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Lily and James' brilliant idea. Yeah, right. 

Lily Evans rushed to meet her best friends in the Great Hall for breakfast. Her and Potter had come up with a brilliant idea last night during their Heads meeting. All the prefects agreed and even the Headmaster thought it had been a great idea. The red-head zoomed past the herd of students and sat down at the side of the table next to her best friends Alesha and Katie. The brunette and the blonde looked at her suspiciously. It was weird for Lily to come down to breakfast cheerfully after another Head’s meeting with James Potter. 

It had been a ritual they had gotten used to in the two months that they had been in their seventh year. Lily hated James with a passion and when she realized she had to spend a whole year with him she nearly fainted. Fortunately for her it seemed that James had decided to grow up a little bit over the summer and he did not ask her out constantly like she thought he would have. Lily had even started to consider him an acquaintance.

That had been quite an achievement for James.

“Why are you so happy today?” Alesha asked her best friend.

Lily smiled. “Me and James came up with an amazing idea yesterday!”

Katie and Alesha exchanged looks before smirking at the red-head with a knowing look on their amused faces. “James huh?” asked Katie waggling her eyebrows.

Lily narrowed her eyes at the Latina. “Yes, James, that’s his name isn’t it?” she snapped knowing her best friends were going to make yet another remark on her and James supposedly being perfect for each other and in need of a good snog.

Alesha rolled her eyes. “Chill Lily, now tell us what’s this great idea you two came up with?”

Lily’s glare disappeared and was covered with a big grin which spread from one of her ears to the other. Whatever they had come up with must have been a pretty good idea since it was making her this happy. “We are having a school play.”

Her best friends stared at her blankly. Was that it?


“No you two don’t understand, let me explain,” she said clearing her throat as if preparing for a long speech. “It’s going to be the most amazing school play ever because it’s different from all the others in the previous years. It’s not going to be funny or a comedy in any way but actually based on a real life event, on real people. Want to know who these people are?”

The blonde and the brunette sipped from their coffees, their faces clearly bored and their expressions visibly sending across the message that they weren’t interested in that much of whatever Lily was going on about but were listening to her anyway because she was their best friend.

“Enlighten me,” Katie stated dryly.

“It’s going to be about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s secret love.” she said smiling. “Just think about it. Anne Boleyn is the reason why Britain has the religion it has today. Henry VIII challenged the Christian church and created the Church of England because he loved Anne so much and wanted to divorce his wife. He wanted Anne to be his wife. He didn’t want to be married to Katherine of Aragon any longer. He defied everything that was known in his era. You see Anne came from a noble background but not as noble as Henry’s wife Katherine. And it didn’t make it any easier that the population adored Katherine and didn’t like Anne very much....”

“What are you? A bloody Henry VIII encyclopaedia or something?” asked Alesha.

Lily rolled her eyes. “I’ve already put banners up on the school board and people have been signing up for the auditions. It’s only fifth years and up though except for some first years we will need for the younger characters. I just think it’s fascinating don’t you? He could have easily just kept her as a mistress but he loved her much more than that so he divorced his queen to marry her. He was the first ever King to divorce in the history of English monarchs.”

Katie frowned, her face in an obvious state of confusion. “But if he loved her so much, why did he behead her?”

“Because she didn’t produce a son but a daughter, who turned out to be Elizabeth the 1st, one of England’s greatest queens of all time. But that is beside the point!” growled Lily shaking her head at how her best friends weren’t understanding just how amazing this idea was.

“Exactly what I said Lily love,” added James Potter as he and his Marauders made their way to the Angels. The girls couldn’t help but roll their eyes at him.

The Marauders, now they were something else. The group was made of four boys, four arrogant, annoying and extremely popular boys.

James Potter. He was the most popular boy in the school. He had jet black hair that never seemed to stay in place and round glasses that hid his beautiful hazel eyes. His body was perfectly shaped due to his extensive Quidditch training, he was captain after all. He was popular and boy did he know it. His traditional ‘Potter smirk’ was constantly glued to his face and his love for Lily was undeniable. Alesha and Katie didn’t mind him that much; he was a good-hearted boy, just a bit arrogant. But Lily was their best friend and if she hated him, they just had to tag along.

Remus Lupin. Katie did wonder how he got to be in the Marauders. He had sandy blonde hair and friendly brown eyes. He had a kind of ‘cute’ look about him and he was the only one that (with the exception of Katie) Alesha and Lily actually managed to call a friend. Lily got on with him more than Alesha. He was tall, about 6 ft 2 and had a huge smile that could just make your kneels turn into jelly (with the exception of Katie again.) He was much less arrogant than James, or any of the other Marauders. He was normally the one that got them out of trouble rather than in.

Peter Pettigrew. Now, he was a mystery. How he ended up with the Marauders everyone wondered. He was quite short compared with the others and a bit plumper than the others. He had small beady eyes and short blonde hair. He was always very quiet and shy. He kind of tagged along after the others and he himself couldn’t believe he had ended up in such a cool group of guys.

And last was Sirius Black, the womanizer. The girls had lost count of the amount of ‘girlfriends’ he had half way through fifth year. Well, to be completely honest who would say no to him? He had shaggy black hair and misty grey eyes. He was gorgeous and had a kind of ‘bad guy’ look. He was an absolute flirt, not that he minded. He was hot and he knew it. His body was sculpted to perfection; Quidditch had done him good too. The Angels hated him, all for their own reasons. Katie couldn’t get over that fact that he had cheated on her at the end of fifth year. Katie Ramirez never gets cheated on. Lily and Alesha thought that was a pathetic reason. The day before Black had cheated on Katie, she had cheated on him.

Lily hated him for how he pestered her about James. He and Potter were absolute jerks to her, always doing pranks on her, always making fun of her. And it annoyed the hell out of her when he called her ‘Red’.

Alesha had different reasons from her best friends. She hated him for who he was. He would be a complete arse and absolute flirt in front of anyone else but when he was around her he turned into this charming and mature man and she hated it. The way he always looked at her as if he was studying her, the way he puzzled her every time he talked to her, the way every time he tried to grab her hand or her wrist, she felt a tingling sensation erupt through her whole body. She hated him for it. She hated him for how he made her feel.

“I told you, Padfoot. It doesn’t matter that he beheaded her or not, he still loved her.” James told his best friend who rolled his eyes and shook his head scoffing.

“Yeah, he loved her so much he just killed her because she didn’t give him a son but a daughter who was actually one of the best Queens of England. I think his perception  of love was a bit different from mine,” stated Sirius.

Alesha snorted at his comment. “Your perception of love, Black, is the same as Henry VII. You know nothing about love, Black.”

“I actually know a lot about love Johnson,” he retorted smirking.

“What is love then, Black? Tell me oh wise one,” Alesha asked, her voice dripping with evident sarcasm. Katie and Lily sniggered as Alesha looked up at Sirius with her eyebrow raised, obviously waiting for an answer, her blue eyes twinkling with mischievousness.

Sirius leaned forwards across the table sticking his face into Alesha’s. “Love,  Johnson, is a deep and passionate affection felt between two lovers that spurs the sense of attachment and is built by a range of different feelings creating a tender and adoring care for another person,” he replied smugly.

Alesha looked shocked for a second but then quickly composed her face to her usual smirk. “So that is how you get into girls’ knickers? You charm them by telling them what love is after having memorized it off a dictionary. Typical.

“And is that how you turn guys away Johnson, you turn their romantic gestures into a joke?” he snapped back, his temper getting the best of him. She always knew how to make him angry just like he always knew how to get under her skin and irritate her.

“I don’t call that romantic, Black,” she hissed. “That was nothing more than a sleazy way for arrogant and obnoxious idiots like you to get lucky with a girl who is stupid enough to fall for those types of tricks.”

“And how would you know anything about romance, Johnson?” he asked, her an irritated edge to his voice. “You’re as cold as ice.”

Alesha looked at Sirius in pure loathing, her face etched with a death glare. “Just because I don’t flirt with everything that walks past me doesn’t mean I’m cold as ice as you so nicely put it.”

“So just because people like to show their affections publicly you think that is all fake do you? Not everyone is like you, not everyone is capable of being an insufferable selfish spoilt little brat,” he spat back at her.

Alesha smirked. He had just given her a way to win the dispute by turning his own argument against him. “You have just proven to me that your perception of love is not much different from Henry VIII actually,” she said her eyes challenging him. “You just cheat or ‘move on’ from all your girlfriends once you’re bored just like he did or is that just another way to show your affections? You see Henry VIII reasons at least made sense, he needed an heir and Anne Boleyn only gave him a daughter whilst your reasons are simply generated by your level of testosterone,” Alesha replied, her eyes narrowing.

Sirius glared at her. “Well I could say the same for you. Should I remind you of how in sixth year you stole Marianne Smith’s boyfriend? Bit like Anne Boleyn don’t you think? She stole Henry from Katherine just like you stole Mark from Marianne. You’re exactly the same, with the difference that Anne Boleyn actually loved Henry and didn’t just use him for a quick shag in a broom closet down the corridor just because she had a phobia of displaying her feelings publicly.”

Alesha looked like she had just been slapped. “You have no idea what happened so don’t you dare bring that into this,” she answered back angrily.

He smirked evilly. “Oh so you agree? Something did happen then? You are just as bad as Anne Boleyn!”

The rest of the group held their heads in their hands. It was so common for those two to have an argument and when Sirius accused her of being something she wasn’t then the whole fight would escalate into some kind of competition where they would continue to prove each other wrong and try to come out on top. They all sighed, waiting for what challenge they would set each other this time. They all did wonder why they both never learned from their mistakes. Alesha couldn’t help but pick a fight with Sirius just to prove to him how she was better at anything than him and Sirius couldn’t help but irritate her constantly with his sleazy remarks and witty innuendos he would use as comebacks to her accusations.

“I am nothing like Anne Boleyn! I am not like you! You cheat and break girls’ hearts as if it was your hobby just like he did!” she cried, standing up and slamming her coffee on the table making it go everywhere, especially over Katie who scowled at her for ruining her white shirt with brown stains.

“And I am nothing like Henry VIII!” Sirius roared back.

She turned to Lily a look of determination set in her face. “Lily I’m auditioning for the part of Anne Boleyn in the play.” She then turned back to face Sirius. “If I get the part, Black, you’ll realise just how different I will have to act from my normal self and will be eating your words at comparing me with Anne Boleyn.”

Sirius grinned evilly at Alesha and then turned to Lily too. “Red I’m auditioning for Henry VIII so I can prove to Johnson over here that I am nothing like him.”

“Fine!” Alesha yelled before turning on her heel, ready to walk out of the Great Hall.

Sirius smirked, quickly jumped across the table and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back towards him. Oh, how he loved infuriating her. “Johnson, no goodbye kiss? After all you will have to be my lover, if we both get the part and I think we need to practice don’t you?”

Alesha snatched her wrist out of his grip glaring at him in a way that would make most boys tremble in fright but just made him chuckle in her face. “I wouldn’t kiss you even if they paid me,” she hissed before marching out of the Great Hall at great speed and towards her lesson not looking back at a certain cocky Gryffindor boy.

James and Lily exchanged worried looks. “Erm, if you get the part I hope you do realise that you will have to kiss?” stated James as Sirius grinned and sat down next to him.

“Not a problem mate,” he said grinning.

Remus looked at Sirius in a sympathetic way from across the table. “I don’t think it’s you we have to worry about. I think we have to worry about what Johnson will do to you if you both get the part and she realises she has to kiss you.”

Peter nodded as he sat next to Sirius. “Yeah, I think you should start writing your will Padfoot,” he said making Sirius snort with laughter.

This was going to be an interesting school play.

Hello. So this is chapter two. Hope you liked it. Remember to leave a review!!! They make my day! :)

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