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Chapter 25: Meet My Friend Denial

“I’m so proud of yoooooooou,” I slurred, leaning over the arm of the lounge in the Gryffindor common room to grin sloppily at Ella, who grinned back and snuggled closer to Remus, who was looking smug.

But why were there two of her?

“We’re all proud of you!” Marissa shouted merrily, smiling brightly as her drink sloshed about, arms spread wide.

Sirius, who was sitting close to Marissa, arms around her waist, raised his glass solemnly. “To Ella, who...who...wait, what did you do?”

Hurling myself up into a sitting position, I felt the sensation of all the blood rushing from my head down to my stomach. Needless to say it wasn’t pleasant.

I eyed the bottle of butterbeer in my hand suspiciously. You can’t get drunk off of butterbeer. My gaze slid to the half empty bottle of firewhiskey on the coffee table.

That could have helped, I mused, my thoughts muggy.

It was Thursday evening, late judging by the fact the common room was empty bar myself, Ella, Remus, Marissa, Sirius and James. What had started as a small celebration among us girls - in light of Ella’s tryout victory and our friendship having been renewed - had turned into...well, lets not get into that, shall we?

Wait, where was James?

Suddenly hands were around my waist, slinging me across the lounge onto a soft warm lap. I looked up, groggily, only to see James’ smiling gob swimming in front of me. His breath reeked of alcohol but I smiled at him anyway, oddly pleased to see him.

Oh. Well, that clears things up.

Ugh. This was too much. Surrounded by couples made of the people we used to hate, this all seemed to real.


Well, except me of course. Humph.

However, thanks to the numerous shots I had consumed over the evening, I was feeling a little than usual so I allowed it.

What? It wasn’t as if I was in the right state of mind to say no.


Oh shut up, brain. Leave me be, I’m drunk.

Oh. James was speaking. Good thing I have ears.

He broke off looking at me curiously. Oh, bollocks. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?” I said.

Choosing probably the wiser choice of not answering, he smiled down at me and stroked my cheek absently and I struggled to keep myself from purring. I was no cat. Speaking of cats... “Where’s Buttons?” I asked, slapping his hands away and looking around the room frantically to no avail.

Abruptly, I had an overwhelming desire to find my kitten. I dragged myself off the lounge, pulling James up with me. He groaned loudly but seemed oddly pleased at the turn of events. “We have to find her!” I said, my voice high and probably very painful on drunk ears.

Looking over at the others, I shouted, “Hey, hey, guys!” No response. I plowed on anyway. “Have you seen my cat?”

Ella and Marissa looked up from their soppy "boyfriends" - because thats what they were, weren't they? - only to lose interest almost instantaneously.

So much for best friends. I have more faith in my Potions textbook.

Oh well, they probably wouldn’t be much help anyway. The saying, ‘the blind leading the blind’ comes to mind.

I was getting really distressed now, pulling James all over the room, looking under lounges, armchairs, cabinets, even under the rug and in the fireplace. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I rubbed them furiously.

“Oh, but what if she’s got out of the Tower!” I was babbling, crawling on my hands and knees giving James, who was behind me, a great view of my arse.

Not that that was intentional. No, sir. Ahem.

“I’m sure she’s fine, Lily,” James slurred, patting me awkwardly on the...lower back?

No, no, that was my arse.

But - pardon the pun - for some reason, that didn’t bother me.

I stood up anyway, snatching his hand again with renewed enthusiasm. “Let’s try my dorm!” I said, running for the stairs with the dead weight that was James behind me. Somewhere in the back of my head, something about the stairs tingled but I couldn’t lay a finger on it.

“The stairs wont let me up,” James said bluntly, stopping still.

That was it! “Well,” I mused, “the stairs wont turn if I’m on them.” I paused, thinking and pulled him up the stairs. “I’m a girl.” I added reasonably, giving James a doe-eyed look over my shoulder.

He pinched my arse as we stumbled unsteadily up to the seventh years floor and I giggled as he spun me around into his arms. “I know you’re a girl,” he said, winking before going in for a kiss.

I slipped away, pushing him off, laughing, and tried to focus on opening the door. Despite the blur and spinning tricks my eyes were playing on me, I managed and stumbled inside, my robes slipping off my shoulders as I continued to drag James behind me.

“Buttons!” I called softly, as not to wake the two other seventh year girls, twins Mary and Jane Ceedoor. They didn’t like me that much, mainly because I didn’t like them - they teased me once for having red hair and I hexed them so their whole bodies were bright red. It had taken them a whole week -

Okay, focus. Kitten. Missing. James. Dormitory.

A soft meow sounded from the corner of the room and I let go of James and stumbled over to it, as fast as I could without cause significant damage. “Buttons!” I cried loudly, almost delirious with joy as I spotted my kitten looking sleepy on a pile of discarded clothes. I scooped her up and beamed at James, who whooped and cheered...loudly.

A quiet groan and rustle of sheets as one of the Ceedoors shifted in her bed brought me somewhat back to earth. Frowning at James, I threw the first thing I could lay my hands on at him...which was Buttons. Remind me never to drink again.

Buttons hissed and meowed furiously, before impacting in a great explosion of fur and claws.

I gasped, hands flying to my mouth as my cat flew gracelessly through the air.

James laughed, before being hit in the face by a rather angry kitty and falling back onto my bed.

There was a small ruckus as I sped over as fast as I could, but after she dislodged herself from James’ face, Buttons threw me a vicious look, before pouncing lightly onto the floor and stalking under Ella’s bed.

“James!” I gasped as my stomach lurched, throwing myself beside him as he lay perfectly still, hands clutching his face. I peered down, closer and closer at his face. “James, I’m so incredibly sorry, I wasn’t thinking and I -”

Then, in a movement so fast it wasn’t even fair, his lips were on my and he had me pinned underneath him.

Sneaky little bastard.

But I couldn’t help but smile as adrenaline, mixed in with the booze, began to buzz through me, lopping my arms around his neck. His body pressed me into the bed, knee slipping between my thighs as his tongue slid against mine and I could taste the firewhiskey on his lips. He broke the kiss quickly and pulled out his wand, quickly waving his wand to close the hangings and muttered a quick silencing spell.

For a drunk person, he sure was competent. When I voiced this however, he just looked at me face impassive. “I’m Head Boy,” he said.

Um, what?

I frowned, not following, and he grinned charmingly. I couldn’t help but to pull his face back down and kiss him again. It was slower this time, gentle and almost playful. But soon enough, the heat was back on and

Moments of blissful snogging passed and, almost unconsciously, my hand drift down to his shirt buttons. My shaking hands made slow work of the stupid, obstinate buttons...reminding me of a certain kitty of the same name. However, they soon were open and my hands her trailing along his smooth, toned chest. Then my shirt too was gone and he was everywhere and my head was swimming in a mix of lust, alcohol and adrenaline and my body felt like it was on fire.

Unbidden, my hands wandered down to the waistband of his trousers, fumbling to undo the button just as his trailed down to my skirt. My eyes opened groggily, as if waking from a dream, as one of his hands captured both of mine quite easily. My eyes focused on James and I was a little confused as to what I saw. His eyes were wide with uncertainty and he looked a little guilty. His body began to shift off of mine but I grabbed his waist, pulling him back down.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his voice torn.

I answered without hesitation. “I want this,” I said, catching his lips in a searing kiss.

...And I got what I asked for.

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