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Oh my, im terribly sorry for the wait! I basically finished my entire senior year of high school between the last chapter and this one. :) but i'm ready for more now! And i hope this chapter was worth the wait!

“Hermione, Malfoy is trying to get your attention.”

I took my eyes off of McGonagall and her slightly intriguing lesson to look at Harry. He was staring curiously behind me at who I assumed was Malfoy. I was more forgiving of Harry not standing up for me against Ron because I owed him for not telling my secret. Although we looked like the pair we used to be with Ron and I on either side of Harry, we still were having troubles within our friendship.

“Did you hear what I said?” He whispered bringing his green eyes to mine.

I nodded and slowly turned toward Malfoy. He was already staring at me, his usual smirk set perfectly on his face. A wad of paper flew at me before I could see his hand pull back and launch it at me. Harry’s skilled hand flashed out and caught it before it hit my face.

“What a jerk.” He whispered before turning back around in his chair and unraveling the piece of parchment. I watched his eyes scan over the drawings. Then he tossed the crumpled parchment on the table with a roll of his eyes. “Thinks he’s so funny.”

My curiosity got the best of me. I reached my hand out to grab the note and brought it close to my face. It only took a second to see the raunchy, but slightly sexy picture Malfoy had drawn of him and I. I couldn’t help the squeak that escaped my O shaped mouth. A slight blush formed on my cheeks partly because of what was depicted in the note and also at the thought of Harry seeing it.

“Are you okay, Hermione?” Harry whispered, looking at me as if I was loony.

My mouth opened a little bit more as I nodded toward the note in my hand. His eyes trailed over it for a second but quickly came back to mine. “It’s not that bad, Hermione. I’ve seen worse.”

I stared at him open mouthed.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the paper out of my hand. “See? One time he passed me a note that had a dementor decapitating me. This is nothing.”

I still wasn’t registering what he was saying. I leaned over to reluctantly look at the picture again. My quickened heartbeat slowed as I realized the hand drawn picture wasn’t of Malfoy and I…well, doing things. It was of Harry, Ron, and I being eaten by Fluffy, the three-headed dog.

With a sigh, I leaned back in my chair.

I managed to forget the incident during potions. Snape was a troll making us work from beginning of class to end of class with almost a hundred points taken away from Gryffindor. It wasn’t until quite later in the day that I remembered.

“Want to play exploding snaps?” Ginny asked following me down from the girls’ dormitories in the Gryffindor common room where I had been helping her with her Ancient Runes.

“I think I’m going to the prefects bathroom for a bath.” I told her as I headed for the portrait hole.

“Why don’t you just use the bathroom in the Heads’ dormitories?” She stepped in my way causing me to stop.

“Because Ron is in the Heads’ dormitories, that’s why.”

“ooooohh.” She said, her mouth in a round ‘o’. “Will you be back here tonight?”

I shook my head. “Probably not, Gin. I have some homework and I’m way tired.”

“Oh, well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, see ya.” I replied distracted.

It took awhile for the huge tub to fill. Once the water was almost overflowing, I turned the faucets off and slipped off my robes. Being the self-conscious creature I was, I quickly unbuttoned and slipped off my blouse, and slid off my skirt until I was just in my bra and panties. I unclasped my bra and stepped out of my underwear before sliding into the pool.

The water was enjoyably hot and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and relax.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

My relaxation immediately turned into tension. My eyes shot up toward the echoing voice.

“Malfoy! What are you doing in here?!”

He smirked. “I thought I’d take a dip. Hope you don’t mind.”

Without waiting for my reply, Malfoy began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Wait wait wait wait!” I shouted, but he ignored me. I watched his shirt slide off his body. "Stop it, Malfoy. I'm warning you!"

He laughed. "Warning me? Maybe I should be warning you."

When his hands went to undo his belt, I spun around in the water and put my back to him. My heart was racing like mad. If his naked body came anywhere close to mine, I was almost certain I'd have a heart attack. My hands were shaking, also. I was getting nervous. The only thing that was ever on Malfoy's mind was sex and being in a pool with him naked...well, things probably were going to get heated up if i wanted them to or not.

A ripple moved around me in the pool cluing me in that he had slipped into the water.

"You can look now, my dearest mudblood."

I glanced back to make sure he wasn't lying. When I saw that the water was up to his chest with plenty of bubbles covering anything beneath the water, I turned around to face him. We were in the more shallow part of the pool. With my feet planted firmly on the ground, the water came up to just above my shoulders.

"Do you understand the concept of privacy?" I asked him. "When someone is in the bath, you usually arent supposed to come barging in and join them."

He smirked and moved towards me. I squeaked and began swimming toward the other end of the pool. I was now treading water.

"I dont join just anyone in the bath, Granger. You should feel honored."

I rolled my eyes. "Well, I kind of envy the people you ignore."

His smirked changed into a sour smile. "I don't seem to believe you."

"Well believe it."

He began swimming toward me again. "I'll just have to prove to you how it cant be true."

I got to the edge of the pool before he reached me. He put his hands on the ledge on either side of me. I had my back to him, afraid that if i turned around he would catch a glimpse of my bare chest.

He pressed his lips to my neck and I couldn't help but close my eyes. He kissed my neck for a minute before running his lips up my jaw when i turned my head to give him more access. Then he slid them back down to my bare shoulder.

I was clutching the edge of the pool as if i would die if i let go. I knew that my torso was too far out of the water; that if he was to look over my shoulder he would see the bulge of my breasts, but I couldn't concentrate hard enough to push my body down at all.

I felt his hands move from the ledge to my upper arms. He continued to kiss my shoulders and neck as he slid his hands down my arms all the way to my tensed hands where he intertwined our fingers and twisted me around so i was facing him. My arms were now twisted above my head, his hands holding mine, my eyes still closed.

When he made no movement for a couple of seconds, I opened my eyes to see what was wrong. My self consciousness came flooding back into my body. Malfoy was staring at the part of me i had tried to keep hidden the entire time we were in the tub. I tried to slide down into the water, but his firm grip would not let me. What intruiged me, however, was that the expression on his face was not one of lust or greed, but he was, in fact, in awe.

"Malfoy," I said quietly, too embarressed to be upset. His eyes flashed up to mine. We stared at each other for a minute before he finally loosened his grip to allow me to sink into the water. He was on the other side of the pool before i could say anything, not that i wanted to. I turned my head as he climbed out and didn't turn around again until I heard the slam of the door behind him.

I walked into the heads common room twenty minutes later feeling dazed and slightly unsure of the previous situation. I spotted Harry immediately by the couch practicing a new spell we had learned in Defense Against the Dark Arts. He was twirling his wand around in the formation I knew to be correct, but his pronunciation of the spell was just a bit off. He stopped as he heard the portrait swing shut and looked up at me. It didn't take long for him to see something was wrong.

"You okay?" He asked concerned.

I nodded. "Just tired, that's all."

He gave me an "oh" before looking down at his wand. He fiddled with it for a second.

"Er...Can i ask you something really quick?"

I said he could.

He hesitated before saying, "Never mind. I'll ask you later." And left me with nothing to do but head to my original destination.

I walked into my dark bedroom and quietly pushed the door shut. I jumped when the door suddenly locked by itself. Whipping around, I searched the seemingly empty room.

"I know you're in here." I whispered heading for the bed. I ripped open the curtains and he was, indeed, laying on my bed. He was wearing the same clothes as he had been wearing in the bathroom, although his shirt was not buttoned. I could only assume he came straight here after he left me alone earlier. But how he got in was beyond me.

He smirked at me through the open curtains, only the light of the moon giving me view of his face.

"I thought we'd sleep together tonight." He stated, gently patting the bed next to him.

I laughed. "In your dreams."

He raised his eyebrows in a surprised look.

"You don't want to sleep with me?"

I gulped as I realized where this conversation was going. This was the second time he had oh so subtly brought up the idea of us sleeping together and both times had caused my stomach to twist with nerves. But I sat down next to him anyway.

He immediately leaned over and pressed his lips to mine probably afraid that if he wasted any time i would change my mind and run screaming out of the room.

It didn’t take long for him to touch the tip of his tongue to my mouth asking for entrance. I sighed before opening for him. The drawing Malfoy had thrown at me earlier came back to mind. Butterflies erupted in the pit of my stomach as I thought of us actually doing those things and caused my hands to shake as they rested on the back of his neck.

“Nervous, are we?” Malfoy pulled away to ask the obvious.

“No.” I tried to state sternly, but it came out weak.

I watched him grin evilly and anxiously began imagining what he was about to do to me. Then suddenly I was on my back with Malfoy straddling me, my arms held by his hands above my head on the pillow.

He leaned down, pressing his warm lips to my ear before whispering, “Are you nervous now?”

My heart was going berserk, thumping so wildly that I was sure he could hear it. And the fact that he kept glancing down at my chest made me wary also.

I had thought my heart could beat no faster when a knock on the door made Malfoy’s and my eyes lock. I was right about my heart because instead of beating faster, it stopped altogether.

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