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    Eleven years later


    A young, slender girl sat crossed-legged in a shed, one hand stirring the bubbling cauldron before her ivory skinned legs and moving the long wooden spoon through the pink liquid. Carefully trying not to spill the hot potion as it bubbled. Her sea blue eyes darted form side to side. Her cherry lips moved soundlessly in careful, calculative counts. Leaning over to the side to peer at the open book beside her, a piece of shiny black hair hang lose from the ribbon she used to tie her hair back, partially blinding her. With her blue eyes still focusing, she gave it a quick shove out of her way before giving the potion a quick stir and standing up to stretch.

    The sun shone down through the small square window landing on the dirty ground. Dusting herself off, she bent down and grabbed the vial and poured the contents from the cauldron. Placing it on the assorted shelf next to the homemade contents, she extinguished the flames beneath the cauldron. She picked up her ebony smoothed wand, with the core of a phoenix feather and placed it in the back pocket of her dirt-covered jeans, then flung her book under her arm and opened the metal door.

    The old cottage sat Midwest of the Town of Edinburgh. Flowers bloomed outside the cottage daises sprinkled all over the lawn. One good thing about being a witch, she didn’t have to tend the flowers by hand. A stone fence stood half way across the grass ending up at the steps. Picking a rose she placed it in her smooth hands and jogged up the squeaky steps.


    Scribbling his signature on parchment then sealing it, Severus placed it on the pile of letters to be sent out to the eleven-year-old first years. Severus looked up as the old oak door swung open letting in a whirlwind of cold air. His greasy hair fell forward in front of his onyx eyes; he quickly pushed it behind his ear and rubbed his eye. Little steps flooded the dark cottage; he looked up just as his little four-year-old angel strolled in with a rose in her hair. She turned her pale face around sending her black hair whipping towards the back. She curled her cherry colored lips into the shape of a smile. Her smile turned into a look of concern, her lips moved in slow motion as she spoke.

    “Dad!” she said in an uneasy tone. Noticing her father in a foggy gaze Suri was quite sure he was not there. Off in his dreamy world, she often did this but it hadn’t happened in awhile.

    “Uhh…” he said as he snapped out of the memory that once was. He always did that; just out of the blue he would remember things not specific things but just old memories. This one just happened to be one of his beautiful four-year-old daughter.

    “I said, I brought you something,” she said with a smirk. “Close your eyes Daddy.

    "Suri please-"

    “No! Close your eyes!” she demanded.

    As he closed his eyes, she pulled out the red rose from behind her back. Suri cupped her hands beneath the rose while it danced in mid air. She walked quickly but ever so lightly towards the desk in wonderment. A golden glow surrounded the rose and twirled in front of her father’s closed eyes.

    “Now open,” she said.

    Severus opened his eye to the golden glow of the flower. “Suri it’s beautiful” He cupped the rose just like his daughter had and placed it on the desk. The golden glow faded out. He placed his precious child on his knee and gently held her in his arms.

    “You are…” Holding back the tears, he sighed. “You are so much like your mother.”


    The sun fell just as quick as the moon rose. Suri sat with her legs beneath her as she stared into the blazing red flare. Her sea blue eyes roamed the green flames as they shimmered against the brick laid hearth. Tonight her Uncle and his devil of a son were coming for a nice dinner. Or as Suri would call it ‘A check up on her father’

    “Suri” called a deep voice. “Can you please set the table? The Malfoys will be here any minute and I want you to be on your best behavior. That means no nasty name calling to either Lucius or Draco…”

    “But Dad he started it, then Uncle Lucius…” But the Slytherin wouldn’t let her finish.

    “Suri please just do as you told, I do not want Lucius on my back, again.” Severus demanded. Lucius just so happened to be her father’s only ‘friend’ he had apart from Dumbledore and the staff of Hogwarts. Suri actually despised her Uncle Lucius, Draco wasn’t bad once you got past his Pureblood Royal ness. But his father was just down right evil. And Suri hated it. Just how his cooled voice filled her head, it would send shivers down her bony spine.

    “Fine, but they’re your friends” she said before ducking low to avoid the glare he shot at her.

    “Friends” he mumbled, but it was too low for Suri to hear. A few hours later Severus sat at the dinning room table drinking his elf made wine. When a voice called from the fireplace.

    “Severus may we step through?” the floating head asked but not really waiting for answer

    “Step through” Severus answered before mumbling to Suri to be nice.

    “Uncle Lucius” the eleven year old said as she gave her uncle a hug. “Draco” she said with a slight nod before turning on her heel and walking back to the table.

    Draco gave his Dad a smirk and followed in her footsteps towards the table.

    “Do you need some help dearest cousin?” the eleven-year-old devil child asked with a smirk as he crossed his arms.

    “Not from you” she replied with another sweet smile. Suri loved it how she could match his smartness. She did this all the time.

    “Suri!” called Severus in his warning tone. “Be nice!” Noticing her warning tone Suri groaned.

    “Arghh. Fine you can help, place the knives and forks into the serviettes.”

    “What no magic?” he asked.

    “No, you don’t need magic for everything do you?”


    “Ohh never mind” Smiling behind her back Draco waved his wand and everything was lifted up and a started zooming around, a fork nearly stabbing her in the head if she didn’t duck. Pulling her own wand from the back of her scruffy jeans, with a wave of her wand everything placed itself down on the table.

    “Draco why’d you have to do that? She said furiously. Her brow was crested far too much for a ten year old. “You know you can be a real prick sometimes.” She said while throwing her arms in the air.

    “Suri” shouted a voice “Do not use that language in this household!”

    “But you use it,” she fired back.

    “Suri do not test my patience.”

    “Fine,” she said with a huff. “ I’m finished any way thanks to Draco.

    “Good now sit down and wait,” Severus said while walking out into the dining room. The warm cozy room sat at the end of the green cottage. With a arch way filled of cravings. Black walls with small strips of green around the edges filled it. It was a rather dull dining room but Suri loved it.


    “Where’s Dad, Uncle Severus?” Draco asked. Before taking a sip of his pumpkin juice.

    “I believe he is out in the back. I will get Dinky to summon him” Severus said. With a loud pop Dinky the house elf appeared before the master of the house.

    “Master summoned Dinky?” The house elf squeaked.

    “Yes, will you please call Mr. Malfoy and tell him dinner will be ready soon Dinky” Without a reply she vanished and reappeared a few minutes after.

    “He is coming Master Snape” she squeaked again.

    “Thank you Dinky.”

    “You really surprise me Severus you treat house elves like they’re a part of the family,” called a cold voice from the door.

    “Lucius, I am merely thanking the ugly creature,” he said before gesturing with his left hand to the set next to himself.

    “Thank you, Severus,” The eldest Malfoy said before taking a seat. With a pinch of magic dinner was served.

    “Thank you Severus for the dinner it was pleasing” said the blonde haired man.

    “Not at all Lucius, I am happy to hear how you job at the ministry is going well”

    “Yes,” Lucius replied with a smirk. “The old coot believes anything I say” Lucius said with a laugh.

    “Yes I can see that” Severus agreed. “ The Minster is a rather a ridiculous fool” Turning around Severus looked at his daughter was staring inventively into a book with happened to be upside down. Severus smirked.

    “Suri come say goodbye.” Severus said waving to his side.

    “Arghh!” Suri moaned as she pulled her self from one of the side chairs.

    “Goodbye Uncle Lucius, Draco,” she said before turning on her heel and returning to her chair. Severus sent a sort of apologetic look to Lucius. Being the man he is Lucius nodded his goodbye and with a burst of green flames they were gone.

    “Arghh” She said as she put her book down. “I hate to have to resort to reading just to block them out. I don’t even know why you keep him as a friend?” she said

    “You no I can’t explain this stuff to you baby.” he sighed. “Its to much for you to know right now. And it just not the time now okay” he said rubbing his forehead.

    “But why Dad, Voldmort’s gone and is possibly never coming back.” Sighing again Severus lifted Suri up and placed he on his knee.

    “But you do not know that sweetie,” he said rubbing her arm with his thumb. “Its better safe then sorry” Severus said with a sigh.

    “You know Dad we could always move” She said with a raised eyebrow

    “Ahh Suri, I wish we could but you know we can’t”

    “It was only a joke Daddy but I wish we could too” she said with a sigh. Lying on her father’s shoulder, little Miss Snape fell soundly asleep.


    Birds peeked and chirped on the gray tiled roof. The bright sun shone threw the pale cream curtains. The breeze was light enough just so it cooled hot skin. The local children played under sprinklers, you could here their screams from afar. But Suri Snape still lay soundly asleep in her bed.

    “Suri for the last time get out of bed!” yelled Severus from the living room.

    “Ten more minutes!” she screamed back.

    “Suri!” warned the voice.


    “No Suri know get that bottom of yours down here for breakfast!” With a loud moan she heaved herself out of bed. Severus looked up as stomping could be heard loud and clear. She’s in a good mood today he thought sarcastically to himself.

    “Dinky!” Severus called out to the house elf. With a loud pop she appeared.

    “Master wishes to see Dinky?” she squeaked softly.

    “Yes, could you please prepare some porridge and pumpkin juice.”

    “Dinky will, Dinky will” With a low bow she disappeared with a shimmer of sparkles.

    Suri Snape stumbled down the oak steps. Yawning loud the girl walked over to the table and moved the chair out. The squeaking sound made Suri cringe. She loved sleeping but hated waking up.

    “Morning baby,” Severus said with twitch of the lips.

    “Mhmm,” she waved her hand lazily.

    “Did you sleep well?”

    “Oh yeah, slept right through, can’t you tell” She said with a sarcastic smile.

    “There’s my girl,” he said, sitting down.

    “I just wanna go back to bed,” she said with yawn

    “You can’t. We are going to Diagon Alley today to get books and supplys” Severus said standing up but with out taking a sip of his coffee beforehand.

    “Dad is it true they call to the dungeon bat?” she said with a smirk.

    “Suri that has absolutely nothing to do with our discussion.” he said, confused.

    “Ohh I no, I was just trying to side track you” she said with a loud laugh.

    “You know sometimes I can’t believe your ten”

    “Hey” she said, “I’m eleven on soon, well in….”

    “I no but you are still ten and you will always be my little girl”

    “I’m going to get dressed sweetie. Make sure you do the same.” Tightening his robe he walked through the door.

    Suri stood up and stretched, she couldn’t help but think what would her life be like with her Mum alive. Ok she knew her Mum died giving birth to herself, but it wasn’t her fault, right? Her twinge of guilt happened every so often especially when her Daddy was in one of his moods. She knew it he wasn’t because of her, but it defiantly felt like it.

    Walking towards her favorite window she sat on her beloved cushion staring out towards the children playing in the field. She loved her Mother but she always thought mothers were supposed to look after the children. But her Mother had left--she wasn’t here to look after her. But after all she had her Dad she loved her him more that anyone could and just as much as her Mum and defiantly more than her Grandmother and Granddaddy. But she couldn’t help but wonder what could be. Looking at a photo of her Mum she had no memories of her but she knew her Mum loved her very much.


    Okay sorry for the long wait, but I've been busy with the new term. For a 15 year old its hard work. ^_^. 
    Thanks to my awsome beta A N D R E A. She rocks. And special thanks to me very first reviewers. You are THEE best. Make sure you read and review.

    (S M I L E S)



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