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“So you guys didn’t get grounded, for once, and I finally have a wand that won’t turn into a chicken,” Molly said once we got back to our house.

“Yeah, but you can’t use it out of school. You also do not know any spells yet. You still cannot have vengeance. Mwaa ha,” I laughed my evil laugh at her.

We had played many mean tricks on Molly, and teased her about not being a witch until you have a wand. I was glad that I did not have to be around her 24/7 once we got to school. “Hopefully you’re in a different house,” I thought aloud. Molly kicked me in the shin and Fred and George laughed.

“You’d be perfect for...Hufflepuff. Don’t you agree?” Fred asked George and me.

“Oh yeah, well… uh…” Molly stammered, trying to come up with a comeback. “All you do for Gryffindor is… uh… loose house points! So there!”

“We may loose a few points here and there, yeah. Everyone dose. We also gained a bunch of house points, did we not? Actually, I think last year, if not for us gaining twenty-five points each, including Lee, we would not have won the house cup. We only won by fifty points,” George said, defeating Molly like swatting a fly.

“How did you each earn twenty-five points?” Molly asked us, ‘innocently’.

“Why would we tell you? That’s our little secret,” I said. “Now go away wile we plan our next private experiment, seeing as we’re going to be officially allowed in Hogsmead this year. So we can go to Zonko’s and not have to sneak around.”

We walked into my room and closed the door in her face.

“What should we get to make these?” I asked George, holding up what looked like an ordinary everyday quill.

“Is that the Self-Checking, Self-Inking, or Quick-Answer quill?” Fred asked, absentmindedly going through another box.

“I don’t know. Why don’t we find out?” I asked and grabbed a bit of parchment. “Well, it’s not Self-Inking,” I assumed after scratching the paper a couple of times and reaching for an inkbottle. “What question should we ask it?”

“Does Emily have a crush on Fred?” George said to the quill.

Yes. I wrote on the paper after waiting a second to see if it was a Quick-Answer.

“I guess it’s just a normal quill. It didn’t check my answer.” I said as Fred and George glanced at the paper, one over each shoulder.

“Or, your answer is actually correct and you just don’t want to admit it,” George said, nudging me closer to Fred.

“There is no way!” I said, moving away from Fred again and biting my lip.

“Let’s see… Does George have a crush on Molly?” Fred said, directing the question at the quill.

Yes. I wrote again. “I guess it is a normal quill.” George said when nothing happened.

“Let me see that!” Fred said grabbing the quill out of my hand and dipping it in the ink again wile thinking. “Hmm… Do I have a crush on Molly?” Fred asked and wrote Yes, for a third time. The quill quickly went back, crossed it out and wrote No.

“See, it is a Self-Checking!” He said, turning to face me, and then going red.

“W-well, it m-must be flawed,” George stammered.

“Yeah,” Fred and I both agreed and put the quill and parchment in a box beside the desk.

After that incident, we checked quills with more sensible questions.

Knock, Knock, Knock. Creeeeak! Molly opened my door and poked her head in. “Emily, Supper.”

“Already, it seems like we just got home. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!”

“What time is it?” Fred asked Molly.

“Around six o’clock. Why?” Molly questioned, opening the door wider so she could stand in the doorway. She was already wearing her school robes and hat.

“Um… because our mom wanted us home around six o'clock, or at least to call. And uh… why exactly are you wearing your school stuff?” George requested.

“Let me guess. You already have all your school stuff sorted and packed?” I asked her, knowing the answer.

After we ate supper and Fred and George went home, I wrote to my godfathers.

Dear Sirius, James, Peter & Remus (if your there)

We went to Diagon Ally today. It is too bad we will not see you before school’s start. Maybe you can sneak over to Hogsmead, seeing as I can go, legally this year. On the other hand, knowing Dumbledore, you might be able to come and ‘visit Moony’, hopefully! I really miss you. All of you …well, maybe some a little more than I do others. Cannot wait to see you, Christmas at the latest (Professor Lupin not included).

Lots of Love, Truly missing you,
Emily Tazen

Once Hedwig was out of site with my letter, I cleaned off my bed, got into my pyjamas and went to sleep.

One week later, 29 Aug I was busy packing everything I ‘needed’ for school when I herd a bark downstairs. I quickly stood up from trying to get a quill that fell behind my desk, whacking my head in the process, and ran, so fast I practically fell, downstairs.

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