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THIS FIC IS NOT HENTAI. IT IS WHOLESOME. PROMISE! Disclaimers: J.K.Rowling owns Harry Potter… CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Defense Against Draco’s Arts (DADA) CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Chapter 1 Go to my room this evening. I’ve got a surprise for you. Hermione crumpled the note that was inserted on her Defense Against the Dark Arts notebook. Looking around, she watched if someone saw the worried reaction on her face. She saw nothing except for the smirking face of the sender: Draco Malfoy. I was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and Gryffindor, together with Slytherin, was about to finish their Transfiguration class. Ding Dong! Ding Dong! At last, the bell rang and everyone, including a certain bushy-haired and a blonde Slytherin, turned to pack up things and walked out of the classroom. Hermione went away to the crowd and turned to the left corridor. She didn’t want anyone to bother her while she was studying in the library. Not even Harry or Ron, or worse, Malfoy. But all her efforts faded, for when she turned to the direction of the library, a certain someone was waiting for her. “Hello, mudblood.” Malfoy greeted her with evil gleaming in his eyes. She tried to ignore him and walk straight away, but too bad, she didn’t succeed… “Not too fast, you Gryffindor.” he pushed her hard on the chest, pinning her into the wall with his own body. “Darn you, Draco Malfoy!” Hermione shrieked in pain and eyed him irritably. The Slytherin tightened his grip with her wrists. “Just want to remind you about tonight, Granger.” “Are you mad, Malfoy?!” she fumed, “I’m not that stupid to go to your room, you filthy Slytherin!” “Don’t address me with adjectives that obviously pertains to you, filthy. Mudblood. Whore!” Hermione gritted her teeth and swung her hand to slap him straight on the face. But he was fast, just in time to catch her hand and pin it again on the wall. Hermione looked at him in disgust. “I hate you, stupid bouncing fer—“ He locked his lips against her and rubbed his tongue ferociously at her. Blood streamed down her chin because of his harshness. When he stopped, Hermione was already crying. “If its not tonight,” he muttered under his breath, “I’d better do this now…” “You’re doing nothing to me, you freak!” Hermione pushed him with all her strength and succeeded in making him step one foot away. She tried to run down away from him but he caught her and envelope his arms around her trunk. His head buried itself on her neck; kissing and sucking it like a vampire. “Get off me!” Hermione screamed but he didn’t stop kissing until a red mark was visible on her neck. Hermione didn’t move and Malfoy seemed to realize that, so he released her for a while. The chocolate-eyed girl still didn’t budge… her eyes hidden beneath her bangs. Seeing this, Malfoy touched her shoulders, down to her arms… and to her hips… “I want you madly in my bed, mudblood…” An evil smile suddenly etched itself upon Hermione’s lips. He faced Draco, wearing a haughty simper. “Let’s do this together in the floor Drakie…” she cooed seductively to his ears and pushed her body over him on the ground. He smiled and turned her under him, beginning to trail down tongue kisses on her face. “Draco!” he heard someone say from his left. “Draco! Why the hell are you sticking your tongue out?!” He turned to face the voice and he was surprised to see Pansy and the whole Slytherin. They were on Trelawny’s classroom. “You’re daydreaming, Draco!” he heard Pansy say before the teacher called his name. “Mr. Malfoy!” Trelawny called, “It’s your turn. What do you see on your crystal ball?” Draco was bewildered. He was still out of his mind because of his rather extraordinary dream. “I… I…” he stammered. C’mon… think of something! What did you really see? For God’s sake, you are a Malfoy! You can’t just drop Divination! “I… I saw myself and the mudblood Granger having sex down the corridor.” Everyone rolled with laughter as Trelawny deducted fifty points from Slytherin and gave Draco two weeks detention. End of Chapter One. Chapter two will be out maybe next week.

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