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Mid September 1979

Order Headquarters.


“AUGH!” Fabian screamed in pain as he arched off the table, Sirius’ hands struggling to hold down the man, Gideon was on the other side of Sirius, pressing Fabian back against the table.

“Keep him still!” Hermione snarled at both of them, her bloody fingers slipping across the skin of Fabian’s leg. There was a large piece of wood protruding from his thigh, and numerous other gouges from where he had been thrown through a window while battling the vampires. Gideon had managed to escape with less bloody injuries, although Hermione suspected he had a dislocated shoulder, with the way he was favoring his left arm instead of his right.

“We’re trying! We need someone else to help.” Sirius said, struggling to hold Fabian down as Hermione worked on his leg.

“Fay, if you do not stay still this piece of wood will splinter when I pull it out.” She said, pressing one hand on his chest to hold him down.

“Merlin, I don’t give a fuck, just get it out!” He cried, his fingers clawing at the table. Suddenly the door to the room opened and Remus walked in, his face paling as he saw Hermione covered in blood.

“Gid, Sirius, you hold his legs down, Remus, I need you to pin him to the table, and give him that gag.” Hermione said, and Remus nodded and quickly moved around the table, grabbed the gag and placed it in Fabian’s mouth, then placed his hands on Fabian’s shoulders, immediately pinning him to the table. “If you struggle too much and he has to force you down, you’ll end up with a broken collarbone.” Hermione said, inspecting the grain of the wood in Fabian’s leg. When she was sure that she had a firm grip on the piece of wood, and Sirius and Gideon had Fabian’s legs safely secured she let out a sigh and tugged the piece of wood out of his leg with all her might. Fabian let out a muffled yell of pain, his body tensing and Hermione heard Remus give a soft grunt of apology as he pressed Fabian’s upper body in the table, Hermione was sure Fabian would be bruised.

Hermione quickly tossed the piece of wood to the side and grabbed the bottle of iodine. “This is really going to hurt.” She whispered and poured the iodine over the gaping hole in his leg. He struggled against the boys and Hermione backed up quickly so she wouldn’t get kneed in the face and then suddenly his entire body went still, and Hermione dropped the iodine to the ground, the bottle shattering, as her bloody fingers sought his wrist and checked his pulse. Gideon was shouting his brother’s name and Hermione looked up at him and placed one hand on Gideon’s upper arm. “He’s okay. He just passed out from the pain.” Hermione said and Gideon lifted his head, his chest heaving, breath coming out in quick gasps.

She quickly cleaned out the hole and very quickly injected some fluids into his system, as well as some pain relief for when he woke up. “Well, he’s lucky, it missed the bone, but the muscle is torn, very badly. I’ll need to get some potions for muscle restoration.” She said, and moved down to start inspecting his other wounds.

“I can make them,” Sirius said quietly and Hermione nodded to him in thanks. “I’ll go get started then,” he said softly and started for the door, but Gideon stopped him.

“Sirius,” Gideon said, glancing up at Sirius as he paused in the doorway. “Thank you.” Gideon rasped, looking down at Fabian as he moved around the table. Sirius gave a curt nod and walked out. Gideon leaned down, over Fabian’s head and pressed his forehead against his brother’s letting out a strangled sob, Hermione reached out gently and ran her fingers through Gideon’s hair as she inspected Fabian’s other wounds. She glanced up and found Remus watching her intently. His eyes were focused on the hand that was currently running through Gideon’s hair. She pulled it away as Gideon moved to grab a chair, pulling it close so he could sit at the head of the table near Fabian.

“Remus, could you hand me that empty bowl and the one with the warm water please.” Hermione murmured as she reached for some medical tools. “Gid, I have to get the glass and wood out of Fabian and then I can work on you.” She said softly, and Gideon lifted his head, his eyes drowsy as he nodded. She wasn’t sure if the pain in his eyes was physical or emotional. Remus was across the table then, holding out the two bowls and Hermione motioned for him to set them down. “I need you to help me clean him.” She said, taking a clean cloth and dipping it into the warm water. By the time she had stripped and cleaned Fabian he had woken up, and Hermione had practically forced a sleeping potion down his throat so he wouldn’t be moving around while she worked. She was repulsed and left a little nauseous at the amount of glass and wood she had taken from Fabian’s body. Remus had left without a word, once she had finished. She didn’t know what was wrong with him, and at the moment she had other things to worry about than his constant shifts in mood lately.

She turned to Gideon who was seated upright on the other table, his shirt off so Hermione could inspect him. She noticed the bruising along his chest and stomach, and figured some of his ribs were broken, since he had bruised so quickly. She was moved behind him, poking his shoulder in places and found that it was in fact broken. “You’re positive you weren’t bitten?” Hermione murmured, putting slight pressing on his shoulder.

“Of course not,” Gideon hissed at the pressure she was applying to his arm. “Warn me when you’re going to pop it back in. Beisdes if I was bitten I’d be withering around on the floor, foaming –AUGH- Merlin’s bloody fucking beard!” He cried out, leaning over in pain after she snapped his shoulder back in place.

“It’s the best way to do it, I’m sorry,” She said, moving around front of him to put his arm in a sling. “Are your fingers broken?” She said, gently lifting his swollen hand.

“They might be.” He said shrugging then grimaced. “I’m more concerned about my ribs. You’ll be giving me one of those lovely little blue potions right?” He said, smiling down at her.

“Of course, I’m writing you each a prescription for them.” She said, running her fingers along his chest to inspect his wounds. When she finished wrapping his ribs and inspecting him she went to the sink to wash up. When she turned around, Gideon was right there behind her, and he carefully gathered her into his arms, hugging her as tightly as his injured body would allow.

“Thank you. If it weren’t for you, Fay and I would be in pieces.” Gideon murmured, pulling away too smooth back her hair and place a kiss on her forehead. “Oh, look at that, you have a cut there…” He said, pulling away from her before grabbing one of the kits. Hermione stood there blushing as he cleaned the cut on her forehead, and patched it up. “You have anything else that needs tending too?” He said, looking her over. “It’s the least I can do.”

“No, I’m fine.” She said waving her hand and before she could get anything else out she heard shouts from the other room and her eyes widened, dashing to the door, she tore it open. “What are you doing!?” She cried when she saw Ridge had Remus pinned against the wall.

“Do you know what you’ve done!” Ridge snarled, as Remus struggle against him. Hermione looked wildly between Dumbledore who was standing at the top of the stairs and Sirius who was a few feet away. Sirius stared guiltily at the floor, while Dumbledore watched on from the landing, his face solemn. When Hermione made a movement to go over to Ridge and Remus, Ridge snarled at her over his shoulder at her, making her stop in her tracks.

“Albus?” Hermione nearly whimpered, Remus’ golden eyes darted away from Ridge’s to hers. Albus’ eyes slanted her way, his face remained the same however.

“Hermione, show me your patronus.” Albus said softly, and Hermione did as she was told, quietly murmuring the spell as she thought of a happy memory, a great wolf appearing. She stared at it, when had her patronus turned into a wolf. The wispy wolf moved about her, brushing against her leg and her head snapped in Remus’ direction, his eyes wide. “It was an otter before, am I correct?”

Hermione nodded, and watched as the wolf disappeared. “I…” she said but stopped when Ridge snarled at Remus again.

“You see. You marked her didn’t you? Didn’t you!” Ridge growled and Remus flinched. “I told you to wait, I told you not to do it yet. You are putting her in more danger than she was already in. You’re a pup compared to them, if they find out you’ve mated, they’ll be after her.” Ridge snarled before letting go of Remus, who remained by the wall. Remus brought one of his hands up and swiped at his lip, glaring at Ridge before sending it up to Albus.

“I didn’t mean to mark her. I didn’t realize I’d done it, I don’t know how I did it.” Remus murmured, looking down at the floor, avoiding Hermione all together. He apparated away suddenly, without a word.

“You have some serious explaining to do, Albus.” Hermione whispered furiously, staring up at the older man. “But right now I’m going to make sure he doesn’t do something he’ll regret.” She said, then turned to face Ridge, “And you, don’t you ever behave that way with him again.” She whispered before disappearing.

“Why did you do it.” Sirius whispered miserably, staring at the floor.

“She needs to realize how much danger she can be in,” Ridge said gruffly, starting to the stairs to follow Albus up them. “And from the stench rolling off you four, I’d say she may be in more trouble than we anticipated, if bloodsuckers think she’s Pack. Word travels fast between those bastards.” He said nodding the direction of Gideon, where he stood at the kitchen doorway, before disappearing up the second set of stairs.


When Hermione got home she looked all around for Remus and finally found him upstairs, in their bedroom. She watched him for a moment, as he peeled his sweater off, as he moved to the window. He knew she was there, but he was angry and she could feel that anger rolling off him in waves. She didn’t say anything, just stood in the threshold of the bedroom and waited. When he turned to her, he seemed to be struggling with the wolf because his eyes kept flashing gold. Suddenly, she knew why. To him, she reeked of vampire, a scent that no werewolf liked, or did they like it too much? From the way Remus was struggling to control himself she wasn’t too sure. 

“I’ll go shower,” She said quietly, and left to head down the hall before things could get any worse. When she turned off the water of the shower and opened the curtain, Remus was standing there, leaning against the counter of the sink, a towel in hand. He handed it to her, without looking at her and she took it, blushing. “May I help you?” She asked softly, wrapping the towel around her body, for some reason she was incredibly shy at the moment. He lifted his eyes and they immediately went to the scar on her shoulder, where he had bitten her…no, marked her. She stood there, staring at his eyes as they stared at her scar, never leaving it, not even as he spoke.

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I just had this tremendous urge to bite you.” He murmured, his fingers reaching out to gently run along the scar. Hermione shivered and he hastily drew his hand away, dropping his eyes to the floor. “I’m sorry. Ridge never explained… no one ever explained…” He said so quietly Hermione almost didn’t hear him.

“It’s okay.” Hermione said quietly, licking her lips nervously.

“No, it’s not.” He said, shaking his head and lifting his eyes to finally meet hers. “Ridge was right in disciplining me.”

“Ridge has known since it happened in June!” Hermione cried, startling Remus so suddenly that he took a step backwards. “He should have reprimanded you then, not now!” Remus stepped away from her then, opening the bathroom door and darted down the hall. Hermione quickly ran into the hallway after him and shouted, “Where are you going?”

“To talk to Albus. I want to know what is going on, right now.” He snarled, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head as she watched him disappear down the stairs.


October, 1979 – Halloween


Hermione nudged the kitchen door open with her hip and set the tray she was carrying down onto the counter. Sirius looked up at her before taking a swig of his beer as he leaned against the counter. “Hello Sirius.” Hermione said, moving to put more pumpkin pasties on the tray. “When did you get here?”

“Just a few minutes ago,” He murmured.

“And chugging one for the team already, I see.” She said, grinning at him. He shrugged and placed the empty bottle in the sink and stuffed his hands in his leather coat. “Are you alright?” she asked and he shrugged again. “Sirius, this is your favorite Holiday…” Hermione said quietly.

“No, Christmas is.” He said shaking his head, a small smile forming on his lips.

“Right, the mistletoe.” She said, laughing softly as she went to the refrigerator to grab more beer.

“The pudding.” Sirius said and when Hermione turned around she rolled her eyes at him.

“Silly me. I must have forgotten, since last year I walked in and found you leaning over the side of couch moaning about how you would never eat Christmas pudding ever again because your stomach hurt so badly.” She said, setting down the bottles on another tray.

“Hermione, I do that every year.” He said, giving her a grin.

“Right. Well, are you going to join the party? Wait, why aren’t you in a costume?” She asked looking him up and down as she picked the tray with the food on it.

“I’m here, as myself.”

“Sirius-” Hermione sighed, and Sirius figured if she didn’t have a tray in her hands her arms would be crossed right about now.

“I just don’t see the point in dressing up, anymore.” He said quietly, staring down at the floor and Hermione bit her lip and nodded. “Especially with the attack that happened just a few days ago.” He whispered, pausing briefly before continuing. “I mean, Dodge is missing. It’s like he’s vanished. And Pete hasn’t been himself, he’s more skittish after that attack on him a few weeks ago… and Albus, he’s nowhere to be found at the moment. Minerva owl’d me, told me he hasn’t been in his office, or his quarters all night…”

“Is that why you’re here?” Hermione said softly.

“Yes. Well… no. I came to talk to James. He was supposed to meet with him today, after interviewing someone for the Divination position, since that nutter lost his job.” Sirius said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Oh, James and Lily are in there. And you should stay for a while, and believe me, we’re not forgetting what’s going on. We’re just trying to get our mind off of a few things, just for a couple of hours.” Hermione said, smiling before she nudged the door open with her foot before heading out, the cap of her costume trailing behind her.


Gideon leaned back in his chair, glancing over at Fabian who had his head resting in his palm, before shifting his gaze over to Ridge. The information Albus had just shared with them was a set back. “Ridge, are there any women in the Order who are pregnant, that you know, who have not announced it yet, she would not be very far along.” Albus said softly, removing his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Molly- Molly is pregnant.” Fabian said suddenly, his eyes widening, Albus looked up in alarm.

“No, she’s due in May. Christ Fay, don’t do that.” Gideon whispered furiously and all of the men visibly relaxed.

“No. Not that I can recall. Besides, a baby born at the end of July would be conceived right about now.” Ridge said quietly, running a scarred hand through his hair.

“I want you to keep your nose alert and notify me when you have found someone.” Albus said and Ridge nodded.

“Albus, how are you so certain it is someone from the Order?” Fabian said quietly, looking down at the floor.

“I just am. This is to remain between us. I have a feeling this will not bode well for the Order in the coming months. We need to keep whoever this is safe. I also fear that Tom now knows about this, or he will in a matter of hours. This must remain safely hidden. In due time, the two of you will take this, you will be its keepers. But for now, I need you three to go over to Head Quarters and re-check all of the wards and put up newer, stronger ones. I fear we may have a spy in our midst.” He said to Gideon and Fabian as he gently picked up the blue orb and wrapped it in a large wool cloth.

Next up is the wedding. The story is going to be getting darker from here folks.

I want to thank you all so much for the lovely reviews I received last chapter. They meant a lot, and I read everyone. And instead of replying to them, I wrote up the next chapter, I figured your guys would like that better. But I wil get around to answering them!!!! Hopefully within in the next few days.

I just want to give you guys an update, I'm nearly done with school, and while I'll be working this summer, I'll be working my own hours, so that leaves me more time to write. I'm hoping during finals week I'll be able to pop out a few chapters. I'm going to be very sad to see this story go. I'm hoping that I'll be done by 50 chapters, including the Prologue.

Also, stay tuned for a new Remus/Hermione story that should be up in a few weeks. And another chapter of Clockwork.

All comments welcome. Please visit my Meet the Author page if you have any questions.


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