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It was a beautiful and sunny day at Hogwarts. It was a Saturday, and of course there were no classes, so everyone was or outside enjoying the sunny day, or in the common rooms. Spring was approaching, and all were anxious due to the Head Boy and Girl to organize a spring dance. This year (1999) the Heads were Harry Potter and (of course) Hermione Granger. How, you may ask?


It was two weeks after the end of the war and Harry, Ron and Hermione were at The Burrow when one afternoon, Professor McGonagall showed up.


“Hello Professor McGonagall. How are you?” the trio asked.


“I will be fine, but outside school you don’t have to call me Professor. Call me Minerva, you three have earned that right.”

“Okay Prof-Minerva. Do you want something Professor?”


“Yes, a butterbeer would do, please. I want to talk with you three if it would be possible.


“About what Minerva?” asked Hermione.


 “Well, you all know that to work at the Ministry, you need to have N.E.W.T.S right?”


“Yes, of course. Harry and Ron wish to work at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and I would like to work at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures because of the conditions of the house-elf’s.” stated Hermione.


“Well, last week I spoke with the School Governors, and they agreed to let those who wished to repeat the seventh year, to return to the school.


“Professor! Sorry Minerva, you can count me in. I don’t want to miss a chance of failing my studies.” said a nervous Hermione. “Well, I guess we have Ron’s answer, Minerva. He doesn’t want to be apart from her.” said a playful Harry.


“What about you Harry? Do you wish to repeat your seventh year?” questioned the Professor. Harry looked at his two bests friends and finally looked at his Professor.


“Of course Minerva. I want to earn my N.E.W.T.S in a fair way, plus I don’t want to be separated of my friends, so I guess you will have to put up with us.” said a smiling Harry. “Excellent! Be sure to expect your letters. Now I have to return to Hogwarts to certificate, that the students who wish to repeat properly their seventh year can return next year.” And for once in their life they watched their Professor showing a slight smile, before she left through the floo network.  

End of flashback


So in the middle of August, they received their Hogwarts' letters. Ron was again a prefect, Hermione was ecstatic when she received her letter claiming she was the new Head Girl of Hogwarts. Naturally, everyone knew she would have part of the headship. Hermione was also wondering. Who would be the new Head Boy? Even more surprised was Harry. When he opened his letter, he felt something fall from the envelope. He looked at the floor and noticed a badge with the letters HB. How could he be Head Boy if he wasn’t a prefect? Anyway, he was also the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team for the second consecutive year.


As it was said before, it was a beautiful and sunny day at Hogwarts. Plus, it was a Saturday. Some people were outside; others were in the inside (anywhere in the castle). Our friends plus some other Gryffindors were at their Common Room, enjoying the little silence they were having when Lavender said.


“Hey! Let’s play a game! This silence is killing me.” she said excited.

“What kind of game Lavender?” Parvati asked.


“Er... truth or dare!!! What do you say Parvati?”


“Yeah sure! Seamus, Dean, are you two up to it?”


“Do you have to ask? Yeah, I’ll come!”


“Harry, Ron, Hermione, come on!” Soon everyone was gathered in a circle. Luna Lovegood was also playing because she was at the time talking with Ginny, her best friend, so naturally she was invited. Before they started, Harry and Ron sneaked off to the Potions’ storage and took some veritaserum for the game.


“Well, who starts?” Dean asked. “I’ll go! I’ll go!” squealed Lavender.


“Parvati. Truth or dare?” She was quiet for seconds and thinking what would she choose. Mere seconds later, she answered calmly Lavender’s question. “Truth.” so they gave her one drop of veritaserum.


“Well, in this room, is there anyone who do you like?” questioned Lavender smirking. Parvati started to blush but answered nervously, “Yes.” she avoided one person’s gaze. “Who? Who do you like Parvati?!” asked Ginny.


“I’m sorry but, only one question per turn. Now I think it’s my turn.” Then she looked at everyone trying to choose who would be her next victim. “Seamus, truth or dare?” He answered with confidence, “Dare!”


“Okay then. I’ll dare you to snog... Lavender!” said Parvati giving a sly smile to Lavender, like she was saying 'It’s my little revenge for what you did before.'


“Parvati! Why did you do that?” Lavender said with an incredulous look. “Fine, I’ll do it!” said Seamus faking bravery. “Seamus! I didn’t finished what I was saying. I dare you to snog Lavender for 5 minutes. With tongues, we don’t want little pecks here. Right guys?” Parvati asked giving a smile. “Yeah come on!” 


Parvati also added, “Relax you two. We’ll count the minutes.” So Seamus went to Lavender and then, they began to snog.


9 minutes later... 


“Er guys... it’s been 9 minutes and yet you haven’t stopped snogging!” Dean exclaimed. “If you two want to continue what you were doing, then we suggest you take that to another place.” Ron added playfully. Both Seamus and Lavender wanted to continue what they were doing, but they also wanted to see how the game was going to end, so they decided and stayed with their friends. “Okay. Now who's going to play?” asked an anxious Ron.


“I guess I can try.” Luna said with a dreamy look. “Er... Ron. Truth or dare?”


“Truth.” he answered and drank one drop of the potion. “How long do you like Hermione?” both Ron and Hermione blushed furiously and avoided each other’s gaze. Harry though 'Well, she goes straight to the point. I’m going to remember this moment forever.' and laughed silently. Little did he know how right he was.


As Ron couldn’t resist the effect the potion was taking on him, he only said a few words, “I er... I liked Hermione since the first time she appeared on our compartment.”


Both Lavender and Parvati sighed and said “Aww... that’s so sweet!” Hermione couldn’t believe what she had heard. “What?” Ron looked at her and said, “It’s true Hermione. I have always had feelings for you, only I didn’t realise at the time!” Finally Hermione looked at Ron and gave him a small and shy smile. “Okay, enough with the mushiness. Ron I guess you can ask something right?” asked Ginny. “Ye-yeah! Sure, err... Dean! Truth or dare?”


Dean looked at Ron and answered, “Dare.” Ron took a look at the Common Room, his friends and his housemates’ and thought. What would he make Dean do? Then, something occurred to him. He smirked and told, “Dean, I dare you to kiss Parvati for hmm... 3 minutes.” Dean looked surprised and nervous. Everyone at Hogwarts knew how much they liked each other except themselves. Dean nodded to Ron and went to Parvati.


7 minutes later...


“Can someone tell me why they keep snogging, even when we said `time out´?” asked Ron with an incredulous look. Dean and Parvati were a little embarrassed but decided to keep playing. The only difference was that Dean was sitting next to Parvati. “Okay... I guess it’s my turn now. Ginny, truth or dare?” Naturally she picked dare. Dean thought for a couple of minutes and finally said. “Ginny, I dare you to make out for 1 minute with...Hermione.”


Ron looked embarrassed. “Dean, that’s sick! My little sister making out with Hermione! You little pervert!” he growled. “Ron, calm down. It’s just a dare, right Hermione?” Ginny asked her. “Yeah, it’s only a dare so Ron, I don’t see the need of you freaking out. Besides, I can make it up to you later.” she said seductively. The look Ron had made everyone laugh. So they made out. 

A few seconds later, Ginny asked Hermione, “Truth or dare?”. Hermione thought. Should she take a dare? Or a truth? Finally, what it seemed minutes but were only seconds, she took a risk and chose a dare. Ginny gave her an evil smile and said. “Hermione, I dare you to skipping two classes of your choice and if a professor asks you what was the reason of you skipping classes, you must give rude answers. The dare is to be done on Monday.” Hermione looked horrified. To her, skipping classes were a sin. ‘Oh no! Why did I have to take a dare? Now I can’t back up from it. Ohhhh, but you’ll see Ginny Weasley. It’s payback time. Consider what I’m about to do a little `help´.‘


“Harry, truth or dare?” Harry looked at Hermione as he gave the answer. “For a change, I’ll choose dare.” ‘Now you’ll see Ginny.‘


“Harry I dare you to have...” everyone looked eager to know what would be the dare Harry was going to receive. “... 7 minutes in heaven with Ginny.” They couldn’t believe what they had heard. The look on Harry’s and Ginny’s faces were unbelievable, both were looking at Hermione with eyes and mouth open wide, their look was classified as to ‘why are you doing this to me?‘ . Ron had the same look. To relieve the tension or silence that had been installed since Hermione said the dare, Lavender asked. “Well then, who’s going to take these two love-birds to the next broom cupboard?”


Hermione volunteered, so the three left the Common Room. After they left, there was a little silence but soon the noise, although it was slight, was returning. The whispers of Dean and Parvati or Seamus and Lavender were heard. Neville was talking with Luna and both of them were happy and comfortable talking to each other. Soon Hermione returned and Ron asked. “So why did you have to do that?”


Hermione smiled. “I decided to give them a little help.” Ron had a curious look. “Why?” he questioned. “Ron, haven’t you noticed how they look at each other when the other is not looking?”


“So what’s going to happen now? After this, I don’t want anything awkward between them.” stated Ron with a warning tone.


“So Hermione, you think they will be together after this?” Parvati asked. “Well...”


(This happens after Hermione, Harry and Ginny left the Common Room. Just telling so there’s no confusion.)


As they left the Common Room, Ginny went near Hermione and whispered. “Hermione, why are you doing this to me? It’s because of the dare I gave you?” she asked a little panicked. Harry didn’t heard as he was a little behind them. “Ginny relax, I’ll have to do that dare but, I’ll only do it if you skip classes with me! Besides you told me weeks ago that you thought Harry was having feelings for you. I’m only helping!”


So they walked in silence, until they arrived at the broom cupboard. “I think you two know what you have to do in these 7 minutes.” she said giving them a smile. Ginny asked, “So what if we don’t do it?” Hermione gave them a sly smile. “I’ll make sure you do. I’m going to put a spell on this broom cupboard, and that spell will tell me if you two snog or not. If you don’t snog... let’s just say you two will have a different skin colour during a month.” she said smirking. Harry looked scared and Ginny threw Hermione a glare that would make a ghost run straight away. “Of course, the 7 minutes only start when you two are inside so off you go.”  


With Ginny muttering words, they entered the broom cupboard and Hermione set the spell that would warn her if they had snogged. The part about the skin colour was a lie but they didn’t had to know that. Hermione only made that up so she could be sure they would definitely snog. Inside the broom cupboard, Harry and Ginny were avoiding each other’s gaze. At the thought of snogging Harry, Ginny started to blush and this didn’t go unnoticed by Harry. “Ginny, why are you blushing? Is it because I’m supposed to snog you?” he asked her.


“Wha-what? No! Of course not! Why would I blush because you are supposed to snog me? I think you’re imagining things Harry.” she told avoiding his gaze. “Look Ginny, I understand if you don’t want to do it.” He sighed and looked to his foot. Ginny wasn’t expecting to hear this. “What?” The toned he used was a little sad and Ginny didn’t like that tone. “What are you saying Harry?” she asked surprised.


“Well, I er... this year, I sort of have been having some feelings for you. This year I don’t see you as the little sister of Ron Weasley.” At this part, Ginny looked a little angry but Harry didn’t noticed. He kept talking, “I don’t see you as Ron’s little sister, because I see you in a different light. Sadly enough, Hermione said to both Ron and me, that you were over me. She told me that on my 5th year when you were dating Michael Corner. Now I can’t do anything because...” The sentence was never finished because Ginny had put a finger on his lips. Harry looked at her and noticed she had tears running down her face so he was a little worried and had his eyes open wide. Before asking her why she was crying, Ginny answered him like she knew what he was thinking.


“Relax Harry. I’m not crying because I’m sad. These are tears of joy want to know why? What if I said I wasn’t over you? What if I said I only dated Michael and Dean, to try and forget I was in love with you? You know, we still have left 5 minutes. Do you want to snog me?” she asked him. He had a hungry look and answered, “Yes, I wanted to snog you since I began to have feelings for you, but before we snog, can I ask you something?” Ginny was curious so she nodded. “Ginny Weasley, will you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend?” Harry asked hopefully.


Ginny was ecstatic. ”Yes! Yes I’ll be your girlfriend Harry Potter and I thought you would never ask!” she exclaimed and threw herself at him. When their lips met, they felt a shock coming but they kept kissing. Harry had wrapped his arms around Ginny’s waist while Ginny kept running her fingers on Harry’s messy hair. Both were smiling during the snog session they were having, when someone opened the door. They broke apart immediately and looked at who had opened the door. Hermione was smiling and gave Ginny a look that expressed ‘I hope you know I was right.‘


“Well well well, I knew you two would snog. Did you know that I only putted a spell to warn me if you two had snogged?” she asked smirking. “So the skin colour thing was a lie?” asked Harry. “Yup, I had to tell something or else you two wouldn’t snog. Can I assume you two are together?” Hermione questioned eagerly. Harry and Ginny looked at each other and smiled. They intertwined their fingers and Hermione squealed. “Finally you two are together! I am so happy for you guys. Do you want to go to the Common Room now?”


Harry looked at Ginny and said, “You can go now Hermione, I just want to ask Ginny one thing.” So Hermione left them alone and Harry turned to Ginny. “Ginny, I know that now I’m your boyfriend but I would still want to ask you. Would you like to be my date to the spring dance?” Ginny looked at her new boyfriend with pride. “Harry I appreciate you asking me to the spring dance but...” she paused for dramatic effect. “But?” he asked with fear of her answer. ”But I would LOVE to be your date to the spring dance. I was just fooling around with you.” she said. He sighed with relief and asked her if she wanted to go now to the Common Room, she agreed and they went their way.


When they arrived, they found Neville and Luna in a corner giving small and shy kisses to each other and smiling. Seamus and Lavender were nowhere to be found. Dean and Parvati were in one of the couches cuddling and grinning. Ron and Hermione were sitting on some chairs and talking when Ron noticed them. “Hey, Hermione told me about you two. Harry I hope you don’t hurt her or else...” stated Ron warningly. ”Ron, in case you didn’t notice, if Harry ever hurts me, he will have his new friends, the bat-bogeys to show him that he mustn’t hurt me in any way, got it Ron?!” she asked him with a glare. Ron nodded with fear but said another thing, “Guess what? I asked Hermione to the spring dance and she said yes!!!”       


“Congratulations Ron. We hope you two won’t argue now, right Ginny?”


“Harry, are you kidding me? I think now is when they will bicker more!” exclaimed Ginny. “Yeah, what was I thinking?” asked Harry and they started to laugh. “You are so funny guys.” stated Ron sarcastically. “Well, Ginny and I are going for a walk. Are you two coming?”


“No thanks, I don’t need to see you two snogging so go and...” Before Ron finished his sentence, Harry and Ginny left the Common Room smiling and thinking that a game like the one they had played earlier had changed their lives in several ways. That little game was what it took all of them to get together.

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