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DISCLAMER: I own nothing Harry Potter and Nor will I ever. I own only the plot (kinda) and the names of which you recognise not.


Sundays were so marvelous. It was the day you got to sit back and say, “Great! I have classes tomorrow.” It was even better if an essay was due the next day but you hadn’t begun writing it yet. Okay, so I got distracted by people, and the lake, and walking around. So what? I knew I could still finish my Transfiguration essay no problem.

I walked from my dormitory into the common room where Mackenzie and Madison—well, Mackenzie, at least— sat chatting about absolutely nothing—in other words, I didn’t know what. I was making my way to the doors leading out into the dungeon corridors when Madison yelled out.

“Achindra, where do you think you’re going? Last night you promised you would spend time with us,” she complained.

“I haven’t finished my essay yet. I am going down to the library to finish. You’re free to join me if you like, but I can’t guarantee that I will be any fun,” I asked.

“No, it’s okay, we finished our essays yesterday. Now stop being lazy and finish yours so we can hang out by the lake,” said Mackenzie.

The walk to the library was uneventful: couples were sneaking off to unoccupied broom closets, Potter and Black were running around acting like idiots, and an older girl dropped her books while talking to some guy. I walked into the library, which appeared to be nearly empty. Madam Sunlokk – also known as Madam Sunny, personally named by the twins and I—seemed to be nowhere in sight, which was very odd. From what I had learned from my few trips here, Madam Sunny found great joy in sitting behind her desk and watching the students read.

I shook my head and walked over to a shelf with no idea where to begin looking. I looked around and spotted a Ravenclaw boy with brown hair wearing the Head Boy badge. He looked up and saw me staring at him. He lifted an eyebrow before walking over to me.

“Can I help you with something? You look a little lost,” he said

“I am not lost, but you can help me. I need a book for my Transfigurations essay,” I said boldly.

“Well, what’s this essay suppose to be about?” He laughed slightly for some reason. Maybe I had something in my teeth, because I didn’t see what was so funny about my wanting help.

“The beginning of Transfiguration, the first spell, things like that.” I glanced around the room before looking back up at the boy.

He nodded his head and began walking away. I quickly followed behind him, straining to keep up with his long legs. He stopped suddenly, causing me to almost run into him. Grabbing a thick book from the self and handing it to me, he said, “This should have all the information you need.” I took the book and he walked away again.

Deciding I didn’t want to sit at a table, I walked over to an area near the still empty librarian’s desk and sat myself on the floor. I laid the book the Ravenclaw boy just found, parchment, ink, and my quill on the floor then settled onto my stomach. I opened the book and began reading.

A few pages into the book, and two sentences on my parchment later, the librarian walked in. I looked up to the door, as she made her way to her desk. The few people in the room looked up and stared as she walked past them, her golden hair flowing behind her. Their eyes didn’t stray even when she sat down.

The scene reminded of when I overheard a boy in my house talking to another boy about the young Madam Sunlokk. Supposedly, people thought she was attractive. I started to laugh aloud at the memory.

I continued reading and writing, but stopped when I heard an odd and very embarrassing sound, followed by an odor I didn’t want to try and place. I looked around and noticed that Madam Sunny was the only person near me. I gathered my things, leaving the library book behind, as the smell became worse, and started to leave the library. On my way out, I saw Severus who was just entering the room. I grabbed his wrist and kept walking. He stumbled behind me and tried to tug his wrist from my hand, but I kept a tight grip.

“You are not going in there. Trust me, that is the last thing you want to do right now. Madam Sunny is letting out some pretty sickening odors.”

I looked over at Severus, who looked like he was trying (and failing) not to laugh and let out a bellowed laugh. I shook my head at the sight. Never in the two weeks had I known Severus had I actually seen him laugh. Snicker yes, but never laugh.

“If I let go of your wrist, will you keep following me?” I asked hopefully, once he finished laughing.

“I guess. Where are you going?” I let go of his wrist.

“Lake, of course,” I said matter-of-factly.

Once we were at the lake, I took my things back out, set them on the ground, and lay on my stomach. I looked up at Severus as he sat down beside me.

“So, I know two weeks ago you said you weren’t my friend, but what about now?” I asked curiously, not completely sure why I was asking.

“I don’t know.”

“I know that redhead girl is your friend, but why? I mean, she’s a Gryffindor.” I cut my eyes at him and then propped my head up on my hands and stared out at the lake, work forgotten again.

“I knew her before school,” he said simply.

“Want to tell me about it?” I may not like Evans but she is his friend, so I might as well use her to get him talking some.

“Not really.”

“I’ll talk then. I don’t really like her. She’s too . . . what’s the right word? Happy. Not happy, but cheerful. Annoyingly so. I am not really trying to be mean, but I don’t understand how you two could ever end up being friends. You are very Slytherin, while she is very Gryffindor. Opposites in every way. I am not sure I could get along with something who is my complete opposite. I just don’t understand a lot of things, I guess,” I said, hoping it would get him to talk.

“I’m glad she’s cheerful. It adds something to this dreadful life,” he said dully, his mood worsening.

I sighed. “Never mind. Have you finished your essay? I really just don’t feel like doing it. I would just forget about it, but I don’t really want detention. Moreover, McGonagall said if we do not finish that, she will double the number of words. Two thousand is enough for me already.” I sat up and started to put my things up again, deciding I would finish it before I went to sleep.

“Done,” he mumbled.

“Why, does everybody have to have theirs finished except for me? It is very depressing. I guess that is what I get for being lazy. I’ll do it later on before bed or something, but I will definitely finish. What do you want to do? We should do something fun, don’t you think? I promised Kenzie and Maddie that I would hang out with them. I will have to do that later too. I don’t want Maddie getting mad at me. I don’t think Kenzie will mind too much; she is to busy trying to become friends with Malfoy and Narcissa. So yes, maybe we should . . .”

“I know what we should do. We should sit here and look at the lake. In quiet. In other words, please stop rambling,” he said coldly. I looked at him, shocked and slightly offended, but shut my mouth.

I looked up to the sky and stared at clouds. Different creatures started to show themselves to me: Phoenix, Shrake – a type of spiny fish – and a Mooncalf – a creature with four thin legs and large feet that creates “crop circles” by dancing. My mind began playing tricks on me when it looked like the Mooncalf was dancing, the Shrake was swimming, and the Phoenix was flying. Of course, it could have just been the movement of the clouds. The clouds shifted and began to form new pictures, new creatures. I continued to stare up in amazement until I became bored. I looked over at Severus who was still looking out at the lake.

“Would you like to go swimming, Severus?” I asked, hopeful. The day was rather hot and a swim would be fun.

“Not really,” he stated dully.

“I know what we should do.” I stood up quickly, pulling him up with me, amazed by how light he was. He looked like he was about to refuse until I glared at him. “You see that tree over there?” I pointed out into the distance. “Let us see who can get to the top first, shall we? I’m sure I will beat you.” A look of determination entered his eyes and he took off in a run, slipping from my grip.

I shook my head and ran after him. Not being use to physical activities – Mother always made me stay inside – made it difficult for me to catch up to him. Once I made it to the tree, he was already a third of the way to the top. I reached up and grabbed his legs to stop him. He kicked and pulled, but was unable to lessen my grip. I stared to climb until I was no longer able to hold his ankle. We raced to the top. I knew he would win, despite the heavy cloak he wore on his back.

“Severus!” screamed a loud, annoying voice.

Severus stopped and looked behind him at the ground. I followed his gaze, clinging to the tree so I would not fall. On the ground looking up stood Lily Evans. Her red hair was tied back into a ponytail, and her green eyes were locked sternly onto Severus’s black ones.

“Come down here. I want to show you something cool.” Severus looked like he was contemplating quitting the race for a minute before he began to climb down the tree. I followed.

Once on the ground, I walked over to Evans, hands on hips, and glared at her.

“What do you think you’re doing? Can you not see that Severus and I were playing? Did you think it would be funny to come over here and ruin our game? You did, didn’t you? Well it is not. I was having fun, and so was he. You ruined it!” I yelled accusingly. The girl held up her chin and looked directly into my eyes. I gave her my best death glare and sneer I could manage, but hers did not falter.

“Well, it’s Severus’s choice whether he wants to hang out with me or climb trees with you,” she said slowly, as if I was unable to comprehend.

Becoming angrier and angrier by the minute, I decided to push her. She fell to the ground, and I stomped off to the castle, not bothering to check Severus’s reaction.

Once I was back in my dormitory, I threw myself onto Madison’s bed where she sat cross-legged talking to Mackenzie. The two girls jumped, obviously not surprised. Madison laid her hand on the back of my head and patted me once.

“What’s wrong, Drae?” she asked.

“Evans stole Severus away. We were having fun acing up a tree, when she comes over screaming for Severus to come down. Then I pushed her and walked off. I really do not like her. There is just something about her that screams Gryffindor, and I hate it.” I rolled over onto my back and sat up. Mackenzie moved to sit behind me and began playing with my hair.

“Bellatrix Black is finally marrying Rodolphus Lestrange. October, I heard. That sure would be a sight. Bellatrix is so lucky. Rodolphus is so handsome,” Mackenzie said, changing the subject. I looked up at Madison in question.

“Yeah, Mum is invited,” said Madison, confirming my unspoken question. “Knowing Bella, she’ll probably be wearing a black dress. You know, over the summer I heard Mum talking to Dad. She said that Bella was talking to Rodolphus about You-Know-Who. Said she seemed excited about something.”

“Wait. You-Know-Who. Isn’t that the person going around killing Muggles? My old nanny Miss May told me about him,” I said.

“Yeah. He’s gathering all of these people to be his followers, from what Mum said. He seems dangerous,” said Madison

“Why is he killing Muggles? I know many people don’t like them, but killing them? That seems harsh.”

“Mum said . . .” Madison started.

“That he wants to purify the world. Get rid of the lesser people,” finished Mackenzie.

“Oh,” was all I could say.

Once Mackenzie was done with my hair, she held up a little mirror to show me what it looked like. She had French braided it, leaving a few strands down beside my face. It looked rather cute. I turned around and gave her a hug.

“Thank, Kenzie. It looks great. I usually leave my hair down, but I think I’ll leave it like this.” I smiled at her.

“Did you finish your essay?” Madison asked, standing up from the bed. Mackenzie and I followed suit.

“No. I will tonight, though. It won’t be a problem. I have a question, though. You know that girl whose bed is right across from mine? Do you know anything about her?” I glanced behind me to the girl’s bed as we left the room.

“You mean Salina Phillips?” asked Madison

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, trying to recall hearing her name.

“How can you not know her? She sleeps in our dorm and she’s in all of our classes.”

“She’s always still sleep when I wake up, and she’s never in here when I go to bed. Doesn’t she sit at the back of our classes too?” I asked

“No wonder she doesn’t know her,” Mackenzie deadpanned, looking at Madison.

“Yeah. So you want to know about her?” Madison asked. I nodded my head while she looked to Mackenzie.

“Salina. I really like her name. Anyway, let me see . . . she’s twelve. Transferred in as a first year. I heard that her parents wouldn’t let her go to school, wanted to live as Muggles.” Mackenzie shook her head and continued. “Her parents died though, so her aunt sent her here. She’s practically Muggle-born, looking at how she grew up, but she’s actually a half-blood. She’s mean when you make her mad,” Mackenzie added, looking slightly frightened.

“Did something happen?” I asked, curiously.

“Received detention for hexing a second year Gryffindor. The girl said something bad about Slytherins and Salina hexed her right in the . . .” But she stopped. We were walking down the corridor when the girl in question walked past us. She glanced back at us sharply, causing me and the other two girls to look away. Madison continued in a whisper, “She hexed the girl in the back. Put her in the Hospital Wing. I wouldn’t want to cross her. I’ve never talked to her myself, but things are said when people think she isn’t listening.” Madison looked behind her to make sure that Salina was gone. I simply nodded my head.

We arrived in the Great Hall later than usual. The room was already full of students. I sat down and looked up at the Professors. Professor Apollo was animatedly talking to Madam Sunny. I hoped that he knew about her gas problem. Suddenly, I remembered that I had forgotten to tell Madison and Mackenzie.

“You will never guess what happened this morning,” I said.

“You pushed Evans to the ground?” Madison said more like a statement than a question.

“Well, yes, but that is not what I was going to say. Come closer.” The two girls leaned closer to me from the other side of the table, as I whispered, “I was lying on the floor in the library working on my essay, when I found out that our beautiful Madam Sunny is really a Madam Smelly. She was letting out gas that smelled worse than horse dung.”

I took a bite of my food and watched the twin’s reactions. Madison look disgusted and pushed away her food, while Mackenzie let out a laugh. Several people looked around the Great Hall trying to find the source.

“Humorous, right?” I asked.

“That’s just great. I never would have guessed that she was a farter. In public, too. That’s priceless.” Mackenzie’s laugh quieted down, while Madison shook her head, trying not to join in her sister’s obvious amusement.

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