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                                               Chapter 18: Goodbyes and Hellos

“Harry come on we don’t want to be late!” said Ginny, she was hauling her trunk towards the door of their room on Saturday morning.

     Harry look around the room with a feeling of sadness. This had been the first place he and Ginny had ever lived together. They had so many good memories here he sighed and turned to face her. She gave him an understanding look.

“I know love, but we’ll make more wonderful memories in our home.” she said, she always had an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what he was thinking.

     Harry shook his head and put his arm around her. They both walked out the doors of their room for the last time. They met Hermione in the Entrance Hall she was smiling at them brightly. She had of course done perfectly on all her N.E.W.Ts even DADA, they wouldn’t get their grades until the following Friday but none of them were that worried.

“You ready to go down to the train?” she asked.

“Yeah…” said Harry, and they all began to walk across the lawn, and they all piled into a carriage.

“Ron’s decided to take the train with us, since he’s moved out of the flat in Hogsmeade we’ve discussed it and think it’s more practical for us to get a place in London.” said Hermione.

     Harry and Ginny made eye contact briefly but then looked away not wanting to spoil Ron’s well kept secret. Harry looked out the window at the castle that was now disappearing into the distance and a lump began to rise in his throat. It was just beginning to sink in, he wasn’t going back. Hogwarts had been his first real home, he’d spent every happy moment of the last eight years of his life either within its walls or at the Burrow and when he wasn’t there, he was dreaming about the next time he would be. It was at Hogwarts that he learned to be the person he was today. A tear leaked out the corner of his eye and he quickly brushed it away, but Hermione who was sitting across from him noticed.

“Harry what’s wrong??” she said quickly sounding concerned.

     Ginny picked up on her tone right away and leaned in so she could see Harry’s face, placing a hand on his knee.

“It’s nothing…” said Harry regaining his composure, “I’m just a little sad to leave, Hogwarts was the first place I ever called home you know? But it’s ok because now I have a family, and I’m going to make my own home.” He smiled at both of them.

     They returned his smiles, and shortly afterwards the carriage stopped at the train station. They climbed out and Ron was standing on the platform waiting for them with his trunk.

“I still don’t see why we have to take the train when we could just ruddy Apparate home from right here…” he grumbled.

“Because it’s tradition Ronald!” said Hermione slightly condescendingly, and she took his hand to go find a compartment on the train, but before she got on she stopped.

     Hagrid was standing on the edge of the platform giving the three of them a very watery look. They all walked up to him and stood before him.

“So… I guess… this is goodbye…” he said softly, “I can’ imagine bein’ here an’ not lookin’ forward to seein’ you lot… I mean ya weren’ here las’ year but tha’ was different now yer done… so I expect you won’ be back too often… yer all grown up.” Hagrid’s tears spilled over the edges of his eyes and all three wrapped there arms as far around him as they could and hugged him.

“Hagrid we’ll come see you…” said Ron.

“Of course we will Hagrid! You’re one of our best friends.” said Hermione.

“Hagrid, I’ve neither you nor I has ever had much family….” began Harry, “In some ways that’s a curse but in some ways it’s a blessing, because we get to pick our family along the way, and you’re my family Hagrid I could never forget you.”

     Hagrid howled and squeezed them close to him the tears running down his cheeks. The train whistle blew and he quickly released them. He was still crying but he was smiling from ear to ear.

“Get on the train all a ya, go have some more adventures, and send me some little ones to have adventures with here at school!” he said with a grin, “I love ya all!”

“We love you too Hagrid!” they all yelled. They laughed and waved and blew kisses to their big friend as the train pulled away and Hagrid slid out of sight.

     Harry Potter sat back in his seat and sighed as he prepared to leave Hogwarts for the very last time.

“Ronald Bilius Weasley! If I ever catch you doing that again I’ll stick your fingers together!” said Mrs. Weasley sharply.

     It was Wednesday evening of their first week back at the Burrow, George and Angelina had come over for dinner along with Bill and Fleur. Ron and Harry had been assigned dishwashing duty and Harry had just aimed a jet of water at Ron’s head. Ron had responded with a particularly rude hand gesture and unfortunately his Mum had walked in right at that moment.

“Sorry Mum…” he muttered with a smirk at Harry.

“You’d better be…” she said severely, but then her voice softened, “now are you two done? We’d like to have some tea as a family before everyone goes home.”

     Harry and Ron finished what they were working on and then followed her into the living room. They sat down with their respective fiancé’s and Mrs. Weasley brought them all some cups of Chamomile tea. The tea was soothing a relaxing, and soon they were all in a sort of quiet comfortable state.

“So Fleur,” said Ginny, “when are you due to have the baby, it’s got to be pretty soon right?”

     Harry had also been thinking that his soon to be niece or nephew must be arriving any day now. He didn’t know much about pregnancy but he knew that it only took nine months, and they were fast approaching that marker with Fleur. Fleur on the other hand gave a slightly annoyed look and shifted her large round belly, which looked uncomfortable.

“Sadly no…” she said grumpily, “You human girls have it so easy… I am part veela, and veela pregnancy can last up to eighteen months. Though the doctor does not believe I will last that long, he has put the due date sometime in late September.”

“Oh… sorry about that…” said Ginny with an uncomfortable shrug, she obviously was not sure what else to say. Just then Angelina saved her.

“Speaking of pregnancy…” she said with a big grin.

     They all turned and looked at her and George, then Mrs. Weasley let out a squeal of excitement and jumped up to hug her daughter-in-law so quickly that she almost spilled her tea. Everyone else laughed appreciatively and went to hug George and Angelina.

“How far along are you?” said Fleur excitedly.

“Bout a month, I saw the Doctor yesterday and he said I’m due in mid March.” said Angelina.

“Oh then our babies will be close to the same age!!” said Fleur excitedly.

“A month already? Wow you didn’t waste any time did you George?” said Bill with a teasing smirk.

      George simply shrugged and grinned at him.

“Well… we knew we wanted kids, so we weren’t trying to get pregnant, but we weren’t trying NOT to get pregnant, we just kind let whatever happened happen.” He shrugged again and kissed Angelina’s cheek.

“This is so exciting!!” gushed Mrs. Weasley, “ I was so excited about getting one grandchild, and now I’m going to have two in the span of six months!” she looked like she was about to cry with happiness.

     George and Angelina looked at each other with amused looks on their faces. They both smiled and then George turned back to his mother.

“Actually Mum… well... on second hand maybe you should sit down for this.” George gently pushed her down in her chair and gave her a look of mock gravity, Angelina giggled.

“Mum... you’re not going have two grandchildren in a span of six months… you’re going to have three.” George knelt in front of his mother with a smile playing at his lips waiting for his words to sink in.

“Three….” She said but then a look of comprehension dawned on her face.

“Twins!” she gasped and she pulled George into a hug and began crying again.

     The whole room erupted in cheers and hugs. Somehow it seemed all too fitting and perfect that another pair of Weasley twins were going to be born into the world. It seemed to, in a small way, heal the gaping void that was left by Fred’s death.  Harry looked into George’s face and realized that it also seemed to fill the void with him, at least to some extent.

“So have you thought about names?” he asked curiously.

“Yes we have actually…” said Angelina, “if they’re girls we’re thinking Molly Nymphadora and Ginerva Hermione.” she said.

“Really,” whispered both Ginny and Hermione together.

“Of course!” said George brightly, “if I’m going to have daughters I at least want them named after some of the best witches I know.”

     Both girls looked like they might cry and Mrs. Weasley was already completely a mess.

“If their boys” continued Angelina, “they will be called Fredrick Arthur, and Sirius George.”

     Everyone around the room was quiet, they all looked slightly overcome, and Harry himself felt his throat burning and he was trying to find his voice, which he finally did.

“I think that’s perfect either way.” he said with a smile.

“Thanks Harry!” said George appreciatively, and the mood seemed to lighten, and George took the opportunity to change the subject. “So are you all ready for Saturday?” he asked.

     Harry looked at him confused and then back at the other three, none of them seemed at all confused.

“What’s Saturday?” he asked.

“Graduation of course!” said Hermione, “all seventh years students and their families go back to Hogwarts for the ceremonies and then a grand party!”

“I didn’t know they even had graduation at Hogwarts…” said Harry.

“Well of course they do silly… why wouldn’t they?” said Hermione.

“Well it’s not as though I have an older sibling to go see graduate, and I haven’t read Hogwarts a history in it’s entirety like you Hermione so how would I know?” he retorted.

     She seemed to shrug in agreement but then she turned her attention to Mrs. Weasley.

“Mum do you think we could go to Diagon Alley before Saturday. The girls are supposed to wear dress robes for the ceremony and the pair I wore to the Yule Ball don’t fit me anymore.” She said.

“Yes of course dear, we’ll go down on Friday morning after your grades come in.” she said.

     At the word grades Hermione’s face went white again.

“Oh don’t even start you’re going to have perfect grades and you know it.” said Ron kissing her quickly.

     She smiled slightly but she still looked wracked with nerves.

     Harry was awoken on Friday morning by what sounded like a heard of elephants thundering past the door to Ginny’s room. He was momentarily disoriented and confused but then he heard shrieking coming from the kitchen.

“They’re here! They’re here!” Hermione screeched sounding panicked.

     Just then Harry heard slow shuffling footsteps outside the door followed by the groggy tired voice of Ron.

“’Mione… sweetheart... calm down... you’re going to make yourself sick.” he called sounding exasperated.

“So I guess our grades are here then…” said Ginny.

     She had been asleep on Harry’s shoulder, and now he looked down into her very sleepy somewhat annoyed face.

“I guess so… you want to go look?” asked Harry.

     Ginny groaned and flopped face first into the pillow, Harry laughed and ran his hand through her hair. A second later she sat up and sighed.

“Yeah all right lets go look…” she said irritably, and she grabbed her robe and threw it on.

     Harry pulled on some pajama pants and an old t-shirt and they both walked down the stairs.

“Hermione it’s seven thirty in the morning!” said Ginny testily as they entered the kitchen, “If your going to have a melt down can you at least do it quietly so only your fiancé has to be woken up?”

    Hermione was pacing back in forth in front of the table where three letters were sitting. She would randomly reach out her hand towards the one on the right but then pull it back and start pacing even more vigorously. Mrs. Weasley was cooking eggs and sausages on the stove, she was shaking her head and chuckling at Hermione’s antics.

“Hermione… just open it already…” said Ron, he was sitting in a chair with his head in his hands looking half asleep.

“How about we all open them together?” said Harry he went over and picked up each letter and handed each of the girls theirs. Hermione took hers like it was a bomb about to explode.

     Harry carefully opened the letter and pulled out the contents. There were two sheets of paper. The first was his grades. They read.

Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

Harry James Potter:



Defense Against the Dark Arts………………..O



     The second letter seemed to be a message from the Minister of Magic Harry was practically jumping with excitement and pride as he opened it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

     On examination of your grades you have been accepted into the Auror training program here at the Ministry. All new recruits to the Auror program must arrive at the Auror department in the Ministry of Magic at precisely nine o’clock this following Monday to begin training. The Auror exams will take place in August. We are very pleased that you have chosen to join this fine and brave branch of our protectors. Hoping you are well.

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Minister of Magic

     Harry began to read the note again, but suddenly he was startled by another shriek from Hermione. She had finally gotten up the courage to open her letter.

“There’s two pieces of parchment!” she squealed, “that’s a good sign!!”

    She opened her grades and then began to cry.

“Oh ‘Mione it’s ok… it was a really hard thing to do…” said Ron, giving her a sympathetic look and rising to hug her.

“No…No…” she mouthed shaking her head.

“I did it!” she gasped through her tears, she was laughing now… “I did it!” she said again louder.

     Ron yelled and scooped her up into a big hug.

“I knew you could do it!” he said kissing her.

“A moment ago you thought I hadn’t…” she said with a teasing smile.

‘Well you were bawling you eyes out!” retorted Ron, he sat back down in the chair and pulled her into his lap, “come on I want to see your grades…” he said and he took the paper and started reading it.

“Did you do it Harry?” said Ginny walking over to him.

     Harry nodded and grinned and Ginny threw her arms around him and squealed in excitement.

“My husband the Auror,” said Ginny as he ran her fingers through his hair and looked adoringly into his face, “now that’s sexy.” She said with a smirk.

     Mrs. Weasley shot Ginny a slightly reproachful look when she said this, but Harry just grinned and kissed her. Ron and Hermione had just overheard what was being said.

“You did it too Harry??” said Hermione excitedly, she ran and hugged him fiercely.

“Good one mate!” said Ron with a big grin.

“and I’m guessing you did as well Ginny?” said Hermione.

“Yup, all you need for curse breaking is O’s in Transfiguration and Charms, and an E in Potions, they teach you most of the stuff once you get to Gringotts.” Said Ginny happily, and they all sat down to eat their breakfast and talk excitedly.

     The next day Harry and Ron were sitting in the living room in their dress robes waiting for the girls to come down. They had been discussing starting a game of Wizard chess because they were bored, but just then the girls descended the stairs. They both look particularly beautiful in their robes. Ginny was wearing the midnight blue robes with sparkly accents that Harry had helped her pick out in Diagon Alley the summer before. Her hair was pinned up on the sides and she seemed to have curled it slightly so it waved elegantly. Hermione’s robes were deep crimson which accented her brown eyes perfectly. Her hair was also pinned up on the sides but the most surprising thing was that it was bone straight, and sleek and shiny. Ron walked over to her and touched her hair with wonder.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah it’s cool…” he said, “but I like you with curly hair too…”

“It’s only for one day… just to try something different.” she said with a smile.

     They all walked into the kitchen where Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Granger. The Grangers fireplace had been connected to the Weasley by Floo for the time being.

“Shall we go then?” said Mr. Weasley.

     They all walked out into the garden to Apparate to Hogwarts. Mr. Granger took hold of Mr. Weasley’s arm and Mrs. Granger took hold of her daughters. The all turned on the spot and a moment later they were all standing at front of the gates to the school.

“Well that was a rather unpleasant sort of thing…” said Mr. Granger.

“Yeah it takes some getting used to.” said Ron as they began to walk.

     Harry thought it was funny how he was so choked up about leaving this place a week ago, and now here he was back already. Yet somehow it already felt different, he knew that he would not be going up to the castle, or to his Dormitory. Well it wasn’t his anymore, he remembered. He was just a visitor, and he was saying goodbye.

     As they made their way up the grounds they saw a huge area with lights and at least three hundred chairs set up on the lawn. As they drew closer Professor Sprout the head of Hufflepuff House hurried up to them with a kind smile.

“We need all graduates in the tent behind the stage please! Guests can go take their seats.” she said.

     She hurried Harry, Ginny and Hermione away from their family and into a tent filled with their classmates. They waved hello to Neville and Luna, along with Dean, Seamus and Lavender, but Professor Sprout was already herding them into a line alphabetically. After a moment music swelled outside the tent and they began to walk, they all took seats on the stage and then McGonagall stood to give her speech.

“We stand today on the brink of a truly great future,” she began, “our world had seen much darkness as of late. We have experienced things that many thought would break us, but we endured. And our endurance was brought about in large part by the brave young men and women who sit behind me. I am truly privileged to have taught and watched as these outstanding young men and women have grown into great people who will no doubt bring about great change in our world. Please join me in applauding this years graduating class from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!” she began to clap and everyone else rose their feet to join her.

     Harry laughed as he saw Ron, George, Angelina and Charlie hooting and cheering. Then the processional began, McGonagall called each student by their full name and as they walked forward to receive their diploma she stated what career they would have. After a few moments she got to Lavender, McGonagall stated that Lavender would be joining St. Mungos to work as a Healer in their pediatric department. McGonagall handed her a diploma and gave her a formal little hug. The next person down the line that Harry knew was Seamus, McGonagall announced that he would be in training to join the Auror department and she handed him his diploma. Harry saw Seamus’s sandy haired mum cheering in the audience. There were a few more names called and then;

“Hermione Jean Granger…” said McGonagall, all of the Weasley’s and Grangers got to their feet and yelled and cheered as Hermione walked towards the front of the stage.

“Miss Granger received the highest grades of anyone in her year, and she will be going on pursue a career in Magical law.” said McGonagall.

“That’s my girl!” yelled Ron over the sound of the applause and several people laughed and cheered.  

     The next people that Harry knew were Neville and Luna. McGonagall stated that Luna was going to become the co-editor of the Quibbler. She also stated that Neville would be retuning to Hogwarts the next year to be the teaching assistant to Professor Sprout. Harry looked at him with shock and amazement and Neville shot him a huge grin before taking his seat.

     There were several more names called, they were all people who Harry might have recognized by their faces, but he didn’t know them. Then McGonagall paused.

“It is my very great privilege to call this next name, indeed there was a time where many of us wondered whether this day would ever be a reality. But now it is my most humble honor, to call forward Harry James Potter.” she said her voice slightly shaky.

     As Harry stood to walk forward he noticed it was not just the Weasley’s who got to their feet, but every person in the whole assembly and the noise was so defining that McGonagall had to wait until after Harry had taken his diploma to continue.

“Harry will be joining the Auror program in a few weeks, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say how grateful and how proud we are of him.” She pulled him into hug which he accepted and then he walked back to his seat slightly hot in the face, it was a few more minutes until the crowd was finally calmed down.

     There was another ten minutes worth of name calling and finally there were only a few people left.

“Ginerva Muriel Weasley,” said McGonagall and Harry felt his heart swelling with pride. He joined the Weasley’s in clapping and cheering and he didn’t much care that people on stage were looking at them.

“Miss Weasley will be joining Gringotts bank as a curse breaker,” said McGonagall as she handed Ginny her diploma and gave her a quick hug.

     A few moments later after McGonagall had finished giving out the diploma’s she turned back to the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” she began.

“Pssst! Harry take your wand out…” whispered Neville.

“Huh?” said Harry but then he noticed everyone had taken out their wands so he did the same.

“It’s tradition to send up sparks when she announces us!” said Neville.

“and now…” McGonagall was saying, “it gives me great pleasure it introduce… your graduates!!”

     She gave a grand gesture to them and them all stood and sent showers of sparks into the air with a cheer while everyone applauded them, and Harry could not remember the last time he’d felt so happy.

     An hour or so later they were all sitting around a large round table laughing and talking. The chairs had been replaced by the round tables and there had been a feast to end all feasts. Now everyone was enjoying desert, or dancing on the magnificent dance floor that was created in the center of the party. At that exact moment Harry was sitting at a table with Ginny, Neville, Luna, Seamus, Lavender, Dean, George and Angelina. They were all laughing at the antics of Ron and Hermione who were spinning around crazily on the dance floor seeming to have a wonderful time.

“Well at least she seems to be enjoying it...” chuckled George.

      A few minutes later a slow song came on, and the party got quieter. Suddenly Neville seemed to get a sort of funny determined look on his face and he stood up and clinked the side of his glass.

“Hey I’d like to make a speech!” he said.

     All eyes turned to him and those who were on the dance floor sat down to listen.

“Everyone knows me now, as the person who helped lead the resistance in Hogwarts last year. Well what many people don’t know is that for a very long time I was useless at magic, I almost thought I was a Squibb, but then I met some amazing people who showed me just what I’m really capable of. And I wanted to thank them for that,” he motioned towards everyone sitting at his table. “but I didn’t find my true bravery, until I met Luna Lovegood, when I first met her I thought she was crazier then all get out,” Luna giggled appreciatively, “but I soon came to rely on her care and supportive nature, she one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known and she helped me become the man I am today, and I have something I need to ask her.”

     Neville bent down on one knee in front of Luna’s chair and audible gasps were heard throughout the room. Harry looked over to the table where their parents were all sitting. Neville’s grandmother had her hands over her mouth, and Mr. Lovegood’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Luna Lovegood will you marry me?” said Neville, the whole room was deadly silent waiting for her answer.

“Yes, I think I’d like that very much.” she said serenely with a smile.

     The whole room erupted in cheers as Neville placed the ring on her finger. Harry and Ginny who were sitting closest to the pair leaned over to hug them. The music started again and everyone made their way out onto the dance floor. Harry pulled Ginny into his arms and swayed back and forth to the music they both laughed at George and Angelina who were dancing so enthusiastically that they were scaring other couples near them.

“I’m not sure that’s good for her in her delicate condition.” said Ginny with a smirk.

“I don’t think even being pregnant with twins could make Angelina delicate.” said Harry as he laughed and kissed Ginny’s forehead.

     The next day Harry and Ginny got up at the crack of dawn to put into play Ron’s master scheme. He met them in the hallway already dressed.

“You ready?” he asked.

     They both grinned and nodded. Ron went down stairs and they heard the small pop of him Disapparating. Both Harry and Ginny snuck up the stairs, Ginny silently opened the door and snuck into the room. She stuck her head out and made the signal to Harry that was supposed to indicate that Hermione was dressed decently and he could come in. He entered the room and found her fast asleep in bed wearing what looked like a pair of Ron’s old pajama’s that were now too small. Harry thought she looked rather adorable. Ginny and Harry both looked at each other with evil grins and then jumped onto the bed on either side of her.

“Wake up sleepy head!!” yelled Ginny, and Hermione jumped awake looking at both of them in surprise.

“Why on earth did you do that??” she said angrily, “and where’s Ron?”

“Ron is the reason we did that…” said Harry.

“and also slightly to get you back for Friday.” said Ginny with a teasing nudge.

“What do you mean Ron is the reason you woke me up?” said Hermione looking confused.

“He has a surprise for you this morning.” said Harry with a smile.

     She gave him a questioning look but he simply smiled and shook his head, he was not giving anything away. She glared at him and crossed her arms.

“Now there’s no use being pouty, just get dressed and then we’ll show you.” said Ginny.

     Harry stepped out of the room to allow Hermione to change but he could still here her through the door trying to get information out of Ginny. True to her word Ginny didn’t tell her a thing, and Harry smiled in pride. Hermione and Ginny stepped out of the room. Hermione had changed into a pair of jeans and a flowy blue blouse, and she’d put her hair into a pony tail. As soon as she walked out Harry raised his wand and put a spell on her that blindfolded her.

“Harry Potter, you take this off right now!” she fumed, she tried to step forward but she tripped and Ginny grabbed her arm to steady her.

“Now don’t get mad at Harry, Hermione. Ron made us promise to do all this.” said Ginny.

“What is all this about?” said Hermione, she still sounded rather alarmed.

“Well can I trust you to take my arm to Apparate or are you going to hit me?” teased Harry.

“I won’t hit you…” she said, but as she took his arm she added under her breath, “yet…”

     Harry chuckled and took her arm to Apparate. When they landed in front of Ron and Hermione’s new home in Godric’s Hollow Hermione almost fell over. Harry quickly reached out a hand to catch her.

“Are you ok?” he said.

“I’m fine.” She snapped, ‘but Apparation was not meant to be done blind folded, it makes everything worse.”

“Well we’re about to take the blind fold off…” said Ginny, and she removed it while saying, “Ta da!”

     Hermione looked around up and down the street in the early morning light, and then back at the house she was standing in front of. She looked at the two of them with a completely confused expression on her face.

“Do you know where we are Hermione?” asked Harry.

“Yes, we’re in Godric’s Hollow, you’re house is just up the road there. And a little ways down is the grave yard where you’re parents are buried.” She turned back to the house, “and this is Dumbledore’s house… but why are we here?” she asked.

“How’d you know this is Dumbledore’s house?” asked Ginny.

“There was a picture of it in the ghastly book Rita Skeeter wrote about him. But you didn’t answer my question… why are we here?” she looked very determinedly at both of them.

“Maybe you should go look inside… that might clear things up.” said Ginny with a smile.

“Oh I couldn’t go in! That’s breaking and entering!” said Hermione.

“I think you’re expected.” said Harry.

     Hermione gave him a quizzical look but then opened the gate and walked towards the front door. Harry and Ginny followed right behind her, and watched as she opened the door. Ron was sitting in the middle of the stairs directly in front of her, and he had made a banner that hung over his head that read; WELCOME HOME HERMIONE!!

     When Hermione saw him she stood there and stared at him.

“What in the world….” she said.

     Ron stood up and pulled out a copy of the clause in Dumbledore’s will that told them they were the owners of the house. As he read it Hermione put her hands to her mouth and by the time he was done she had collapsed to her knees on the floor and was looking at him with a dumbfounded expression. Ron smiled and walked over to her, he picked her up and set her back on her feet as he put his arms around her.

“This is our house?” she whispered.

“All ours, and we can get it set up anyway you like this summer. But I think you’re going to love it… it’s perfect.” said Ron.

“Ron our own house!!” she jumped into his arms and he swung her around laughing.

“And we’ll be right down the road from you!” she said to Ginny and Harry excitedly.

     Suddenly she stopped and looked at all of them with a very suspicious look.

“How long have you known about this?” she said slowly.

     Harry looked down at his feet and shuffled uncomfortably, he noticed that neither of the other two met were meeting Hermione’s gaze either.

“Ronald Weasley…” said Hermione in a voice that was unsettlingly like Mrs. Weasley’s, “have you known about this since that day McGonagall called you into her office over a month ago?”

“Ummm… there’s a distinct possibility.” Mumbled Ron.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU KEPT THIS FROM ME FOR SO LONG!!” she yelled and she began to punch him hard in the shoulder.

“Ouch! Hermione I was trying to make it a surprise!” Ron yelped, he tried to stay away from her and finally managed to grab both her hands and hold them tight so she couldn’t hit him anymore.

“Now Hermione, are you really going to stay mad at me, or are you going to let me show you around our amazing house?” he said gently.

“I should stay mad at you…” she said with a pouting lip.

“But you’re not going to…” said Ron he leaned over and began to whisper in her ear, she began to giggle and then turned slightly pink. Suddenly she remembered Harry and Ginny were still in the room.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten you were conspirators…” she said with a glare, but she seemed to be over her annoyance she was now happily allowing Ron to lead her through the house, so Harry and Ginny followed. Ron showed her the whole downstairs and then the upstairs, with the exception of their bedroom.

“We’ll save that for after these two leave…” he said with a wink.

     Ron had made breakfast, a feat that in and of itself shocked Hermione almost to the point of fainting, they were about to walk back downstairs and eat when Ron stopped her and turned her around.

“So what do you think of the house?” he said.

“Oh Ron it’s absolutely perfect!!” she gushed.

“Can you think of anything that might make it better?” he asked with a smirk.

     Harry and Ginny exchanged knowing glances, this was what they had been waiting for, they knew this was going to be a sight to see.

“No… I don’t think so… I love it the way it is.” Said Hermione slowly, “why do you ask?” she added.

     Ron said nothing, he simply smiled widely and steered her down the hall to the left towards the plain wooden door that looked like it was a closet. Ron had put a big red bow on the door. With a card that said, to my beautiful Hermione, with all my love.

“You’re giving me a closet Ron?” she said in confusion.

“Open the door…” said Ron.

     Hermione opened the door, and looked up the stairs.

“Ok… so you’re giving me the attic?” she said still looking confused.

‘Are you going to go look or what?” said Ron rolling his eyes.

     The three of them waited at them foot of the stairs, in anticipation of the moment. Suddenly there was a joyous shriek and Hermione came flying back down the stairs and launched herself into Ron’s arms so enthusiastically he was almost knocked over.

“Ron there’s a whole library up there!! Rare precious books!” she gasped.

“And every single one of them is yours…” he said.

     She stared at him dumbfounded for a second and then she kissed him full on the mouth. Harry was reminded of the last kiss like this he’d seen them share. That one was over House elves; he shook his head and chuckled.

“Ok you two, they will be plenty of time for that, this is your house now…” said Ginny. ‘I’m famished.”

     They all went downstairs to share what Harry had a feeling would be the first of many breakfasts that they would all share in Ron and Hermione’s home.

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