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A/N: I edited my chapter because I wasn't happy with how I ended it so hopefully you will all like it more this way. I hope to update soon too.

The next two weeks passed without a single word being uttered between Cedric and Vita. Every time they saw each other, in the common room or in class, they simply avoided each other, never making eye contact. Even Cedric and George were silent in their communication after their falling out over George dating Vita. However, George and Vita’s relationship was blossoming and things were great between them, or so Vita thought. Outside forces were at work for the two of them. 

Vita, George, and Fred all sat at the same table while eating breakfast. George and 
Vita ate hungrily while Fred was checking records of George and his product sales. They weren’t exactly good in math, but Fred and George always kept records of how many products were being sold and ordered. Fred glanced up from the records and noticed Cedric watching them from a different table. “Cedric is staring again.” Fred informed George and Vita. 

“Let him stare,” cracked George. “He’s just jealous.” 

“I wish you two could work things out.” Fred confessed. He was friends with Cedric, or up until George ended the friendship, and he knew he would always stick with George, but he really didn’t have a problem with Cedric. 

“Good luck with your wish coming true,” retorted George. “You may want to try wishing on a star.” 

“Very funny.” Fred said sarcastically while rolling his eyes. Then he returned to studying the records but he made a face of confusion by wrinkling his forehead. “That’s odd.” 

“What’s odd?” George questioned with a bit of concern. 

“Our sales and orders have been reduced majorly these past two weeks.” Fred explained, checking the records again to see if he had made a mistake. 

“Do you know why?” George asked with surprise since their products were always in demand and never saw a recession. 

“I have a theory.” Fred stated, acting a bit shifty. 

“Spill the beans then.” George demanded, slowly becoming impatient. 

Fred sighed and glanced at Vita for a moment. “A couple of students told me they wouldn’t order our products because you’re dating Vita.” He finally confessed. 

“That’s absurd!” George exclaimed angrily. He found it awful that someone would stop ordering products based on what he did with his personal life. 

George glanced at Vita, noticing she had stopped eating and was staring at her plate. 
“Hey. Don’t worry about it. They’re just stupid gits.” He tried to convince her. 

Vita nodded but didn’t feel like it wasn’t her fault. Students typically disliked her so why wouldn’t they stop ordering products if Vita dated George? It seemed to add up in her mind, and every time she started to feel even remotely happy, her world would come crashing down upon her. 

“We still have to discuss how we are going to fix this problem.” Fred stressed before standing up and closing the record book. “We have to get to class but since we have History of magic, we can discuss it in there.” 

George turned to Vita since the class was with Ravenclaws today. “Do you mind if I sit next to Fred in class today?” He asked softly, almost in a way to try and not hurt her feelings. 

“It’s fine.” She answered, knowing this meant she would be sitting by herself at the table. 

The three of them walked to class quietly, George walking next to Vita while Fred walked in front of them. This had been the typical routine since Fred spent less time with Katie Bell, but he didn’t mind the arrangement. Katie told him she wouldn’t hang around him if Vita was near and he was fine with that. 

Once the three arrived at their class, Fred and George sat at the same table together, leaving Vita to sit all alone at the table behind them. She actually took notes during the class but found herself distracted since Fred and George kept whispering and passing notes. Vita couldn’t hear them but she knew it had to be about the products and partly about how she was to blame. What bothered her more was the twin’s dead silence near the end of the class. 

After the class was over, the three left class quietly. George walked next to Vita as usual but he was even more quiet than usual. Vita’s heart sank as if she knew what was to come. Instead of waiting for the worst to come, she asked the question she feared. “Are you breaking up with me?” She asked in a whisper. 

George stopped in his tracks and stared at the ground. “I’m sorry.” He apologized, confirming her suspicions. 

Tears started to collect in Vita’s eyes. “Why? Because some people won’t buy your products just because of me?” She questioned with hurt. 

“Our products are important to us. We want to own our own business someday.” He explained. 

“But you wanted to be with me. You like me!” She shouted at him, causing a few students to stare. 

“You originally liked me to make Cedric jealous!” George shouted back at her. 

“But you kissed me!” She exclaimed loudly, causing them to gain an audience. 

“And what a lousy kiss it was on your part.” George said bitterly but also accidentally. 

The words wounded Vita down to her heart, the heart George had just broken. She stood there a moment in silence, a few tears streaming down her cheeks. Then she just turned and walked away towards the Head Common Room. After she arrived there, she went directly to her room and laid down on the bed, sobbing into her pillow. George was the last person she thought would hurt her, but she was wrong. 

Sometime later, Cedric entered their common room and he could hear her sobs. He knew what had happened since it didn’t take long for the news to travel after that huge scene Vita and George had caused. A part of Cedric felt relieved to know that Vita was single and away from George, but another part of him, the part that truly cared for her, wanted her to be happy and not suffer through this. 

Cedric walked towards Vita’s room before knocking on the door gently. He waited for a response but could only hear her continued sobs. Deciding he wanted to console her, he entered her room and stepped over to the bed. “Vita,” he whispered. “It’s Cedric.” 

Vita didn’t respond so Cedric sat down on the bed. He never was good at comforting people but he wanted to try. Gently placing his hand on her back, he rubbed it gently. “George is a jerk.” He stated, even though that was pretty obvious at this point. Realizing how stupid that sounded, he brushed a bit of her long hair away from her neck with his hand. Then he proceeded to stroke her hair gently. “I’m sorry about what happened and I want you to know that I’m here for you.” 

Vita turned and laid her head in Cedric’s lap, allowing Cedric to comfort her. Cedric stayed with her and the two actually fell asleep in her bed. 

After a few hours, Vita awoke to find it dark in the room. She felt Cedric laying next to her and so she moved her body gently. He moaned and woke up anyways. “Where are you going?” He asked while rubbing his eyes. 

“I have somewhere I have to be.” She said quietly, the hurt still in her voice. 

“Can we talk when you get back?” He asked, sounding hopeful. 

“Alright.” She said softly before getting out of bed and leaving the common room. Then she headed to Professor Snape’s office to have another one of their lessons. Lately all of their lessons had been practical lessons, focusing on reviewing things before going onto bigger lessons. 

As she entered, only light from his office shown in the place as usual. She entered his office quietly, not concealing her eyes that were red from crying and her tear stained cheeks. There was no point in hiding from Snape since he probably heard the story anyways. 

Snape stood up from his desk and walked over to her. “You shouldn’t let Mr. Weasley’s actions and words bother you.” He stated while staring down at her. “Your heart will be broken several times throughout your life.” 

“Save me the lecture.” Vita stated, not caring if she made him mad. 

“You’re right,” He admitted before picking her up and gently setting her down on his desk. “Mr. Weasley obviously doesn’t know how wonderful you are.” 

Vita looked up at Snape, trying to read his expressions. He brushed hair out of her face before leaning in closer. The breath caught in Vita’s chest as he leaned in closer and the look he gave her made her tremble.  

"You deserve someone that is going to realize that you are more than special. I would have been honored to have a daughter like you, if I had ever had one." He said to her softly before he pulled away.

Vita looked up at him feeling touched since he seemed to care so much. “I'm glad that you decided to help teach me and prepare me for the real world and the career I want. My father is great, and I love him, but he's a muggle and couldn't have helped me with this." She confessed before wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly. 

Snape hugged her back. “Alright. You better get back to your common room now.” He suggested in that normal cold voice of his, but Vita didn’t take any offense to it. 

Vita quickly took off and headed back to the common room where Cedric was already waiting for her on the sofa. She sat down next to him and his eyes were on her like a vulture. “What?” She asked, wondering what he was staring at her in such an intense way for. 

“You just seem different.” Cedric stated, still trying to read her like she was an open book. 

“I’m fine,” she quickly replied. “Now what did you want to talk about?” 

Cedric placed his hand over hers before he looked into her eyes. “I really want to start over with you to try and make things right. I meant all of those things I said in the past about how I feel about you. My friends won’t be an issue because I really won’t care what they think of me.” He said softly with a caring voice. 

Vita sighed as she remembered how awful it felt to keep getting hurt by him. “I just don’t want to get hurt again.” 

“I know you don’t and I promise that I won’t hurt you. I never meant for everything to happen like this.” He explained, the tone of his voice going lower as if he felt guilty. His gaze turned to the ground. 

A slight smile crept across Vita’s lips as she squeezed his hand. “Alright, but if you hurt me again, I’m going to whoop you.” 

Cedric smiled at her. “Deal!” He exclaimed with a grin. 

Vita leaned in and kissed Cedric’s cheek. “I want to get some sleep. It’s been a long day.” 

“I understand,” he said. “Goodnight.” 

Vita bid him goodnight and then went into her own room. She changed into her pajamas before crawling into bed so she could think about all of the events that had happened to her today. First she was happy with George, then had her heart ripped out by him. Later, Cedric comforted her even though she wasn’t expecting him to be the good guy. Afterwards, she had a meaningful conversation with Spike, something that teachers didn't normally do. In the end, Cedric had tried to make things up to her and that would definitely lead to interesting things.

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