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Chapter 2


Hermione was heading towards the Quidditch pitch to find Harry and Ron. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping happily, enjoying the warm spring weather. She loved this time of the year with its colourful flowers and blue sky.


Suddenly four arms appeared from behind a tree trunk and pulled Hermione in the shadow of a big bush. The owners of the arms were Padma and Parvati.


’What the hell…’


’Shhh! We’re playing Truth or Dare. He must find out the name of the girl, and can only use his hands. But he mustn’t touch the girl’s hair or make her talk, to make it more difficult.’ While Padma tried to explain the situation,  Parvati put Hermione’s hair up in a bun quickly with some hairpins.


’He? Who?’ Before they could answer Hermione’s question, she’d been pushed out to the middle of the clearing, among some giggling girls.


And then she saw.


She saw Draco Malfoy, blindfolded, sneering as his hands were running up the curves of a big-breasted Slytherin girl.


’Daphne Greengrass!’ Malfoy exclaimed grinning, followed by cheers, laughter and applause.


The next was a Hufflepuff student, tall and skinny, wearing huge glasses. It took Malfoy only some seconds to recognise her.


’Megan Jones!’ He shouted. Applause again. ’Finished?’ He asked.


’No, there’s one more,’ said Blaise grabbing Hermione’s arm and pulling her close to the blonde guy.


She had left her robe in the dorm, wearing only the white blouse and the skirt of the school uniform. Now she wished she had had her robe on, to find some protection under.


Malfoy started at her wrists, sliding his hands slowly up her arms. Through the delicate fabric of the blouse she could feel how warm his fingers were. Hermione concentrated to breathe normally.


He soon reached her shoulders and then the collar of the blouse. She wished he had stopped there. He didn’t.


He found the sensitive spot between her shoulder and her neck and she felt electricity shooting through her body. After brushing the skin of her neck gently, his fingers explored her face slowly, sensually, as if she had been a fragile porcelain doll. His fingertips were caressing every inch of her skin. No one had ever touched her like this.


When he skated his thumb across her bottom lip she realised she had forgotten to breathe. She was paralysed. Her knees went week.


This time she couldn’t look in his magic eyes… She looked at his lips instead. They seemed to come closer to hers. Or was she just imagining it? She closed her eyes.


No. She was not imagining it.


His mouth slowly closed over hers, his tongue sliding inside to taste her kiss and touch her tongue for a short moment… Yes, it was too short, she wanted him to continue, to deepen the kiss and never let her breathe again… She didn’t care about the whistling Slytherin boys around…


But his mouth left hers and whispered in her ears ’I know whose these soft lips are… She is shy but her kiss is sweet and lustful…’  And then he pulled away.


’Granger!’ he exclaimed smirking, followed by loud applause.


Malfoy removed the Slytherin scarf covering his eyes and took a bow, celebrating himself with the guys laughing loudly.


Hermione pulled closer to Padma and asked her.


’Did he kiss other girls, too? I didn’t see the beginning.’


’No, he kissed only you. But you know, it’s Malfoy. So don’t expect too much…’ Padma shook her head regretfully, knowing the feeling well when a girl falls for Malfoy hopelessly.


Hermione walked away and leaned against a tree to calm down and soothe her raging hormones.


She heard the group of students leaving and hoped she wouldn’t see Malfoy for a while. She closed her eyes, trying to breathe evenly and slow down her racing heart.


When she opened her eyes, the sexy blonde Slytherin prince was standing there in front of her, grinning, biting into a green apple.


’Waiting for me, Granger?’ He winked at her. Merlin, he could drive her crazy with that boyish charm.


’How did you… recognise me?’ She whispered.


’I remembered your perfume from The Three Broomsticks.’ An irresistible smile crossed his face before taking another bite of his apple.


She watched his lips touching the fruit – they had touched her lips not so long before…


’Then why… why did you kiss me? Only me?’ She couldn’t help asking but felt the heat rising to her face.


He hesitated for a moment before answering.


’When it comes to you, I should take every opportunity, shouldn’t I?’ He giggled. ’The other girls… I can get them any time…’ He cast her a meaningful look. ’By the way, Granger, I have a question, too. Why did you kiss me back? On both occasions?’ His smile was really wicked.


Hermione was speechless. ’That’s exactly what I’d like to know, too…’ She thought.


’Okay, you don’t have to answer now, just… think about it.’ He said finally, after some seconds of silence, raising his eyebrows suggestively.


And then, leaving a puzzled and breathless Hermione behind, Draco Malfoy walked back to the castle, very, very satisfied with himself.


End of Chapter 2

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