Disclaimer: The world of HP belongs to JKR, i just like to dabble in it.

            The sun was starting to stream through the window where the sixteen year old red haired girl lay curled up under her mint green sheets. A knock came at her door and a man’s voice calling “Leila time to wake up, you have practice in an hour.” Leila rolled over and groaned “ya Dad I’m coming”

            She rolled out of her bed and placed her feet into her slippers and crossed to her wardrobe pulling out her uniform, and tossed the top, bottoms and spankies on her bed, pulled her hair into a pony tail and headed down stairs to join her dad for breakfast. Leila walked into the kitchen and kissed her dad on the cheek, “morning dad,” she said grabbing half of the bagel he was eating, “oh Lei there’s a letter for you it’s on the table.” “thanks dad.” Leila grabbed the letter and brought it upstairs finishing her bagel as she went, she put the letter on her bed and headed to take a shower.

Leila returned to her room feeling much more awake and refreshed, she changed into her garnet and gold uniform, and walked over to her vanity with the letter


Dear Miss Scott,

We are pleased to inform you that your application for transfer has been accepted; please find enclosed your list of required texts and materials. Just a reminder that the Hogwarts Express leaves from platform 9 ¾ on September first at 10:00 AM. We at Hogwarts are pleased that you have chosen our school to join upon your family’s return to England.


Hermione Granger

Deputy Headmistress


            Leila got dressed in a flash, and quickly swiped on a little brown eyeliner and mascara, then ran downstairs to tell her dad the news. They had just moved back to London after spending 10 years in Ontario, Canada, Leila’s dad had always wanted to move back to the place where he grew up and Leila’s was born, and after Leila’s mother’s death 6 years before it seemed like a good idea for both of them, a chance for change so to speak. Leila hadn’t really wanted to leave her friends at the Borrowed Moonlight Academy of Magic in Ottawa, but she agreed to go knowing that it would make her dad happy, they had grown exceptionally close after her mother had died and she wanted him to find more happiness than he had in Ottawa, it was too full of memories of their time together, and she saw moving to England as a great new adventure for the two of them. At the Academy they had embraced many muggle traditions, and Leila had automatically become one of the popular girls when she joined their cheerleading team. She was a little disappointed that Hogwarts didn’t have anything like that, it wasn’t that she didn’t like Quidditch she just wasn’t all that skilled at it and cheerleading was a way to join in the Quidditch craze without having to fly around on a broom. Luckily there was a local football team for teens that played summer games so she was able to audition for their cheerleading team when she and her father moved in. Her dad had managed to transfer into the auror ranks in London from Ottawa and was settling in nicely, his experience interacting with muggle politicians was a great asset to the team and he was really enjoying his job.

            Leila grabbed her bag, said bye to her dad, and jumped into the front seat of her red jetta, a birthday present from her dad for her sweet sixteen, and headed off to practice.


In another bedroom not too far away James Sirius Potter was being awakened as well, he had decided to play in a local football team to keep in shape for Quidditch and they had a game this morning, he was actually pretty glad that he managed to get his friends and fellow Gryffindor Quidditch team mates, Marcus and Fred, to join him, so it wouldn’t be just him and a bunch of muggles. The Potter’s house elf Manny squeaked “Master James must get up he is having a game this morning.” James rolled over and groaned out “mmhmm ya Manny, I’m up, I’ll be down for breakfast in a minute.” “yes sir master James sir, Manny will have your usual breakfast ready for you sir”

James rolled out of bed yawning and got into the shower. A few minutes later he returned to his room changed into a pair of cargo shorts and a white polo artfully messing up his hair before grabbing his gear bag and heading down the stairs of Potter Manor and dropping it by the door before going into the kitchen for his usual breakfast of waffles and strawberries. Harry was already seated at the table when his oldest son walked through the door and took his place at the table. Harry looked over the top of the paper he was reading “morning James, game this morning?”

“ya dad, are you and mum coming?”

“we might put in an appearance, Al and Lily as well, you’re taking the car?”

“Yup heading over to pick up Marcus and Fred in a few”


Harry went back to his paper, scanning for anything out of the ordinary, and James tucked into his breakfast, when he finished he said bye to his dad, called a goodbye up the stairs to his mum and siblings grabbed his keys and his bag and headed out the door to his blue mini cooper, it was a gift from his parents when he got his owl results back and managed to pass with flying colors. James was actually quite smart without having to work at it, he figured this was a good thing since it left him with more time for more important things, like Quidditch and girls. Harry and Ginny had insisted he go for his muggle drivers licence as well and pass it without magic since he would be on the roads with muggles in a muggle vehicle. James had passed easily after a few driving lessons with Grandpa Weasley who tried to convince him to let him tinker around with his brand new car. James had refused but took the driving lessons, he knew that since Grandpa had retired from his job at the ministry he had even more time for his little projects and James didn’t want his car to end up like some of the other stuff his Grandpa got his hands on.

James drove over to his uncle George’s where his two best friends Marcus Pryor and Fred Weasley were waiting. He pulled in the lane and honked his horn, looked around, winked at Fred’s cute neighbour, and fiddled with the radio for a bit while waiting for his friends. They drove over to the field, talking about nothing and James pulled in beside a red car where a red haired girl in a cheerleading uniform was getting out, and Fred whistled, “You know James I think this idea of yours might turn out after all, Hogwarts just doesn’t make ‘em like that.”

“Fred, buddy, she’s a muggle its not the best idea to get involved,” Marcus the more sensible of the three put in, “besides aren’t you dating Calla?”

“Ya but it doesn’t mean I cant look, now does it?” Fred said while he pushed Marcus as the boys walked towards the locker rooms.

“Easy killer, this is supposed to be about keeping in shape for quidditch” James said.

“Ya ya, I know but I’m just saying, Hogwarts needs a little of that action. Besides your one to talk its not like you haven’t dated like half the schools girls.” Fred retorted.

The boys laughed and headed into the locker room to get ready with their team, James took one last look at the girl, shook his head and went to get ready for the game.



The game went really well and James’ team ended up winning, he got a few touchdowns and realized that he really liked the game, he had originally started playing when he was younger because some of the local kids were and he figured it might be fun. But it was never more than a casual game of pickup. More than anything though James realized that he enjoyed the game so much because he was just James, not James Sirius Potter, the son of war heroes Harry and Ginny Potter, and for once in his life he wasn’t surrounded by people who liked him just for whose son he was, his new team mates just liked him.

            James got out of the shower and packed up his stuff, he told Marcus and Zach he’d see them at the car once they got their lazy asses in gear, slung his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the locker room almost running over the girl from earlier in the day. They crashed into each other and James grabbed her arm to stop her from falling.

“Oh I’m sorry, excuse me I didn’t see you,” she said finding her footing, “thanks for catching me though”

James noted that her accent was funny, not something he’d heard before, it sounded almost English but there was something else to it as well. He stuck his hand out for her to shake, “I’m James, sorry about that I didn’t see you either.”

She took his hand, smiling shyly at him “Leila, thanks again.” Then she continued one her way to her car, her cell phone rang in a tune that James recognized but couldn’t place, he figured it was just a muggle song he’d heard in passing.


            Leila grabbed her cell phone from the side pocket of her bag, only slightly flustered after running into the boy, James he had said, she picked up her phone, ringing in the latest Weird Sisters hit warlock love, it was her dad. “hey dad...ya it was great...they won actually, it was a good game...ok well I’m on my way home now then we can just floo over to the leaky cauldron, I think its called...ok, ya I’ll see you at home...Love you too...bye dad.” She tossed her stuff into the back of her car and got in waved to James then she pulled away.


            James was waiting by the car thinking about what he’d just heard. He could have sworn he heard her say that she was going to floo to the leaky, but that couldn’t be right she had to be a muggle, it was too weird to think that she could be a witch, besides he would have recognized her if she was he knew everyone at Hogwarts, especially the good looking girls. “nah,” he said under his breath, “must have heard wrong.”

“Heard what wrong?” Fred asked, coming up behind James and putting his stuff in the trunk.

“Huh?” James’ head jerked up, “nothing, lets go grab some food.”

“sounds good to me I’m starving,” Fred replied

“when aren’t you?” Marcus said sarcastically, joining the other two.

            The boys got into James’ car and headed over to the Leaky for a bite to eat.

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