in the empty seat next to Remus. Sirius closed his eyes and rubbed his eye lids. He could have sworn he heard her say, ‘Nice to meet you too.

Authors Note:

I'm not so sure about this chapter...I know I went in the right direction but i'm not so sure about the content....Anyway PLEASE REVIEW!

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