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Aboard the Express- Lily Evans

“Come on,” I ran ahead of Tilly and Riz. “Hurry, before Potter gets here.”

I vaguely heard Riz snort behind me, “Calm yourself, he isn’t here.”

“Can’t take any chances now can we?” Tilly asked in a sweet voice.

Annoyed, I stepped up onto the Hogwarts Express and yanked my trunk up beside me. Taking a breath, I waited for my friends to get on the train with me.

“Where to?” Tilly asked.

Riz pointed. “Far front, defiantly.”

“No,” I grabbed her arm as she started to go forward. “I know you don’t enjoy being seen by people, but Potter knows that we always sit near the younger students.”

Riz sighed, for some reason she never liked to be noticed. The only reason Tilly and I became friends with her was because we share a dorm with her and got to know each other over the years. She didn’t even let us hang out with her until second year, and two years later, we found out about the DD.

“Where then?” Riz asked.

I thought for a minute, “The far back, try the second to last compartment.”

We grabbed our trunks and dragged them to the back of the train. Only one or two people were on the train at this time, so the last compartment was open.

“Well, what do you want to do for the wait?” Riz asked as she plunked down on the left side window seat. “Exploding Snap?”

“No thanks,” I told the other two and took out a book. They started a game and the next time I looked up, Tilly had no eyebrows.

Laughing, Riz said, “What can I say, you’re the one who decided to challenge the master.”

I snorted and went back to my book. A few minutes later, a sudden jolt had me falling off my seat and onto the floor.

“Whoa there,” Riz helped me back up.

I nodded my thanks and sat back down as the train started moving. The girls went back to playing Exploding Snap and I went back to reading.

After the first forty minutes or so, a noise came from outside the Compartment.

“Hey Prongs, I think I found her.”

I could feel my eyes widen as Tilly stood up and sat next to me, across from Riz. I stood on the seat and climbed on the rack with our trunks. Hiding behind Riz’ trunk, I listened as the door slid open.

“Why hello ladies—“ The voice of James Potter entered the compartment. It sounded as if he stopped. “Now where is my Lilykins?”

I bit my lip so that I wouldn’t tell him off for calling me that.

“Why hello, Potter,” I heard Tilly say in her ‘sweet’ voice.

“—would you kindly get out?” Riz got in fiercely. “We’ve no idea where LILY is, but we do no where she’s not. HERE.”

“Ooo,” I could practically hear Sirius Black smirking. “Feisty aren’t you?”

Riz growled. Yes, she growled.

“How come I’ve not seen you at Hogwarts before, are you new?” he asked.

“No,” Riz snarled. “I’ve been going there for five years. This will be my sixth.”

“What house?”

“Gryffindor,” she snarled. I heard the boys gasp and I looked through the bars to see Riz’s streaks getting darker red by the second.

“A metamorphmagus,” breathed Potter. “They’re supposed to be really rare.”

Riz sighed. “I’m not a metamorphmagus.”

“My cousin’s a metamorphmagus,” Black mumbled. “Your hair changes, how can you not be?”

“It’s complicated,” Riz stood. “Now OUT.”

She opened the door and pushed the two males out. I heard a clunk as the door was shut and locked. Waiting for a few moments for the two to get out of hearing range, I jumped off the rack and saw Riz reading some book on Astronomy.

I heard laughter and turned around.

“I can’t believe you hid on the rack to hide from Potter,” Tilly said between laughs.

I sighed. “Be quiet.”

Sitting back down, I took out my book and continued reading.

When the train reached Hogwarts, we got into one of the first carriages. Once we had reached Hogwarts and got out, Tilly started petting the air.

I frowned, “Come on Riz, we’re going to be late if we don’t get moving.”

I heard Riz snort behind me, “Since when have we cared about being late.”

I sent her a glare.

“Sorry, let me rephrase that,” Riz smirked. “Since when have we ever been early to the Welcome Feast?”

“Rizzy,” Tilly looked to us, “Just listen to Lily

“Don’t call me Rizzy,” Riz shuddered.

“Okay, don’t call me…” Tilly stopped.

“What?” Riz asked innocently. “Matilda?”

“Shut it,” Tilly hit Riz on the arm. “I swear those doctors gave my mum too much medication when I was born.”


Riz rubbed at her upper arm where the bandages were from the rock. She winced and removed her hand, pulling her sleeve over the bandages to try and cover it.

“Don’t be a child, it can’t hurt that bad,” I said.

“You try having a magic rock pounded into your arm,” Riz glared.

“For the love of Gryffindor, you tripped and fell,” Tilly said exasperated. “Get over it!”

Tilly grabbed one of Riz’s arms and one of mine. She dragged us up to the castle and into the Entrance Hall.

“Hello, girls,” Professor McGonagall smiled one of her rare smiles. “Nice summer?”

“Wonderful, Professor,” Tilly responded as Riz scowled. “Yours?”

“Stressful, but good,” she sighed and went to meet the First Years.

Tilly and Riz on my right, we went into the Great Hall and sat at the far end of the Gryffindor Table, awaiting the other students and other Professors.


“I still don’t know why you don’t like it,” I started. “I think Matilda is a beautiful name.”

“Yeah,” Tilly scoffed. “Beautiful, whatever.”

“Bloody First Years,” Riz complained. “Why does it take them so long?”

“Calm yourself,” I smirked. “Your precious food will be here soon.”

“Good Godric,” Tilly shook her head, “You just ate on the train.”

“Stomach, empty, need, food,” Riz started chanting over and over.

Tilly hit her head with her hand, “Incoming.”

I gave her a quizzical glance, but then heard the voice.

“Why hello there,” the low drawl of Potter came from behind me. “Mind if we sit with you?”

“Yes, very much so if fact,” I saw Riz gripping the table, trying to not lash out on the unsuspecting boys.

“Oooh, you again,” I could practically hear the smirk on Black’s face; “I see you’re in Gryffindor, what a surprise. When did you get sorted?”

Riz was seething now, “I told you, Black, I’m not a new student.”

“Really?  Hmmm, interesting.”

“What’s interesting about that?” Riz growled.

“Well, if you had been at Hogwarts before, I would have remembered such a pretty face.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed with Tilly and Riz.

“Well, Black,” Riz put out, “Just to let you know, considering you obviously can’t figure it out on your own, and I will never fall for your worthless flirting.”

Looking up, I saw the funniest look on Sirius Black’s face. It’s like he had never been rejected before. Behind him stood Potter, and the final ‘Marauder’, Remus Lupin.

“Wait a second,” I noticed one missing. “Where’s Pettigrew? What have you done to him?”

“He’s fine, Lily,” Remus said. “His mother moved him to America, so he’s going to go to Salem Academy for a while.”

“Oh,” Silently I was thankful for the creepy boy’s departure. “That’s too bad.”

“Well--,” Remus was cut off by the doors flying open to reveal Professor McGonagall with the First Years. The boys looked around for a seat, there was one next to Riz, but she grabbed a third year and moved them next to her. Finding three seats far away from where the girls sat.

As soon as they sat down at their end of the table, I sighed in relief and watched the professor put a hat on a stool.

“That was luck, that was,” Riz said as the Sorting hat finished its song. Once the First Years were sorted, (we clapped every time one got sorted into Gryffindor and Riz hissed when the word Slytherin came from the Hat) Dumbledore stood to give his speech.

“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!” The Headmaster started. “Before we start the Feast—“

“Oh, just get on with it,” Riz said as Dumbledore began to talk about the dark wizard, Voldemort. “I’m starved.”

“Let the Feast begin!”

Riz’s eyes widened happily as the food appeared on the plates. “Finally.”

As I was putting some roast potatoes on my plate, Riz had already started on her plate of meats.

“In all the years I’ve known you,” Tilly said to Riz. “I still don’t know how you can eat so much and stay so fit.”

“Well,” Riz said between bites of her lamb chop. “It all involves Quidditch—“

“Not another Quidditch lecture,” I interrupted before she could get to how amazing the 
sport is. “Honestly, with your obsession one would think you’re on the team.”

“You should be though,” Tilly said. “This is going to be your year to try out for the Team.”

“No way,” Riz started, “what with all the DD stuff, I wouldn’t make practice.”

“Don’t say it so loud,” I whispered. “You never know who is listening in.”

“Right, forgot,” She went back to her food.

After the food had disappeared, Dumbledore stood up once again. “Now that we are all fed, I have a few start of Term notices for you.”

“First off, the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all students, some of our older students could do to remember that as well.”

I thought I saw his eyes go in the direction of the Marauders.

“I have been asked to remind you all, once again, that there shall be no magic usage in the corridors between classes. And Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of Term, if you are interested, please contact our new flying Professor and referee, Madam Hooch.”

Once he finished the announcements and we sung the school song, the girls and I were the first out of the Great Hall.

“What’s the Password, Lily?” Riz asked me when we reached the Fat Lady.

“Umm,” I racked my brain for the password the Head Girl had given me. I’m a Prefect, so I met with her to get my patrol schedule. “Try ‘bubotuber’.”

The Fat Lady nodded and opened to reveal the Gryffindor Common room. Riz went straight toward the Sixth Year Girls Dorm. Following her, Tilly and I opened the door to the room we’d be sharing for the year.

“Ahh,” Riz mumbled as she plopped on her bed. “I missed the food here.”

I snorted, “I’m sure you did.”



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