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A/N finally I have the next chapter up. Sorry it has taken me so long, I have been not feeling to great for the last week so was unable to get it done. Chapter ten is halfway through in being written. Therefore should only take me a few more days to get it finished.



I sit back leaning onto the bed in my room.

I watch as Jacobs head moves closer to me.

“When I was little, after the accident, we got a family picture done. Only one picture was ever printed. When I was being taken away to go aback to the UK, Esme gave me the picture. She told me I would need it more than her. I never let go of it. That picture has been my lifeline,” I say smiling up to him.

You’re so sweet you know that” he whispers before catching my lips into a passionate kiss

As soon as it is open, I pull out a large white box. I stand back up, carrying the box in one hand and holding Jacobs in the other. We make our way back downstairs.

Chapter nine

Hermione and Jacob enter the living room only five minutes later. Hermione settles herself on the rug between the two couches and gets everyone together around.


******* Hermione’s pov

I watch as everyone gathers around. I place my box on the floor. I then move my hand until it is hovering over the white box,

‘Engorgio’ I whisper, I hear a gasp from Jasper and Jacob. They hand never actually witnessed any magic before

I smile before speaking, “cool, isn’t it”

Esme and Carlisle laughed.

I take the lid of the box to reveal pink tissue paper. Gentle I move the top layer of paper. The first items that I come across are a small pair of ballet shoes, a pink tutu and matching leotard and hair band.

“This is what Alice gave me for the Christmas I came here. I always wanted to dance, and she taught me.” I say mainly for Jacob, as the others already knew.

I take out the next object, which was also wrapped in tissue paper. I unwrapped it careful. As I finish taking the paper away, I hear Jasper gasp.

“That’s the soldier I got you. You always asked me to tell you stories of wars. So I got you your own soldier” smiled Jasper as I handed him the red wooden nutcracker, soldier.

I went once more into the box but this time pulled out a thin necklace box. I look up to Carlisle and Esme before moving over towards them.

“I think it is time I put thins back on.” I open the box to reveal a white gold chain; upon the chain was a pendent, in the shape of the Cullen crest.

Carlisle took the necklace from the box and helped me up it own. He smile when I turned around once more, seeing the necklace on my neck.

I move back over to my box, “Emmy bear” I whisper, as I life out a small dark brown bear.

“Let me guess,” Whispered Jacob, “Emmett”

“Yep, how did you know” I ask Jacob confused

“He never shuts up about his fascination for grizzles,” he laughs as everyone joins in.

I look into my box after placing my teddy at my side; I have only a few things to go. I pull out a CD next.

“Mine and Eddie’s songs, I loved the way he would play the piano”

“You would always sing along with him, your voice was beautiful as a child,” added Esme

I smile as I pull out a make, it was designed to cover half your face and it was white.

“A phantom mask?” asked Jacob.

“You know the tale then?” I ask Jacob. In return, he nods his head.

“My sisters love the play; they see it every time they go to London.”

“So do I, even as a child I loved it” I relay

“What play?” asks Jasper

“What you don’t know what play?” I gasp in shock


“The play is called ‘the Phantom of the Opera’, it tells a tale about an orphan girl, who is sent to live in an opera house in Paris. While there the Phantom of the Opera, teaches her to sing. After her first performance, a past childhood romance comes into her life. From then on, it is a love triangle. In the end, the phantom takes the girl into his layer, and the other man comes to save her. Christen kisses the Phantom, the Phantom then gets all emo tells her to leave with Raoul. The Phantom sees himself for what he had become, a monster, and a killer. Good play, good songs.”

“What did this have to do with Edward?” asks Carlisle

I smile, “well, when I was in the hospital Edward sat playing a tune on the small children’s keyboard. I could tell that from looking watching his actions that he hated being what he was. I knew something was different from you all, Uncle C.”

*********** Flash back

I am sitting in the hospital bed, dressed in a pink nightgown. The covers where wrapped around my legs to keep me warm.

Over in the corner sat Edward, his clothes all dark colours. His eyes cast down to the floor, as he played a tune on the keyboard.

I recognised the tune. It was one from my favourite play. The song was ’music of the night’ so me being me I start to sing.

Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation.

Darkness stirs, and wakes imagination

Slightly the senses abandon their defences

Edward stops playing and looks up towards me.

‘You know this song?” he asks

“Yep. It one of my favourites, I love the play too, Phantom of the opera”

“You remember”

I gasp when I realised what he had said, I had managed to remember something.

“You are like the phantom Edward. He plays music, think yourself a monster. But you are not Eddie, you are more special. You won’t hold innocent people as prisoner”

****** Flashback

“It was after that day it became our little joke. And the music of the night become our song, Edward would sing it every night to me, to help me sleep. Any way next item.”

I place the mask down next to the other items before pulling the largest item that was in the box out. It too like the soldier was wrapped in pink tissue paper. I unwrapped it carefully.

Once unwrapped, everyone could see what it was. Lying in my arms wrapped in a pale pink blanket was a baby doll. The doll was a sleeping one, with a small amount of brown hair. It was dressed in a white sleeper and matching had. She had a white dummy too. On her wrist was a hospital band, written in neat handwriting the name ‘little Rosie’ could be seen.

“Little Rosie”, said Jasper, “Rosalie, said she had to get you a doll, when she saw you did not have one”

“Then when you named her little Rosie, Rosalie was so happy” finished Esme



“I was so happy to get a doll, all the hospital ones had pen all over them. I chearest her from the start. Always kept her safe,” I whispered holding the doll close to me, as if it was a real child.

I sat there for a while, with the doll in my arms. Just thinking about everything; Harry, Ron Ginny Voldemort, Jacob, Edward, Jane (granger), Fraser (Granger).

I look into the box again, hats where I see it. Place the doll down before squealing.

“I thought I had lost this,” I say whiling pulling out a small five-inch trophy.

“What’s that for?” asks Jacob sitting next to me to have a closer look, I hand him the trophy then go to look in the box for a picture.

“It’s a trophy I won at ten years old. While living with Jane and Fraser, they thought I would need something to keep my mind off things. Every year since then I have done a lot of car racing; mainly the bangers though”

“wow,” said Jasper jumping up,” she’s a true Cullen” he laughed.


Hermione sat for the next hour telling them about all her medals ad cups that she had back in Scotland. She told them about her team and car.

“My car is the best through, its blood red with two black roses over the Cullen crest. I have always had a part of you on anything that I designed. The name that I was given is dark rose. Beautiful yet dangerous.” Hermione said,



A/n I hope you enjoyed the song is ‘Music of the Night’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Please review
I sure do!” I giggle before turning back to my trunk and opening it.

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