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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to the fabulous JKR.

Chapter 7: Hopping Hippogriffs

Rose was standing in a whirlwind of clothes, parchment and various odds and ends. She had spent the morning busily shuffling through her belongings, packing her trunk for the Easter Holidays. She was taking the opportunity to do some much-needed Spring cleaning, and was sorting things into three mostly-tidy piles on her bed: “rubbish,” “stays at school,” and “pack.”

Just as she was tossing a handful of broken quills into the “rubbish” pile, Scorpius’ voice carried over to her from the doorway of the bath chamber. The Head Girls’ bed chamber was protected with a privacy charm – which they had discovered late one Friday night, much to Scorpius’ chagrin. The closest the Head Boy could come to entering her room was to stand at either of the doorways.

“Rosie-Flower, you were absolutely brilliant up there today – Hufflepuff did not stand a chance. All you have left is Slytherin after the Spring Hols, and you have the Quidditch Cup in the bag! Of course, if I had not been made to sit the game out in the Hospital wing after that Valentine’s prank gone wild in February, dear Albie would not be quite so smug right about now.”

Rose smiled at the look of pride on her boyfriend’s face. She could not believe that she and Scorpius had already been “officially” together for nearly six months. Two strong, alpha personalities – and yet, they had only had minor disagreements.

The same could not be said about their fathers, however. While Hermione and Astoria were kind and courteous, inviting each other for tea and the occasional ‘spa day,’ Ron and Draco were behaving like sulking, sour prats.

Rose remembered her father’s reaction after the Gryffindor victory back in early November. He most definitely possessed the classic Weasley temper.


After Rose and Scorpius had finally parted and landed their brooms, she had been in complete bliss, yet still shocked at the rather sudden turn of events. Her teammates had swarmed around her, clapping her on the back and loudly cheering, proclaiming their victory at a deafening volume to the world.

Then her father had pushed his way through the crowd, effectively bringing Rose back down to Earth. Her mum was closely on his heels. A red-faced Ron grabbed Rose by the sleeve and pulled her away from her teammates before he exploded.

“A MALFOY, Rose?!? You might as well be snogging a snake! They are Death Eaters! Vile, evil, manipulative and…” At this he sharply trailed off when he caught his wife’s eyes and Hermione suddenly gave him the apologize-or-sleep-alone look.

Seeing as her husband was unable to think without his emotions getting in the way when it came to his daughter, Hermione interjected “AND, Rose, we are thrilled that you have found someone who appears to make you very happy. Scorpius seems like a nice boy, and we would love to have the opportunity to get to know him a bit better. He has an open invitation to visit during the Holiday Break if he would like.” At this, Hermione stepped forward, wrapping her daughter in her arms.

“Thanks Mum. I will ask him about it,” Rose said with a genuine smile lighting her features. “And Dad,” she continued, turning to her still red-faced father, “he really is a good guy. I did not plan this, it just happened. Please, let us enjoy getting to know each other better, and do not make things more difficult with talk of ‘Death Eaters.’ His dad has changed, too, from what I know of him. He works at St. Mungos with Aunt Audrey, for Merlin’s sake!”

Ron shuffled his feet and cleared his throat. “Yeah, well, Rosie, you know I love you and want you to be happy… I just have a hard time thinking about Mal… Scorpius… without remembering what a git his father was to all of us when we were in school. You are my little girl. If he hurts you, ever, believe me, he will have to answer to my wand.”

Then a voice spoke from behind Ron, “And answer to your Uncle Harry. And to your brother and cousins. And most certainly your grandfather, though I have never met the man.” Scorpius walked over and stood in front of Rose, taking her hand in his as his eyes twinkled. “I realize you have a lot of bodyguards, Flower, but I am not worried. I love you, and it feels wonderful to be able to finally say that.”

Rose felt a sudden rush of emotion as she looked into his silver-blue eyes. How could I have been so ridiculous to deny this attraction for so long? She reached toward him to pull his head down for a kiss. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her mum drag her spluttering husband toward Rose’s brother, who was standing at the entrance of the pitch with Albus and Bree, looking thoroughly disgusted.

After kissing Scorpius soundly for several blissful moments, Rose pulled back and said with a smirk, “So. You think you can handle my family for the Winter Hols?”

Matching her smirk, Scorpius laughed, “spending Christmas with a bunch of aurors, quidditch celebrities, war heroes, and the Minister himself? Sure. No problem. Malfoys are bred to have thick skin.”


Rose smiled, her thoughts bringing her back to reality. She glanced at Scorpius, still standing in the doorway, and walked over to him, placing her arms around his neck. “I love you. I cannot wait to spend a whole week with you in rooms that are not charmed to segregate the sexes,” she winked.

“I would not put it past Father, Rose, to install some sort of ‘purity charm’ on my bedroom, you heard what the howler he sent last week said” Scorpius groaned with a look of longing.

“Yes, but the Manor is huge. He cannot possibly charm every room! We will just have to get creative,” she winked.

Scorpius hugged her to him and raised one blonde eyebrow. “My, my! Flower, I never knew you could be such a little minx! Maybe I do not want you to be quite so brazen; after all, I am an only an innocent schoolboy, too easily swayed by a gorgeous woman’s charms…” Scorpius laughed as Rose pulled out of his arms and glared at him.

“Innocent, are you now? Hmmm. I seem to remember differently, especially since you and I were caught by Grandpa Weasley in a rather compromising position on Christmas Eve, Mr. Malfoy,” Rose said, a smile flickering across her features as Scorpius’ face flushed with embarrassment at the memory. “But, if you would rather I keep my distance while at Malfoy Manor, I think that can be arranged as well. I would not want to be responsible for you losing your innocence.”

“Rosie, that is not fair. It is not my fault that your family’s precious Burrow has no privacy! I know, I know, the pantry was not the best idea for ‘alone time.’ But honestly! You would think that your grandfather would expand that place, or something. I mean, he is the Minister! He can surely afford to at least add a few coat closets or other appropriately-sized snogging areas…”

Choosing to ignore her boyfriend’s suggestive tone, Rose stated “Oh, believe me, Score, the Burrow has been quite significantly remodeled since my Dad was a child. My Grandmum’s kitchen is quite a bit larger, as is the sitting room. And there used to only be one bathroom, can you imagine?,” Rose laughed at the look of horror on his face.

“One bathroom?! But… there were nine of them! NINE! Plus your mum and Uncle Harry during the summers! That is utter madness!” Scorpius was positively shocked.

“Now, now, Malfoy, don’t get your wand in a knot. We will be spending this Holiday at your sprawling, insanely pompous and aristocratic manor. I am sure there are loos aplenty. In fact, I rather recall you mentioning your parents’ room having quite the spacious shower… I am certain it is at least large enough for two…”

And with that, Rose smirked and closed the door on poor Scorpius’ gobsmacked face. Rose was proud of herself – she was getting the hang of this intricate flirting business. I must remember to thank Vic when I see her next. She really should write a book. I almost feel sorry for Teddy. Almost.

Rose was hopeful that she and Scorpius would be closer than ever after the upcoming Holidays. I really do love him so much. I cannot imagine being with anyone else. I’m sorry, Daddy, but I do believe that the Malfoys and Weasleys will have to set aside their differences permanently. I’m not letting him go.

Rose looked out of her window, absentmindedly folding a jumper to be packed. Now to get Scorpius to realize that his life without Rose Weasley in it is unfathomable.

Rose had a plan.

This would certainly be a Spring Holiday to remember.

A/N: Almost over. ☹ Next chapter is the epilogue! Hope you have enjoyed this short little Sco/Rose story; there will eventually be a sequel, if you guys would like me to write one. I will be finishing up my other two Dramione stories first, however, so it will likely be posted this summer. ☺ Oh – and sorry for the apparent confusion last chapter: to those who wondered, yes, Ron was the one who fainted, and Hermione rolled her eyes. Also, inspiration for this chapter is largely due to the song I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie. ☺ Thank you ALL for reading, and I very much appreciate all of your lovely reviews! As always, happy reading!

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