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A/N:  The third chapter.  Personally, this one is my favourite so far.  We shall see what you think though.

‘Salazar told Bilius that you were not agreeing on Hogwarts’ policies,’ Rowena said as she watched Godric pace in front of the fire.

‘Damn Salazar!  Is it so hard to keep things between the four of us?’ he asked.  Godric banged his fist on the mantelpiece of his office in frustration.  

Rowena rose from the couch and glided over to the tall man.  She put her hand on his back and the other in his auburn hair.  He turned around and looked at her helplessly. 

‘Have I done the right thing?  Bringing her here?’ he asked. His hand cupped her white cheek, while his thumb traced the lines of her deep red lips, looking for comfort.  

‘I don’t know,’ she said honestly.  ‘What I do know is that she deserves to be here.  And I also know that you will look after her and protect her from anything that could possibly hurt her.  Godric, it is either she not be accepted in the Muggle world, or she tries to be accepted here.  I really do think people will give her a chance.’

‘Some never will.’

‘No, some never will,’ Rowena agreed.  ‘But there are lots of people who don’t think the same as Salazar.  For instance, you know Helga and I are on your side.’

Godric smiled grimly and leaned in so their foreheads were touching.  ‘And you know that means more to me than anything else in the whole world.’

He kissed her softly.


The carriages came to an abrupt stop.  Chaos ensued, with students running up and down the line, pushing each other out of the way.  They were grabbing and heaving their heavy trunks and owl cages along. 

Micaela smoothed out the pleats in her new school skirt and slipped on her black robe.  She pushed her brown curls out of the collar.  She grabbed her heavy trunk and dragged it into the packed hallway, where Zach was waiting for her with his things.

The boats holding the first years were silent as they glided across the dark lake towards the massive castle which stood before them.  Micaela was in awe.  Godric had never mentioned before how beautiful Hogwarts was, or how big.  She gave Zach, who sat beside her, a huge smile and twisted her hands in excitement.  This was her new home?  It all seemed so surreal.

Large, wooden double doors swung open upon their arrival.  The inside of the castle was lit with thousands of flickering candles.  Micaela noticed a couple suits of armour and several portraits.  One of the portraits was of a beautiful, young woman with a raven on her shoulder.  Micaela turned to show Zach, when the raven suddenly flew off, and the woman stood out of her chair and waved at all the first years.

‘Zach!’ Micaela nearly screamed, tugging on his robes and pointing at the portrait.  ‘That woman just moved!’

Zach laughed at her astonishment.  ‘Of course portraits move.  What else would they do?’

Micaela blushed and turned away.  She had to stop giving away so much.   Godric had told her she mustn’t tell anyone yet.  But why was it such a big deal anyway?  Besides, she trusted Zach.  

She opened her mouth to tell him the whole story, when she saw an old woman hobble up to them.  Despite her limp, she offered an aura of superiority.  The children fell silent.

‘I am Professor Dewyer.  We are all ready for you.  Follow me in two lines, please.’ Her voice echoed across the entrance hall.  She pushed open the double doors as the first years scrambled into two lines.  

Micaela made sure she was standing next to Zach as they entered the Great Hall.  There were four long wooden tables filled with hundreds of students all staring straight at them.  Micaela gulped and looked around nervously.  A ghost flew across the table nearest her and she jumped a mile high in fright.  She looked at Zach, her hand clutching her heart.  He smiled grimly at her surprise.  Nervousness was etched across his face.

She looked up at the Professor’s table at the front of the Hall.  She saw Godric, and smiled at him, but he didn’t return the recognition.  Disappointed, she noticed Professor Dewyer place a shabby hat upon a stool at the front of the Hall.

Suddenly, a fold in the hat appeared and it started speaking:

‘New wizards and witches, welcome!
So scared and so naïve,
Today you will be sorted,
In which house will you succeed?

In Hufflepuff you’ll find your peace,
An open mind will bless you there,
A closer family was never found,
A secret, you can always share.

Ravenclaw has all the brains,
Intelligence and a sense of wit,
Hard work will help you bring success,
Here you must stand; never sit.

In Gryffindor: the brave of heart,
A truer courage never found,
Loyalty amongst all your friends,
Triumph is the recurring sound.

In Slytherin the cunning await,
The achievements there are vast,
Success belongs to them alone,
Their greatness will forever last.

So where will you be most at home?
The question lies within,
I will search your mind’s folds,
Where shall I begin….

The Great Hall burst into applause at the Sorting Hat’s poem.  Micaela would have laughed at the absurdity of it all if she wasn’t so scared.  Zach looked like he was about to puke.  She took a look at all the other first years.  They looked in similar states of despair.

‘When they are called, first years will step forward, and place the hat on their head.  Then, they will proceed to the House they have been sorted into.’ Professor Dewyer looked down at a long sheet of parchment in her hand.  ‘Abert, Henry.’

Time seemed to slip slowly by.  Zach grew paler and paler with each passing moment and Micaela’s heart was racing at high speeds.  She didn’t know which house she wanted to be in; they all seemed great to her.  She didn’t mind, as long as she was with Zach.

‘Fretter, Carina.’

The whole Hall went silent.  Some people wolf whistled, which caused a few giggles and the angry Carina to clench her fists.  She stomped over to the steel and sat down heavily.  Professor Dewyer placed the hat on her head.


The Gryffindor table erupted into loud screaming and cat calls.  Carina took the hat off and angrily trudged over to the Gryffindor table.  She didn’t shake any of the extended hands, but seated herself on the bench and put her head in her hands.

Zach gave Micaela a small smile.  ‘She’s going to hate it here if she’s like that all the time.’

‘Long, Micaela.’

Micaela hadn’t thought her heart could beat any faster, she was wrong.  She bit her lip and stepped forward, nervously.  She looked back once, to find Zach giving her a hopeful look.  

‘Good luck,’ he said.

She searched the staff table, looking for Godric’s supportive eyes; instead she met cold, green ones.  They belonged to a tall man with gold hair and a grimly set mouth.  Her heart skipped a beat and looked away quickly.

She seated herself on the stool and felt the hat slip over her eyes.  She was in darkness…

‘Hmmmm,’ he whispered to her.  ‘I see cleverness beyond compare.  Yet…..there is a difference.  I have never seen a witch of impure blood before.  Never mind, it seems not to affect your abilities in the slightest.  But where will you succeed most?  I see loyalty, and bravery, which you will need if you are to survive at this school with your parentage….hmmm.  But, what is this?  A boy…ah yes, a boy.  Doesn’t that always seem to be the case?  Is he what he seems though?  You might be surprised.  No…I think the best place for you would be….GRYFFINDOR!’

The crowd cheered and clapped and Micaela smiled uncertainly.  She headed over to the Gryffindor table.  She noticed a spot near Carina Fretter and hesitated.  Micaela sat down next to her and received a glare in response.  She had no idea how this nearly silent girl had ended up in Gryffindor.   

Micaela caught Zach’s disappointed eyes.  He was yet to be sorted.  She looked up at the staff table and caught Godric staring at her.  He smiled and winked at her.  She was happy she was in his house.  She could see from the supportive look he gave her, that he was proud of her.  She looked next to him and noticed the man with the cold, green eyes, glaring at her again.  She blushed and looked away.

‘Timothy Dickins.’ A boy across from her held out his hand. ‘I’m a prefect.  Nice to have you in Gryffindor.’

‘Thanks,’ Micaela took his hand.  ‘I’m Micaela Long.  Do you know who that teacher is up there, next to Godr…I mean, Professor Gryffindor?’

‘Yeah, that’s Professor Slytherin, one of the Founders.  Nasty fellow.  He has it out for Gryffindor’s.’ Timothy glared at the man.

‘Oh,’ Micaela nodded.  ‘Do you know why?’

‘Well, I think he and Professor Gryffindor had a falling out.  Rumor is it had to do with a new student.  Whatever that means.’

Micaela’s eyes watered a bit as realisation hit her.  ‘What does he, uh, teach?’

‘Potions,’ Timothy scowled.  ‘Hate that subject.  We nearly always have it with the Slytherins.  Dirty lot.’

‘What do you mean,’ Micaela questioned.  She thought Slytherin was meant to be a good house.  That’s what Zach had said anyway.  

‘Bunch of bullying trolls, the lot of them.’ Timothy glared over at the Slytherin table.  Micaela did notice that many of them looked rather large and muscular.  Just then a first year’s name was called out that caught Micaela’s attention.

'Slytherin, Zachary.’

Micaela looked up in astonishment, and saw Zach walk up to the stool and push his blonde hair out of the way, before the Sorting Hat covered his face.  

Slytherin? Zachary Slytherin?  She looked up at the Professor’s table and saw the man with the cold, green eyes lean forward anxiously.

‘SLYTHERIN!’ The hat bellowed.  The Slytherin table burst into the loudest applause yet.  Micaela’s heart dropped.  Zach took the hat off and put it back on the stool.  As he was heading towards his house table, he turned around and met Micaela’s eyes.  She thought she saw a bit of helplessness in them but she couldn’t be sure, he turned around too soon.

‘Big surprise there,’ Timothy laughed.

‘What do you mean?’  Micaela turned her attention back to the boy.

‘He’s Professor Slytherin’s nephew.  His sister’s bastard son.  Apparently, she’s gone totally bananas and so Slytherin’s become a sort of stand in father.  Big surprise he’s in Slytherin, eh?’ Timothy laughed.

‘Yeah,’ Micaela mumbled forcing a small smile.  She didn't know what to think.  Why hadn't he told her? Apparently, she wasn't the only one with a secret.

The rest of the night went on in a blur.  The most exciting bit was when each of the four Founders said a few words.  Godric was just as charming as ever, and Micaela was extremely happy she was in his house.  Professor Hufflepuff seemed to struggle to get out exactly what she wanted to say.  Micaela found her more amusing to watch than interesting.  

When Professor Ravenclaw stood up to speak, Micaela oggled at her beauty.  She noticed she wasn’t the only one; the boys were staring up at her in rapture and all the girls in envy.  Micaela noticed Godric was looking at her too, his eyes smoldering. 

Professor Slytherin was perhaps the worst.  ‘This year Hogwarts is much…changed.  New rules have taken place that you all must follow, whether you agree with them or not.  No matter these changes this school must go on as it always will.  I hope none of it will affect your learning.  I certainly hope it won’t…’

Micaela was beet red by the end of it.  His eyes were cold the entire time and it seemed to Micaela he was talking more to the Slytherins than to any other house in the Hall.  Everytime he said the word change, it was like a dagger in her heart.  She knew who he was talking about.  He was talking about her.


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