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Annelise Turnington by JKRowlingFan22
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from JKR's Harry Potter books does NOT belong to me!

Annelise Turnington

"I’m gonna miss the train!” I yelled as my family walked at a slow pace. Patience was not my forté.

“I’m going to miss you so much baby!” My mother wailed and wrapped her thin body around me. My stomach began to drop as I hugged her back. We were pretty close, and it was hard to accept the fact that I would now only be seeing her on Christmas, spring, and summer vacations.

“Yeah… Mom, I’ll miss you too…” I said softly. “But I’ll be okay, you know that. I can take care of myself!” I told her seriously.

“Of course you can!” My brother joked. “Nobody messes with Annelise Turnington.”

“You got that damn right.” I told him, and then grinned wolfishly. I hugged him too. I was going to miss him a whole bunch also.

“Take care.” My stepfather said gruffly. I punched him playfully in the arm. We were very different from each other, but we got along pretty well. My stepfather, Carl, had married my mother when I was four. My real father had divorced my mom when I was only nine months old. I rarely saw him, but that was okay with me. I laughed, grabbed my way-to-stupid-and-heavy bags and headed for the train. I stepped hesitantly on the rough metal and my legs seemed to get heavier at each step. I gave one last wave before I entered the door. They all vigorously waved back at me. The train started to move and I watched out the window near the door as my family disappeared into the distance.

“Goodbye.” I whispered sadly. I pressed my cheek against the cool wall as I breathed in deeply. A weight suddenly came crashing down on me, and I already ached with homesickness.

“Pull yourself together.” I told myself. “You’re going to be twelve in November! You’re going to Hogwarts!” I had still been ten years old last year, so I had to start later than everyone else. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had strict rules about that. You had to be eleven years old to attend. My spirits slightly lifted at that. After all the years of listening to my brother talk animatedly about the school that had made me wait in anticipation when I was five; I was finally going! I started to smile. This was my fresh start, and I was eager to make the best of it. I bounded off to look for a compartment. Most of the ones in the front were filled with older or just downright scary looking people. I checked each one for kids my age. After what seemed like a long time, I came across one with a kid with messy black hair and two redheaded kids with dark skin.

“Can I sit here? I’m Annelise Turnington, who are you?” I asked quickly and cheerfully. I now felt like I was on a sugar high. My moods change very rapidly. That was just the way I was. To my surprise, they all scowled at me.

“Like you don’t know.” The boy with the black hair snapped as the other two shifted uneasily in the red leather chairs. Now that I thought about it, they did look familiar… I stared at them. The red-headed boy looked at me uncomfortably. “Can you please get out?” Mean-Black-Haired-Boy snapped again. I was taken aback. My eyes clouded with anger.

“Fine. Be that way, what-ever-your-name-is. Excuse me for trying to be friendly.” I huffed and strutted out of the compartment, flicking my long black hair. After I was out of sight I let myself slouch a little. What was his problem anyway? What did I ever do to him? Jeez.

My thoughts were interrupted as I ran into three very large Slytherins. I knew this because they were already in their green robes, plus they were downright ugly. That was a classic and definite trademark for a Slytherin. Okay, I will admit, I am a tad bit stereotypical. But these guys fit the stereotype so well!

“Watch where you’re going, Twinkie.” He yelled at me. The air coming out of his mouth I swear, made my hair fly back. I took a few steps back. My eyes flashed red. Nobody messes with Annelise Turnington. These boys will learn that very quickly after I’m done with them. I have a rare bad temper. Usually I’m happy, but then I’ll just explode. This was one of those days.

“Well watch where you’re going too, fatso.” I replied nastily. If there was one thing I learned about people, they do not like being called fat. His fists clenched up; excellent. I was in a fowl mood and he had made me angry enough to want to get into a fight. The question was; could I really take on three Slytherins much older then me? Probably not. My common sense said, Run while you still have a chance! I was just a little first year. All reasonable thoughts were shoved aside and ignored as I eagerly advanced towards the three boys. I was incredibly brave and stupid like that; I know.

“You better watch your mouth.” He threatened. Oooh, scary. Did he really think he was that intimidating?

“And you better wash yours. Your breath stinks.” I taunted. His face turned a bright red and he growled. The other two boys cracked their knuckles.

“Why I aughta…” And then he pulled out his wand. I ducked the first spell and kicked him in the shin. I jumped on one of the other guys back, screaming like a deranged monkey. It was exhilarating, at least until I was thrown off and crashed into a wall. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all… I thought to myself. You THINK? My conscience replied. Uh-oh, voices in my head; NEVER a good sign. One of them picked me up and I punched him in the gut. He wouldn’t let go. I was breathing heavily now.

“Stupid-little-kid-“ One of them grunted.

“Halfwit, muttonhead, imbecile, cretinous BONEHEADED SLYTHERIN!” I yelled at him, not even knowing half the words I was saying. I think they all had some relation to the word stupid though… He then got mad 'cause I had better insults than him. Haha. I was slammed into the wall. Crap, crap, CRAP! I screamed in my head.

He was prepared to throw another punch when another kid jumped on his back, screaming like I was a few seconds earlier. Oh thank god! I thought joyfully. I looked up to see who my hero was; to my utter dismay, it was Mean-Black-Haired-Boy. The redheaded girl and boy were right behind him, their eyes filled with mirth and their wands coolly out. Seeing that they were out-numbered, the Slytherins scarpered. Hehe, I wasn’t even off the train and I had made my first enemies! I had a goofy grin on my face until I remembered I still had company with me. I turned back to the three kids and scowled.

“I was doing just fine on my own, thank you very much.” I told them in annoyance. I was NOT going to show my gratitude to those kids. The black haired boy rolled his eyes at me.

“Right…” He replied sarcastically. My eyes narrowed.

“Why did you help?” I asked frowning confusedly. I thought these kids hated me!

“We heard the screaming all the way down in our compartment. We came to investigate. Once I saw what was happening, I decided to join the fun!” His eyes sparked in enthusiasm. I scowled even harder. The kid was now happy and joyful; not the sulky guy who had snapped at me earlier. Did he have multiple personality disorder or something?

“What do you want?” I asked him angrily. “You already made it clear that you didn’t even want to acknowledge my existence!”

“Oh, umm, sorry about that…” He said, looking ashamed while he ran his finger through his already messy hair. I huffed and crossed my arms. “You see, people were coming into the compartment as an attempt to meet us, and it was getting annoying. They were all pretending not to know who we were so they could sit in a compartment with us…” I looked at him confused.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” I told him. I mean, what made him more important then the rest of us? His hand went through his hair.

“Well, I’m James Potter. And this is Fred and Roxanne Weasley. Does that explain everything to you?” He asked. So that’s where I recognized him… I shrugged at him, not really caring. I mean, whatever. He’s the son of the world’s savior, whoop-dee-do. He seemed not to get my meaning.

“Are you a muggle-born?” He asked.

“No,” I replied. “I’m a half-blood.”

“Oh. So how do you not know about us?” He asked. Wow, he was slow. It was like he was expecting me to fall on my feet and bow down to him. Sorry buddy, but that was NOT going to happen!

“I do know about you. Everyone knows who the Potters and Weasleys are! Duh. I’m shrugging cause I don’t really flipping care who the frick you are. Plus, you don’t even deserve to be famous. You haven’t done anything special enough or brave yet. Your Dad and Mum have, not you. You’re just a kid like me. You’re only famous by association. I’m not going to give you any type of worship. I only worship and idolize people who have done something in the world. I’m not going to fawn over some first year that’s the same age as I am… Get it dimwit?” I said. His eyes darkened at my rant.

“Yes.” He said stiffly.

“And stop strutting around like you own the place; you don’t.” I remarked. The way he walked was really getting on my nerves, and I had only known the guy for a few minutes! He put his hand through in his hair yet again. “And stop running your fingers through your hair, it’ll get greasy.” That had been annoying me too. Fred and Roxanne burst into laughter behind us. I grinned at them. At least the twins had a sense of humor! James scowled at me.

“You are really rude.” He told me.

“No I’m not.” I replied, “I’m just honest. Deal with it.” James looked taken aback at first, but then sighed and shrugged.

“Why were you fighting with the Slytherins anyway?” James wanted to know, changing the subject.

“I was mad and I needed to blow off some steam. And I didn’t like the look of their faces.” I explained. Even James cracked a smile at that. Maybe he did have a sense of humour after all…

“Well anyone who attempts to beat up a Slytherin is in my good books.” Fred declared. I like this guy already! I thought to myself.

“Ditto.” Roxanne said.

“Fine.” James agreed grudgingly. “I was wrong. You’re kind of cool.” I was sort of flattered by this comment, it made me blush.

“Wanna hang out in our compartment?” Roxanne added. I gave it a thought.

“I don’t know… I guess I don’t have anywhere else to sit… so I’ll sit with you guys. This does not mean we’re friends! I am still really mad at the three of you. And I have one rule that all of the people I hang around with follow. DON’T EVER MESS WITH ME.” I told them. Roxanne smiled at my bluntness.

“Got it. Nobody messes with Annelise Turnington.” James repeated. Good, he took that seriously. I hated it when people laughed at this statement.

“You got that damn right.” I said and smiled. He smiled too. Even though I wouldn’t admit it then; I knew for a fact we were going to be the best of friends.

“Come on then!” Roxanne shouted happily and grabbed my arm.

“Sooo, do you like pulling pranks?” Fred asked.

“Like?! I LOVE doing that kind of stuff!” I replied enthusiastically.

And that’s how I came to know Fred, Roxanne and James. That’s how the next generation of troublemakers began. And that’s how I met my three greatest friends in the whole wide world. For the most part that is. Sometimes they can be a real pain in the butt…


A/N: So what did you think? Good, bad, too long, too short? I just randomly typed this one night. I love Annelise as a character in my story The First Year, but she doesn’t play that big of a part in it :(. This was a one shot; but after the reviews I got, it inspired me to keep on writing it, so it is now edited. Thank you so much you guys!

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